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The Qabalistic Secret of the Mayan Cosmology discovered in the Great Pyramid of Egypt

Mayan CosmologyThe sun and the moon were not the only celestial bodies of importance to the ancient Maya. The movements of the planet Venus also held special meaning for them. Tables that mark Venus’ position throughout the year are recorded in ancient Maya books called codices and on monuments throughout the Maya kingdoms. Venus also seems to have influenced the architecture of the city Uxmal in the northwestern part of Yucatán, Mexico. Anthony Aveni, an archaeoastronomer at Colgate University, believes that the royal residence named the “House of the Governor” was designed with the observation of Venus in mind. Venus symbols decorate its façade and from its central doorway an observer can still see the planet align with monuments across the site that mark the northern and southern extremes of Venus’ migration along the horizon throughout the year.

Venus orbits the sun approximately every 225 days, but as it is seen from Earth, the planet appears to move back and forth relative to the sun in a cycle that lasts 584 days. Five of these oscillations—2,920 days—are almost exactly as long as eight solar years. Aveni believes that Maya priests saw significance in this astronomical coincidence. “For the Maya, everything has to be brought together in terms of whole multiples and that’s where Venus comes in. It has a five-to-eight rhythm with the sun,” says Aveni.

Venus also appears to go through four phases. For 250 days the planet is known in Western cultures as the “Evening Star” as it follows the setting sun. After the Evening Star phase, Venus disappears for eight days before returning as the “Morning Star”—the 236-day-long phase when it rises just before dawn. After the Morning Star phase, Venus disappears for 90 days before returning again as the Evening Star. A document from Central Mexico written in the late 1500s called the Annals of Cuauhtitlan associates the eight-day period between the Evening and Morning Star phases with the death and resurrection of Quetzalcoatl, a deity known as Kukulcan to the ancient Maya. Kukulcan was the sky god and the most powerful of the ancient Maya deities. According to Aveni, rituals celebrating the appearance of the Morning Star may have been held on the large plaza in front of the House of the Governor, providing the rulers of Uxmal with a way to commemorate their ties to the sky god.

Venus was prominent in many ancient cultures but was especially important to the Mayans in Mexico and Central America. Even without telescopes, the Mayans were able to predict the movements of the spectacular object known popularly as the morning (or evening) star with great accuracy, thousands of years into the future. They may not have mapped a transit per se, but they knew where the planet was going to be, and when.

The Mayans venerated Venus as the basis of the god Kukulkan, elsewhere known as Quetzalcoatl. Unlike its modern, Western interpretation as the planet of love, the glittering orb was at that time associated with war. The Mayans even used its appearance to decide when to wage it. The evening version was especially related to war calculations, notes the website

Several buildings in the iconic Mayan cities of Chichen-Itza and Uxmal are oriented toward Venus’s path along the ecliptic, and the planet’s journey to and fro across the sky was calculated as far as 7,000 years into the future. As discoveries in the jungles of Guatemala recently made clear, the calculations were scrawled on a wall in a small room thought to be that of the town’s scribe. Until this discovery was made in March, the Dresden Codex contained most comprehensive writings on Venus from the pre-Columbian era.

Known as Chak Ek’, Venus “was the astronomical object of greatest interest,” notes. “The Maya knew it better than any civilization outside Mesoamerica.”

In fact, Venus was considered more important than the sun in Mayan calculations.

“They watched it carefully as it moved through its stations,” says The ancients carefully noted the 584 days it takes for Venus and the Earth to line up “in their previous position as compared to the sun. It takes about 2,922 days for the Earth, Venus, the sun, and the stars to agree.”

The Mayans even observed Venus in the daytime. Experts have been analysing the Venus Table of the Dresden Codex – an ancient Mayan document on their astronomical data – for more than 120 years and found that it contains accurate observations and even calculations of a leap year.

Here i present a redacted version of my forthcoming book ‘The Quantum Qabalah and the Secret Cycles of Time: A Qabalistic Mirror of the Mayan, Hindu and Egyptian Cosmologies’.

The Qabalistic Vine of Adam (the Earth) and EVE (Venus)  in Time

Each patriarch from Adam to Noah inclusive denotes a specific aspect of the generational and regenerational Decad. As can be observed in the following information, the Ages of each of the 10 patriarchs, at the time of giving birth to their sons and daughters, (the male and female divisions), when added together comprise 1656 years. Each of these numerical constructs also reveal a sacred division of the Secret Time Cycle. For example, 1656 is to be considered a full cycle of the Unity, or Aleph, as 138, since 138×12 = 1656, but both as derivatives of the vital fluid of “Life”, (Chiah), for Chi=18 and Chiah=23 and 23 x 72=1656. Likewise 1656 = AVR, or “Light”, since 207×8 = 1656 and MIM, since 414 x 4= 1656. In each case we discover that this negative, or reverse form of perceived light, also has practical applications in musical harmony.

Each patriarch lived for so many years* before giving birth to their generational successors. *(Note that in Hebrew “years” are Shanah’s of 355 Earth days) Adam lived 130 years, Seth lived 105 years, Enosh lived 90 years, Canaan lived 70 years, Mahaleel 65 years, Jared lived 262 years, Enoch lived 65 years, Methuselah lived 187 years, Lamech lived 182 years, and finally Noah lived 500 years before giving birth to their sons and daughters.

Total years: 1656

Now 1656 gives 12 Kings, or Melek, (MLK=432), seeing how 23×6 = 138 (ALP) and 138 x π=432, therefore 432×12 = 5184. Now 46 x π= 144= (ADM), and there are 36 Adams here intended to be displayed.

46 x π=144/8=18
46 x π=144/9=16

360° equates to 10° per Adam and 30° per Melek.
24 hours equates to 40′ per Adam and 120′ per Melek.

The 8:9 ratio equals the tone which is equivalent to the diameter to circumference ratio of a circle placed inside the square whose side equals 9. Each decan is an Adam, A+D+M= 45°, and 90×12 = 1080, therefore, 72 Adams infer 2160. This ratio of the 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 decad is the relation of the third (4:5), the fourth (3:4), and the fifth (2:3), there is then hidden in this, the double ratio of 3:4:5 and 4:3:2, and 345+432=777.

Now, if there are 72 Chiah, then 36×23 = 828 which implies 36 Adams or 12 Meleks or Kings. Each ‘King’ is equivalent to 432, or 3 Adams per King. But let us not miss the implication here, for when we say 23×9 = 207 we imply Ø and Light, and when we say 23×18 = 414, we imply Mim, the double value of Light, that is Ø2. Therefore we suggest that in 8/1656, so-called years, we are in fact referring to Ø and in 4/1656 years we are in fact implying its squared value as a specific quantal measure of time.

H.P.Blavatsky explained it thus, “Every scholar is aware, of course, that the Chaldeans claimed the same figures (432 or 432,000) for their divine dynasties as the Hindus do for their Maha Yugas, namely 4,320,000… As these figures, according to ancient writers, were based by Berossus on the 120 Saroses, each of the divisions meaning six Naros of 600 years, each making a sum total of 432,000 years. But the pious professor of Munich undertook to explain them in the correct way. He claims to have solved the riddle by showing that “the Saros being composed according to Pliny of 222 synodic months; to wit: 18 years 6/10”, the calculations naturally fall back into the figures “given by Suidas”, who affirmed that 120 Saros made 2222 sacerdotal and cyclic years which equated to 1656 years”. (The Secret Doctrine, vol. 1 pg. 655)

The Hindu Secret Cycle of Time

“… Water – which is the aspect of male – refers to the Neshamah of Neshamah that comes from Chokmah and refers to the sweet waters of holiness… The holy fire – which is the aspect of the female – refers to the Neshamah that comes from Binah.”(The Zohar, page 46 verse 78) “The male is the right side of the body and soul; the female is the left side.” (The Zohar page 188, verse 350) and “Through Wisdom is a house built…” (Proverbs 24:3)

The Pythagoreans utilized 10 principles or what they called oppositions, limited and unlimited, odd and even, one in many, right and left, male and female, rest and movement, rectilinear and curved, light and darkness, good and evil, and square and oblong. Each of these generic descriptions purports to reveal hyper dimensional reality as it pertains to a causal basis of physical manifestation in time. In short they proclaim as do the Qabalists that 10 inherent circular principles order of the universe. We will briefly examine this understanding here.

