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3 Secrets in Nature to Access Your Soul Code

3 Secrets to Access Your Soul Code

Access Soul Code

Nature is perfect. The great Rishis, Maharishis and Avatars of India knew this to be fact, and have purposefully incarnated time and time again in order to share what they’ve learned from tireless and selfless study of The Channels of Creation, in order to relieve the suffering on the planet.

After many years of living, practice and study in India with my guru Kaleshwar (1973-2012), I grew to learn from experience the impeccable nature of The Divine Mother, Father, and Nature; earth, fire, sky, water, and air. “Mother creates and Father destroys, takes care”, said Kaleshwar many times over.

Sri Kaleswar

Sri Kaleshwar drawing a yantra, ‘soul diagrams’ or ‘soul home’

Broken down, the sacred, ancient divine knowledge reveals a soul process linked to nature, to your nature, and the vibrations in nature that positively link to your soul, thus creating a roadmap to activate and implement the infinitude of soul technologies. Once activated and implemented, layers of the limited you (your belief systems, thoughts, negative aspects of your ego, blocks, and karmas), begin to fall away like multiple veils covering the unlimited you (your soul, chakras, energy systems and layers of higher consciousness), thus allowing pure, divine love, and alignment with Self, Source, the Divine Mother and Father, to also help purify and activate your Trineytra Chakra (third eye).

An example of being in Divine Alignment is having a clear channel linking you to your soul, intuition and Brahma Consciousness, so that once you get a ‘hit’ from your intuition to proceed in a specific direction regarding an issue, you do so.

On the contrary, when you are struggling with the karmas, negative aspects of your ego, blocks, and patterned wounding, you may still get a positive, strong ‘hit’ from your intuition to proceed in a specific direction regarding an issue, but instead of following through, you react from the limited you, fear and doubt set in, and the result is yet again not what you intended because you discounted your intuition, your higher self, probably because it was more quiet than your minds thoughts.

So how to get off the negative hamster wheel and stay off? What energy or action is necessary to activate and implement to create lasting positive change you desire?

Follow these techniques:

3 Practices to Access Your Soul Energy


1) Connect:

Set aside time daily to be in nature. This is one step to create the environment and vibrations needed for pure, effective meditation. Whether you can walk on the beach, in the mountains, or go to your backyard, it is important to re-connect to nature to help activate your senses. Unplug from technology. Breathe deeply. Appreciate the beauty of nature; the smells, the energy, the sounds, and the feeling of your surroundings.

Third Eye

2) De-charge/Release:

Connect deeply to one specific element of your choice; the air element by noticing the power of the wind, the water element by noticing how it carves away at the earth, or the sky element as its unbounded quality encompasses and activates everything and beyond. Close your eyes once connected to the element of your choice, knowing that element is also inside of you, and bring your focus to de-charge and release out fear, stress, anxiety, negativity, and anything else you wish to leave. Take a moment to recognize how you feel, the shift. Next, through opening and focusing on your Hrudaya Chakra (heart), suck or pull to you the Divine, Supernatural energy from each one of the Five Elements to help restore, reboot and bring back Divine Alignment in you. Take a moment to feel and recognize this shift.

third eye chakra

3) Mantras to Access:

Suggested mantras to use while doing this process of steps 1 and 2:

Mantra: Om Namashivaya Pronounced: Om Na Ma She Vaa Yaa
Meaning: Connecting your soul to the Soul of Lord Shiva, Father, who has command over the Five Elements.

Mantra: Om Hum
Pronounced: Om Humm (as in hummingbird)
Meaning: Powerful bijakshara (seed sound) to connect to the Water Element and the Divine Mother.

Mantra: Om Mama Pronounced: Om Maa-Maa
Meaning: Linking your soul to the immortal soul of The Divine Mother, almost like an umbilical cord.

Be relaxed yet disciplined in your practice and stay with the one mantra that works best for you, the one you resonate with most strongly. When you’ve completed steps 1 and 2, wait for a moment to when you feel settled, then focus on a request or desire you wish to manifest. Think on this while continuing your mantra internally for a few minutes, then drop your desire or request, but stay connected to internally chanting your mantra. Enjoy the peace, feeling the vibrations around you and in you change, and melt into the silence of the moment. Watch for the reflections in nature that will come as an answer or confirmation of your request or desire, then giving gratitude to the Divine, Source, Mother and Father, to Nature. Repeat.

“Meditation is your intention with attention, with no tension.” – Sri Kaleshwar



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