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Magi Light Body

Magi Light Body

magi light bodyAll around the globe we have many different ancient Religions. One striking similarity arises, they all apex at a possible next phase of human evolution called the Light Body. Alchemy’s ultimate goal is to transform our body into gold or another expression into light. But with this also comes the warning in Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike that as beautiful as it is Lucifer himself takes the same form. Initiates will find here an unbiased approach the good the bad and the ugly of the Light Body.

Looking back into the early origins of this phenomenon we find accounts recorded by a remote sect of Magi known as Zurvanism. From the Circle of Iranian Studies we read that the Kingdom or Realm of Light “was ruled by the Father of Greatness identified with ZURVAN in the history of the Great Persian Empire. They say our universe was created by this Light Being as it offered sacrifice and then doubted if it would work. These two actions were KEY to the Spawning of our universe akin to the holographic evolution model. Then came the Amesha Spenta or the great six “divine sparks” that act as caretakers to ensure all creations made of light continue in order.

tibet monksMonks in Tibet call it the Rainbow Body and it’s achieved through the complete wisdom called Rigpa. This consists of three virtues a theme that reoccurs in many Magi related text we will cover in the future.

Even back 100 BC in the times of early Jewish Mystics they called it the Merkabah as cited in the book of Ezekiel. This version of the Light Body is said to be used to travel to the throne of God. Could this be more evidence that proves early Biblical figures where really Magi? Transfiguration of Jesus into a Light Body on a Holy Mountain is one of the gospels greatest miracles and yet often it gets overlooked.
Interestingly an early UFO contactee named Carlos Diaz encountered a light being and he said he saw them traveling in a larger ship that also appeared to be made of light. Maybe the ancient astronauts of our past did not only travel in nuts and bolts style space craft but also traversed the heavens in body’s and ships made of pure light.

ZurvanismWhat may have led to the decline of Zurvanism and other Light Body teachings is the less desirable attributes. According to the ancient text in the Light Body state you become neutral and usually leave the Earth. You have no emotion, no gender, no privacy, no time, no space and you can exist everywhere at once. People lost favor in following a God made of Light that cared not for each individual follower’s well being. But instead cared only about maintaining the balance so all things between heaven and hell exist and took a neutral approach to doing so. History shows that replacement gods may have been quickly adopted that offered love and rewards instead. Officially Zurvanism has gone extinct while other claim it is the core of many secret societies, royal bloodlines and other mystery traditions even today.

Now Adept Initiates will you see the Light Body as Good, Evil or maybe even Neutral? Are the tests we face every day in our struggle to find complete knowledge a hardship or the ultimate prize? Don’t forget Light is not just at the end of the tunnel but an integral part of who and what we already are.
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Written by: Leland Judsyn

Featured Original Art by: Maya G

(Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies, article by T. Apiryon)
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