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Does OM Hold Secrets To Understanding Mysteries Of The Universe?

Primeval Sound:

Om is the primeval sound of the Universe from which all other sounds are formed. Like the great white light, in which all colors of the rainbow manifest; so too does the fabric of our universe manifest and spring forth from the threefold sound of A-U-M.

Om may sounds like two sounds, but hidden within Om is a third sound, and it is the foundation of all other sounds emerging in the Universe. As a Mantra, it encodes or symbolizes three forces working in harmony to create all other things. All life emerges as a result of the power of creation, and creation always emerges from a trifold to a fourfold form.

The Logos:

Christianity has the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Hinduism has Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Kabbalah has Kether, Chokmah, and Binah. The Egyptians had Osiris, Isis, and Horus. In the Gnostics, it is called the Logos because in the book of John, it says..

“In the beginning was the Logos.”

In scripture, Logos does not refer to a written or physical word. Logos refers to the sound that emerges from emptiness. If we consider a thought as a concept or a message that is unmanifested when speaking, the word that emerges is Logos; the manifested light from sound.

Hidden Within Om:

Om symbolises three forces in motion. We say Om, but hidden within Om are three sounds (A-U-M), from which a fourth and fifth force emerge, and so on, and so on, into infinity.

It’s interesting to note that when looking at scientific theories, whether it be relativity or quantum mechanics, each new theory builds upon the next in this same trifold fashion, and this is the foundation from which the Alchemists works inside his/her laboratory.

© Written by Carrie Love

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