Bill Hicks reality engineering mindfullness
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Reality Engineering and Mindfulness

Bill Hicks reality engineering mindfullnessReality Engineering and Mindfulness

Philosopher, stand-up comedian and cosmic-psychonaut Bill Hicks once said, “All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death. Life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves. …Here’s Tom with the weather.” If we decide to pick apart the most inconceivable aspects of what this means on a much heavier, much more esoteric level we find the beating, throbbing heartbeat of existentialism at its most brilliant moment, shining the brightest than it ever has beforehand ever been. On the other hand we find a kernel, a rather large kernel, of truth to it. That of Reality Engineering Mindfulness.

We can begin to argue the many multi-faceted ways this statement can imply or begin to implicate what life really means, ignoring the excessive worship of mindless materialism that seeks to distract the wondering and wandering Mystery School Student. For me, I begin to focus on what is most relevant to the task: Are you absolutely mindful of every second you spend think, doing and being. Well, are you? Once you begin to focus on the value of time and intrinsically its long-lost sister, objective reality we find that we forget to focus on the here and now because we live in a culture that promotes fast things. Fast Cars. Fast food. Fast education. Fast fun. Once you begin to see through the illusions that deter the intellectual and spiritual faculties that you have a divine birthright of accessing, you begin to see just how powerful one voice is, what undue power focusing on the immediate present or the most immediate sector of your universe: you…you see reality for what it is: a programmable realm of trillions upon trillions of collectivized ideas wrapped together in a bundle between the nexus of time and space, where you can imprint your existential legacy by cementing your thoughts into stone or what the Yogi student may begin to familiarize himself/herself as the Akasha (metaphysical supercomputer database that houses all histories that have ever existed and will ever exist.)

Reality Engineering MindfulnessAre You Engineering Reality?

The question is are you grappling with the time you spend doing what you spend because you love it or because some foreign external force gravitated your focus elsewhere? Are you loving how you are spending borrowed and impermanent time (assuming immortality is not real and there a few Freemasonic texts that argue that it is very real.) It’s tedious, almost insurmountable and just headache-splintering to the mind that we must begin to slow down the fast speed lifestyle that we have all been conditioned into accepting and living by. Once you can however, reclaim this destiny where you are working on you: that is your illusions, your delusions, your fears, your highs, your orgasms, your lows you can begin to commandeer your life as it was always meant to be; yours.

This is where activities like meditation, yoga and mindfulness exercise have their noteworthy value. You must begin to begin analyzing, questioning and interrogating who you are, what you want to be and what you will be to make this process work. This is the way of the individualistic monk and leads to a rich spiritual life. Try doing something as practical as having a written monologue of what you want out of life, with you being the lone recipient of the message. Why? Because its you. You are the centerpiece of your own cosmic ride. You are it. Nobody else. Find it, excavate it, and then finally reveal it for all its glimmering worth. Who are you? You. Break that down into a 10000 puzzle pieces and then begin to reassemble the realest you that you wish to be. This is what the Mystery School teaches. Being your own being. Be it. Live it. Breathe it. Fight for it. Stand by it. Examine it. Introspect upon who you are and you will begin to see the Child of Light you always were, but forgot because of culture conditioning. The ultimate question that leaves much to be imagined and should be asked is: are you aware of this moment you are in?

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