Solomon's Secret Revealed

Solomon’s Secrets Revealed

Solomon's Secrets Revealed

Solomon’s Secrets Revealed

Solomon’s Secrets Revealed is a mystery that comes from biblical and other ancient accounts.  This Temple was the first great structure on the Holy Land. It was immense in size and was rumored to have been built by Angels and Demons. It’s main feature was two large pillars for a front door that later became part of Freemason traditions. Most noteworthy the temple was very gold rich and housed over 40,000 pounds at it’s peak. One of the only clues left is a connection to a Phoenician trade network. But mystery has always been who were the Phoenicians and where was the secret gold mines ?

Adept Initiates Field Research 

Now this is where an Adept Initiates writer caught a plane near Toronto and flew almost 1000 miles North to a mining community called Timmins. So many explorers had already combed most of the US in places like California for lost mines but with little success. After two years up north in Canada the new search area expanded to a chain of dormant super volcano’s near gold mines. This Mount Cheminis happened to be right on the border of Quebec and Ontario.It also has the appearance of King Solomon’s secret revealed because of it’s two large natural pillars facing its entrance.

Solomon's Secrets Revealed


Mount Cheminis 

With the help of some of the local’s the Adept team climbed to the to top of this Mount Cheminis and checked for any signs of the ancient trade network that moved the gold. Then found on the edge of the cliff there was a ancient offering table that likely dates back thousands of years. Luckily with the help of some researchers in Bulgaria a match for this offering table was found near them. Expanding the theory these two offering tables connect via water to ship gold for Solomon’s Temple by a red haired Phoenicians.  Consequently another one of Solomon’s Secrets Revealed but leaves us asking Who are the Magi ?


Solomon's Secrets Revealed


Ancient Offering Table Comparison

Table Connection found by Researcher - Jj Ainsworth

Offering Table connection between Canada and Egypt via the Phoenicians

Then came more shocking news that Egyptian researchers found a matching offering table that fits the one in Canada like a key. This artifact from the Louvre museum says it was used with water and was considered ancient magic. So it offered a clue that this ancient trade network was also involved with trade and culture of early Egypt.

Shamanic Connection to Solomon’s Secrets 


 Interestingly a patch of Psychoactive Amanita Mushrooms were found growing near ancient Magi offering table. They bloom in dog days of summer to enable connection to the Dog Star Sirius. This is a mushroom species that has many roots in ancient European traditions including the Vikings. But they can be toxic , wrongly identified and illegal so do not try this at home. Adept Initiates has covered how these offering tables may have connected to an Magi Universal Internet of light.

Solomon's Secrets Revealed


Ancient global Trade

Looking at Phoenician Magi and how they connect to King Solomon’s mines to Canada. One clue the offering table in Bulgaria is located next to Turkey and Mount Ararat resting spot of the Ark.  So it suggested Noah from the Biblical flood could be the first Phoenician.  Magi in Malta carved the world’s most amazing caves and left winged disc items made of gold.  You see the capital city of Phoenician Empire has the name Sidon as Noah’s grandson. But the ancient site Göbekli Tepe is also situated between the two. It has on it ruins a picture of the ancient water bags used to refill the offering tables in Bulgaria , Canada and Egypt. So this is why we found those bags all around the world and Magi of Strandja Mountain. Plus the Great Temple located in Israel another of Solomon’s Secrets Revealed. 

Solomon's Secrets Revealed

Ancient Gold Trade Route of Noah the Magi

Map of the old world Magi sites

Especially relevant is the Town of Magog in Quebec. It appears to be situated as the perfect layover location for larger sea worthy vessels to load gold up from the Ottawa river. What offers more evidence to this theory is how this major river connects from St Lawrence all the way up north to the offering table. Less than 10 km required on foot. Magog is not a recent name but comes from the First Nations people called the Abanaki. Since the winged disc god of the Phoenicians is connected to the Anunnaki this Abenaki word similarity makes more sense. Even more so this ancient word Memphremagog means “large expanse of water” matching the Noah theory. Dreamers rock can unlock shamanic powers like in Dreams of the Ancients another of Solomon’s Secrets Revealed. 



Owl’s Head Mountain – Golden Rule Lodge no.5

What also is located in Magog happens to be the world’s largest outdoor Freemason lodge. With meeting space that has included all the Master Masons. It is called the golden rule lodge and is situated with the real ancient owl head rock on the top of a spectacular mountain. This theory suggests Bohemian grove Owl was a copy all along. Made to replicate the real thing in Magog almost like a distraction or training ground for new initiates. So now this offering table trading network maybe involved with Planet X – The Secret Meaning to Freemasonry. Meaning the Anunnaki still secretly control the flow of Gold today.

Ahura Mazda

Irish Legends – Lebor Gabála Érenn (LGE)

When we turn to our history of Magog and Noah it appears that this Grandson is commonly known in Ancient Irish legends and was taken as legit history for a very long time. It says Magog was the grandson of Noah and forbearer of most Europeans. Also that the people of Magog had striking red hair. So if this offering table theory were true if Noah was a Phoenician he would also have had a family history of European red hair. Explaining the term devil and red hair as linked to the sons of Noah that rebelled. Plus the entire area around Turkey , Bulgaria and even Egypt would have to show evidence for dominant red haired empire.