Modern descriptions of space utilize the metric tensor of Riemann where two dimensional space has three metric coefficients; three dimensions have six, and in a four dimensional space there are a total of 10 metric coefficients geometrically defining Riemannian curvature. The Ramanujan function also expands upon this idea even further and postulates 24 possible numerical classifications via vector analysis which subsequently orders so many intersecting hyperbolic planes and lines. In this particular corresponding instance the fifth dimension is considered the curvature value of light.

Such explanations of hyper dimensional reality are often hidden behind these veiled forms which makes comprehending the meanings that much more troublesome. Take for example, Porphyry, in his ‘Life of the Pythagoras’, he states, “Pythagoras affirmed that the nine Muses were constituted by the sounds made by the seven planets, the sphere of the six stars, and that which is opposed to our earth, called the counter earth he called Mnemosyne, or memory, the composition, Symphony and connection of them all…” This so-called anti-Chthon is supposed to revolve in time with the earth opposite to the sun and proposes to bring the celestial bodies in our solar system to 10.

In this respect let us recall our usage of this Unity or 10 and consider that the hexagonal directional axis of the interior Cube defines a volume but in order to erect such a volume the hexagonal form and plane must become pentagonal. For example, in the numeration 19, considering this as a value of ز, reveals the icosahedron with 20 triangular surfaces and 12 vertices which each constitute a pyramid found within a pentagonal base formed of five triangular surfaces. This means that if the radius of the circumscribing sphere surrounding the icosahedron is equal to 1.902 then the edge will be 2. Remember, the first form is the rectangle of 1×2=2 which is a square, the second form is 3/3×4/3=2 which means that the perfect square has a geometric mean of the √2 for its side.*

*Recall that 3:2 is the ratio between the cube and the square. A square and a cubic number can only be made every 2×3 or every 6 numbers.
Each numeration we obtain is harmonic and composite by addition, or gnomonically, thus the side is added to each diagonal of the preceding square so that the ratio remains constant due to series which is 1 + √2 etc., therefore each 1 + √2 will determine a half angle of 45°, or 22.5°, as half of the angle of 1:1 created by our Fibonacci gnomon. We can also see how the dodecahedron in the 8 pointed star, or the 8 divisions of a 360° circle, are able to convey a similar idea albeit one not entirely outwardly displayed but inwardly inferred.

The volume of the cube containing a sphere will be found by either taking a Unity or 10 for its volume. Such a display ends up constituting 1.9098 or 19.098 by the power of its division in π. The sphere is here represented as invariable and an indivisible Unity, or 10, in relation to its container or Cube of Space. This observation leads towards a proper perspective regarding the earth core value and the Giza pyramid measures since both reflect a similar enterprise of expression. The invariable and indivisible reference is a mean term between two extreme existences of a similar nature, as the soul is between the spirit and the body. In this way the Hebrew letter Yvd signifies the 10 Sephirah on the Tree of Life and governs the median of expression between Aleph=1/π=.318, (the original 1 dividing the circle), or as Qvp, which defines an extreme termination in 100 by the simple numerations themselves.

*For a more detailed analysis of this usage of 19 as a measure of height see CH-V-E=5+6+8=19 and Schwaller de Lubicz the Temple of Man, as well as Eric Iversen’s, Cannon and Proportion in Egyptian Art.

Each of these ratios in connection with the division by 1, 10, or 100 correspond directly with the formulated basis of the metric base 10 decimal system, and the English base 6, as will be fully treated hereafter. Because the Androgynous man is, “the measure who provides all measures”, we will discover that man as “the microcosm” divides the Dome of Heaven by the arc of the Meridian and; dependent upon which directional latitude is pointed to, the various cubit measures are found to be derived, however, the anchoring cubit is always 20.612 inches, 1.717 feet or 0.5236 m. The cubit is thus a measure of the radius of Unity for both a positive and negative description as we observe with the 10 Pythagorean oppositions of expression. For example, moving forward positively as 1, 2, 3, 4 or moving backward negatively by 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 etc, we produce a simultaneous reciprocating activity in movements. Such is the origin of the 10 Debirim or 10 – 206, Words, etc.

The ratio of the Microcosmic Man of Adam Kadmon is:
Total height=100/52.36=1.9098
Upper body height=10/19.098=0.5236* (See The Great Pyramid and Jesus)

*the standing man, the seated man, and the kneeling man are symbolic gestures, where the seated man is the medium term, each signifying a measure of the earth.

This whole method of calculation is in the ratio determined by converting circles to squares which expresses √2 for squares and 6×10 = 60° of arc (the Hebrew letter Samech) for circles, which as to its radius, is π/3:1. All units of time measures are essentially derived from the geodetic arc of the Earth’s electromagnetic meridian and the ‘human fathom’ which conveys the 1000th part of 1° of this arc in 1 fathom=6ft (the outstretched arms span) which gives the cubit of 60° serving as a radial line and which in turn produces a cubical form of 6x6x6 etc., and in 1/6 x π= 0.5236.

Theon of Smyrna related it thus, “the decad completes a series of numbers containing in itself the nature of both even and odd, of that which is in motion and of that which is still, of good and evil.”

Also Anatolias asserted, “The Pythagoreans have reduced all numbers to 10, and there are no new numbers over 10… It is the circle and it is the limit of all number because we turn around and come back to it like the starting point the runners pass when they run twice around the stadium.”

The harmonic foundation of this idea is conveyed by the Pythagorean Tetracyte, or Delta, and in the Hebrew conception of the 72 names of God, as the following diagrams will reveal.

The starting point of this featured concept is laid out simply and plainly in our four dimensional space and in the sequence of addition in the numbers 1+2+3+4=10. This 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 sequence was called the sacred Tetracyte and is a Qabalistic mirror of the Hindu cosmology in a cubical form. This simple diagram will account for Hesiod’s Ages, as well as the 4 great Yugas of the Brahmin sages.

By connecting the 10 dots we can form a triangle. Six of these determine the cube and with the central axis make up the seven planets and the six pointed hexagonal star. Qabalistically the three unused corner dots represent the threefold invisible causal universe. These seven dots also conform to the seven Elohim and the seven creative periods of the septenary cycle. The seventh closes the cycle and each side is represented as a diameter line of the original Unity.

“Now, these numbers contain the consonants of the fourth (4:3)…, The fifth (3:2)…, That of the octave in the double ratio (1:2), and that of the double octave in the quadruple ratio (4:1), and in this way the immutable diagram is completed.” (Theon of Smyrna)

These correspond to the four Ages of the Hindus and with the Four Worlds of the Qabalists. The Four Ages of the Hindus are called the Krita=Gold, Treta=Silver, Dvapara=Bronze, and Kali=Iron while Hesiod referred to them as ‘gods, demigods, heroes, and man’.

