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Magi UFO’s

Magi UFOHere we have an image from The Book of Arda Viraf a Zoroastrian religious text shared by the Magi. It involves consuming shamanic drinks and contacting entities living in other realms of our spiritual matrix. It brings to mind possibly the most out of this world aspect of Initiates research, Ancient UFO’s. Seen by critics as only mythical fantasy or easily explained weather phenomenon. To the Adept Initiate there is a real treasure trove of UFO evidence found in the ancient text. You may have guessed Magi accounts hidden in the Bible top the list.

First in the book of Ezekiel found in the Old Testament it talks about seeing an incredible UFO that looks like wheels within wheels that had wings. We know that Ezekiel was living in the great ancient city of Babylon when he had his encounter with God in approximately 570 BC. This city was adorned with many carvings on the walls that looked like images seen here bellow. When compared to that image above it of what Ezekiel saw in Biblical accounts there could be a striking resemblance. Really how could Ezekiel be staying in Babylon a city covered in winged disk UFO images on walls, but a mystery remains of what his sighting was. Could it be that Ezekiel and many of the other Old Testament figures were Magi? Maybe this is what the text locked away in the Vatican secret archive would reveal.

magi ufo 2Furthermore the image on the bottom right with the Bow is a god named Ashur. According to the Assyrians he carried this as symbol of the rainbow after the great flood. It was a token of his promise to never wipe out mankind again with a flood.

This is the key when we look to see what kind of ships were around in the times of Noah. It is possible that in ancient times advanced alien space craft carried DNA with them to rebuild the Earth. Or was the Ark really built with normal wood as Bible suggested but only limited number of animals repopulated through holographic evolution. Either way this evidence shows Winged Disks were the most common UFO’s in Biblical times rather than a traditional nuts and bolts type spacecraft.

Even Linguistic evidence prevails that Noah grandson was also named Ashur. What sounds more plausible to you Noah’s descendant was named Ashur because they liked to name their offspring after the rival religions God. Or could it be he was given this name because Noah himself was a Magi?

To the left we see a collection of what these winged disk symbols look like around the world. Could it be more proof that the Magi Religion was dominant across the globe during the ancient past? In the near future we will explore more on why this powerful connection has been concealed.

For now we may have just solved the mystery of Ezekiel’s wheel and proved that many of the original people from the Bible were Magi at the same time. Could it be Adept Initiates the reasons we don’t have many cell phones capturing new images of UFO’s is they are not coming from outer space. But instead they are coming from the spiritual dimensions within us.

written by Leland Judsyn

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