Solomon’s Secrets Revealed in Phoenician DNA

Oddly with the help of Fox News Phoenician DNA was tested in 2016 revealing ancient European ancestry and rare type associated with red hair. Now we can begin to understand why giant red hair mummy are being found around the globe. They all were part of the ancient Phoenician trade network. They obviously did not found every civilization on Earth. Others recorded how they also survived the great flood. But Phoenicians seem to have helped kick start many areas that were building with large blocks, lining up to equinox and using zodiacs. Even metal working was a skill that began with Tubal-Cain and passed onto Noah and then the European Phoenicians. But Noah himself appears to have been albino and his ancestors can be linked to people with many features other then just red hair.


His nature is not like man’s nature, and the color of his body is whiter than snow and redder than the bloom of a rose, and the hair of his head is whiter than white wool, and his eyes are like the rays of the sun,     — Book of Noah



Noah’s Descendant map another of Solomon’s Secrets Revealed 

Some scholars present evidence that even the religions and languages around the globe be traced back to the Origins of the Magi. Plus they are the reason we say speaking Phonetically. Not only did they carry the wing disk on their tablets but they also were able to read Cuneiform. We see this in the evidence that Noah’s grandson Nimrod was involved in the tower of Babel. A story also confirmed by Irish legend and creation of the Gaelic language and remaining cuneiform tablets.


Solomon's Secrets Revealed

Gog & Magog the Pagan Empire

Now checking the ancient maps of Bulgaria we find a large dominant red haired empires existed in the time of Noah. There names match that of the descendants and likely founders of the Phoenicians. It expanded from today’s Armenia to Ireland and lasted until defeat by Darius the Great. This is the same time the Jewish priesthood used the support of Darius new gold to rebuild Solomon’s temple in the Hebrew image. So essentially Noah’s family was the followers of Magi UFO’s that were the pagan fire worshipers who built idols out of gold. Even in some case referred to as giants with longer lifespans. They were the ones getting wiped out to form the New Hebrew era of Solomon’s Temple. Making it the most controversial of Solomon’s Secrets Revealed.

Gog and Magog are said to engage in human cannibalism in the romances and derived literature. They have also been depicted on Medieval cosmological maps ”    — wiki Magog


First Nations History Connections

On the American side of the ancient trade network it was also wiped out . First nations legend say the last of the red haired giants were rounded up into and cave and burned alive. This was done because they were stealing babies and eating them. Just like the ancient Irish legends about the people of Magog says they were cannibals. So one could only assume that in a food rich place like North America only reason to eat babies would be some strange occult practice. Like eating babies to get there life essence and extend their own lifespan. So this clue may solves how the people in day’s of Noah lived longer. Plus why that part was a secret until today. Nobody wanted to face The Magi Diet also includes a philosophy opposite to that of vegan. It’s the most horrifying of Solomon’s Secrets Revealed.


According to the Paiutes, the Si-Te-Cah were a red-haired band of cannibalistic giants. The Si-Te-Cah and the Paiutes were at war, and after a long struggle a coalition of tribes trapped the remaining Si-Te-Cah in Lovelock Cave. When they refused to come out, the Indians piled brush before the cave mouth and set it aflame. The Si-Te-Cah were annihilated”        —  wiki  Si-Te-Cah


Gold Quality is a match for Solomon’s Mines 

Final piece of evidence for this offering table solving lost gold mines of King Solomon is the gold mines located next to the Canadian side. Kirkland Lake Gold is currently listed as the world’s best gold second only to one well known mine in the USA. Plus it’s literally just a few blocks down the road from the offering table on Mount Cheminis. So if King Solomon’s gold had come from the Phoenicians and they got it from world’s best spot. They would have to have come to this offering table location in Canada to get it. Even a First Nations legend speaks of the Abitibi River that flows North from Kirkland lake as part of a golden history. 

Solomon's Secrets Revealed

Best Gold in the world another of Solomon’s Secrets Revealed

Top 10 points of evidence this is Solomon’s Secrets Revealed

  1. Water Connects offering tables – Occult style matches Egypt, Bulgaria and Canada proving trade
  2. City names – along trade route match Grandsons of Noah including Sidon and Magog
  3. Mount Cheminis – divided stone matches King Solomon’s pillars
  4.  First Nations Language – match Abenaki words mean large expanse of water
  5. Magog – is now a Freemason HQ including the real Owl Head Lodge called Golden Rule Lodge
  6. Irish History – supports the lineage of Noah and Phoenician DNA results
  7. Nearly all the languages and Religions – stem back to the Phoenicians proving it was them trading
  8. Tall Red haired mummies – are still being found all over the globe
  9. Kirkland Lake Gold – near Canada’s offering table is best in world ideal spot for global shipping down river to Ocean
  10. Phoenicians God is the Winged Disk –  that’s the secret meaning to Freemasonry and they are connected to Solomon

In conclusion

For those Adept Initiates wondering if King Solomon’s mines really are located in Kirkland lake then why has it not been announced before and what remains of the archaeology at the site today ? Well that information is not really available since the mines discovery in the early 1900’s its been top secret. Even guarded by a advanced missile defense system during the cold war. General public is not allowed on site and most of the employee’s are tight lipped and many are Freemasons. Making this a strong case for the Ancient Magi Conspiracy. This information also shows why the Vatican has not embraced this evidence for a factual Noah. Not everyone can handle the truth of a empire of red haired giants that consumed human baby’s to prolong life.

Freemason pillars – aerobajamx

Please credit this photo Nina Aldin Thune in the immediate vicinity of the image / pyramid

By Jebulon (2010), Public Domain,  / phoenician

By Daderot – Daderot, CC0, – bag

Public Domain, – serpent mound

Noah the Albino & Book of Noah


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