The numerical figure of 4-3-2-1 denotes the harmonic demonstration of time by a fourfold classification of the original Unity manifesting itself as multiplicity, an opening and closing of the cycle by the order of Melek or 432. Two intermediate periods, or pauses, occur within the cycle and are often called a Dawn or Dusk. Certain Hindu schools such as Panchawarata connects the theory of these cycles with the ‘doctrine of knowledge’ which increases or decreases according to the level of Dharma law. The relative duration of each of these Ages are symbolic number forms we met with previously in the cycle of Adam of 144×3 = 432 etc.

According to Manu 1, 69 et seq; Mahabharata 111, 12, 826,

The Krita is 4000 years +400 years Dawn and a desk, or 4800 years.
The Treta is 3000 years +300 years Dawn and a desk, or 3600 years.
The Dvapara is 2000 years +200 years Dawn and dusk, or 2400 years.
The Kali’s 1000 years +100 years Dawn any dust or 1200 years.

A complete cycle is 12,000 ‘years’. The passage from one Yuga to the next takes place during a twilight interval which marks a decline with each Yuga culminating in the Age of Darkness and confusion. In Krita Dharma is four-footed which denotes proper electromagnetic balance.

The key to the Yuga classifications is in the harmonic and geometrical progression revealed by Theon of Smyrna.

This 4-3-2-1 sequence can be likened to a turning wheel with spokes. Each Yuga is a ‘yoke’ or that which guides the motions of the wheel in its proper direction along the path of the ecliptic. The Puranas consider these Yugas in defining terms such as Kalpa which in Sanskrit implies a ‘form’, that is – volume, denoted by a height, length and width. The progression is not only harmonic but volumetric and the Ages are ‘filled up’ in a geometrically measured form of space.

Twin involuting an evoluting arcs reveal the Day and Night division in the cycle which is governed by a harmonic principle of octaves. Tracing the arcs follow the electromagnetic spiraling waves of solar radiative transfer as it descends and ascends incrementally upon the earth in the Precessional epochs. Hence, law, or Dharma, is 4-footed in Krita because this influence is properly aligned with respect to Leo, or the Magha, or the King of the zodiac (See the Tribe of Judah).

A Day and Night is preceded and followed by a Dawn and Dusk, two leimma in the scale marked out in a triple octave with seven distinct planetary notes which define the chromatic division of time. This is expressed distinctly by the law of three based upon a triple octave composed of 22 notes. The mathematical convention of π (the Elohim)  develops this division harmonically by a 4-3-2-1 increase or decrease with respect to measuring the fundamental arc phenomenally. Each so-called Age therefore divides the musical string by an encoded description of three octaves, or 888, by the Qabalistic order of Amesh. In this sense each Yuga series of 432 signifies 23×6 = 138, thus each 4-3-2-1 progression is made to conform to this principle.

432=(6) = 138, 864=(12)= 276, 1296=(18)= 414, 1728=(24)= 552, for a ratio of 1380:4320, that is 2160×2 for a lunar diameter. (See the Vine of Adam) This ratio is 6:10, 6 Chiahs and 4+3+2+1=10, is 60×23=1380 that is 138×10. Recall here the usage of 72 Chiahs to give this cycle of 1656, and we have an answer to the 72 Names of God and the harmonic ratios that can be developed from them. The so-called “years” that expand the Yugas into Maha Yugas and Manvantaras etc., are merely the enlargement of those numbers as they are concealed in the Cyclical Wheel, which can be demonstrated by a 24 hour period or Great Precessional round.

345 = 23×15 therefore 23×60 infers 4 Pythagorean triangles or one Pyramidal structure within the Cubical Stone. In order to complete the Cube we need 24 such triangles, thus 60×6 = 360 Chiahs symbolizing one pyramid of 60×23 = 1380×6 = 8280, that is to say 60 Meleks, or Kings, and 120 Adams, or Saroses. Compare this with the increase in Yuga years by 1200, 2400 etc.

The Cubical Stone of Noah

The Cubical Stone is denoted by the Ark of Noah and symbolizes a lunar cycle in connection with the Venus transits. By cutting the ark into two we have the origin of the Hebrew letters Chaith=8 and Heh=5, where the aperture of ‘Heh’ denotes “Tzohar” or the light passing through the window. The numerical values of 8 and 5 are each expressions of the earth and moon container which produces life. Here the number 8 is a utilization of 5 in a special sense, which determines the perfect one as 52 x 8= 25 x 8 = 1000, or the Cube of Space.

Birth necessitates both the male germ, an influx or diameter line, crossing the entrance into the womb, as the YVD (164) combines with EVE (565) to give 729- the male germ in the feminine matrix. Noah as the 10th in the patriarchal series was Nvn-Chaith, 5 and 8, to conceal this hidden cubical form. In this sense Noah fills up the Cube of termination in the zodiac wheel and all the zoological animals enter into its volume by 2 and 7, that is the double seven.

There are two forms of Noah which reveal the secret, N – CH and N – V – CH that is 5 8 and 5 6 8. 568 as we learned is = 71×8 (71=the Dove =Venus), now 5 x 6 × 8 = 6000 years, which is the terminal point in the cycle that Noah signifies. In this sense Noah has been loosely translated to mean rest, but in Hebrew the intention of a termination point or ceasing is in regards to the 10th and final zodiac sign. By this reckoning Noah locks in the twin Solstice periods which coincide with the Hindu pauses or rests, or leimmas, in the diatonic and septenary divisions of time.

Noah gives 8-5 to denote the division of 5-6-8 and 355 by Ø; the value of the Dove or 71. A cube value is ascertained by 5 as it determines the diagonal crossing of the 8 angles of the Cube of Space, therefore, a square surface cannot accurately convey this thought to the mind, hence the square of the diagonal must be 5×5 = 25, to express the idea of the volumetric form, however the cubical form is 5×5×5 = 125 and the 8 vertices of the cube give 125×8 = 1000, as the Perfect One, or the elevated Unity, by the power of 6×1000 = 6000.

“And when the sixth Millennium arrives which is the secret of Vau-namely Yesod spelled with the Vau which is Zeir Anpin-then the Vau (6) shall elevate the Heh (5) which is the Nukaba at the time of “six multiplied by ten” as the Vau=6 rises up to the Yvd of I-E-V-E which is Chokmah. And then the Vau descends to the Heh and brings to it abundance. And when the Vau,which is the secret of Zeir Anpin reaches the completion by reaching 60, by multiplying 6 x 10, the Nukaba is raised from the Dust. So every 60 years during the sixth Millennium the Heh is strengthened and Rises up through its own grades to become firm. And in the sixth hundredth year of the 6th Millennium the gates of Wisdom of Above and The Fountains of Wisdom Below shall be opened. And the world shall be prepared to enter the 7th millennium , as a person prepares himself on the sixth day (Friday), as the sun sets, to enter the Sabbath. And as a memory for this we take the verse “in the 600 year of Noah’s life… All The Fountains of the great deep were broken open.” (The Zohar, Vol.3, vs.444-445, pg.430)

The vital production of life (Ch-V-E=568) is the conjunction of these principles by combining the two containers together, or Heh and Chaith. Vau as the ‘nail’ or conjunction combines the two and fixes them to a common center or directional axis, and at the same time mediates the living growth geometrically. In turn this produces a larger Cube of 5, or 10 to a side with two ‘Heh’, or Heh and Chaith = 5 and 8.

Noah’s Ark symbolizes the bifurcation of the cubical form of Yvd= 164+ Eve = 565 = 729 which is 364.5 x 2 producing a 6 directional axis and the 4 directions associated with the 8 vertices. The enlargement and subsequent coagulation of the container is by NVN which is Heh x Yvd or 5×10 = 50=Nun. This is concealed in the meaning of Jonah or 10 – 50 – 5 or 10 – 50 – 8, which is as the Yvd entering “the mouth of the fish”, (See Tzaddi and the Fish hook), or the head of the phallus seminally injecting into the eggs (fishes) of the womb letter (Heh). The prolific value is Yvd = 10 x Heh=5 = 50 =NVN and this represents a Cube of I-N-CH or Noah.

