Ancient Magi Diet

Ancient Magi Diet

Ancient Magi Diet

Ancient Magi Diet of grain from the god’s. Cylinder seal. Akkadian, ca. 2350-2150 BC

Ancient Magi Diet


For a rather important piece to understanding alchemy Initiates should look at the Ancient Magi Diet. Did they eat primitive food of hunter gathers ? Or did they instead eat meals handed directly to them from ET’s ? Just as each separate nation built impressive stone monuments in there own way. Each nation also had their own special grains that provided the staple of their diet. Each with their own legend on how it was given to them as a gift from the star people or gods.


Ancient Engineered Grains

Typically grains found in nature are rather small. This would have been a great hurdle in preventing the progress and development of mankind. But as legend has it those above us or gods came down to Earth and gave man a modified seed or grain to grow that had a much larger fruit. In exchange man had much more free time to work for and attend to the needs of the gods. Modern science has looked at the properties of some grains found around the globe and looked for signs as to how the fruits became so large. It turns out the using selective breeding the wild grass grains can be made to grow slightly larger. But the amount of this type of breeding would take millions of years to reach the larger size. Notably this is found in four specific grains that originate with four different cultures and regions.

Wheat Grain – Sumerian

Archaeological remains of wheat grain can be traced back to the Sumerians approx 15000 years ago. For example in the Epic of Gilgamesh the wild man Enkidu was introduced to the bread and beer of Gilgamesh’s people. Interestingly his height was listed at 11 cubits equally almost 18 feet tall. Requiring him able to eat allot of bread ! His aunt was named Nisaba goddess of writing, learning, and the harvest. She was often seen on Akkadian green serpentine cylinder seal, circa 2334-2154 B.C giving grains to humanity. She was shown as a giant even sitting in a chair she looked normal man in the eye. Fermentation of the grains mentioned in Epic of Gilgamesh is arguably the first record of beer. 

Rice Grain – Asian

Most noteworthy is the recent genetic evidence that shows the first domesticated rice originated in China approx 13,500 years ago. Traditionally Dewi Sri is the rice goddess for the Sundanese,Javanese, and people in Indonesia. Seems like all the ancient rituals of Dewi Sri are connected to the mythical origins of the rice plant the base of the local diet still today. As a result fermentation of rice is used to make various rice wines found in China and Japan but their origin predates the recorded history. Since in addition it is noteworthy that it is harder to grow and consequently wet climates are required.

Sorghum – African

Domesticated Sorghum has been found in containers going back almost 2000 years.Debate remains on just how old it really is. What makes this crop stand out is it’s ability to grow win in dryer soil and climates that other plants cannot. Even today it is the staple of diet for millions of people living in Africa and Asia. Fermented Sorghum is made by the African Zulu people as a traditional beer drink . There is Zulu Demeter the goddess of agriculture and beer to which she is said to have invented. In greek religion Demeter is also known as the goddess of agriculture and harvest. She also looks after the grains and is responsible for the fertility of Earth.

Corn – First Nation of America

Maize or known today in North America as corn is a plant that was first found being used by the indigenous people approx 10,000 years ago. A surprising similar legend to that of the story’s found in the Bible. A baby found floating alone in the water is saved in and raised to represent the people. Then a supernatural being challenges the people’s best warrior to a wrestling match. After the people’s warrior defeats the Angel they bury him and honor his grave. After keeping a fire burning on the grave in respect a new plant grows up threw the ashes. This plant becomes corn and seen as a gift from the heavens. It’s a close match for when Moses was found floating in a river and Jacob wrestled an Angel and how the Manna was the staple of a ancient Magi diet in biblical times.

Ancient Magi Diet Chart

Chart highlighting the nutritional power of the legendary grains

Heavenly Ancient Magi Diet

So it appears that many clues have been left for the Adept Initiate in the Ancient Magi Diet. Again we see evidence for the ancient four races that had help from the Great Spirit just like the First Nations legends said.  Nearly 10,000 years ago on all four corners of the globe a domesticated grain was aiding the growth of civilization.  If mankind had these grains that means they needed time to breed them with natural selection to achieve the healthier and largest sized fruits. In order to do this naturally it could take another 50,000 years or more. This pushes back the dates for how far civilization is believed to have begun. Or the dates we have are correct and the ancient Magi themed  legends of these advanced grains coming from beings from the heavens are true.

Drawing © S. Beaulieu, after Boehmer 1965: Plate XLVI, #536.


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