Jesus Pyramid
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The Great Pyramid and Jesus

The Great Pyramid and Jesus

Jesus Pyramid

The Master Builder=888

We will begin here with two points of reference. First, the Great Pyramid was considered a Unity and as such each of its measures can be shown to be derived from the division of this unity. Second, because of the stripping of external casing stones, and the simple wear and tear of centuries, the original measures have been slightly altered and the true measures reflecting this division of Unity have been deliberately skewed by most modern investigators – including Cole. All measures of the Great Pyramid are derived from 1/π=.318….which is to say Aleph, the first Hebrew letter divided by the Elohim=3.1415.


The Ox of Taurus, above which is The Pleiades.

Taking unity, 1/π, and raising it up by a standard of measure in one Earth day of 24 hours, elevated by 1000, gives 1/π x 2400= 763.9437268 which provides a base division for each side of the pyramid to be equivalent to 600, so that 600×4 = 2400, or 6×4 = 24 etc.; this reflects symmetry. Now it can be shown that each side of the Great Pyramid was intended to disclose the measure of 764 feet approximately. If we recall the various usage of the base six in the development of our Adamic Square we realize 600 really denotes an elevation of such a value to conceal the quaternary division of one revolution of earthly time. From this factor of six we can reconstruct the Great Pyramid in its entirety.
764 feet corresponds to roughly 232 m thus giving an approximation of 930 m, (a shortened form of the distance from the Earth to the Sun), for the perimeter circumference and 93 equals 31×3; or 1/π x 9600= 3055.774907 feet respectively. From this measure we can obtain the height and the hypotenuse for the Great Pyramid.
1/π x 2400 x ∅=618 feet for the hypotenuse
1/π x 2400/2 x √(∅)= 486 feet for the height
This gives us our previous measured forms for the 3:4:5 triangle taking the height as ∅ or unity.

The Pythagorean Pyramid of Cheops

Based upon: 1:√(∅ ):∅

The Pythagorean Pyramid of Cheops

3=486 feet
4=1/π x 1200=381.98 feet
5=618 feet

By this we can determine that the base of the pyramid was constructed for the usage of its median right triangle, whose edges of the pyramid hypotenuse (5) and the half base side (4) and the height (3) are the mathematical proportions of the order 1:√(∅ ):∅ as 3:4:5, or as 1:4/π=∅, etc. This produces a geometrical progression alongside of its arithmetic progression. The angle with the tangent √(∅) corresponds to the angle that the side of the pyramid makes with the ground, which is roughly 51.84° to 51° 53’ of arc, which according to Johannes Kepler, was the so-called Golden Triangle. ( Herz-Fischler gives 51° 50′ 40”, and 51.84° respectively) This provides us with a standard angular value which connects it directly with the occult numbers (see below, 5153-5184) and the cubit. The conversions of the Metrical and the IS are also evident as 1 m equals 39.366 inches for a corrected value.
Our rational basis for the cubit is not determined by the length from the forefinger to the elbow, rather from an occult understanding of lunar sidereal and synodic time, hence we derive 20.612 inches from the Messiah (656) which is but one day/month/year of the Moon in hours. According to Stecchini 20.612 inches was the value utilized in the Pyramid architecture, which is another way of saying π/ 6= 0.523598776 m.

The Cole survey of 1925 is the most recent survey of the Pyramid and he gives the following measures for the square base platform. This platform was elevated 20.612 inches above the ground.

NE to SW axis=325 meters (2132 feet)
NW to SE axis=325 meters (2132 feet)

Kepler triangle

Kepler triangle

In order to divide the two pyramid forms in the Golden, or Kepler triangle, we put into use the angles of the hypotenuse in connection with the height, as of “the Stone” = Ahben = 53°, “the stone which the builders rejected”, the summit of the Height where the two lines intersect in the capstone, which usage signifies the Earth core and a quantum value of Light.
All of this takes place within the electromagnetic Cube of Space which contains the Sphere.
The cube is a symbol of truth expressed on the physical plane and it must be understood here first before we can fully appreciate the metaphysical proportion arising from the esoteric harmony, which can never be absolute on the physical plane. Paul Foster Case gave consideration to this fact and rhetorically asked, “Why a cube? The knowledge that awareness of unity with the Originating Principle, of the identity of the Son with the Father, is a real experience of human beings involving the activity of an actual point within the human brain, the point that means sanctum sanctorum, at once a center in the brain having the experience and at the same time a point in space, from which lines may be conceived as radiating in every direction”. (The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order)

The unitary cube volume, which is divided into two thirds and one third by its geometrical fractions or harmonies, that is by its unique division of volume into the special numerical properties of two and three, is a thought that was made clear by Schwaller De Lubicz:

“The volume is the form, but the perfect sphere has no form, it is the amniotic sac containing all, it is the transcendental form for volumes, just as unity is the transcendental number for the numbered numbers. It represents the first expanse. The surface, which appears to us as the limit of a form, as a sectioned form, is the definition of the size of that form. This definition is temporal, that is, present, and is not definitive. In the numerating number itself, variable in time. Essentially number is triangular, and remains so through all the forms that are composed of this triangular principle. Similarly, the volume form can only be composed of volume, the surface, being the measure of the sizes of the volume or form, can only be composed of surfaces. It is through the mystery of the ternary that the transcendent unity becomes actual, and it is by the duality in the ternary that the unity becomes a measure of a thing. The surface 3×3×3 defining the volume and 2×2×2 defining the surface”.

In ancient Egypt the unit of capacity and volumes utilized in the measure of grains and cereals was the ‘hekat’. Mysteriously this same unit of capacity and volume measures was also used to coordinate planetary cycles. For example, in order to determine Mars’ year, we first find our cubit and then divide it by 30, since the 30th part of a cubic cubit (the hekat) gives 20612÷30 = 687, which we observe to be the orbital period of Mars in numbers. We can then raise this up by π to obtain the diameter of the Moon and correspondingly work out our planetary tables in which Mars year of 687 days creates the volume form containing the Earth, Venus, and Mercury. Such was the secret importance of the cubits among the ancient initiates. The volume in this instance would be the area covered in 687 days of Mars rotation around the Sun.

In the context of our discussion we want to remain focused on two important numerical displays which Schwaller highlighted, each of which determine space, first by the surface and lastly by the volume. These he shows are cubical (333) and superficies (222). If we simply multiply these numbers as they stand we can obtain our Pythagorean Lambda in 27 and 8 for our first forms, but here we want to first cube each of these numbers in order to obtain the volume of the cube that we are looking for, since 9x9x9 =729 and 4x4x4 = 64 etc.

According to Schwaller, the cubic cubit, “was governed by the Pharaonic division of a unitary cubic volume into 2/3 (the khar) and the division of the hekat ( 1/30 of the cubic cubit) into 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 and 1/64. This system associates the division of the volume by 3 with the division by 2… Volume is space, in principle without form. Mystically, it must be reduced into form as 1, 2/3, and 1/3. Space having no form, in contracting itself into volume is reduced by 1/3, the sphere having 2/3 the volume”.

We can surmise here a unique correspondence between these harmonically distributed form building matrices, and the Qabalistic order of Amesh. Since Aleph signifies the neutral center and Mim and Shin the magnetic and electric forces, therefore, the ternary division of these three must in some unknown way also claim our recognition in determining any particular volume we seek to erect. Amesh determines all volumes and at the same time orders each of the Hebrew letters accordingly. By virtue of this fact we can reconstruct our cubical volume while simultaneously reproducing our original mystical form of the sphere contained within it. Likewise we can reconstruct our Tree of Life based on the Dual Androgyne, or Adam Kadman. Eliphas Levi referred to this dual principle in his, ‘Key of the Mysteries,’ and made this point abundantly clear. According to him this Dual Androgyne represented the”generative” ability of “a power which generates forms”, “which power” he said, “was light”.

The foundation of form is light, that is, the dual principle of positive and negative charge, cryptically denoted as, ‘male and female’. Thus light is itself an effect of the complementary opposites of this dual form which can only subsist through a medium-term by which provisional equilibrium is maintained. All volumes are constructed based upon this principality of universal concurrence. The Cube of Space being no exception to this rule.

The hekat was a functionary of this ternary coagulation of our unity by the number 30 because, among other reasons, 30 signified the days in a month that provided measures of the mundane year of 30×12 = 360 days. Such a coagulation or contraction of light was also considered the result of the power of the Golden Ratio, which according to Schwaller was octahedral, that is, it contained two superimposed pyramidal structures functioning as a development of the Golden Ratio. It was by the division of such a contraction that a spherical container of 12 and 13 months was able to provide accurate measures for the originating volume, therefore we can determine that measures of such volumes in principle were temporal manifestations of a positive function of coagulated “light” in an androgynous division of Day and Night.

This understanding constitutes the first elaborate erection of the Lost Word, the same Lost Word that Eliphas Levi believed was occasionally written by connecting together 24 dots. In Revelation chapter 4 these 24 dots are symbolized as 24 elders situated “before the throne”, who bow down as 24 intersecting angles inside the cube of space, each handing over the crowns of their Heads as a symbol of their Zodiacal supremacy, in the Aeons of Time. Of this so-called Word, Albert Pike, 33°, is noted to have said, “the true word of a Mason is to be found in the concealed and profound meaning of the ineffable name of deity,… Which meaning was lost by the very precautions to conceal it. The true pronunciation of that name was in truth a secret, in which, however, was involved the far more profound secret of its meaning. In that meaning is included all the truth that can be known by us, in regard to the nature of God”. (Italics ours)

Elipas Levi confirmed this same thought, according to him; “The cubic stone and its multiplication explains all secrets of sacred numbers, including the mystery of perpetual motion, hidden by adepts and perceived by fools under the name of squaring the circle”.

Inman described a similar perpetual contrasting motions of a spherical body contained in the cube as, “The numbers or emanations of the Heavenly Light (figures 20612 to 6561)… 10 ‘words’, DBRIM, 41224, the light of which they were the flux, was the Heavenly Man, the ADM – KDM (the 144 – 144) and the light by the New Testament or covenant (as 41224) created God, just as the Old Testament God (ALHIM 3.1415) creates light (20612 to 6561)”.

Now ADM KDM is meant to convey the Dual Androgyne (the secret of time) by 144+441 = 585+144 = 729, which is but a variant form of our two principles of Shin and Mim, the combination of which gives 513+414 = 729, etc. Thus the dual form of light and shadow consists of a circular movement. The 10 Debirim must therefore conform to this principle of Day and Night by the secret value of 5 and 5, or two cubic terms of 20612+20612 = 41224″, etc.