Jehovah and Noah are identical forms and by contraction we can read ‘inch’, conveying a hidden measured numeration of infinitesimals. The concrete form is Jah, as Yvd-Heh, or 10-5, is Noah or 50÷5 = 10. If NVN is taken for Heh, the only change is in the numerical value being enlarged by the conjunction ‘and’ or Vau, Vau being a nail, or by 6×5 = 30 or 6×50 = 300, etc.

The Giza pyramids were themselves a demonstration of these same measured forms of the inch, foot, and yard etc., as well as all the symbolic constructions found in the Scriptures, Noah’s Ark being no exception. For example the English word inch is in fact derived from the combination of the Hebrew units of measure which are of Egyptian origin which are…lost in the sands of time. Jehovah as Noah is literally “the inch“.

Noah’s Ark Dimensions

Length = 300 cubits = 6183.6 inches_12 = 515.3 feet.

Width = 50 cubits = 1030.6 inches – 12 = 85.88 feet = 1/2 of 171.7, 85=NCh, (See Peh=85)

Height = 30 cubits = 618.36 inches – 12 = 51.53 feet.

Total = 652.7 feet

Now 50 =NVN multiplied by 6 =Vau gives 300, or 5 =Heh multiplied by 6 =Vau = 30 and Yvd = 10 multiplied by Heh = 5 gives NVN or 50.

300 =SHIN

50 =NVN

30 =LMD


This gives 380 cubits for a total. Plus 1 cubit for the window = 381. It can be determined then that this 380 was meant to convey the half base side of the pyramid since 380 is rounded down from the following:

656×12 = 7872÷20.612 = 381.9134485 and; 381.9÷1200 × π=1 and 618 +381*= 999.

*The hypotenuse and half base side of the Great Pyramid in feet.

According to the literal scriptural accounts from creation to Noah = 1056 years + Noah was 600 years = 1656 years of creation beginning in 3768 BCE = 1656+1056+1056 which is to say Yvd=10, Heh=5 and Vau=6 for 13×12=156, symbolizing 13 sidereal months and 12 synodic months etc.; and the consummation of the inch to the mile in 1056×5 = 5280 and 10×5×6 = 300, 1056÷11 = 96, so that 1056×2 = 2112÷11 = 192 etc., which are the numerical forms of the Adamic Temple, or the earth.

In this regard consider a statement made by Vitruvius, “The design of a temple depends on symmetry, the principles of which must be most carefully observed by the architect. They are due to proportion. Proportion is a correspondence among the measures of the numbers of an entire work, and of the whole to a certain part selected as standard. From this result the principles of symmetry. Without symmetry in proportion can be no principle in the design of any Temple, that is, if there is no precise relation between its members, as in the case of those of a well-shaped man. For the human body is so designed by nature that the face, from the chin to the top of the fore head, and the lowest roots of the hair, is a 10th part of the whole height; the open hand from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger is just the same, head from the chin to the crown is an 8th, with the neck and shoulders from the top of the breast the lowest roots of the hair is a 6th, from the middle of the breast some of the crown as a 4th. If we take the height of the face itself, the distance from the bottom of the chin to the underside of the nostrils to a line between the eyebrows is the same from there to the lowest of the hair is also a third, comprising the four head. The length of the foot is 1/6 of the height of the body, of the forearm, 1/4, and the breath of the breast is also 1/4. The other members too have their own symmetrical proportions and it was by employing them that the famous painters and sculptors of antiquity attained a great and endless renown.”

The Three Stories of Noah’s Ark

A-B-N is Ahben=1-52=the Stone and N-CH-SH is Nechash=3-5-8, or the Serpent. 1520 cubits is the reduced form of one core diameter for the earth and two full sides of the Great Pyramid and also signifies 7 heels as 217 x √49; etc. By converting these measures to inches we can determine that a total of 2 cubits are missing from the structure since 656.1 x 12 = 7873.2 – 7832 = 41.2/2 = 20.6. This is conveyed in the numerical values of the feet.

*”On 21 June when the sun arrives at the summer solstice, (Cancer), the constellation Leo, – being but 30° in advance of the sun – appears to be leading the way, and to aid by his powerful paw, (Regulus), in lifting the sun up to the summit of the zodiacal, (Royal), Arch.” (Robert Hewitt Brown)

Length: 515.3 feet =Shin=315

Width: 85.88 feet =Nun=565

Height: 51.53 (see the angle of the Great Pyramid) feet =Lamed= 344

Total: 1224 = the Core radius in kilometers

Here the narrative reads:

” The window shalt thou make it to the Ark and in a cubit shall you finish it above, and the door of the Ark shall you set in the side thereof, with lower, second, and third stories shalt you make it”. (Genesis 6:16) This is the triune partition of the inner earth by the core, the outer core, and the mantle.

*6561 km = radius from Earth core to ionosphere. 6561 x π= 20612 = the Ionospheric circle doubled (41224) for a full circular value of Day and Night. 6375 km = radius from Earth core to lithospheric discontinuity. The difference between 6561 and 6375 equals 186 km. The distance from the lithosphere to the boundary of the outer core is 5153 km and 5153 x 4=2061 etc.

Now two cubits are missing and this suggests that the so-called Tzohar, or window, as ‘Heh’=5. The window was above and the door on the side which conveys an aspect of Mars and Venus or ‘Heh and Daleth’. And as it appears to suggest these two openings would be in the North and South poles respectively.

The radius of the Earth varies from location to location and hence its numerical values differ by a margin of 1 to 10 miles. This is especially the case in the polar regions and in the equatorial regions. Contemporary estimates give a range of 6370 km to 6380 km while mean estimates tend to fall between 6371 and 6375 km. Now if we take 6372 km to represent this radius than 6561-6372 = 189 km and 189 km/Ø= 118.3* and 118.3/4 = 29.58 etc. (See the synodic lunar cycle)

*118.3 x π = 370.

The diameter of the core and the outer core give;

Core = 4321 x π= 13,580 (rounded up)

Outer core = 6912 x π= 21,700* (rounded down).

4321 x π= 13,571.68026/113 = 120 men, (three directions give 360), /53 = 256, (53 = the Stone, ABN) therefore two diameters would give 240 and 512 for these divisions.

*(21,700 = 31 x 700 or Seth multiplied by EL=31).

Now the mantle circumference is 2842 x π= 8928*or 4464 x 2 and if we multiply this by the 6 directions we get 2842 x π x 6 = 53,570 or 26,784 x 2, which we can consider as two precessional cycles of time. This conceals the 4 Yugas since 53,568/31* = 1728, thus if we divide this into a quaternary it will give 432 etc. and (13,392 x 4).

The cubical form denotes the volumetrical container that is the earth, therefore the Cube signifies the Stone, or A – B – N, or 53, or as 300 x 50 x 30 = 450,000 cubits, which when divided by 125, gives 3600 for the elevation of 36.

Noah signifies the consummation of a Great Cycle, the Winter Solstice point, and the end of the 10 signs of the zodiac, or the Law of the Torah. His 3 children together with their wives constitute the 8 angles of the Cubical form of the 5 and 5 signs, or as a square of 5=25, and a cube of 5=125 x 8 = 1000, as has been treated elsewhere.

