European Phoenicians

European Phoenicians

European Phoenicians

Early wax figure of European Phoenicians shown on Fox News

European Phoenicians

Before last month many doubted European Phoenicians really existed. This is why a new discovery of a connection between European and Phoenician DNA made Fox News.  It’s a new missing link that should  help solve other controversial research.  Many are starting to agree the European Phoenician DNA suggests they had red hair.  Could this be connected to the ancient sea bearing race leaving red haired mummies buried all over the globe ?  Next Initiates can look deeper than mainstream media would dare. We check if some red haired Phoenician Magi were giants. Plus we explore a conspiracy theory to conceal the truth spanning thousands of years.

Biblical Phoenicians

Still hidden Noah’s Ark could remain at the top of mount Ararat in Turkey. Research has shown that the ancient ship’s crew could have walked down from that spot to what is now modern day Lebanon. Then those long red bearded people founded the Phoenician empire. Since Noah came from the time of giants some say he would also be nearly thirteen feet tall. It used to be common to think biblical figures had some red hair. Many must have followed the God of the Phoenicians or the winged Disk. This magi biblical clue seems to have gone up until the three wise men followed the Universal Internet to Jesus.

Conspiracy theorist’s say Jesus maybe from a European Phoenicians bloodline.

Egyptian Phoenicians

Many mummies have be found in Egypt that have European Phoenicians style red hair. Most notably in 2014 over one million of such were found by a team of archaeologists. Some say there were giants amongst them standing over seven feet tall. This leaves those on the traditional views baffled. But those onto alternative history were already looking for Phoenician red hair in Egypt. Both cultures used mummy caskets adorned by two sphinx and built with great megalithic skills. Who knows if the Egyptian time capsule hidden on Strandja Mountain had been more thoroughly explored. They could have found red haired giant mummy caskets inside.

Conspiracy theorist’s say giants are the key to how pyramids were built.

Asian Phoenicians

In Asia you can also find evidence of pyramid building technique of the early Phoenicians. Today Chinese pyramids called mausoleums or burial mounds are numerous. Over thirty of them have been found northwest of Xi’an. Cherchen Man is a mummy found in Northwest China who died approx three thousand years ago. Early estimates of nearly seven feet tall came in for this red haired European looking man. His clothing had one of the oldest known examples of the Tartan symbol still used today by the Scottish.  Without the Phoenician clue there is no real answer as to why this giant red haired European man would be found here.

Conspiracy theorist’s say when the great book burning of China occurred much of the history was lost. Including the mention of the collaboration of the early Phoenicians and Asian ship builders.

North American Phoenicians

Many accounts of seven foot tall red haired mummies have been found in North America as well. Some safely stored in museums until they were stolen. In one case the photo’s also went missing but the museum still stands. Some First Nations legends say there was ancient race of red haired giants that lived in the Nevada caves. But they had to wipe them out because they were human cannibals with a never ending hunger .

Conspiracy theorist’s say the red haired giants built the serpent mounds found in Ohio and Canada.

South American Phoenicians

Lastly this means the first bearded explorers that came to visit south America in ancient times could be the Phoenicians. Amazing research by Brien Foerster shows the Nazca persons found in a Chauchilla cemetery had red hair and a elongated skull. Even royal bloodlines of the Paracas were known to have red hair. This should explain why Fuente Magna a bowl with early cuneiform was found in a nearby sacred water hole. Phoenicians based their language as the first easy or printing version of cuneiform. But one could assume they likely still knew both.

Conspiracy theorist’s say European Phoenicians were Quetzalcoatl.


European Phoenician Clue’s


Even beyond the new DNA there does seem to be a great deal of clues for this red hair theory.  Adept Initiates may even debate if Phoenician Magi were the lost Sages of Atlantis. Maybe new tests will prove the rest of red hair giant mummies around the globe were Phoenician. It seems the big secret here is the Phoenicians followed the ancient Anunnaki God in the Magi UFO’s. This maybe why terrorists fear the old world order and try to destroy ancient relics. Conspiracy theorist’s say a new world order agenda is trying to wipe the remains of European culture out. Or to claim that ancient European culture does not even exist.  Critics argue all the red hair giants having a European Phoenician link sounds too simple. It’s like saying all ancients had help from Aliens from outer space. Yes it does sound that way but at the same time nearly all words can trace a start here. Phoenicians were the first to write Phonetically.

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