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What is Alchemy?

What is Alchemy ?azoth

Why not try to explain it as Baudelaire did. “Alchemy is the distillation of the eternal from the transient.” Or, as Mary Ann Atwood has said,”And this is the Grand Hermetic Secret, that there is a Universal Subject in nature and that subject is susceptible of nourishment in Man; and this is the greatest mystery, of all mysteries the most wonderful, that man should be able not only to find the Divine Nature, but to effect it.” Or, as the Sepher Yetzira states, understand this and lead your creator back to his Throne.


And those who are into the never ending search of gold making, listen to LeMyesier’s Breviculum, on the Art of Blessed Raymond Lull;
“And the purest and most perfect gold of all, a gold of absolute purity, dwells infinitely and incomparably above the lower forms of gold, which stand far below it, as likenesses are inferior in their dignity to the thing they represent. As there is a real difference between an image appearing in a mirror, and the thing that it represents, likewise, and infinitely more so, there is a difference between this purest gold of all and the other kinds of gold. As perfectly pure gold is different from a dye made with gall, which is only a very remote likeness of gold, so does God reach above all other things in his holiness and infinite dignity.”

by Steve Kalec

Forthcoming Work; Beautiful Alchemy

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