*For a radius, or 17,856 for a diameter, 53,568 = 2232 x 24. 1520 cubit signifies 365/24, or 364.5/24 = 15.19/7 = 2.17 showing forth its hidden secret. 512-360 = 152 and 115 = QIN +37 = Abel = 152 and this signifies 1520 cubits. With Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, we have the four directional divisions of the axis of time.

As the narrative reads Noah was 500 Shanah’s old when he fathered his children, or 355 x 5 = 1775, and 600 when the flood commenced therefore in this we discover that 355 x 6 = 2130, and 5 Doves = 71 x 5 = 1775, were sent out of the Ark and only one Dark raven, or 678*, which is 113 x 6, was sent out and did not return.

How  is it then that Japheth is enlarged? Japheth is enlarged in the westward drift of the magnetic field, and we are told that he “shall dwell in the tents of Shem”, or Shin-Mim = 729, that is in the East, or where the sun rises…the place in the Beginning.

Canaan as the Southern pole, “will be a slave” to the Eastern and Western divisions of the movements in the curse of Ham, hence in this context the South is cursed by an uncovering of the North or vice versa. Both Shem and Japheth ‘went into the tent’ of Noah backward, signifying a reversal of movements in the secular variation due to the polar shift which Noah signifies.

The floodwaters* were 15 cubits high, or 20.612 x 15 = 309.17984 x 2 = 618.36 = the Pyramid hypotenuse in feet / 12 = 51.53/2 = 25.765 feet for 15 cubits, or Yvd + Heh; which obviously is not high enough to cover all the mountains of a literal earth. 5 Doves and 1 Raven signify a cycle by 355 and 6780, both being lunar year variables. For example, 5 white Doves = Full Moons, 1 black Raven = 1 New Moon, etc., and the fixing of a limit for the closing and opening of the year at the winter solstice point is by the flood and the grounding of the Ark upon Mount Ararat. *(Flood =m’bul, the rainy month).

Ch=The Chariot = the Cubical Stone = 8

V = Hierophant = interior axis = 6

N =Judgment = the Cubical coffins = 5

Total = 19 or 64

3-5-8 x 71=

3 = 213= Rosh
5 = 355 =Shanah
8 = 568 =Chevah

N – CH – SH = Serpent
5 8 3

(M) – SH – I – CH* = Messiah

*The pit = 318

Note also that in Hebrew ‘stop or rest’ infers a support or a base of numerical synthesis regarding time. Noah is literally N-CH and the English inch is written in Hebrew NCHI, the meaning of which is ‘Jehovah is Noah’, hence what designates a foundational unit of measure or increments of a perfect circular value made square or oblong by the subsequent crossing of a diameter line.

The cubical structure of Noah is said to ‘stop or rest’ upon Mount Ararat*, which is but another form of Y – R – D or Jared, as a physical measure of the earth, or A – R – TH, a solid form arising out of the primordial waters, and a yard = 36 inches that when placed into a square gives 36 x 4 = 124 x 4 = 496*, as Adam and Malkuth. The root derivative of yard is the same as that for Ararat and the Acre, or Earth, hence the sum of this quaternary division is the 6th factor of time from Adam as H–NVCH, or Enoch, who we are told lived 365 years. Jared is in this sense the father or parent of the solar year being the sixth in line of descent from Adam with a correction for the solar year carried out by “he who initiates” or ‘Heh–Noah’ literally, the Noah, the seventh, as Enoch.

The empirical nature of the factor of 6 is founded upon this practical use and its legitimate ability to produce the Secret Cycle of time by 6/π= 1.909859317, as well as its double form for a Day and Night by 12/π = 3.819718634. Increasing this by increments of 10 or 100 gives 60 and 120 and it is to be seen that Samech when reduced gives 60+40+20 = 120.

Schwaller de Lubicz justifies this thought, he said, “We write 1/ز as 0.381966…half of which is 0.19098. The number 19.098… which we can round off as 19 is of the nature of Ø. Now this pilot number and the mystical number Ø engenders only those numbers that are functions of Ø and since the entire universe results from this function all will be proportioned by this function, whether it be the human being, plant, or the genesis of a mineral, or time, or the sizes and distances of stars.” (Ibid, pg.95)

For example the 10 D+B+R+I+M (ten words) are 4-1-2-2-4= (256) and are a product of 6561 x πx2. From these 10 words we can erect a system of measures either to enlarge the base standard of 6 or to elevate it by 10. Consider then that 41224/60 = 687 = the Martian year and 2160/π= 687 = the lunar diameter. Then if we consider 60 as a circumference value it will yield a diameter of 19.0985, which is the number, according to Schwaller, of the ‘human canon’. Now if we take 6³ x 10 x 19.0985 it produces 412.24 which emphatically states that DBR, or the Word, is also the “House of the Oracle” since 412 = B + I + TH, or the House of the Magician.

In every case these are simply subdivisions of the 360° circle divided into 24 hours based upon the factor of 6 and 60. One solar day in thirds is equivalent to 5,184,000’’ which is 1,296,000 x 4. By raising this number up from the standard of 1/π it will give 412240/1296000. Now 41224/8 = 5153, where 8 is Chaith=The Chariot, hence four divisions will symbolize the creation of the Adamic Square elevated by 1,000 and 144 x 1000 = 144,000.

Two squares of 6561 are equal to two circles of 5153, or 10306, thus 4 circles give 20612 and 8 circles 41224. This fundamental knowledge serves as the backbone for the Secret Cycles of Time concealed in the historical legacy of the Babylonian Kings or the Egyptian Pharaohs. In this respect the Shah, or King, (Melek) was a compendium of cyclical computations comprising numerations based upon the division of the circle of 360°. Eusebius in his so-called ‘Kings Lists’ and the ‘History of the Chaldeans’ provides startling insight into the manner in which the Secret cycle numbers were deliberately shrouded in a historical narrative.

In Chronicle # 39 of Eusebius, in chapter 5, we read the following:

“How the Chaldeans chronicled, from Alexander Polyhistor; about their writings and their first kingdom.

Here is what Berosus related in Book One, and in Book Two what he wrote about the kings, one by one. He mentions the period when Nabonassarus was king, but merely records the kings’ names not saying anything precise about their deeds, perhaps because he did not consider that they had done anything worth recalling–beyond [providing] a list of their names. This is how he begins. Apollodorus says that Alorus was the first Chaldean king to rule in Babylon, reigning for 10 sars. A Saros consists of 3,600 years, and this figure may be broken down into units called naros and soses. He says that one naros is 600 years, while one sos is 60 years. This is how the Chaldean ancients reckoned periods of years. Having stated this, he proceeds to enumerate the kings of the Assyrians, one by one. There were 10 kings from the first king, Alorus, to Xisuthrus. He says that during the latter’s time the first great flood occurred, which Moses also mentions. He states that the reign of those kings consisted of a total of 120 saros.

He says that on the death of Alorus, his son, Alaparus, ruled for 3 saros; after Alaparus, the Chaldean Almelon, from the city of Pautibiblon [? Bad-tibira], ruled for 13 saros; after Almelon, Ammenon, from the city of Pautibiblon, ruled for 12 saros. Now in his day a creature called Idotion, having the shape of a man and a fish, emerged from the Red Sea. After [Ammenon], Amegalarus, from the city of Pautibiblon, ruled for 18 saros, and after him, the shepherd Daonus, from the city of Pautibiblon, ruled for 10 saros. In his day, once again there emerged from the Red Sea four hybrid beings of the same man-fish type. Then Edovanchus, from the city of Pautibiblon, ruled for 18 saros. During his reign once again another sort of man-fish being emerged from the Red Sea, called Odacon. He says that all of them were from Oannes, and he concisely describes them, one by one. Then the Chaldean Amenpsinus, from Lanchara ruled. His reign lasted for 10 saros. Then the Chaldean Otiartes from Lanchara ruled. His reign lasted 8 saros. Upon the death of Otiartus, his son Xisuthrus ruled for 18 saros. The great deluge occurred in his time. Altogether this makes 10 monarchs ruling for a total of 120 Saros and, now and a Sari extended to be 3600 years, a Naros 600 and as Sossus 60″.