Inman goes on to relate, “Now light, as shown, is 20612 to 6561, as the proper enunciation of the integral in numerical relation of diameter to circumference of a circle. God, (ALHIM 3.1415), is the reduction of this, so as to obtain a standard unit one, as the basis, in general of all calculation and mensuration. But for production of animal life, and for a special time measure, or the lunar year, that influence which causes conception and embryonic development. The numbers of the Jehovah measure (“man” even Jehovah measure), viz 113:355, have been specialized. But this last ratio is but a modified form of light or as 20612 to 6561, as a pi value, being only a variation of the same.(that is 20612:6561, is 3.1415 to one as ALHIM or God), and in such a manner that one can be made to flow into and be derived from the other and these are the three steps by which unity and sameness can be shown by divine names. The two are but the variation of the same ratio of π”

The 10 DBRIM are words, superficial constructs comprised of Hebrew letters, each being but a reflection and variant of the other. Qabalistic knowledge qualifies each of these 10 divisions by the usage of Elohim as a measure of unity. It is as the rabbinical scholar ‘A Cheza’ , or Jehuda Ha Levi stated, “the basis of the sacred word teaches the ALHIMness (π) and One-ness through words, by which on the one side there is infinite expression in heterogenous creations and on the other a final harmonic tendency to oneness”.

The multiplicity of language devolves itself back into unity after having been qualified through each of these Words, while the chromatic and electromagnetic spectrum is merely the formulative basis of how these 10 sacred divisions are expressed on the phenomenal plane prior to resolving themselves back into the unity or the Yvd. Such an understanding provides an acute vantage point of observation by which we can unfold the mysteries of the Androgynous Tree known to many as the Adam Kadmon.

The Hebrew term Sephiroth is an attribution of this Androgynous figure commonly known as Adam Kadmon and is taken from S – P – R, which is but the temporal form of commensurable calculations that determine mass. By Sepher is to be understood “to calculate or to weigh” and such calculations are produced by a harmonic symmetry and an orderly arranged sequence of these numbers concealed behind the Hebrew letters. Each of these numbers and letters provide definition of “mass and weight” and coordinate the navigations of planetary movements as well as demonstrating specific musical intervals. Each Word is then a composite form of the substance of the thing made by an adaptation of the inherent design into a specialized framework of elemental construction. So the word spoken, “let there be light”, defers to the objective plane, that is, the manifestation of stabilized light quanta in a geometrical matrix. In this respect when it is said Adam and Eve received ‘Chitznoth Avr’, or garments of light, we are to assume a production of Words, which formulated by the Elohim, generated circles of light in the design or image, (tzelem), of the original subjective plane. Sepher also denotes a book, Sofer a writer, and is the grammatical origin of the English word commonly used to convey hidden scripts, cypher. In numerical form S – P – R equals 340 and is numerically equivalent to “Shem” which means to “Name” or to designate a thing volumetrically; in the manner of Shin and Mim, where (ShIN+MIM)=315+414 = 729. Each letter and number, when properly arranged, gives forth the Perfect One or the Unity as it can be properly phonetically expressed.

The Cubit of I-EVE

The cubit ratio can be shown to be a derivation of the Lunar ratio of 113:355, in that it begins with the Unity for our departure point and expresses the power of the Elohim, or 3.1415. In this context we can reduce our discussion back to three primary geometrical figures derived from this Unity, and at the same time bring together both the Earth cycle of Adam and the Lunar cycle of Eve.

Now the first primary shape found in nature is the circle and by placing a circle inside of the square we can demonstrate the creation of the cubit by simple mathematical means. Here the diameter of the circle is to be considered the sideline of the base square as seen in this figure. Thus the first primary ratio of the square to circle is 8:9 or the tone.

The primary shape formed of straight lines is the triangle and by comparison to the circle the triangle has the least radius and the least area but the greatest overall circumference of any possible shape with equal sides and angles. In this respect we find that the circle and triangle are opposite to one another since the diameter of a circle is considered the sideline of the square. (The triangle is in the opposite ratio but its area is considered a unity). The diameter of the triangle as a Unity is perpendicular to the base and apex of such a triangle. Now if both areas of the square and the triangle are considered to be a Unity, keeping in mind that the triangle has the least number of any possible sides for a geometrical figure formed in nature, the circle then becomes the expression of a finality, since it encapsulates all numbers of any potential side value in order to give dimension, or proper form to the circle enclosed within the square, and in this manner the triangle and circle are complete opposites to one another. By placing the circle inside the square we are in fact defining the physical properties of the circle and limiting its power in order to measure. The diameter then, (the side of the square) is considered as a Unity regardless of its actual length of measure. In this respect the Earth and Moon diameters, both terrestrial and electromagnetic, are considered as unities. This is a key.

By adopting this mode of thinking we are able to elevate our cubit from the Earth and Moon circles and give further justification to the opinion of Schwaller De Lubicz, that , “the cubit is a masterpiece because it creates a link between number and its function and measure. The cubit presented here is the cycle cubit which divides the arc of a circle of 60° for a radius equal to 0.5236 m, the so-called Royal cubit”. (Ibid)

The diameter of the circle as a sideline of an artificial square is the same diameter made to coincide with the sides of a triangle and its perpendicular diameter. Now, if the area of the triangle is considered a Unity, then its diameter will be found to be equal to the square root of 3 twice removed, it’s opposite form then in the circle will of course be 3²×3²=9×9 =81 =a Unity for the diameter line. Three sides of the triangle equal 3 and its diameter is √3², while the circles diameter equals the exact opposite in 81, therefore the area of the square 81 x 81= 6561.

When this area of 6561 is converted to represent the diameter line of said circle, the ratio of the square to the circle is 8:9, expressed or written as, 5153:6561. Taking then, 6561 as our newly created diameter, we convert it into a circle by 6561 x π= 20612 and then produce the ratio of 4:π x 5153×4 = 20612, so that 4:π demonstrates 5153:6561. Then by reducing 20612 to inches, 20612 becomes our cubit measure in 20.612, therefore 5153 represents the true and primary ratio of circumference to diameter of all circles by 4×5153, as the Woman, or H–A SH–H, and is taken from the Man, or H–AISH, that is 5×113 = 565, which produces Eve as a numerical coefficient of the Lunar cycle, or Jehovah, as male is to female in the quaternary value of 311+113 =626/4 =156.5 etc.

The relationship that exists between these numbers demonstrates the reflexive notation of highly specific values that are determinate measures of electromagnetic space. The intrinsic worth of such numbers is given even further justification by the usage of the 22 Hebrew letters; thus by changing geometrical forms we are in effect moderating the natural flow of time. The squaring of a circle reduces intangibles to tangibles by the least amount of degradation to the original form, hence in the very act of measuring, that is in the observance of the mechanical movement of the celestial bodies, we circumstantially arrest duration into fractionalized segments which become so many hours, minutes, and seconds, or so many degrees in a circle. The extraordinary result of such measured forms is in our ability to utilize them in a coordinated system.

Each Hebrew letter conveys a specific idea associated with these successive arrested moments of this natural flow, therefore each letters order, whether in a hieroglyphic or numerical sense, is highly important. This order reduces time to an ordinary scale bringing it within the realm of human consciousness and thereby raising the mind of man into the realm of the Absolute.

We will demonstrate here how this Earthly circle produces the cubit as well as what is meant to be conveyed by such a usage in connection with the Moon. Using the value obtained for the circle inside the square, 5153, we are able to determine that 5153×4 = 20612 and by reducing 20612 to inches we are able to render intangibles into tangibles through the production of a system of measures such as the Metrical and International System.

The modern-day origin of the meter was first determined by the French in 1799 during Napoleon’s expedition into Egypt. From the systematic measure of the Great Pyramid it was determined that the cubit was approximately 20.6113988 inches corresponding to 1.717 feet. On the other hand the meter was discovered to be approximately 39.36 inches or 0.5236 m respectively. The cubit described hereafter is the Adamic cubit which is the fundamental cubit of Qabalistic teaching with respect to Jehovah or the Lost Word. This mystical usage belongs exclusively to the diameter ratio of the circle to the square, where the cubits and fathoms referred to, are the measures of the cycles of time derived from such a measure of phenomenal Light.

Now this Adamic cubit is first and foremost taken as the measure of man in respect to the Earth circle. Its length is taken as the radius of an arc of 60° which, according to renown Egyptologist and Professor, Gustav Seffareth, “there are at present several Egyptian cubit measures in Europe which agree with each other in length and divisions. It was, however, to be decided whether these ells were typical imitations or real instruments of measuring. The question was answered by the said ground plans at Turin as has been demonstrated with reference to the Hebrew cubits in my Alphabetic Egyptaicum, 1840, page 140. The Egyptian cubit being 0.523524 m, i.e., nearly 21 inches English”.

Such a measure is derived from 1/6 x π =0.523598776 which determines the value of 20.612÷12 = 1 .717 feet and is in convertible measures, 0.5236×39.36 =20.612 or 39.366/6 = 6.561 etc, that is the Yvd =1.64×24 = 39.36, (in a reduced form), therefore the cubit is none other than the value of a Unity, as a passage of time, equating to 13 months of 27.3 days, since each day, month, and year of the Lunar cycle is 656 hours, etc.

Definition of time by a circular division infers a cosmic birthing, whereby the Unity considered as a Primal Point, engenders a generic series of numbers which denote various vital moments quantifiable by each gestational flux (specific zodiac sign) through the circular power of the Elohim. Now any original dividing moment of the circle must be considered 6 because the radius is an extension of a straight line which can be placed six times in the circumference of the circle when it is divided by two interlaced bisecting equilateral triangles that form a hexagon, thus by defining the unit of measure as 1/6 of the circumference, we can obtain the measure of our cubit since we are merely elevating the original form of 1/6 x π =0.523598776×39.366=20.6119894, so that each division of the hexagon will correspond to 6.561 respectively.

Consider once again our coefficient 3.1415, which applies to all cycles in astronomy, and which has been shown to be a function of the Golden ratio. If we have a diameter of say 1 or 10, this 1/6 division will be comparable to a radius that equals either .5 or 5, (6×10=60) or approximately 5.236. On the other hand, if we accept our diameter to be 1 we can arrive at a value of 0.5236 cm. What we discover here is that the Hebrew letter Yvd=10 reduces curved lines to straight lines by a secret measure of the Earth and Moon since, as it turns out, 3936 is in miles, a specific radial measure of the Earth.

Here Schwaller De Lubicz again highlights the cubits importance:

“We find the importance of the measurement called the cubit supported however by the exceptional nature of the gift of the cubit to very high dignitaries. We know… That a stable and unchanging basis exists and that results precisely from this natural philosophy, a knowledge to which the ceremony of the Royal cubit alludes. Thus, if the ancients so carefully hid the secret of this knowledge from the uninitiated, it will be wise to look for a reason. Indeed, the fact of having in nature, which is always moving, a fixed support like that which Archimedes called for, ‘to take the world off its hinges’, would show that everything is connected by an unfailing logic, and this small fact would entail enormous consequences”.

In Hebrew DBR is numerically equal to 206 and is the approximation of YVD+QVP, or 10+6+4+100+6+80 = 206, the sacred vibrational flux found in the Holy of Holies within the ancient Hebrew Temple.

