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How does nature reveal her secrets?

Nature and her Secrets

People who are in harmony with nature know how to listen to her. She speaks to us in many ways, and if we listen, she will mysteriously reveal to us amazing things.

My mother in law passed away 18 months ago leaving my 88 year old father in law alone. He very much missed her and called on her often to come and get him, because he no longer can live without her. He passed away early this Spring.

My mother in law planted a rose bush to the entrance of their wine cellar villa up in the vine yards many years ago. They loved to work on the vines and produce wine grapes. She loved that rose bush and always took good care of it.

Twin Souls

Look at the picture of the rose that flowered on it at the end of April. Europe and the Balkans have early Spring. Twin bulbs in one rose. Her rose bush flowered a rose telling us all that they are now together. In the many years of the existence of that rose bush, never did we ever see a twin bulbed rose. Now it is said that there is no such thing as coincidence. Our first thought upon seeing it, in our amazement, was that her rose bush is telling us that they are together.

Photography By Steve Kalec

Written by Steve Kalec

Forthcoming work: Beautiful Alchemy

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