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Winter Solstice-Coming Out of the Darkness

winter solstice

Winter Solstice

On the night of December 21st we will pass through the longest night of the year. On this night the Northern hemisphere of our planet experiences its most lifeless and darkest time of the year which is known as the winter solstice. Correspondingly, through life’s cycles we do at times enter inwardly into states of being that seem to be as our darkest and most obscure time in our lives.

During the passing of December 21st, however cold and dark the nights may have seemed, little by little our daylights will begin to lengthen with each passing day. Correspondingly again, however difficult and agonizing our darkest hours in our lives may be let us always remember that light will always conquer darkness. Let us remember that life will always conquer death. As surely as the warmth of the intensifying rays of the sun will transform our black winter into the rebirth and flowering of spring, so too concentrating our consciousness upon our inner spiritual center will warm our inner being. In doing so it gives strength to our souls as the ground wherein are sown our dreams and the potentialities of our beings.

Through her union with the sun, the earth blossoms to bring forth her fruits. So too will our souls blossom with joy when we unite our consciousness with the will of the divine spiritual radiating center within each and every one of us. The esoteric teachings have always stressed this union to be one that is to be practiced daily if mastership is to be attained. This daily contact with the universal indwelling light will always conquer the darkness of the night of our souls, even the coldest and darkest of nights.

Let us therefore allow the warming rays of this divine light to always shine into our souls as we keep our daily inner contacts. As the warmth and brightness of the sun’s appearance coming out from behind dark clouds is a beautiful and very comforting event to behold. Lets see with the same beauty the unleashing of the divine light concealed within each and every one of us as it emerges from the depths of our beings when it is given the opportunity to express itself and shine forth.

All Best Wishes for Peace Profound to Everyone,
Happy Coming Winter Solstice to all.

Steve Kalec

Forthcoming work, Beautiful Alchemy

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