Although the mechanical nature of time provides us with a logical basis by which we can make mundane calculations, true Reality ever escapes our conscious perception. And this comes about as a direct result of attempting to define each vital moment by a frozen Newtonian or Einsteinian mass, which precludes this vitality in its very functional definition. Current scientific logic, as it is derived from the apple tree of these inveterate frauds, seeks to remove this vital logic in the very equation by which Unity can become cognizable, thereby eracing even the remote possibility of ever coming to terms with the power by which ‘the world could be removed from off its hinges’.

The Adamic cycle of time closely parallels this hexagonal division by combining the axial rotation of the earth with its cycle of 24 hours. Each placement of the 12 zodiac Hebrew letters in this cycle therefore comprise the construction of the WORD, signaling a true definition of the ‘Seed of the Woman’, or Messiah, (equal to 656 by Greek Qabalah and 358 by the Hebrew) which we are told will trample ‘the Head of the Serpent’, (it is to be noted here that both the Messiah and Serpent are equivalent to the Fibonacci series of 3-5-8).

Here we will consider the 5 Solar signs and the 5 Lunar signs as a form of generation and regeneration, which is a contrast of light and dark, or male and female, the so-called 10 DBR-IM.

As we are able to raise our primary enumeration for the cubit from unity, and this from the three negative roots of the tri-unity (the square root of the square root of three), we can also make comparisons between this elevation of the Sephiroth by straight lines into 10 circles. When each is considered as one aspect of an overall unity such as Kether, or the inverse ratio, (as we will recall 3 squared times 3 squared equals 81, and 81 squared equals 6561), 6561 contains within itself 9 cubes of 729, as a fullness of the cube, in that 6561 is a diameter to a circumference of 20612, hence we admit that, on the one hand, 9 cubes of 729 give 6561,(which gives 6561 x π= 20612) and that 10 Debirim is equivalent to stating 20612×2 = 10 Debirim, or 41224, then on the other hand, we also infer that 10 such circles are 9 cubes of I-EVE, or Shin – Mim (Shem= the Name), in which 6561 is included in our demonstration of the generative and regenerative cycle divided into 2 and represented as 5 and 5. As has been revealed the Lunar revolution of 355 days covers one full term of the Moon circle in 6780 miles. This cubical code is configured to conceal I–EVE.

Take the number of YVD = 164 and EVE = 565, together they produce one Cube of 729, but since each line is a measure of a larger cube, and there are 12 Eves which define the lunar circle, i.e, 565×12 = 6780, this means there are 729×12 = 8748 for one full cube comprising these 12 divisions. Now, taking 12 Yvds, (164×12 = 1968), away from 8748, gives 6780, which is our lunar circumference. Consider also that 1968÷4 = 656, as in hours, per the 27.3 days of one full rotation of the Moon, and the Yvd=164 x 4=656.

One full lunar circumference represents one complete axial turn of the Moon in 27.3 days as well as one complete revolution of the Moon around the earth in 12 – 13 such months of 355 days. Now, considering that each EVE (565/5=113) has 5 Men (Aish = 113) within her, we can determine that 60 men (60 x 113=6780) make up or divide this complete circle. In order to unite both Adam and Eve appropriately, as a cubical form, we must first multiply Eve by the unity, 565×1 / π= 180°, then 12 Eves will symbolize 180×12 = 2160, which is the lunar diameter. Thus one form of the cube is to imply 12 lines of 180° of arc, which provides 24 angles of the cube as follows:

Take 8748/24 = 364.5, then 364.5/4 = 91.125°, and 91.125° is the inferred angle of each of the 8 electromagnetically defined corners of this cube. And since there are 3 angles per vertice we have 91.125×3 = 273 .375, which when multiplied by 4 for a square, gives 1093.5, then doubled for the whole cube gives, 2187. As can be easily observed, this demonstrates that 24×90° equals 2160, and infers 24×91.125° = 2187, for each of these harmonically defined angles. In order to apply this to our cubit ratio we demonstrate our further knowledge of the cube by taking our 12 cubes of 729×12 = 8748, and subtracting our 12 angles of 91.125° = 2187, to support our accuracy, since 8748-2187 = 6561 etc. From 2187 we can also erect our Mars volume by 218.7 x π= 687 = Mars year. Now 6561/3 = 2187 and 2187 gives 24 Amen’s to complete a full cycle. (Note: the reverse of 6561 is 1656 and 1656/π/24 = 22; a basis for the geometrical cycle of the 22 Hebrew letters).

Numerous correspondences can be worked out here through a proper observance of the Qabalistic form which details each cyclical ‘Age’ in respect to the Zodiac and Adam.

The Vine of Adam

Each patriarch from Adam to Noah inclusive denotes a specific aspect of the generational and regenerational decad. As can be observed in the following information, the Ages of each of the 10 patriarchs, at the time of giving birth to their sons and daughters, (the male and female divisions), when added together comprise 1656 years. Each of these numerical constructs also reveals a sacred division of the secret time cycle. For example, 1656 is to be considered a full cycle of the Unity, or Aleph, as 138, since 138×12 = 1656, but both are derivatives of the vital fluid of “Life”, (Chiah), for Chi=18 and Chiah=23 and 23 x 72=1656. Likewise 1656 equals AVR, or “Light”, since 207×8 = 1656 and MIM, since 414 x 4= 1656. In each case we discover that this negative, or reverse form of perceived light, also has practical applications in musical harmony.

Each patriarch lived for so many years before giving forth their generational successors. (Note that in Hebrew “years” are Shanah’s of 355 Earth days) Adam lived 130 years, Seth lived 105 years, Enosh lived 90 years, Canaan lived 70 years, Mahaleel 65 years, Jared lived 262 years, Enoch lived 65 years, Methuselah lived 187 years, Lamech lived 182 years, and finally Noah lived 500 years before giving birth to their sons and daughters.

Total years: 1656

Now 1656 gives 12 Kings, or Malek, (MLK=432), seeing how 23×6 = 138 (ALP) and 138 x π=432, therefore 432×12 = 5184. Now 46 x π= 144=(ADM), and there are 36 Adams here intended to be displayed.

46 x π=144/8=18
46 x π=144/9=16
360° equates to 10° per Adam and 30° per Melek.
24 hours equates to 40′ per Adam and 120′ per Melek.
*(The 8:9 ratio equals the tone which is equivalent to the diameter to circumference ratio of a circle placed inside the square whose side equals 9.) Each decan is an Adam, A+D+M= 45°, and 90×12 = 1080, therefore, 72 Adams infer 2160.

*[This ratio of the 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 Decad is the relation of the third (4:5), the fourth (3:4), and the fifth (2:3), there is then hidden in this, the double ratio of 3:4:5 and 4:3:2, and 345+432=777.]

Now, if there are 72 Chiah, then 36×23 = 828 which implies 36 Adams, or 12 Meleks, that is Kings. Each ‘King’ is equivalent to 432, or 3 Adams per King. But let us not miss the implication here, for when we say 23×9 = 207 we imply the Golden Ratio and Light, and when we say 23×18 = 414, we imply Mim, the Double value of Light, that is the Golden Ratio squared. Therefore we suggest that in 8/1656, so-called years, we are in fact referring to the Golden Ratio and in 4/1656 years we are in fact implying its squared value as a specific quantal value of measured time.

H.P.Blavatsky explained it thus, “Every scholar is aware, of course, that the Chaldeans claimed the same figures (432 or 432,000) for their divine dynasties as the Hindus do for their Maha Yugas, namely 4,320,000… As these figures, according to ancient writers, were based by Berossus on the 120 Saroses, each of the divisions meaning six Naros of 600 years, each making a sum total of 432,000 years. But the pious professor of Munich undertook to explain them in the correct way. He claims to have solved the riddle by showing that “the saros being composed according to Pliny of 222 synodic months; to wit: 18 years 6/10”, the calculations naturally fall back into the figures “given by Suidas”, who affirmed that 120 Saros made 2222 sacerdotal and cyclic years which equated to 1656 years”. (The Secret Doctrine, vol. 1 pg. 655)
The 24 Letters of Amen

In a liturgical sense Amen purports to seal up the closing remarks made by the faithful words of prayer spoken by the adorant from a sincere and penitent heart. Qabalistically however, AMN is a code; and seals up the Cube of Space.

“And a certain covering even the splendor of the most Holy God (otherwise the opening of holiness, but by this is understood the tetragrammaton, which together with the name, ADNI, Adonai maketh the word AMN, that is 91) is expanded through four columns on four sides (which are the four letters of the Holy Name, by which he saith that space is surrounded)”.

“And therein is a certain MGRVPIA, MEGORAPHIA, vessel containing fire (for like as the fire on the altar could not be touched with base hands, so that name, Tetragrammaton (IEVE) cannot be touched and pronounced with the mouth but is touched and produced by ADNI, Adonai, which is Shm, Shem. His name –for Shm and Mgrvpia both yield 340 by gematria) and in the fire containing vessel are four keys sharp on every side (for such was the form of the keys, in order that they might draw aside the veil, as a lock is shot back by a key. But the four letters of the name ADNI, Adonai, are here to be understood as substitutes which are inserted into and united with the four letters I–EVE, in the manner IAHDVNHI, which seize upon that veil and withdraw it from the superiors”. (The Greater Holy Assembly)

According to occult tradition A–M–N symbolizes Aleph= motive spirit, Mim=water, and Nvn=fire, and if we write A–M–N as 381+414+565 = 1360, then Shin-Mim (Shem) implies 340×4 = 1360 and four cubical forms. Now, A + M + N= 91, which here signifies our cube angles previously discussed containing at its center, the image of the Microcosmic Man or Adam, where we are told the geocentric fire of “Vestas peace might not be disturbed“.

Geocentricism is at the heart of a proper definition of this Cube of Space since it is here at the center, where the three planes of Amesh cross, that the three phenomenal forces signified by yellow, blue, and red cohabitate. The center is predominantly Androgynous, however it possesses characteristics that can be likened to an atomic nuclei, wherein a contracting magnetic center holds the Earth together in a perpetual state of equilibrium. Pythagoras likened this central globe of fire to a celestial sphere of radiance and declared it to be, “the Tower of Jupiter”, “the Globe of Unity”, and, “the Altar of Vesta”…

This cryptic passage of the Zohar is hinting to us that the correct pronunciation of the ‘Master Masons Lost Word’ unveils the inherent power within the Earth core. Utilizing the four keys appropriately then would be tantamount to isolating the electromagnetic forces of the earth. And unlocking the locks would enable one to potentially harness such a seemingly endless source of energy. The actual correlated vibrations of sound inferred by these letter combinations are merely an implied veil which conceals a higher form of applied geocentric physics. Let us not lose sight of the fact, that as we are discussing this cube, we are in fact unraveling the true mysteries of the Earth and the Moon.

