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Heliopolis or the House of Ra was the central religious headquarters of the Pyramid Age, and its theological philosophic rituals. It was the first systematic organization of religion and cosmology (at the time) known in Egypt, which brought upright subsequently the construction of the Pyramid of Giza. In the view of the Egyptians and many ancient pagan cultures including that of the Native Americans, the Ancient Indians of eastern Asia, and cultures proceeding aboriginal timelines, believed that which ever existed was God. Everything was a measureable expression of Him/Her. Everything including humans had contained deep within the recesses of the mind and the flesh, this holy divinity or as renown spiritual-scientist Carl Sagan poetically said, “We are made of star stuff.” This belief is called pantheism, the belief that all matter emits this ineffable higher expression of godhood. God is consciousness, we are all consciousness trying to realize our full potential. To obtain new insights whether sagacious or not it was considered an act of worship. To learn anything was to honor the teachings of Ra. Therefore, as humans, we are in constant state of perpetual learning thus honoring the Will of one of the oldest and most sanctimonious godheads of Egyptian theology, Amun-Ra, the Sun God incarnated. We trace even the very act of learning back to this ancient class of Beings. If this is true, then we owe everything to this one deity amongst the Egyptian Pantheon. Indeed, inescapably, we all honor a Sun God!

Stargate Conspiracy

As the idyllic seat of the gods, Heliopolis was thusly understandably so, the single most holy site of Egypt. It possessed temples of the creator god Atum (Atom), of Ra, Horus, Isis, Thoth and the Nile god Hapi; who like the Ascended Master Krishna in Hindu mythology is depicted as having dark blue hue shade of purple skin. The three pyramids are aligned so they point to Heliopolis, further reinforcing the distinguished significance of the city itself as a beacon of inextinguishable Light. One of the more well-known structures was the hwt-psdt, the villa of the Great Ennead. Another noteworthy structure was the House of the Phoenix, which many theorized that it housed one of the legendary and most sacred relics known the Egyptians, the ben-ben stone, which came from the stellar cosmos itself.


Stargate Conspiracy

Lord Imhotep’s grand creation — the Pyramid of Djoser.


The religious priesthood of Heliopolis was well-known for its learnings and concealment of sacred wisdom. Two of its aggrandizing accomplishments were in the fields of medicine and astronomy. Its high priests held the prestigious title of Greatest of Seers, which is also associated with the title Chief Astronomer. Its priesthood class were auspiciously regarded as the most sensible therefore the most learned in Egypt during the time of Herodotus and even immortalized in Strabo’s day, as late as 100 BC. The priest class famous among the Greeks and it is said, Pythagoras, Plato, Eudoxus, and Thales studied the Mysteries offered at Heliopolis. Imhotep, the architectural engineer who designed the first pyramid, the Step Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara was revered as a god for his medical and magical prowess, he too was a graduated High Priest of Heliopolis.


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