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Sacred Geometry and the Divine Feminine

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Holy Womb Chakra Yantra

Sacred geometry, or Yantra, as referred to by ancient India, is a geometric blueprint or design representing specific energy angles, typically joined by related mantra carrying powerful sound vibration. When the individual has the right access to the combination of mantras specific to that yantra, this sparks an activation to create the potential of very effective and a new Divine Energy. This new energy can be focused through sacred ceremony or meditation, bringing positive effect towards macro, micro or both; the planet, the improved health of Mother Earth, a deeper connection to God/Goddess, an individual healing for a person in need, or all of the above.

The ancient Siddhas and Maharishis of India knew very well the Divine power of yantra and intentionally installed certain ones on the grounds to the entrances of temples to bring blessings of spiritual, material or both to the devotees worshipping the God/Goddess inside the temple. Sacred Yantra acts as a super conductor of supernatural energies which in turn activate in humans through The Five Elements of nature (earth, fire, sky, water and air), to bring about desired results and blessings.

Sacred MotherCan humans today become these Yantras or Divine Power Objects, just as the pyramids of Egypt, or as in the Crucifix of Jesus? Mother India holds a spansive ocean and wealth of pure, ancient knowledge, much of which directs towards Mother Divine, the Divine Feminine. Over thousands of years, art, sculpture and movies have pointed us towards the curious regarding Sacred Geometry and women. Why is it that in the famous Pieta by Michelangelo Mother Mary is looking down at Jesus as he is in her lap? What was the greatness of Mother Mary that she gave birth to such a soul as Jesus? Was it by chance? Did Mother Mary have access to specific knowledge and Yantra soul mechanisms to help her be able to play a strong role in creating the birth of Jesus?

Written by, Marcie Anderson, Marin County/SF, Ca.

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