The Megoraphia represents “the Ark of the Meeting Place” as the place where the two opposite principles are held together within the cubical confines of this so-called Holy of Holies. The ‘fire containing vessel’ is constrained here and locked in by the unique orbital positions of the Moon, Venus, and Mars; thus a greater part of the mystery pertaining to the 8 letters of Amen, concerns the various orbital angles of these planetary positions, but more importantly with that of the Moon and Venus. The secret of these 8 letters is to be found in the combination of ChVE, who is Adam’s true partner, with ADNI – not IEVE…

Thus by combining the Divine Name I-ChVE with ADNI we produce the following:

I – A – Ch – D – V – N – E – I
1 1 8 (4 6) 5 5 1

*(46 x π=144=Adam)

Take the first four numerations, 1184, as I – A – CH – D, or as Yvd= unity, then 1184÷32 = 37 mph, as in the axial acceleration speed of the Moon, and a triple unity as 37×3 = 111, or Aleph. Then take the remaining numeration 655+1, as 656, so that 1184+656 = 1840 = 80×23, where 23, or Chiah, pertains to Aleph- Mim- Shin… 655+1 = 656, as one full Lunar Cycle of 27.3 days in hours, or scrambling the numbers 6551 becomes 1565, or IEVE. Now 1184÷91 = 13 months or Achad. Taking the three ending letters of 155+118 = 273 = 1 corner of 91° (Amen of the Cube) added together with 64 equals 155 and 15.5×8 = 124, or 31×4. Now 15.5+11.8=27.3, or 155×118 = 2184, which is Amen = 91° x 24 angles of the Cube, or as 27.3×80 = 2184. This denotes the musical relationship of 80/81.

Jehovah combined with Adonai unlocks the eight corners of the Cube by the 24 angles and at the same time reveals the numerical code wheel for each of the terrestrial planets. There are 8 Amens which seal up these corners and 8 synodic Lunar cycles, from New Moon to New Moon, in one full Shanah of 355 days.

Now the combination of Adam and Cheva is 144+568 = 712, which when we read in reverse is 217, or the qabalistic”heel” value. Here we discover that E–V–E and Cheva are not identical, although their meanings overlap. Eve denotes “Self existence” and literally means “to live”, while Cheva implies- “the Mother of all Living”, as an extension of the idea behind I–EVE. Hence, by combining Adam =144 with the Eve of Jehovah, we produce 144+565 = 709 as a form of the Tree of Life (Note that “Tree” in Hebrew is OTz or 7-9 etc). However, 712 is a circumference value of the diameter of 113×2 = 226 and is in Hebrew the numerical value of the name of Jacob; the one who we are told “supplanted the heel of Esau”, that is Edom. Both 712 and 709 are but modified forms of the Shanah, since 712÷2 = 356 and 709÷2 = 354.5, where the median term is given by 712+709 = 1421÷4 = 355.25, or one Shanah. Now 1421/∅=888 and this amounts to 37×24 or 1421/π = 452/π = 144, which is to say 113 x 4, as the Man is to Eve, 113×5 etc. (See perimeter base of the Mercury Pyramid in feet=1421)

If we take our first Yvd as 164 and multiply it by 13 (Achad) we get 2132÷41 = 52 which comprises DVN situated between 118 and 155. DVN is the same as saying “Judge”, as in BN, “the Son”, who is judge, or “the Son of Man is judge”, and since 11.8+15.5 = 27.3 we can imply that Rosh=213, divided by the percentage of the moon that is ever visible to the naked eye, (41%), gives the value of these 52 Yvds, since 8528 hours/24 gives 355 days. Interestingly if we utilize the sidereal lunation period of 27.3 days multiplied by 52=1420 which is a factor of 71×20, and an occult number of profound significance.

There can be no doubt that the Yvd is the secret measure of lunar time. The Moon turns on its axis in 27.3 days, revolves about the earth in 27.3 days, and one month of the Shanah is equivalent to 27.3 days, thus by an unbelievably well orchestrated harmony, each day, month, and year of the Moon coincide, therefore, when we take 27.3×3 = 82, we have not only 1/8 of the Lunar Cycle in 355 days, but also 1/2 of 1 Yvd = 82×2 = 164; and 164×4 = 656, which is our Messiah who we are told will ‘crush the Head of the Serpent’.
The Thirteenth Month and Yvd
The equatorial plane of the Moon is inclined 6.5° relative to the ecliptic plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and because both the plane of the Lunar orbit around the Earth is synchronized with its axial rotation the same side of the Moon is always present to the observer, however, careful observations of the Moon have revealed that the same face is not always presented to the Earth throughout the month.

Such a slight variation in the tilt of the Lunar axis of rotation allows us to see alternatively beyond its north and south poles, providing a slight glimpse of the Dark side of the Moon, and because the Moon occasionally speeds up or slows down in its orbital revolution around the Earth, over time a slight imbalance tends to accrue. Because of this the Moon appears to rotate a little too much and little too little for its corresponding orbital motions. These effects produce an apparent wobbling, which wobbling is called the lunar libration. It is because of this libration that only about 18% of the Lunar surface alternatively appears and then disappears as it sways back and forth throughout a month, therefore, we only ever observe 41% of the lunar surface while the remaining 41% remains in darkness.

Since the sun supplies the light by which we can observe these slight oscillations, the appearance of the Moon depends upon the location in the sky relative to the position of the Earth around the Sun, consequently the eight lunar phases are intimately related to the period of time it takes the Moon to make one apparent revolution about the Earth. This period is obviously larger than the sidereal period of 27.3 days by an average of 2.27 days per month. The actual difference between this sidereal and synodic period is the square root of 5.184, and if we multiply this value by 12 or 13, we can obtain our synodic or sidereal numbers, since 2.275×12 = 27 .3 and 2.275×13 = 29.5, which is merely a variation of the square root of 5.153 etc. Thus the synchronicity of these alignments are intimately associated with the contrast of Light and Shadow since a synodic period describes the time it takes to align the Moon with the Sun twice in succession. The synodic period will therefore vary in length by more than 12 hours because of the orbital eccentricities and because of the Earth’s path of the ecliptic

The Eight Lunar phases begin with the New Moon, Waxing crescent, First-quarter, Waxing Gibbous, then Waning Gibbous, Last quarter, Waning Crescent and finally New Moon. Each of these phases determine the Shanah as the Moon goes from Dark to Light. On average the Moon crosses the observers Meridian about 51 minutes later each day. In one half of a synodic month it falls behind the sun’s apparent path by a full 12 hours, consequently at Full Moon it sets about 12 hours after the Sun. After this the Full Moon will rise at sunset and be at its highest point in the sky around midnight. After the Full Moon begins to wane the orbital motion places the Moon slightly west of the Sun and it then appears to set before the Sun. Both the Waning Crescent Moon, in contrast to the Waxing Crescent, sets around three hours before the Sun and reaches its highest point 3 hours before Noon, or 9 AM. When it finally reaches its New phase again the synodic cycle recommences and appears to follow the path of the Sun for a half a month until Full Moon after which it spends the rest of the month appearing to precede the Sun once again.

Here we discover that 156.5+186.5 =343 =GML, (The Highpriestess of The Moon in Tarot) where 156.5 and 186.5 denote two significant perspectives related to one another as EVE is to ChVE, or as 565 is to 568. In Hebrew QVP signifies the ‘Back of the Head’ and is counterdistinguished from RISh which is the ‘Countenance or Face’. Both are related to one another as the Moon is to the Sun or as sub-consciousness is to self-consciousness, or as Darkness is to Light etc.

Q+V+P is 186, and concerns a unique division of this Light that is given further definition by the Shanah period. The inclination of the Moon’s orbital ecliptic path, above and below the path of the Earth’s ecliptic, is roughly 6.5° and crosses this path twice in one month. The points where the moon’s path crosses the Sun’s apparent path are called the Dragon’s head and the Dragon’s tail which are the North and South nodes of this intersection. It is during these points above and below the ecliptic of the earth that the solar and lunar eclipses can occur. The interval between the sun’s proximity to one node and then to the other is less than six months because of the regression of these nodes, or the so-called libration. The nodes move slowly westward along the path of the ecliptic and take exactly 18.6 years to complete one cycle. During this time the orbit of the Moon maintains continuity and rotates relative to the plane of the Earth’s orbit causing its line of intersection with the Earth’s orbit to change direction. The net result of this nodal regression then is that the Sun’s apparent eastward movement, combined with this westward movement of the nodes, allows the Sun to appear to move from one node back to that same node approximately three weeks earlier each year. In order to reconcile this slight discrepancy in orbits a rectification or recalibration of the two cycles is necessary.

During this 18.6 year period both the lunar and solar calendars become offset and are in need of readjustment. The gap of 18.6 years is wide enough to include a total of seven synodic months which amount to 29.58×7 = 207 days. Generally such a rectification has been considered 7/19, where seven months of 30 days are added seven times during a 19 year period, but this is incorrect, for the intercalary month is not a month of 30 days but a synodic month of 29.58 days, therefore, by adding a synodic month of 29.58 days seven times in 18.6 years, both the lunar and solar calendars can be re-synced.

Now 29.58 days give 710 hours per month, therefore 222 synodic months is equivalent to the ratio 6561:29.58, which is our year, or Shanah of 355 Earth days. 18.6 years will thus give 222 synodic months and provide us with a basis for a rectification of the lunar and solar calendars. Enlarging this will give 186:2222 which curiously enough corresponds to 120 Saroses, or 6561:6600 cyclic years, where 186×355 = 6600 etc.

Recall here H.P.Blavatsky’s words, “Every scholar is aware, of course, that the Chaldeans claimed the same figures (432 or 432,000) for their divine dynasties as the Hindus do for their Maha Yugas, namely 4,320,000… As these figures, according to ancient writers, were based by Berossus on the 120 Saroses, each of the divisions meaning six Naros of 600 years, each making a sum total of 432,000 years. But the pious professor of Munich undertook to explain them in the correct way. He claims to have solved the riddle by showing that “the saros being composed according to Pliny of 222 synodic months; to wit: 18 years 6/10”, the calculations naturally fall back into the figures “given by Suidas”, who affirmed that 120 Saros made 2222 sacerdotal and cyclic years which equated to 1656 years”. (The Secret Doctrine, vol. 1 pg. 655)

Earlier we discovered a special connection that 113 has with such a sexagesimal circle but gave no particular attention as to its practical purpose. 113 is Man and 5 Men make one Woman, or Eve, that is 113×5 = 565. By itself 565 cannot demand too much of our attention, however, when we combine Man and Woman together we obtain the enlargement we are searching for, since 565×12 = 6780, which is the lunar circumference. Such measures were secretly encoded in I –EVE.

Now 36 x π =113×5 = 565×12 = 6785, and by taking 6785 as our circumference of the Moon, we can divide it by π to obtain the lunar diameter of 2160 miles. This standard of measure is subsequently utilized in years for each Precessional Age giving 72 years per 1° of arc equal to 21,600 parts, since 360° times 72 equals 25,920 years. This obviously does not take into account any elliptical properties but is a standardized form of measure utilized for approximations.

