Origins of the Magi
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Origins of the Magi

Origins of the Magi

The First Blessing

Origins of the Magi

If an Initiate is looking back to the Origins of the Magi on Earth we could use the Sumerian cuneiform tablets as an example. Many of them are adorned with the symbol of the winged disk as God above the Magi Sacred Tree. Meaning if this tradition was really taught to them by the Anunnaki then this could be practiced by secret societies even today. If the tablets are true about them creating the Adam with advanced technology and seeding the Earth then the Magi would have been with us like The First Blessing on day one.

Since it appears the Anunnaki left long ago the remains of their technology on Earth is all we have left of them. But it seems this technology was based on the world of occult ritual symbols and Magi Mirrors.  Rather than the nuts and bolts style technology of today we are used to. Plus each corner of the globe holds a piece to the solving the puzzle.

Persian Magi

May have held on to the core of the tradition the longest. Most notably the Three Wise Men to visit Jesus birth in the manger. For centuries general public debated the idea of a comet acting like a magical lighthouse pointing the way. But now with our understanding of fiber optic computer networks we theorize the Magi were connecting to a Magi Universal Internet of Light . Only there most adept members possessed the secret of the ritual for doing so.

 African Magi

With the mystery of their knowledge of the Dog Star Sirius. Dogan Magi too seemed to have a connection to the ancient internet of light. Giving them information about far away solar systems and orbital patterns of different stars. Much of the knowledge there wise men have held was only recently confirmed by the invention of advanced telescopes.Half fish men and other rituals like circumcision tied them to the traditions of the Magi. Over half a million of the Dogon people are still living in Africa today.

Asian Magi

From the Royal family of Japan contained the Three Sacred Treasures or Regalia. These are some of the only physical objects left that are undoubtedly connected to the spiritual Sacred Tree tradition. We also find in China evidence of Pyramids that could have been built using the secret megalithic building technique of the Magi. Dragons also make up a great part of their traditions and connects to some of Origins of the Magi found in the America’s.

 Phoenician Magi

Date back to the time of Noah’s flood in Biblical times. They may have been a group of seven foot tall red haired giants that left mummies around the globe. There remains have puzzled the mainstream scientific community for decades. Most notable evidence for their existence is the capital city named Sidon a match for the name of one of Noah’s direct descendents. But even more stunning is a grandchild of Noah is named Ashur after the God in the Winged Disk of the Phoenician Magi. Their writing system is a shorthand version of cuneiform that was easier to read and write. It went on to be the core language that the rest of the world eventually branched off from.

 First Nations Magi

From the ancient Americans are too great in number to name them all. Olmec, Maya , Hopi all have incredible connections to the star people and the Origins of the Magi. They have Pyramids in the South and great Serpent Mounds in the North. Dream Catchers make up another very interesting way to interpret the Magi UFO’s symbol. Some very interesting matches between Cuneiform and Ojibwe text have been uncovered including nearly same word for spirit .

 Manitou is Native term for Spirit , Mystery or Deity

Mainyu is Avestan term for Spirit, Mind, Mentality

 Shamanic Origins of the Magi

Origins of the Magi also seem to be linked to Shamans. No physical connection between cultures is required to all share the same beliefs.Many of these mystic men consumed magic brews and communicated with the Anunnaki in the other realm . They also used self sacrifice and good deeds to reach this higher connection to the other side. So no matter who the Shaman was or where he lived he was connecting to the same ancient one world religion or universal Pagan belief in nature. One translation the Adept Initiate should not ignore is the tree can be seen as the spine and the winged disk is the pineal gland. It’s the third eye or mind’s eye that controls the Holographic Evolution system we experience. Maybe the God of the Magi  is on the other side providing the data to project our existence. Dreams every person has at night are part of the evidence for this experience. Could it be the Great Spirit placed Magi within all nations on Earth ?  Even though each shaman communicates with the same beings in the other realm. Some may come back with advice on how to protect the land. Some on how to protect the waters. Other may come back with spiritual advice. Others with new ways to communicate it all with everyone just like the Rainbow Prophecy.  Maybe one day all the people on Earth will look past the dogmas of traditional religion like a Shamanic Magi. That could be the world’s best chance at reclaiming the truth and peace at the same time.


Written by : Leland Judsyn 

Feature Art : Maya G


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