This may be presented as follows:

1. Alorus 10 saros
2. Alaparus 3 saros
3. Almelon 13 saros
4. Ammenon 12 saros
5. Amegalarus 18 saros
6. Daonus 10 saros
7. Edovanchus 18 saros
8. Amempsinus 10 saros
9. Otiartes 8 saros
10. Xisuthrus 18 saros

This makes a total of 10 Kings and a total of 120 Saros. And they say that 120 Saros consists of 3,600 years. Such are also the figures related in Alexander Polyhistor’s book. And if, according to their chronology, there were really so many thousands of years amassed, and if the successors of these early peoples performed their acts and deeds over a similar extended period, and if only 10 kings could have lived for so many myriads of years, who could seriously believe that there might be any truth in such things and fables? Now it is possible that the Saros we cited earlier represented a shorter interval of time than what others have assigned to them. For example, the ancestors of the Egyptians spoke of a lunar cycle, that is, of a month containing 27.3 days and one of 28.58 days, which they referred to as a “year.” Others referred to three-month periods as “hours.” etc.

Accordingly, the Chaldeans considered that there were just 10 generations from Alorus whom they considered their first king until Xisuthrus. They relate that the great Flood occurred in the latter’s day. Furthermore Moses says that there were 10 generations before the Flood, and each generation before the Flood is described, one by one. The Hebrew history also reckons a period of 2000 years for those 10 generations. Curiously the Assyrian history also details the same number of generations as the writings of Moses do, though not embracing the same amount of time, since they reckon these 10 generations lasting for this Qabalistic period of 120 Saros. (See Moses years of Life until Death equaling 120, etc.)

Now for those of you seeking the truth in this matter it is simple to accept that Xisuthrus is the same as the man the Hebrews call Noah, during whose lifetime the great Flood occurred. Therefore we must first understand that these kings, while possessing a certain historical character, were no more than anthropomorphic representations of hidden cyclical numbers utilized by these ancient adepts. The 10 Saros were essentially the 10 DBRIM or the 9 deities arising out of the primordial waters of NVN. These were in a manner of speaking 10 generative functions which Knut M. Pauli called, “the tenfold nature”, of “pure geometry and music” signified by the 10 Sephiroth.

Pauli relates it thus, “The sum of the numerical white Lodge is equal to 120 and it is the cooperative result of the tenfold radial force with the 12 fold circular force. The way of connecting the 10 globes with the 12 rays is through the property of the number 10 and its relation to 4…the 10 globes arranged on the surface plane, 1, 2, 3, 4. The central one is surrounded by 9 globes in such a way that by connecting the 10 Globes center in such a way that it is connected with the 9 other globes, all the 12 rays are produced, which are called the cusps of the zodiac signs. In this way the 10 in the 12 are connected, which will take the place of the old, vague idea of the 12 signs being previously 10. There have never been more nor less than 12 signs in the true science, but the tenfold generative force has been frequently confused with the zodiac and supposed to have been a zodiac of 10 signs. The true difference lies in the polarization of forces; one is straight the other circular; they cannot change today any more than they could 1 million years ago. Then the angle of projection into the finite, the mortal mind from the space of immortal conception…the 10 globes…produces the 12 cusps of the zodiac”.

Each Saros, or Asar, is a demonstration of the generative flux of the 10 circles as they are depicted or manifested in time by the conscious interaction within the electromagnetic spectrum. Asar denotes an Osiris figure and the 10 Kings rule for a period of 120 Asars which is merely another way of stating ‘king’ as in the anthropocosmic measure of Adam, or the proper geometrical division; thus 10 kings, are Osiris depictions of Atum arising out of NVN, as 3600 x 120 = 432,000 years, where 432,000 is a secret cycle number derived from our consideration of 12/π= 3.819718634 etc. This line of reasoning must be worked out by the student.

On the one hand we can observe the solar radius of 432,000 miles, its 31 (EL) day polar axial turning, and the correspondence between the so-called Precessional year around the Sirian nucleus in connection with Orion and the Pleiades, which secretly conceals the generative factor of 10, (the metric tensor), described as a geometrical extension of the solar radius in a progressive development of electromagnetic radiation i.e., lines of force. Each so-called Hindu Age (Krita, Treta, Dvapara, and Kali=4-3-2-1) is merely the qualitative aspects, characteristics if you will, of the solar year radiative transfer given specific definition by spatial geometry. The same Four Ages were, according to Hesiod, the Gold, the Silver, the Bronze, and the Iron Ages respectively and are similarly disclosed in Daniel’s immense image.

Such a geometric progression as this is based solely upon the orbital position of the mysterious solar year, which is probably one of the greatest secrets of occult knowledge ever concealed from the HUMAN race. To be sure the sun has its day but it also has its year and this is most definitely not some 226 million year rotational period.

Accordingly Hindu astronomy considers seven unique divisions of this cycle as the seven Rishi’s, or Heads of the Great Bear, which were made sacred to the Serpent, or Typhon, which seven heads were truly the seven polestars. These so-called Rishi’s marked the time period of the Precession which was governed by the duration of the septenary division or the six globes surrounding the seventh consolidated point. These seven Rishi’s were the female counterpart of the Androgynous division of Night and Day and were attached to the seven male stars making up Ursa Major and the seven female stars comprising the Pleiades. Both of these so-called husbands and wives had an intimate relation to the Four Ages especially with regard to this final Age often called the Age of darkness and destruction or Kali.

This is further borne out by John Bentley in his ‘Historical View of Hindu Astronomy’, he says, “When the splendor of Vishnu/Krishna departed for heaven, then did the Kali Yuga, comprising 1200 divine years, 432,000 years of mortals begin, and when from Magha, they shall reach Purvashadha, then will the Kali age attain its growth, under Nanda and his successors.” This is the revolution of the Rishi’s, “When the two first stars of the seven Rishi’s rise in the heavens and some lunar asterism is seen at night at an equal distance between them, then the seven Rishi’s continue stationary in conjunction for hundred years.” It is in order to show the quantity of the precession of the equinoxes. It was done, “by assuming an imaginary line, or great circle, passing through the pole of the ecliptic and the beginning of the fixed Magha,*which circle was supposed to cut some of the stars of the great Bear… The seven stars being called the Rishi’s, the circle so assumed was called the line of the Rishi’s… And being invariably fixed to the beginning of the lunar asterism Magha/the precession would be noted in stating the degree…of any movable lunar mansion cut by that line or circle as an index.”

In harmony with this thought Blavatsky asks, “What age is this referring to? When Karttikeya was delivered to them by the gods to be nursed, the Krittika were only six – when Karttikeya is represented with six heads, but when the…biologists made of them the consorts of the seven Rishi’s they were seven… The seven Rishi’s were said to marry the seven Krittika…The Pleiades are the central group of the system of side real symbology. They are situated at the neck of the constellation of Taurus, regarded of the central group of the system of the Milky Way – the side real seven, born from the first manifested side of the upper triangle; the concealed. This first manifested side is Taurus, the symbol of one or the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph*…whose synthesis is 10, or Yvd, the perfect letter and number. The Pleiades, Alcyone especially, are thus considered, even in astronomy as the central point… around which our… Six stars revolve, the focus from which and into which the divine breath, motion, works incessantly…” (The Secret Doctrine)

We will recall that Aleph* = 1/π= .318 and from this we derive all of our subsequent divisions.