The ratio we previously established was 113:355 =π, or Elohim. 355, we will also recall, is the numerical value for the Lunar year in days for both the sidereal and synodic months. Here we will discover the secret of Jehovah, for Yvd comprises a lunar calculation which consolidates the 12 divisions into 13.

Now it is a well-established fact that 355 days was the Hebrew Shanah and it is also a well-established fact that 355 sidereal days of time is equal to 355/13=27.30769231 days or approximately 27.3 days. This provides us with our harmonic Unity since one Shanah is equal to 13 months, so that the variation of 113 and 565 is as 13:1 =113:355, where one full circle of the Moon on its axis, and one orbital revolution are simultaneous, so that the departure point from 1 to 355 coincides with one full circular rotation of the Moon on its axis in 6785 miles, hence both 355 and 6785 can be considered a Unity. 12 divisions of this synchronized day and year give 565 miles per unit of the 12 orders for a full Lunar axial spin and orbital rotation. Each of the 12 Hebrew letters utilized by the Sepher Yetzirah essentially denote this secret division.

Since 5 Men are found in 1 Woman there are approximately 60 Men in one full turn of the Moon, showing that 113:355 constitutes the ratio of 2160:36, since 60×36 = 2160, and 36×π =113, where the median term is the Elohim, and 113×60 = 6785. The terms are interchangeable simply because they determine the same numerical system. A similar demonstration is to be discovered in the synodic monthly division as well.

The synodic lunar year is also 355 days but rests within the 13 sidereal months of 27.3 days. Taking 355 and dividing it by 12 gives 29.58 days and these 29.58 days are subsequently divided into 8 primal divisions by the New Moon to New Moon cycle. This provides us with Jehovah, or 156.5, since 13×12 = 156. In order to produce the principal division East to West of the Lunar cycle, we take 13×12 = 156, that is IEV, to coincide with the unity of 355 days. Thus in this arrangement we present Jehovah as the secret code wheel of the Mercavah.

Jehovah is demonstrated further by 27.3 days giving in hours 27.3×24 =656, which is the development of the Lost Word. In this case Yvd equals 164×4 =656 and is to Eve as 565×12 =6780 is to 656:355, or as 2160:6785 is to 565:6785 etc. Yvd is primarily lunar and it demonstrates it secrets here. The Yvd traces the Wheel as it turns and in one full turn of 13 and 12 months we have exactly 52 Yvds to represent this sacred division of time, since 164×52 = 8528 hours. In one full lunar cycle both sidereal and synodic time equate to 8528÷24 = 355 days.

The difference in hours for the sidereal and synodic time periods is found in the relationship of 656:710 since 29.58×24 =710, or 2 Shanah’s. Thus every synodic year, within the sidereal, there are 2 Men in the ratio of 113:355, as 226:710, and in this ratio we discover the ratio of 1/π =.318, since 113/335 =.318 =Jehovah =1, therefore, “Jehovah is Achad“.

From each of these numbers we can reconstruct the Zodiac, the Cube of Space, and the Tree of Life, while simultaneously restoring the Hebrew letters with their respective Tarot cards. The Adamic cycle of the Earth is thus interlaced with the Lunar cycle of Eve yet demonstrates it secrets independent of the Moon. Together, both Adam and Eve convey the secret measure of the cubit as it pertains to the Lost Word.

Cheva is the negative form of a specialized condition whose product is life-giving, a gestational value allowing for a matriculation of “becoming”. Together with Adam she produces “seed” as a causative formulation of cyclical activity given its form zodiacally and consequently producing the “times and the seasons”. It is this “seed of the woman” which will ultimately crush the Head of the Serpent.

The compound existence is as I-EVE, or Adam=Cheva, where both provide the numerical conditions necessary to erect our geometrical and harmonic Yvd. The strength of Qabalistic science ultimately resides with this fact and is a key to the whole mystery. These two modifications of Eve and Cheva are considered orthographic variations whose cognate source is similar. The product of the cubical form is the determinate of the ‘seed of the woman’, as in the motions of Venus, who we are told, will crush the Head of the Serpent with her Heel… The primal container contains all the elements necessary for the generations of life, and therefore Venus contains within her womb the hidden germ, or Yvd, as a diameter line of harmonic division making fruitful that which was at “the beginning” barren, empty and waste. (Tohu and Bohu).

Nogah denotes the Hebrew word for Venus, which receives seven more times light than the Earth. The number 37 is utilized in the secret division of time for the Earth in relation to the harmonic and electromagnetic diameters, and according to Dr. Paul Foster Case, “37 signifies the power which maintains the relation of the evolution forms of the life power”. It is also the numerical form of the primordial and indivisible point called Yechidah, or the perfected unity, where (I) Ch-I-D (He) hides the A-Ch-D (UNITY) between the Yvd=10 and He=5.

*The day of 243 Earth days is 5832 hours of Venus.
In 40 years Venus has 8 conjunctions with the Sun drawing her pentagrams in the Earth sky, hence the biblical symbology of this usage ’40 days and 40 nights’ discloses an important aspect concerning the Venus transit period. Many features of occult knowledge result from a further investigation of these transits. One Venus transit equals 243 Earth years and if we take this Earth year to be 365.2263374 days, multiplying it by 243, we will obtain 88,750 Earth Days. Eight transits will thus yield 710,000 Earth days. 88,750 Earth days is equivalent to 3000 synodic Lunar months or 3250 sidereal Lunar months. Likewise eight more transits will give 24,000 synodic months and 26,000 sidereal months revealing a synchronous relationship between 300:325 equal to 24:26. We will recall here the usage of 71 and the Shanah of 355 (Jonah/John=71 and 71×5=355), as well as that of 88.75 days which is one year of Mercury , 355×2= 710 being 12 days of Mercury, or 2 Shanah’s of 355 lunar days.

Venus transits the Sun every 243 years with precise regularity giving intervals of 8–121.5–8–105.5 years to coincide with an inter-locution of the Earth core, seeing how 764 /π= 243. This means that 88,750 Earth days is equivalent to 1000 years of Mercury. Two Venus transits would therefore be the same as saying 486 years; or utilizing the Earth core diameter as a circumference value, 486 years would be 177,500 days and this gives EVE, that is 565 x π x 1000, which equates to approximately 500 Shanah’s. (Recall that Noah lived 500 Shanah’s before the flood occurred in his 600th Shanah)…

Another interesting tidbit of information allows us to reconcile the Sirian cycle of 1460 years with these cyclical numbers. If we take 486 Earth years, or two Venus transits to get our 177,500 days, we can divide this by the Sothic cycle and come up with 1460×121.5 = 177,500, since our Sirian cycle of 1458 divisions is a specific harmonic division of the Cube of Space. It is also curious to note that 17.75×1460 = 25,920; a Precessional division of the 360° circuit; 5832 must therefore have a practical basis in cyclical time and I believe it is meant to convey the 5832 years per the inch for the height of The Great Pyramid, which is equal to 24 Venus transits, or one full Venusian cycle. It will also be recalled here how both the Hebrews and Masons utilized this measure for their calendar reckoning. For example, both begin their calendars from the base of the pyramid, considering 5,832 inch/year to be an epoch of some great value which they call the, “Year of the World” beginning in 3768 to 3760 BC. Tracing Venus 24 transits and the Syrian cycle together we are able to unravel this mystery for the calendars are set to end with Sirius position in 15° Cancer, between the years 2061 to 2073, bringing the Sirian Sun within the geocentric Meridian Height; the greatest strength of the Sirian Sun in the Summer Solstice, or the 33rd° Royal Arch Degree of the Masonic Fraternity.

This value of 243 was highlighted by C.W.King in his, ‘Gnostics and their Remains’, there he stated: “The relations of the Sephiroth, or Aeon’s, to one another the qabalists represented by a number of circles intersecting in a mysterious manner, ad infinitum, or else by the figure of a man, or a tree, formed out of such circles. This figure of a man, the Zeir Anpin, (Adam Kadmon) consists of 243 numbers, the numerical value of the letters in the name Abram, signifying the different orders in the celestial hierarchy. The original idea was apparently taken from the Hindu figure of Brahma, and the various castes typified several parts of his body, in fact, the name Abram and Brahma are equivalent numerical value”.

This implication associates Abram with the Father, the Bull of Heaven, and the sidereal motions of Aleph. The motion is implemented by the cubical form of π and its division by 1/π =318 as it would be applied to a spherical volume. According to the biblical narrative Abram travels with 318 trained men to Dan; where Dan is traditionally considered to be Scorpio, the ruler of the Northern Gate of darkness, or the All-Consuming Worm.

Qabalistically Abram equates to 243, however with the passage of time, Elohim (3.1415) changes his Name to Abraham to include the appellation ‘He’ denoting an increase of 243+5 = 248, which is to say π x 8 or 31×8. In this variant of the reading 318 is Aleph and is considered the Height of the Great Pyramid, while at the same time implying the half base side in 764 /π =243. Also, the name Abram (the father Osiris), or Ab-Ra, (Father Ra) written out in reverse is 41221 ,a form of the 10 DIBRIM, or ten Words. The addition of He=5 shows a proper relation between the 5 and 5 as implied by the ten circles; 5 of which are Light and 5 of which are Dark, which is a division of the ecliptic by the “Law” of this balance, which is to say the Decad of the Torah, hence 248+248=496

Another interesting parallel can be shown between this height and the angle of the Pyramid hypotenuse which occultly signifies 51.84° as a reduction of 5,184,000”’ in one 24 hour period. Curiously both 5832 and 5184 are intimately related. If we take 5184÷2 = 2592 x π = 8143÷8 = 1018 then 8143÷2 = 4072. Now 113×72 = 8143, and if we begin our Mayan long count in 3113 B.C.E (using 3113 as a departure point instead of 3768), then 5184 years will coincide with the same period of time utilized by the Jews and Masons bringing both of their calendars to an end between the years 2061-2071 A.D.

Now there are approximately 3.55 Sothic cycles in 5184 years, so that if we take, 5184÷1460 = 3 .55 /π =1.13, then 4 Sothic cycles will equal 5832 years, thereby creating a 4:3 ratio with respect to the Hebrew and Mayan calendars, thus the ratio 5832:5184 is the ratio of 4:3.55. Recall also that 20,400 years before Krishna was said to flee the earth, the Kali Yuga was said to have begun, so that when we add 20,400 years together with 5,184 years it gives 25,584 years, and curiously enough, 25,584 /π =8143÷8 = 1018. This thought is even further strengthened by considering that 2400 /π x 4/3 =1018, which is the very angular and rotational velocity of the earth core. Thus there is a line of reasoning here worthy of our further investigations.

