Holographic Evolution
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Magi & Holographic Evolution

Holographic EvolutionSince the day Darwin presented evolution some important questions have remained unanswered. Initiates may find here that the Magi offer a controversial version of evolution that fills in the gaps.

During the ancient floods of Noah and Gilgamesh animals are brought aboard the ships. But many argue that this would not be enough to properly rebuild. Rightly so if your follow Darwin model, but maybe not if you’re willing to consider holographic evolution.

Magi did not bring two of each animal to breed world populations back. They understood that having two of every KEY animal would be enough for our universe simulation to spawn more. Just like how a character would spawn in a video game.

This is how today an extinct dodo bird can found alive or long lost extinct fish caught in the ocean with no chance of living parents. Our universe contains the knowledge of all creatures pre-programed inside it. All it takes is the KEY to trigger it to be spawned. Think of the Chicken and the Egg, Magi can really answer what came first. They would say God created the software for both the chicken and the egg at same time then turned on the simulation inside himself.

One KEY is that rocks are the missing link in evolution. Standard models of how life began predict a lifeless ocean existing for millions of years until simple organic life created itself from accident then slowly evolved into more complex forms of species. But with the Magi model rock is the KEY that will kick start the process and it takes weeks not years.

First in space hot and cold are all that is needed to spawn water. Then all that is needed for the first life forms to spawn is water and rock in the primordial ocean. This combination spawns moss and other growth of greens. Even modern evidence supports that the Cambrian Explosion 542 million years ago had to occur from spawning. It happened much faster then allowed by random acts of chance.

Next big step is when any of these plants flower and drop it into sources of water. This creates the first sugars then yeast when it bonds with water. Then you have the first fermentation that is KEY to spawning the first insects. You can even test this in your home, no matter how clean it is fruit flies will always be attracted to gases released from fermentation. Then insects that spawn will attract a host of other slightly larger creatures to fill in the gaps.

Could holographic evolution really be the answer to one of the Adept Initiates greatest questions?

Could or modern understanding of simulations answer how mankind arrived on Earth. Maybe it’s true we did not evolve from apes directly but their existence may have been a KEY that helped trigger our ancestors spawning here.

written by Leland Judsyn for Adept Initiates

Original Artwork by Anna Felka

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