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The Rainbow Body – Rainbow Bridge Connection


In order to understand our spiritual evolutionary process, it helps to have an understanding of how light spectrums works. A single ray of white light can be broken into the seven primary colors, which are essentially seven different waves of vibrating frequencies on the light scale spectrum. Each vibrating wave of color within the rainbow is said to correspond to our ascending frequency levels, relative to our conscious awareness, with red being the most material and violet the most sublime. As our awakening process unfolds, we ascend into higher levels of consciousness by refracting more quanta of light. Like an antenna, we attract or repel the people, places, and things in our lives by our frequency. If we vibrate at a lower frequency, we will most likely attract lower vibrational frequencies, if we vibrate at a higher frequency, we’re more likely to attract higher vibrational frequencies. If we don’t like the things we’re attracting into our lives, start by changing our inner frequency. Begin with Red and slowly move up the color spectrum.

Rainbow Body:

As humans, we need several incarnations within different bodies before emitting all of the colors of the rainbow, but the hope is that once our rainbow body is complete we transform into light beings. Just like the transfiguration of Christ, we’re able to attain immortality. Call it Buddha, Nefer, Jesus, whatever you choose, the title doesn’t matter because, at the end of the day, it’s all the same archetype. Each step towards enlightenment hides within it a lesson to be learned or possible relearned and every time we prevail, another veil is slowly lifted, another virtue is given. For every virtue attained, a higher frequency is gained.

Building Our Rainbow Bridge:

RED – Conquering our attachments to the material mundane world, our ego, and our physical bodies.

ORANGE – Connecting with our energetic field and the energetic fields all around us, while harnessing and crafting our creative powers.

YELLOW – Gaining insight into our human conditioning, learning to control our thoughts, actions, and emotions. We begin to realize our personal inner strengths and powers.

GREEN – Learning to forgive ourselves and to forgive others. Letting go, releasing our past traumas, our past hurts our anger and any built up resentments.

BLUE – Gaining the ability to better communicate our thoughts, needs, and feelings. Learning to express concepts and ideas, with more fluidity, more intelligently, while attracting like-minded people into our lives.

INDIGO – Intuition, unconditional love, compassion, and a Universal connectedness.

VIOLET – Universal consciousness and divine awareness, an inner peace and an inner sense of knowing. Trusting in the universe, a feeling of being downloaded with ancient arcane wisdom, and a feeling of DNA activation. Experiencing an urgent sense of needing to accomplish something of a higher calling, wanting to share this newly found wisdom with others and wanting to help others in their journey.

Transmuting Lead Into Gold:

Within each color is a higher vibrational frequency to be attained, bringing us closer to spiritual liberation, tuning us and guiding us back into our formal selves – as light beings. As we transmute our led into gold we become a living rainbow, and once transformed, we receive the infamous pot of gold. Once we acquire these seven virtues, these seven color frequencies, we’ll no longer need to incarnate into human bodies, we will have achieved the great perfection, our rainbow body. The pot of gold symbolizes the golden spirit that emerges from within. The rainbow bridge is built out of these seven vibrating frequency waves of color, corresponding to our seven chakras. Our human existence is to attain these seven rays of light, to transcend our physical bodies, into spiritual beings of light.

© Written by – Carrie Love

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