It can be shown that Sirius, the Venus transit, and the Solar flare cycle of 11-22 years, correspond to one unified system of knowledge that encompasses a proper understanding of the Dove and the Shanah, that is 71 and 355. Consider this…

The heliacal rising of Sirius with our Sun is one of the most important events in the course of Earthly time. Every 1460 days the earthly calendar is reconciled with Sirius by four solar year intervals (365×4=1460). The Egyptians utilized this Sothic calendar to create their 12 months of 30 days and their Great Year of Sirius was equivalent to 120 Sothic years, or 30÷0.25 =120. Each month of the solar calendar thus represented 1/4 of the Sirian Great year cycle, therefore, 120 years corresponded to one month of the Sothic cycle of 1460 years allowing a direct alignment with all of the terrestrial planets, more importantly with Venus by 1458 years /6 =243; hence in every Great year of Sirius there are 6 Venus transits and in 24 Venus transits, or 5832 years, there are 4 Sothic years, therefore one great Precessional round of a 360° division 0f 25,920÷1458 – 1460 =17.77 -17.75, which produces the reduced form of the perimeter base of the Great Pyramid in cubits.

Now 207 is “Light”, (AVR) in Hebrew, signifying the Adamic light and revealing the hidden science behind the Great Pyramid to be none other than Earth core physics. Take 360 x 22 =3960 and you will get the equatorial diameter of the Earth; then the square of Adam, as 144, equals 20736 and 3960/20.736 = 190.9722, the half-base side of the Great Pyramid, which corresponds to 1/4th 0f the Earth core radius. In this manner we can align the Sothic cycle with Venus and the Moon thereby rectifying the discrepancies in the orbit by 7/19 enlarged to include the Precessional period as 70/191 etc.

The Egyptians however, following their ancient tradition, did not add an extra day every four years to rectify their calendars instead they waited for a full accumulation of Sothic days and marked when Sirius was observed rising over the horizon as (Hor-Zion) the so-called elevation of the Mount in the East with the Sun. In 1458 years Sirius would trace it’s circular path through each zodiacal house. From this strategic location Sirius and the Sun would rise together. The Height of Sirian influence was in the Tropic of Cancer and was considered to be the Ecpyrosis…the Day of Burning.

Lets consider for the moment that the 5832 inch height of the Great Pyramid does indeed represent a 5832 year period and some sort of countdown that marks a highly important event for the Earth. If this is indeed the case we can find a measure of justification for such a veil of secrecy to be cast over this knowledge by the Freemasons and the Hebrews. Both the Hebrews and Masons begin their calendars in Taurus which we now know is somehow associated with Aleph= the Ox and Lamed= the Ox goad, (Vau=Taurus) which we will come to understand is associated with the celestial positions of Sirius, Orion, and the Pleiades. The year 3768 B.C.E to 2232 A.D gives approximately 6000 years. If we count from the Year of Creation we are presently in year 5775 of “The Year of the World” which will culminate in approximately 2064 A.D with Sirius in 15 degrees Cancer. Consider the Zohar in this context.

“In every six of the sixth Thousandth year the sun increases in strength until it recovers its former degrees, and then in the 600th year of the 6000th the gates of Supreme Wisdom will be open, and so shall the fountain of the lower wisdom (i.e., Malkuth), and the world will be suitably fitted to enter into the seventh thousandth, like a man who prepares himself on the sixth day at sunset, to enter into the Sabbath”. (The Zohar 1, 1169,117 and also 111, 2521)

According to Isaac Myer,” the remarks upon the letter V=6, in connection with the time of the redemption of Israel, are to be considered only as complete at the close of the 6000 of the years fixed,” as is demonstrated in the Talmud, treatise ‘Sanhedrin 970’, which says, “the world is to exist 6000 years, 2000 years of which are to be desolate.” And also the treatise ‘Abodah Zarah ya’, “the world which is destined to stand 6000 years according to the number of the days of the week”.
Four Venus transits equate to 355,000 Earth days and in 24 of such transits, or 5832 years, there are 2,130,000 Earth days which are both factors of Venus= Dove = 71 (John/Jonah) based upon our 3–5–8 Fibonacci numbers (the Messiah) the Golden Ratio which division is represented as 71×3 = 213, 71×5= 355, 71×8=568 or Cheva, etc. The Dove descends upon the Head of Jesus as he emerges out of the waters, and as we discovered 71 is the predominant factor in lunar calculations by 36 x π= 113 x π= 355, so that 355 x π= 1116 and 1116 x 2 =2232 for each so-called Precessional Age.

3768 equals Venus radius, 2232 equals 186×12, and 1528 equals the Earth core diameter and two sides of the Great Pyramid. Qabalistically this implies that the division of 2232 years corresponds to a combination involving two perspectives; first Moses (by Gematria=345) ascends the Moon mountain and receives the Two Stone tablets of the Decad, or 5 and 5 division by the Hebrew letter Heh, (written in plentitude as E-E or 5-5), which Law signifies the proper measuring line of the ecliptic, here he receives the Name, ‘I Am that I Am’ , (543 by Gematria), thus giving 345+543 = 888, or two sides of the Pyramid in cubits. Now 764+764 = 1528, and this gives, “the Stone”, or NVN, where in the Primordial Creation, Atum or Adam, as the Mount, arises first out of NVN. Moses is then told he can only see ‘the Back of the Head’, that is Qvp, yet when he descends the Mount his Face is shining so brightly that a veil must be placed over it. This designates our two principal numerations of Rosh and Qvp, where 71×3 = 213 (Rosh) and 31×6 = 186 (Qvp).

Venus number is the Dove equals 71 and we can use 71 to obtain her circumference by 333×71 = 23,643 miles which provides us with a radius of roughly 3763 miles. Now 71×53 also gives 3763, thus implying a radial line of 53 conjoining to another radial line of 53 which is to say (565) N+V+N=50+6+50=106, the angle of two conjoined hypotenuses. (3763×2 = 7526 miles the diameter of Venus). Now the Venusian circumference is terrestrially divided by this number and conceals its electromagnetic secrets. For example, if we take 23,643/213 equals Rosh=111=Aleph, we discover part of the mystery.

By Qvp=186 we can extend our Head equals Rosh, for the use of a 360° to 366° ellipse, which gives us the division of Light and AL (31) with a division of the ecliptic in the 12 houses. If we consider the “Back of the Head” to denote those signs of the involuting arc than Moses symbolizes the transition period between Rosh and Qvp as being between two Suns in our solar system at the middle point of 15° Aries. (In Tarot, Rosh=The Sun and Qvp= The Moon). This collaboration highlights a sound basis for connecting Venus and Mars along side of that of the Moon and Sirius. The Venusian day and transit periods are both 243 and in 972 Earth years there are approximately 1458 Venusian days, therefore in 5832 years, we have 1458 Sirian days which is precisely 24 Venus transits.

Four Venus transits equate to 355,000 Earth days and in 24 such transits, or 5832 years, there are 2,130,000 Earth days, which are both factors in Venus = Dove = 71, based upon our 3–5–8 Fibonacci sequence.

The dove descends upon the Head of Jesus as he emerges out of the waters, and as we discovered, 71 is the predominant factor in the secret calculations by 36 x π= 113 x π= 355 so that 355 x π= 1116 and 1116×2 = 2232 or 186×6 etc. It has been demonstrated repeatedly that 36 x π x 5 = 565×12 = 6780, the exact amount of miles of the Lunar circumference.

From this we can erect a table of correspondences.


Now the secret of AL,or 31, is the cube of π as a cubical form representing the axial rotation of the Sun. This cubical form takes into account the volumetrical aspects of its daily rotation in relation to its own ecliptic angle around Sirius. And because this angle is associated with the harmonic distribution of energy it is able to evenly divide lightspeed as it pertains to the earth.

The Back of the Head Moses observed upon the Moon Mountain was determined by πcubed x 6, therefore if we count from the year 3768 BC to the Messiah in O A.D., than from his appearance to 2064 A.D, would be 5832 years, thus the height of the Great Pyramid denotes the path of the ecliptic as it is aligned with Sirius. In this sense the hypotenuse signifies Sirius, the baseside gives Orion, and the height, Pleiades, or our division of the Tree of Life by the pillar of Severity, the pillar of Mercy, and the pillar of Equilibrium.

The end of the 5832 years denotes the Father and the Son becoming one, the electrical circuit of Sirius uniting in conjunction with the Pleiades, being the end of the Kali Yuga. By Hindu reckoning Kali began in 3102 BC giving 3768-3102 = 666 years. The Mayan and Hindu calendars both served the same purpose and were meant to demonstrate the 11 and 22 year solar flare cycle, where 3113/11 was 283 and 3102/11 = 282 etc. (283+282=565) This cycle closes out in “the confusion of the lip”, from Pisces to Virgo, therefore the lag between the alignments is between 2232-2064 = 168 years, places Sirius at its Meridian height and the Vernal Sun in the “Paw of Leo”. This secret was concealed in Genesis where it states,”the scepter will not depart from Judah, neither the commanders staff from between his feet” (Genesis 49:10). If you combine this lag period of 168 years to 5832 years, it gives you 6000 years of the so-called Creation epic. Now 2232 – 2238 A.D is the new Aeon, the Aeon of Horus, the Sun, as king in Judah, or Leo the lion – the new Lord of the ecliptic.

This selfsame idea can also be shown by a closer examination of the hypotenuse value of the Great Pyramid. If we take 618 feet to represent the hypotenuse and multiply it by four to represent the whole pyramid, we obtain the following:

SH-I-N= 300+10+50= 360°, the hidden form of the hypotenuse.

360°/3= 120°, the triple division of the Flame.

The hypotenuse=618 feet or 360 cubits.


Now one cubit value of 20.612 inches multiplied by 120 gives 2473.44/4 = 618.36 an approximation of this value; hence 618.30 6/12 = 51.53 and 51.53 is not only the angle of this hypotenuse but is the Quaternary division of the cubit since 51.53×4 = 206.12 which is also the height of the Kings chamber in the Great Pyramid. We will also recall that each of the three sides of the pyramid were erections of numbers based upon 1, √(∅) and ∅. It is interesting how the numbers that develop from this usage run into one another. Take for example the half baseside of 381.97 feet;

381.97/300 = 1 .273 then √(∅) equals 1.272, as well as 618.36/486 = 1.272, and finally 4 / π= 1.27. (Of note is 2840/2232 = 1.272 which is the ratio between the Earth mantle and the Outer core).


The hypotenuse in its doubled form reveals the base side of the Great Pyramid by 618×2=1236/∅=763.906059 showing that there is a unique relationship between the Earth core and this hypotenuse value. Such an understanding is conveyed in the very angles of the Pythagorean Theorum.

The Great pyramid possesses four angles of 37° which connect the pyramid base with the four hypotenuse as 37×4 = 148, or ‘Netzach’, the seventh Sephirah. Curiously 148 also equals one Mercury day and one Mercury year in days as 59.166666667 and 88.75, or 5 synodic months of the Moon (29.58 x 5=148). Now when we combine the four base angles with our four hypotenuse angles, 53×4 = 212, and we obtain our 360° circle by adding 148+212 = 360. Likewise, when we include our 4-90° angles of the Base to the Height, we obtain another 360° circle, which is to say H-ADM-H, the fruitful Earth, and “the Law” in 5 and 5, therefore we imply two circles of time, Day and Night, male and female, light and dark, and electric and magnetic… Ultimately this refers back to our secret Adamic cycle of 2232+2232=4464.