Now all movement is a measure of time and space and is to be considered under the heading of speed so that when we apply speed to a moving mass we can determine force. If we then seek to annihilate this force we must release a pent up potential energy which is merely a representation of the cyclical movement, or corresponding molecular velocity. In its elementary form this motion appears as heat, electricity, magnetism and light, and by measuring the force of a moving body in time and space, such as the earth, we do so by consideration of this motion’s velocity, or axial rotation speed and orbital speed, in relation to other fixed parameters such as other planetary bodies or solar systems, and galaxies etc. Therefore the determined aspects of such planetary or solar movements produce indices of density, and so on, which is but a reflection of these harmonically coordinated movements having been geometrically defined in space. In every case the colors of the 12 chromatic divisions of the zodiac reflect this unique correspondence and develop a coherent system of knowledge. For our solar system in particular we have clearly demonstrated the ternary division to be the basis of Osiris, Isis, and Horus in connection with the 3 – 4 – 5 triangle made by the three primary colors yellow, blue, and red as this is applied to stellar classifications etc. (See Hertsprung)

For the earth we could say that the force = 366.72 days or 8800 hours traveling in a circle of 92,565,604 x 2 x π miles etc. This would be a circular division of a Head or Rishi, (in Hebrew Rosh) which equals 213 and since the base of this measure is a factor of Mars and the Moon we can determine that the 6780+ mile circumference of the Moon divided by 2130 = 318 is subsequently an elevation of 1/π. Now 6780/π= 2160/π= 687 days for the Mars orbital force enclosing this Head value.

John Bentley goes on to say, “But Argabhata, in the 17th chapter in speaking of the orbits of the planets, gives us a nearer approach to the truth, for there he states the proportion 191:600, or as 1 – 314136, which gives the circumference a small matter less than the proportion of Bharkara and Lilavati. This, however, is not the intention of Argabhata, for it is employed in the Brahma Siddhanta, Surga Siddhanta and by all astronomers before the time of Argabhata, as well since, for computing the tables of sines etc., though not immediately apparent. Thus in computing the sines they take the radius 3438′, and the circumference they divided into 21600′, the diameter is therefore 6876, hence the proportion is 6876:21600. Reduce these numbers to their least terms by dividing these by 36 and the result will be 191:600 as stated by Argabhata.” (Ibid)

6780/π= 2160/π= 687 for Argabhattas diameter of 3435, hence by simple enumerations 3435 is in Hebrew Qabalah Gimel (GML=343) = the High Priestess who is a divider of the lunar asterisms. 687 is the Circle of this Head value or ROSH in its annual orbit, hence the circumference of Mars, or roughly 21,300 km, denotes an elevation and a specific consideration of this understanding in connection with the Moon by the factor of 6 since 355 x 6 = 2130 etc.

This measurement of the circle of Mars annual orbit, when it is reduced to an hourly form and then superimposed upon a 360° circle, is quite simply the mystery of the Qabalah. 687 days gives 16,488 hours for the circle, and when divided by 4 produces the hidden DBRIM, since 687 x 24 = 16,488/4 = 4122.4. Each of these measures of Mars and the Moon are also discovered in the Kings chamber of the Great Pyramid.

1. 20612/600 = 3435; the length of the Kings chamber
2. 20612/1200 = 1717; the width of the Kings chamber
3. 20612/1080 = 343 x π= 19.09; the height of the Kings chamber etc.

Furthermore we can elevate this division infinitely and this seems to be what is masked behind the Hindu usage of base 6 in the Yuga development. For example, in the Rig Veda there are 10,800 stanzas with 40 verses per stanza and by conversion we can show that 3435 x π= 10,800 or 6870 x π= 21,600 in connection with 40 x 10,800 = 432,000. This implies that 343, or Gimel, divides the Martian orbital circumference into two radial lines of 343 x 2 x π and it has been shown that this specific division is NVN, or 565 x 12 = 6780, where 343+565 = 777 and 7 x 7 x 7= 343 etc. Likewise 565 x π= 1775 x 12= 21,300, or Rosh, the circumference of Mars, therefore 21,300/π= 6780 for Mars diameter in miles.

The decreasing series of 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 leads one to the apex of the Pyramidal structure commonly referred to as the ‘Eye of Horus’ and this is merely another way of saying a specific manifestation of the electromagnetic influence which increases and decreases in direct correspondence to the yearly orbital position change of the sun around Sirius and the Pleiades. For example, if we consider this geocentrically then the perfect number 496 is a form of this radiative transfer rate divided by the quaternary year, or by the four solar seasons which give the Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron Ages respectively. These 4 divisions are essentially the 4 rivers issuing out of the Garden of Eden, GN – ODN, which is GML/NVN, or 53, and O – DN = 124, increasing or decreasing with variation by degrees. (Note that Ayin is the Eye)

Mars circles the sun and denotes this division by 6 x 6= 36 xX π= 113 X 5 = 565 X π= 1775 X 12 = 21,312 and subsequently 21,312/687 gives π³ or AL. What is of note here is how the 10 DBRIM signify not only Mars and the Moon but also Venus, since 333 X 71 = 23,643 = Venus circumference and 23,643/4122.4 = 5.735 Venus axial rotation speed.

In view of the Great Ages of the Hindus, or Kalpas, there exist abundant speculation and confusion as to the length of actual time being demonstrated. Many authors have taken the position that the cycles are too lengthy to be dealing with any substantial value of measurable Earth time. While other proponents, primarily of a more religious inclination, have taken them to be quite literal. However with a broader view of human history and a deeper understanding of the usage of the base 6 and 10 one comes to appreciate that our current use of this understanding is highly marginalized and does not take into consideration the manner in which the ancients utilized the secret knowledge nor how they codified it and then went to such great lengths to conceal it.

When we come to a deeper appreciation of this basic formula of 6/π= 1.909859317 we discover an invariable simplicity which takes into account the geometrical corrections needed to be made for 108, 216, 432, and 864 etc., which are all but further developments of this 6/10 = Ø. By raising up our figures of squares and circles we can determine that 432,000 years is symbolic and can be converted into its proper form where needed by those initiated into the secrets.

Blavatsky is one who is guilty of intentionally perpetuating this blind by persistently compartmentalizing this knowledge in her Secret Doctrine, however, she also leaves enough clues for the individual who is not satisfied with a mere cursory examination of such knowledge or one who does not position themselves from a religious vantage point to discover the hidden doctrine. In Volume One of her Secret Doctrine she defends her position regarding the antiquity of this knowledge by claiming that the Egyptian culture was an ‘already considerably advanced civilization’ prior to becoming what we would now consider historically to be Egyptian. In support of her position she points to the Denderah zodiac. According to many modern textbooks upon the subject the pyramids were constructed somewhere between the years 3350 BCE to 2450 BCE yet according to Blavatsky the pyramids are far older. And She is not alone in her assessment. Her premise resides in a detailed understanding of the Denderah planisphere which she believed to convey three processional epochs. She relates, “But we are also told that the relative position of Alpha Draconis and Alcyone being an extraordinary one, Draco and the Pleiades,…could not occur again for a whole side real year, the Great Pyramid must have been built 78,000 years ago, as in any case that this possibility deserves to be accepted at least as readily as the later date of 3350 BCE.” (ibid)

She goes on to relate, “Now on the zodiac of a certain temple in northern India, as on the Denderah zodiac, the same characteristics of the signs are found. Those who know well the Hindu symbols and constellations will be able to find out by the descriptions of the Egyptians, whether the indications of the chronological time are correct or not. On the Denderah zodiac as preserved by the modern Coptic and Greek adepts, i.e., the lion stands upon Hydra, the serpent, and his tail was almost straight, pointing downwards at an angle of 40 to 50°, this position conforms to the original confirmation of these constellations…but in many places we see the lion, adds Albert Mackey, “with his tail turned over his back, and ending with a serpents head, thereby showing that the lion had been inverted, which indeed must of been the case with the whole zodiac and every other constellation, when the poles had been inverted.”

