ancient serpent rope
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Mystery of the Ancient Serpent Rope Solved


Ancient Serpent Rope

Ancient Serpent Rope

Ancient Serpent Rope a mysterious occult symbol attached to the winged disk. We find them on the Sacred Tree Blue Prints all across the globe but nobody knows for sure what they are. One thing we do know is they all share a common representation of knowledge. But what is this ancient knowledge and could it offer advantages to our daily life ? Next Initiates explore clues hidden in the occult sacred tree prints. Since they may solve the Anunnaki Serpent Rope mystery for good.


Ancient Serpent Rope in Sumeria

First of all the Sumerian Sacred Tree’s maybe the oldest. Or maybe not,  either way it makes for a good base comparison.  Adam and Eve serpent account looks based on Sumerian history like much of the Bible . Hence the ancient serpent rope is the knowledge that got them kicked out of the garden. Nearly all the occult technology was moved to the books of Kabbalah. DNA tests completed in 2016 on Phoenician remains confirms Mesopotamian populations included ancient Europeans. Yet many of the Sumerian style murals made all over Europe were destroyed by the rise of anti Pagans.  As a result we find only ruins of them in places like Armenia and Turkey. 

Ancient Serpent Rope

Overlapping Adam and Eve onto a Assyrian cylinder seal to visualize the Garden of Eden



Ancient Serpent Rope in Asia

Another candidate is the three Japanese royal treasures. Spin the handle and you see a version that looks like feathers on the ancient scroll. First of all we know this Asian Sacred Tree is a real object. Because it is made up of a sword , mirror and jewel and the artifacts remain.  Yet how to use this ancient occult technology is lost to time. Especially noteworthy the Asian Sacred Tree match’s the Pagan ritual items used by Wicca . They often have Magi Mirrors, cauldron’s , blades and potions in ritual traditions. Who knew this Asian Sacred Tree helps in establishing a link between the Anunnaki and the Pagans.

Ancient Serpent Rope



Ancient Serpent Rope in South America

So after Cain slain Abel he was sent east of Eden to the land of Nod. And when he arrived his son ENOCH was born. So he built another city and named it after him. His family was known as great city builders. Because they used both irrigation and metal’s. While far to the East we find the Aztecs used Sacred Tree technology to spot a new city location. Furthermore named it T -ENOCH- titlan. And so it finally grew to the largest in the region. In addition their sacred tree consisted of a cactus and eagle holding a snake. Almost draped down just like another serpent of knowledge . Also it sits inside a sacred pool like the libation tables in Canada, Bulgaria and Egypt. Another shamanic tie is confirmed here because cactus can be psychoactive.


ancient serpent rope


Ancient Serpent Rope in India

In addition ancient Indian traditions show the Peacock feathers. Also almost near the top of the Sacred Tree. And a small serpent sitting on top of its feathers. This bird has the ability to eat poisonous snakes and as a result survive. Almost seems like a type of alchemy and maybe offers a clue. Seems like humans are the transceiver for this knowledge that apex’s at the Magi Light Body.  So just like the bird is converting poison to food. The Sacred Tree transforms people into light. Most noteworthy the divided pillar offers a clue to find offering table sites. Including the lost gold mine of King Solomon in Canada . Because it has the same divided rock nearby on a massive scale.

ancient serpent rope


Ancient Serpent Rope in North America

While in America seems like the sacred tree has natural components. Such as Pine roots facing North, South, East and West. Also Turtle Island is the base rather then a Jewel. A Eagle sits at the top hence a messenger to the creator. On dream catchers we also find feathers instead of serpents draping down. It’s connections to knowledge is in the from of Dreams. Almost offering insight to the spiritual side of this technology. And possible origin of the term feathered serpent. Probably the best shamanic site in the world is located on a island in the Canadian great lakes. It has a legendary dream rock that unlocks the ability to use new powers. Most of all enhanced connection speeds to Sirius and the universal internet.



Ancient Serpent Rope used by Druids

Also in the Pagan traditions we find a shamanic connection to the Anunnaki serpent rope. For them it it involved the sacred plants such as opium or Amanita muscaria mushrooms.  Most of all the offering table in Northern Canada had special Mushrooms growing right next to it during the Dog days of summer. And the star they wanted to view was the Dog Star Sirius.  This connection between Pagans and Sumerians also turned up in the large mystery ring held in the winged disk. It was a Golden Torc that shamans wore when gazing at Sirius to gain knowledge. Also replica’s of the Gundestrup Cauldron are the holy grail for Pagan Alters among Wicca today

Ancient Serpent Rope
With this Anunnaki serpent rope theory we can solve connections between other Egyptian and Pagan images.  This Long Man in England and Pharaohs correlation had long eluded mainstream researchers. Because some lack the shamanic understanding that Orion’s belt points to Sirius. So a man holding onto two objects like rope is the ancient version of a hotspot symbol to go online. 


Ancient Serpent Rope in Egypt

Here Smith showed the Djed Pillar and bands matched the Assyrian Sacred Tree. So as a result this Magi Sacred Tree also shows the Cobras attached to the winged disk.  Since you can not physically see light travel from Sirius into the reflective surface. Serpent rope is the answer for something difficult to explain. Especially without having modern fiber optic networks as a example. 

Ancient Serpent Rope


Sidney Smith in 1922, first suggested a parallel with the Assyrian “sacred tree”. He proposed a common origin for Osiris and the Assyrian God Ashur .

Hence this offers a opposite take on the “Dendera Light” found in Hathor Temple. It shows the Djed connecting to a serpent rope in a very advanced method. So finally instead of this representing a early light bulb. It would be a very high speed modem . Maybe capable of the fastest internet connection ever achieved. Offering access to the Akashic records like never before.

ancient serpent rope

“A little left were almost at 1000 teraflops per second … ” – Hypothetical network lingo


Secret of Immortality

Since the Djed is on Mummies associated with travel to the underworld. One must ask what the connection to death is ?

Modern science is researching ways to extend human life and cheat death. A way to turn minds into data to be saved. Or even taken a step farther and uploaded to the internet. So essentially this makes perfect sense in ancient Egypt. As a result they put the symbol of the Sacred Tree on Mummies. It was their way of showing they put deceased souls onto the cloud storage of the universal internet.


In Conclusion

Consequently it was help from the four corners of the Earth that helped solve the Ancient Serpent Rope. This theory suggests the winged disks are a symbol for God and the source of knowledge. And these ropes are cables that allow regular people to make a universal internet connection. Let’s hope it really can put the Akashic records on display. So any Adept Initiate can see it. Just imagine the implications as a result. No more debates over our true past enabling us all to move forward. Something all nations could & should pursue.  If the ancients are still alive virtually on this cloud network of light. We could have new evidence for technology based immortality in heaven.


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The Anunnaki Series S1E3: Birth of Noah and Tenochtitlan



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