Because the perimeter of the Great Pyramid is shown to conceal a diameter of 243 to a circumference of 764 for each side, we are able to obtain 972 feet for a perimeter, and in 972 feet there are approximately 11,664 inches. Also, because the base of the Pyramid infers the magnetic properties of the Earth core, we must look for an explanation regarding this numeration in connection with Adam and Mim, as a form of Isis. Now taking 1 / π x 2400×12 = 9167.3 / 4 = 2291 and this gives an elevation of our two circles by 2292 x pi = 7200, therefore when we subtract this from 11,664 we will obtain 4464.

In all likelihood the Great Pyramid was not built to replicate the Northern hemisphere nor to simply demonstrate a working knowledge of sidereal time but to embody this knowledge into a highly practical application of technological sophistication. Too many contemporary authors have flooded the market with their ridiculous theories whose unfounded speculations continue to support proponents of the disinformation campaign aimed at impugning any serious investigation into the more practical and scientific components the Pyramids actually reveal. Only a handful of these authors have considered the problem from an objective viewpoint. Because of this many people’s perceptions of the pyramids are largely constrained by popular opinion and tradition rather than by any actual scientific fact, however, even with a cursory examination of the pyramid measures, and some of the measuring feats of engineering displayed in its interior rooms, we are able to consider other plausible possibilities.

Earth Measures

Earth Core= 764 miles (1224 km)

Earth outer Core=1396 miles (2232 km)

764+1396=2,160 and 1224+2232=3456, which is to say the radius of the Moon.

Earth Mantle=1776 miles (2842 km)

Total miles: 3936 (6298 km) Not including the Lithosphere.

The core diameter is equivalent to 888 cubits multiplied by π giving 2790 cubits for a circumference and providing a 1 : 2 ratio with respect to Mercury’s circumference, seeing how 9600 miles equals 1776 x π=5580 cubits and both 2790 and 5580 are derivatives of 90×31 or 180×31. The Earth’s core and outer core radius give the lunar diameter, thus our core diameter equivalent to 1528, when added together with one outer core diameter of 2790, gives 4320 miles or 6912 km respectively and implies two lunar circumferences of 6,780 miles or 21,312 kilometers.

All passages in the Great Pyramid occur in an approximately north to south oriented vertical plane however the plane is not aligned with the central axis of the pyramid itself rather it is displaced slightly eastward by 7.29 m or 23.5 feet, to convey a structural alignment with the Earths ecliptic.This axis angle is first presented to us on the North baseside where the only entrance into the pyramid is located. (See David Davidson and Aldersmith, 1924)

In this short exposition of the great pyramid of Giza we have presented for further investigation a line of reasoning which proposes to link up earth core physics with that of the actual scaled-down measured forms of the structure. When we push aside further speculation and simply consider what all this may potentially imply, we are baffled by the sheer ingenuity and complexity discovered to be contained within this unique building. There is just simply no way to dismiss the logical conclusion that many other investigators have suggested that is that the Pyramids were not built in order to house a deceased Pharaoh.

We can say then with great confidence that the architecture of the Giza Pyramids took into account the sizes, revolutions, interior composition, and the various distances of the terrestrial planets in relation to the Earth and Moon, and then somehow coordinated their usage in a grand structural enterprise. Each measure demonstrates a highly practical knowledge of the sidereal mechanics of each of these planets. If you have taken a careful approach in your present reading of this simple text you will have noticed that the measures of the terrestrial planets and their enumerations are quite harmonious. The enumerations are the key but if we are to truly appreciate their merit we must first dispel certain erroneous views of their historical legacy. The Pyramid measures true worth is highly scientific and this knowledge is embedded into every detail of their construction.

In our treatment thus far of the Great Pyramid we have revealed a direct correlation with these measures and the Qabalah showing that they are one and the same. Yet despite the similarity, the enumerations by themselves do not provide any viable or practical theory regarding functionality, however, they do at least point our minds in the proper direction by showing the apparent inculcation of earth core physics and sidereal mechanics, into the Pyramids construction. Such knowledge cannot be easily dismissed. Common sensibilities need not be asked to sacrifice rationale for fanaticism of belief when the apparent truth is an obvious and unequivocal reality.

Qabalistically Aleph governs the angular momentum of the planetary orbits displaced by the Solar Logos. As an example of this consider the Moon’s orbital acceleration around the earth and its daily axial revolution. Both its orbital rotation rate and axial rotation rate of 37 mph traces an accelerated path through space by the use of Aleph, since 37×3=111. Aleph has also been shown to accurately divide the magnetic diameter of the Earth (7992/111=72), as well as appropriately dividing the very circumference of both Venus and Mars.

The ecliptic posture began its retrograde recessional movement from Taurus in 3768 BC and subtracting 2232 years from 3768 gives 1528, that is 764×2, which applies to a period of time associated with Abraham to Moses. Moses is as one drawn forth from the river Nile, the southern River out of the Garden, who subsequently divides the Red Sea and slaughters the Golden BulL, putting an end to the zodiacal influence of Taurus. Following the 120 years of Moses, Joshua (Jesus) ,the son of NVN, and Caleb the son of Jephunah (Dog son of the female Dog), that is to say our Sun and Sirius, enter into the promised land as the two conquering Suns inaugurating a new Precessional Age and a new quaternary division, which in Hebrew is Kirjath – Arba, the City of the Cross or City of Four. The 40 years in ‘the wilderness’ corresponds to a Venus transit period coinciding with the age of Aries, and 1528 years from Moses who erected the Temple of the RAM in the wilderness.

Now we can piece all of this together to demonstrate the Kabbalistic meaning of Jesus being raised upon a cross as the Copper Serpent was in the wilderness.

The Earth Pyramid, The Venus Pyramid, and The Mercury Pyramid

Taking I.N.R.I= 1152/π =366.69 degrees and 366.69 is the perimeter of the Great Pyramid reduced to inches as 1/π =.318 x 9600=3055.86 x 12=36670.38 (for the inches).

We will recall here that 3056 miles is Mercury’s diameter and 9600 is it circumference, therefore we implicate a relationship between the planetary movements of both Mercury and the Earth when we speak of I.N.R.I.

If we consider each pyramid base to be the radius for each planetary core than:

1528 x π= 4800                                                    1420 x π= 4464                                              710 x π= 2232

Two side lines                                                       Two side lines                                                  Two side lines

24,884/4800 = 5.184                                         23,643/4464 =5 .3                                          9600/2232=4.3

Mars circumference in miles reveals an elevation of Aleph = 111 by 13,320 miles /111 =120, as well as for 21,312 km /by 111 =192. The circumference is therefore a factor of 37 since 37 determines the angular momentum of the Moon, therefore 13,320/37 = 360, or 21,312/37 = 576, or 24 squared, which is the square of Mars daily axial rotation speed. The speed ratio between Mars and the Moon is the numbers 37:24 and 37×24 = 888, which is the value in miles traveled by the moon around the earth in 24 hours.

The secret of these three pyramid heights is revealed when 1184, or 37×32,. is divided by AL, or 31, since 1184÷31 = 38.1975. Rectification by unity is 38.19/120 = 1 / by π= .318 and both 381 and 318 signify Aleph in two of its intended uses as a division or multiplication form of the ecliptic motions. Three heights will thus signify the division of unity in direct connection with our height value of 19.

496+471+217=1184 496= the Height of the Great Pyramid with its capstone 471= the Height of the Venus Pyramid 217= the Height of the Mercury Pyramid

Interestingly the ratios between planetary sizes reveals a startling synchronicity:

Earth/Mercury Earth/Venus Earth/Moon Earth/Mars
24884/9600=2.592 24884/23625=1.053 24884/6785=3.6669 24884/13320=1.868

A perfect relationship is created by the diameter to circumference ratio of the north to south converging magnetic field lines on the earth. Take the diameter of 7992 miles and multiply it by π and it will give 25,107 miles, then dividing it by 44.4 will give 565, or likewise by Aleph=111, = 226, and subsequently dividing it by 222 = 113, and finally dividing it by 74 = 339, and by 37 = 678. Each of these enumerations are specific to a system of measures we discover to be related to the terrestrial planets. For example in the division of Mars, where 565 x π = 1775 and 1775×12 = 21,300, or more precisely 36 x π x 5 x π= 1776 as 1776×12 = 21,312, here we discover that it can be reduced to 2160 x π (squared for kilometers), which is the basis for the erection of the Lunar diameter.

The implication that the angle of the ecliptic somehow determines revolutions in axial rotation speeds is most pronounced, since each planetary axial rotation synchronizes with respect to the orbital inclination of the Earth around the Sun, demonstrating once again an organically induced harmonic scale. This can also be observed in their orbital periods which we have briefly expounded upon in our discussion of the Moon and Mercury.

The circumference of Mars and the Moon: 9600/6780= 1.414 or √2.

Mercury’s circumference of 9600 miles is implicated in the pyramid base and exhibits an exact 1:2 ratio between the Earth core circumference of 4800 miles and Mercury’s circumference of 9600 miles. Also the Mercurian circumference and the lunar circumference produce the ratio that I believe is an arbitrary adjustment deliberately intended to balance the system of “Life” production centered upon the earth, so that 2160 x π x √2 = the circumference of Mercury. There is thus present here a living vital function of separation by the action of the Golden ratio. The square root of two being the instrumental numerical coefficient which defines the various states of “becoming” by the diagonal in the House of the Sun, which is Bith in Hebrew, and The Magician in Tarot…

Now 1 Mercury day is 59.16666667 Earth days, as well as 2 synodic lunar months. Also one Mercury year of 88.75 days equates to three synodic months (29.58 x 3=88.75 days), thus in one full lunar cycle of 355 days (12 synodic and 13 sidereal months) we get 6 Mercury days and 4 Mercury years. Therefore when we convert these ‘days’ to Earthly hours, (by the standard of 24), we get 355 days, or 8520 hours, and 8520÷6 = 1420 or 8520÷4 = 2130, for the Mercury day and year.

This coincides with the two side lines of the Venus and Mercury Pyramids which is 710 feet and 355 feet respectively.

Now 4 Mercury years give 1 Shanah, which is one side of the Mercury pyramid base, and 8 Mercury years is 2 Shanah, or one side of the Venus pyramid base, thus both pyramids exhibit 12 Shanah in their base perimeters. The two pyramid bases give 4264 or 2130 x 2, which is 48 Mercury years or 72 Mercury days, in the ratio of 72:48 and finally 4260÷71 = 60. This reveals that the Moon, Mars, Venus, and Mercury are convertible harmonic measures. At the same time if we add together all of their days for each planets yearly orbital periods we discover even more synchronicity. Take Mars, Earth and Venus years and add them together, you will get: 687+366+225= 1278, which is 213×6, or Rosh, then adding Mercury and the Moon will give exactly 1395 x 1.6=2232. An amazing synchronicity to say the least.

