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The Tree of Knowledge and The Christmas Tree

What is the altrenative to buying a Christmas tree? Some people are creating trees of knowledge each Christ-mass by stacking books on top of each other. People who opt for the alternative do it because they are bliophiles, for decoration, out of genuine concern for mother nature, and others to fight consumerism or corporations.

Yet the esotericist has taken it as a display of the symbolic tree of knowledge. This idea is not new but anciennt, the reverence of a Christmas tree is a primordial tradition.


Bibliophile is an individual who loves books.

Symbolic Trees

Trees have been used as symbols of knowledge and regenerative powers in many ancient pagan traditions. Well known symbolic trees are that of The Knights of The Round table, The Tree of Noah, The Tree of Life of the Aztecs and Mayas, The Alchemy Tree, The Yggdrasil tree, The Bodhi Tree, and The tree of life-The Tree of The knowledge of Good and Evil (or The Sephiroth), this being just a small selection. A most notable tree which has become well known through the bible is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The tree represents humankind, and the fruits are the sprouting of wisdom of knowledge contained. When humankind takes the fruit from the tree of knowledge they take knowledge within (know thyself) and thus they become immortal.

alchemy tree

Without knowledge how would we be able to have the key to transform ourselves? Of course, knowledge without being is another topic to be discussed.

Winter Stories

A tree of knowledge built out of books could be a good option, for those who still want to celebrate a holiday during the winter solstice. What if you want to still give gifts? In Iceland they partake of a tradition called Jolabokaflod, or ‚ÄúChristmas Book Flood”. During Jolabokaflod, they gift each other a book on dec 24 and spend the whole night reading.

tree of knowledge

The Gift That keeps giving

Esoteric and Occult book gifting anyone? The symbolism of picking up a book from the tree of knowledge is a parallel to the picking of the fruit and taking it into oneself. To cap off the this short read, Adept Initiates wishes everyone blessings and prosperity on this winter solstice. May we all become immortal.

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