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Exposing the Truth: The REAL Message of the Emerald Tablet

Emerald Tablet Vs. Emerald Tablets

So, you came here from the title of the blog. Didn’t you? and you are thinking, “Have the Adept Initiates lost their minds?” Not quite my friend, not quite.

First, let’s clarify the distinction between the singular Emerald Tablet and the Emerald Tablets (plural).

“The Emerald Tablets of Thoth (plural) cause confusion, where as the Emerald Tablet of alchemy (singular) causes creation. Moreover, the tablet’s message is one of deep truth and discernment, but modern messengers are missing the mark.Students on the mystic path need an authentic source they can trust…”


The basics are that the Emerald Tablets of Thoth are FAKE and the Emerald Tablet is less fake, that is more or so the message.

But if you are an insatiable SAT-“Seeker After Truth”,…

You can find a comprehensive guide on this topic here.

Emerald Tablet: Adept Initiates
Emerald Tablet: Adept Initiates

The Kybalion: Law of Correspondence

Now, Adept Initiates is about to uncover a secret regarding the solitary Hermetic Emerald Tablet. The phrase “as above, so below” is often quoted in reference to the law of correspondence which was made infamous by the Kybalion. The Kybalion itself has an interesting history. It was crafted in America a century ago and borrowed heavily from ideas circulating in England at that time. The axiom “As Above, So Below” originates from mistranslations of the Emerald Tablet which are not to be confused with the Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean. The Emerald Tablets, plural, come from a book penned in the mid-1900s and are only pretending to be ancient.

Hermetic Emerald Tablet

The Emerald Tablet attributed to Hermes Trismegistus is the oldest surviving version in Arabic but it too, has a convoluted past. Even Isaac Newton fell into mistranslations when he deciphered it into Latin from the Arabic text. This Arabic version was written not a century ago but 1300 years ago. It was allegedly translated from an even older Syriac version. This tablet gave rise to the famous phrase “as above, so below” found in the tablet’s second line.

Truth Exposed: As Above, So Below ?

The axiom “as above, so below” translated literally from Arabic means “the above is of the below, and the below is of the above.” It’s not about reflections or correspondences but about unity; a crucial concept misunderstood in the alchemical tradition. This understanding empowered medieval Arab scientists to pioneer concepts like vaccines. Their logic stemmed from the notion that a cure for poison must arise from the poison itself. This principle applies to many binaries, revealing hidden strengths in weaknesses, light in shadows, masculine power in feminine power, and the cyclic nature of seasons and time.

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Credit to Elianne the Twitchy Witch for the info about the mistranslation and beautiful analogies.

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