Each planetary measure is either convertible by 31 or 71, which in one form or another, is an expression of the power of the Golden ratio. For example, take the Head value of Rosh=213, you will observe its significance by the circumference of Mars, since 21,300÷59.1666667 =360, or by 21,300÷88.75 =240, likewise 21,300÷177.5 =120 and 21,300÷355 = 60 etc. Each of these measured forms is based upon the generational flux of the sexagesimal system of numerations that is derived and developed from the Golden ratio.

The elevated numeration’s derived from the pyramids explain each other, for example, take two sides of the Earth pyramid as 764 feet x 2 = 1528, plus one side of the Venus pyramid of 710 feet, then 1528+710 = 2238 and 2238 displays I-CHVE, that is 186.5×12 = 2238. If we then take the approximate Venus diameter of 7520 miles, and subtract her potential core circumference of 2232×2 = 4464, it gives the two core diameters of the Earth, Mercury, as well as the Earth pyramid base perimeter.

Mars circles the Head and encompasses each of the other terrestrial planets and as such rules the terrestrial planets being first in the division of the planetary letters as NVN=565. Each of the 12 divisions of the head or Mars are 21312/12 = 565 x π etc.

The Mars Head is taken from the Lunar Head, as 2160 / π = 687, (Mars’ year), and 2160 x π = 6785, or the circumference of the Moon. Mars year overtakes the Earth year by 687 – 365 =322, which is the true definition of the Skull and Bones.

Axial Rotation speeds of the Planets

The Sun=32.8 mph
Mercury=17.205 mph
Venus=5.735 mph
The Moon=37.2 mph
Earth=1018 mph
Mars=1019 mph

*These are rough approximations which vary slightly due to orbital fluctuations.

The Sun =33…Mercury =17…Venus =6…The Moon =37…Earth =1018…combining these together gives 33+17+6++37+1018=1111 which is Tiphareth in one of its secret calculations by Gematria. Now when we add Mars we get 1111+1019=2130 for the terrestrial planets.

Venus moves three times slower than Mercury, Earth moves 177.5 times faster than Venus, 59.16666667 times faster than Mercury, and 27.3 times faster than the Moon. The earth also moves 31 times faster than the Sun while the Earth and Mars are pretty much identical. The variation of 2130 = 71×30 gives the value of 2130 /π³ (31) which equals 68.7 or 1/10 of Mars’ year. Now if we take 6 Earth days to get Adam, or 144, we discover an interesting relationship between the 6 days and one Solar day. Take 744 hours, which is 31×24, and adding to Adam, or 144 hours, 744 +144 hours equals 888 hours and 888×12 = 10,656 or 888×24 = 21,312, which is the very circumference of Mars in kilometers. Now the basis of 744 has other practical applications which aligns it with known solar physics.

The photosphere is a layer of the Sun where most of the emitted solar radiation that reaches the earth in 496 seconds originate. Below this level the excess radiation is absorbed and then reradiated. The emission rate from the underlying layers drops significantly by a factor of 6 every 124 miles, that is 31×4. Beyond a distance of 5 solar radii the corona flows outward at a speed near the earth of 248 m/s, that is 31×8. The solar mass is also 744 times, or 31×24 times, the total mass of all known planets. Recall here that the formulation of the Tree of Life is determined by the pillar of Severity = 568 and the pillar of Mercy = 176, around the central axis of Tiphareth 1111, so that 568+176 = 744 and 1111 are shown to be based upon the magnetic solar flips and the solar flare cycle. In this we discover that, 568+764+1332=666 x 2, is a SECRET calculation of Venus and the Earth, that is of Cheva and Adam.

The formulation of the division created by the Seven Headed Beast is the ratio determined by Jesus:Christ, which is as 888:1480, or the Golden ratio. Now the Beast has 12 specific divisions of 666, which demonstrate this selfsame idea by a numerical coefficient value in the division of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

In summary we can say that the axial rotation speeds, angular momentum, as well as the relative position of each planet in space is a reflection of the ecliptic angle which governs these motions. Each planetary position in space reflects the force that Einstein said “keeps electrons in their orbit” and this turns out to be a nuclear force which manifests itself in density parameters situated more specifically at the cores of these rotating bodies. Thus there is a direct link between these motions and this force as it relates to the position of the Sun in its annual orbit around Sirius.
The Hypotenuses

Each pyramid hypotenuse denotes the characteristic value of 5 and is a gnomonic development. The enumerations are approximated but the elevation raised up by the Pythagorean theorem are made to conform to an original intent. As the pyramids are a practical application of time, the three hypotenuses convey an important relationship which definitively indicates Solar time. Surprisingly the numbers are phenomenally precise.

The Earth Pyramid                                      The Venus Pyramid                                                     The Mercury Pyramid
618 feet (360 cubits)                                   589 feet (336 cubits)                                                    279 feet (164 cubits)

*618+589+279=1486=48 Solar days in hours (860-864 cubits)

Each pyramid on the Giza Plateau possesses four hypotenuse lines therefore it can be shown that the original design of the pyramids were intended to convey 1488×4 = 5952 hence 5952 signifies 12 hypotenuse lines which is expressed as 496×12 = 5952 or 5952/31 = 192, our harmonic number. (496 is the third perfect number and signifies Malkuth)

Each of the pyramids produce a cube whose interior angles are these hypotenuse lines referring back to a volumetric form of specific electromagnetic conditions. For example, if a cube contains six Great Pyramids then each apex, or sacred Ben–Ben Stone, would intersect at a Primal Point which would be the very center of the Earth core, and if Diodorus Siculus was indeed correct, and there was a six cubit, or 10 foot high superstructure placed on the top of the oblong or rectangular truncated base, we would need to consider its functionality in view of Earth core physics, as these pertain to lightspeed, or 496 seconds, in relation to the Pythagorean theorem, which describes these electromagnetic conditions. In all respects the Great Pyramid inculcates a sophisticated application of known planetary dipole physics which quite possibly was capable of harnessing and promoting such energy. Recall that:

NE to SW axis=325 meters (2132 feet)                                              NW to SE axis=325 meters (2132 feet)

325 m signifies Gimel-Bith-Nun* giving 2132 feet, or taking Yvd=164 x 13 to coincide with lunar time as disguised on the Sun Tarot card. The base of the pyramid conceals this since 764-600 = 164 for each side thus 164×4 = 656, which is the Messiah, hence we can conclude that the base of the pyramid is the foundation of the Cube of Space, which when unfolded becomes a cross upon which the sacrificed man is laid.

*(on the Tree of Life to be revealed at a future date)

By these measures we can also determine the original and practical intent behind their usage in the pyramid. The perimeter of the base gives 1/π x 2400 x 4 (for each side) = 3055.774907 feet,( by cubits 1776/4= 444 for each side), therefore two sides of the Great Pyramid represent 888 cubits. This conveys an ellipsoid equivalent to 366° or more importantly the yearly elliptical value of the Earth’s orbit around the sun in 1/π x 9600 x 12 days or 366 sunrises. Such a numerical relationship also discloses a harmonic correspondence between 2400 x 4 =9600, which is the circumference of Mercury derived from 3055 x π, as used for a diameter.

If we then take each side of the pyramid base to be a radial line of 764 x π =2400, and two sides as a diameter equal to 1528 miles, it will give 4800 miles as a circumference; the very circumference in miles of the Earth core. Thus the base side of the pyramid in feet is a reduced form of the Earth core radius in miles. Obversely 764/π= 243, thus 1528/π= 486 which is the height of the Great Pyramid and two Venus transit periods, or two Venusian days, demonstrating the basis of the secret calculation of I.N.R.I, or 1152, that is Adam = 144 x 8=1152, in relation to the earth core. Therefore we can say that Jesus equals 888 = 1528 miles, in that 325 – 326 m gives 113+213, or Aish= 113 + Rosh= 213= 326 which is to say I-H-SH-V-H (Jesus placed upon the cross of the unfolded Cube). Aish is in Hebrew “Man” and Rosh is the “Head” of Man, which above the Head is written I.N.R.I or 1152 to represent the consummation of a specific cycle of time.


Now if we consider the increased Apex, or 10 foot superstructure of 6 cubits, than the height can be converted to give the Tropospheric radius of the Earth by 496×8 = 3968 (496 is the third perfect number and the seconds it takes for light to reach the Earth atmosphere, also 496 equals Malkuth qabalistically), a very important consideration in regards to the practical usage of the pyramid complex in lieu of the earth core… Hence in every turn of the Earth in 24 hours implies a full rotation of the Earth core and 888 cubits, and 3055÷20.612 (the cubit in inches) equals 148, which is our number 37×4, all of which is based upon Aleph=111=37 x 3, and lest we forget, 37 is the angle with respect to the base side and hypotenuse.

Another interesting co-relation is revealed here between Venus orbit and her transit period in relation to the earth. The Venus transit cycle traces an exact pentagram in the sky over a period of 40 years (the 40 day/year period mentioned in scripture). During this time 8 pentagrams are drawn in the sky with Venus never further than 47° away from the sun. For a period of approximately 243 days or 8 months (5 months of 30 days or 150 days and 3 months of 31 days or 93 days), Venus is visible in the sky as the Morning and Evening Star, therefore if we were to trace these pentagrams upon a circle it would demonstrate 8 segments of 45° with respect to her movements and this is an important basis of understanding behind the Cube of Space which encloses the Earth within it as a sphere.
Venus and the Earth are partners, truly, as Adam is to Eve, with their proper electromagnetic balance being provided for by the Moon. Their ratio in size is as 256:243, equivalent to 1.053, which turns out to be the diesis, or harmonic leimma, the comma in musical theory. Venus 243 Earth days is approximately 5832 hours which is the height of the Great Pyramid in inches, and in this height we imply 8 cubes of 729 or Y-V-D +E-V-E=164+565=729, (Jehovah) since 729×8 = 5832, which also implies 164×8 = 1312, giving two lunar cycles or Messiahs in 656×2 = 1312 (27.3 days x 24 hours=656 hours).
The manner in which these cyclical numbers described time is highly important in our further understanding of the practical purpose behind the planetary pyramids. What I seek to demonstrate here is the intricacies in the harmonic proportions of these pyramids and how these relate to the seven planets and the Kabbalah. By tracing out the various orbital paths of the seven planets, and by utilizing the key to their relationship with the Giza Pyramids, we are able to prove conclusively that their construction was for an engineering feat and mechanical operation; one that inculcated direct knowledge of planetary core physics and light quantum values. Such an understanding will lend further credibility to many of the arcane statements, regarding the pyramids made by the ancient initiates and why such secrecy surrounds them to this day.

Ravi-Akiba Ben-David, LVX

Frater Akiba

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