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New Years Resolution(s) and The Power of Mind


The New Year in the Gregorian calendar is celebrated in the beginning of January but it is on New Years Eve when most people outline their New Year resolution(s). The resolutions are usually aimed at making a substantial change in the way that we live wether it be in the exoteric or esoteric realm. It has become a tradition for many but seeing the resolutions through for others has become a problem. Most of us are aware of the jokes geared towards New Year resolutions, with one of the most prevelant ones being that resolutions are mere wishful thinking.

The Mystic and the Occultist knows that in order to achieve an outcome we must make a conscious effort to form a strong will. One of the important things to remember is that a halt in ones work means regression and soon it becomes stagnation. Inactivity will lead to the material and mental death of a goal. The master conciousness never ceases to work, so the same is expected of us. Now, work as it is implied in the above statement is not only meant to signify physical labor but also mental labor. The cosmic force uses mind to create, and we are the mirror image of the cosmic. Think of mind as a muscle that also needs a work out to build strength.


Macte Virtute Sic Itur Ad Astra:

‚ÄúThose who excel, thus reach the stars.”


Thought is the greatest energy form and every thought tends to reproduce itself in physical form. Meditation is one method that we can employ to crystallize our thoughts into material truth. To reach a certain goal we must never lose sight of it. So take 10 minutes each day before you get ready for the day and meditate on the goal(s) that you have mapped out for yourself. Imagine yourself achieving this goal; how it would feel, let it open up all of your senses. When the meditation reaches a point that everything “feels” as if it has materialized, stop the meditation. Let that mental work float into the cosmic sea. Make sure you also do the work that is required in the material plane, what ever that may be. Start small, going in full throttle may burn out the sizzle and it can leave you overwhelmed. To conclude Adept Initiates sends it’s readers the best of wishes and prosperity in all planes.


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