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Music of the Spheres and Our Inner Resonance


Music of the Spheres:

Music of the Spheres expresses mathematical harmonics between different planetary bodies and their orbital patterns in our solar system. Each celestial body produces an orbital resonance, therefore projecting mathematical patterns into the atmosphere. These waves of energy express themselves into observable shapes, patterns, and tones, revealing musical and numerical ratios.

Harmony of the Spheres:

Pythagoras identified this phenomenon in his theory known as the “Harmony of the Spheres”. Pythagoras proposed that the Sun, Moon, and all the planets emit their own unique hum called an orbital resonance, based on their particular orbital revolution. He even went as far as to say that the quality of life on Earth was and is a direct reflection of these celestial sounds.

Jaiminiya Upanishad:

I think it’s fair to assume Pythagoras was familiar with the sacred and ancient teachings of the Hindus, because if we look at the Jaiminiya Upanishad, we can see it refers to the cyclic rising and setting of the world and sun as the “The Music of Spheres”.

Nāda Yoga:

Pythagoras’s philosophy on music also mimics an ancient teaching in India called Nāda yoga. The teachings of Nāda yoga state, “the entire cosmos and all that exists within them, including human beings, consists of sound vibrations, called nāda”.

Anahata Chakra:

Nāda yoga divides music into two categories, internal music termed, “anahata” and external music termed, “ahata.” External music is heard via our sensory organs in the ears however, our internal music is heard with our heart via our “anahata chakra.” Our anahata chakra or heart chakra expresses our own unique quintessence or personal resonance that is like no other. This inner vibrational sound is considered very sacred and once heard by the individual, their anahata chakra is said to open up, re-uniting their body to the divine cosmos often referred to as experiencing an inner awakening.

Celestial Beings:

If we’re to imagine our body as a celestial being, we’re able to see how we too are emitting vibrational sound waves and thought patterns into the atmosphere. If our hearts are filled with kindness and love, our inner resonance will radiate kindness and love, attracting similar frequencies into our existence.

Inner resonance:

What kind of vibrational resonance are you projecting? Are your thought patterns emitting love and kindness? If the answer is no, there’s good news! Change your thoughts and your inner vibrational resonance will follow because energy goes wherever our thoughts go, it’s that simple.

Written by Carrie Love

Image by Paula Wratten

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