This development appears to trace the Yvd, or polestar, in the Precessional epochs which, according to Gareth Knight was, ‘a manifestation of developmental influence arriving from Canis Major’. As he goes on to say; “Esoteric students of some experience will see the implications of this, for Sothis, along with the Great Bear and Pleiades, is a source of power behind the 12 zodiacal constellations, which in turn radiate influences to our solar system via the solar logos – our God.”

On the Tree of Life this is Kether=Alcyone, Chokmah=Orion, and Binah=Sirius. It is from this vantage point that the Yvd, and Heh, in the Son or Vau, is written as 10+5 = 15 = 1+5 = 6 or Tiphareth, that is Beauty where perfect harmony is engendered by this factor of 6.

The so-called Marriage of the King, or Asar, Osiris with his bride, is as M – L – K (Heh) (Malkah) a figurative depictional language that conceals the hidden understanding of cyclical time. Each major division of I –E-V-E is in this context a representation of the Four Worlds as they are each manifested volumetrically by the ecliptic King beginning in Kether which divides itself into forms –or Kalpas, which serve as the various stages of electromagnetic focal nodes between Chokmah= Orion/Osiris and Binah = Sirius/Isis. The circuit is then completed by the child who is in a sense, M – L – K – TH = 496, (Malkuth) uniting the Father, the Mother, and the Child together as a Unity in 3-4-5. The transmission of this influence appears to trace the path of undulations around a central axis and comes in striking is a great flash from the vantage point of the Mercurial Horus. By ending the circuit here we consummate the marriage arrangement engendered by the initial division of Unity beginning with the Pleiades. The earth then acts as a grounding of this force and divides itself into four quadrants to encompass the Four Worlds and the esoteric manifestation of the 10th sphere which consummates all the previous 9 into 1 central focus or IVD.

Each of the four phases of this cosmic influence increases or decreases with respect to the three peculiar divisions of the Tree of Life producing a 4:3 ratio of development as the Yvd traces itself around the wheel. Thus as each specific Age ensues there is a polestar alignment within that Age, seven of which demonstrate marked influences, and all of which proceed from the Dragon, or Draco, who rules seven heads, or Rishis, which appear to be married to the seven Pleiadian Suns*.

*A closely packed group of seven stars, the Pleiades are sometimes referred to as the Seven Sisters. But to such as the Aztecs, they were known as the Cabrillas. According to accounts provided by the early Spanish explorers of the 16th century, every 52 years the ceremony to mark the end of a sheaf period coincided with a precise observation of the Pleiades star group at midnight, when it appeared exactly upon the meridian. Now to be clear, in terms of a night-time observation, there is only one particular day of the year when such an event will happen; when one is able to observe the star cluster at the precise time of midnight, and at such a time when the stars themselves are located on the meridian line. At the precise moment though when this does happen, there is an active conjunction in evidence between the Pleiades, the Earth, and the sun. As indeed, at such a moment, exactly 180 degrees around the other side of the Earth, the Sun itself is at the ‘12 noon position’, and thus directly ‘behind’ the Earth and so lined up with the Pleiades.

In view of the above, it should be readily apparent then that there will be a notable discrepancy between the time interval of 32.5 Earth-Venus conjunctions (18977.4 days) and the time interval between two Earth-Pleiades conjunctions at 52 years apart. Indeed, the reason for this is that each of the two conjunction events involve, or rather rest upon, a different type of Earth year. In the case of the former, one is speaking of 52 calendar years, each of 365 days in length. In terms of the latter, 52 sidereal years, each of 365.256363 days. That this is so is due to the fact that the Pleiades, as a background star group, is susceptible to precession. One may note the difference between the two time intervals as follows:

Earth-Pleiades Cycle: 52 x 365.256363 = 18993.33088 days

Earth-Venus Cycle: (52 x 365) – 2.6 = 18977.4 days

18993.33088 – 18977.4 = 15.930876 days

In careful consideration of the above, there is nothing in and of itself that would suggest that a time interval of 52 sidereal years is of significance, purely from an examination of the basic time cycles that compose the Sheaf i.e. 365 and 260 days. Indeed, it is not clear at all how one could derive a time interval of 18993.33088 days from 18977.4 days, employing any sort of basic correction measure, with elegance or precision.

On the face of it therefore it would seem as if the two noted 52 year cycles are very much separate in terms of their actual physical duration, and that the Pleiades conjunction cycle is only loosely based upon the Sheaf. And yet, somehow over time, has taken precedence over it to become thecelestial event to mark the end of such a period.

But why is this?

Just what made the 52 year Earth-Pleiades conjunction event so important to the Maya and the Aztecs?

A Day of Disaster

The key reason why an Earth-Pleiades conjunction was held to be of such importance to the Maya and the Aztecs, is that it was taken to be a signal that could potentially mark ‘the end of the world’. Indeed, the Central American Indians were of the firm belief, in accordance with their prophecies and oracles, from an era almost lost to history, that at some future date, the very movement of the heavens itself would cease, and that this would occur at the time of an Earth-Pleiades conjunction following the completion of a Sheaf cycle. Of course, exactly which future Sheaf would herald this day of disaster was not known, and this indeed had an important bearing upon the ceremonies of the Aztecs in particular. This is because at the very moment of the Pleiades-Earth conjunction at the end of a sheaf period, a human sacrifice was made by cutting out the heart of a captive warrior, with the belief that this very act would ‘keep the world turning’ and prevent the heavens from cessation of motion.

The four divide the Precessional Wheel by the equinoxes and solstices and each in respect to the influence one either increases or recedes. It is a negative or positive result of this influence which causes the electromagnetic disturbances upon the earth.

By the Qabalah of the Hebrews and Hindus the ecliptic ruler, or Magha, is currently Leo and is considered to be as Shiloh, ‘whose commanders staff between the “feet of the lion”, does ‘not turn aside as lawgiver’*. In this sense the lion is the ruling star of Regulus and from here, ‘the obedience of the peoples would be’. This same idea was supposed to be represented in Egypt as Zep-Tepi, or the First Time, a unique allotment of rulership which was associated with Maat. By modern biblical interpretations we would say the restoration of Zion in Israel in the Holy land, and the return of the King, or Messiah, in the zodiac sign of Judah which is but a representation of Leo. It is from here that Messiah will spring to subsequently rectify the calendars.


The Messiah denotes the reconfiguration of the zodiac scheme and a reconciliation of forces between the measuring lines. Restoration of proper balance in rulership must of itself emerge from the Fountainhead which is Kether, and this must in turn eventually find its representation in Malkuth, and Melek = 432 + (V–TH) = 406 = 838 which is the signal of this type of reconciliation in the ecliptic by Tith = 419+ Tzaddi = 419 = 838 where the solar Strength is mitigated by Temperance or proper balance electromagnetically within the zodiac wheel.

*M-L-K = King and T-V = Saturn = 496.

This reconciliation is Messianic in that 656 balances the supremacy of alignments which is represented by the King Jesus placed upon or elevated upon the sacred Tau Cross as the unfolded Cube of Space, or as the proper division in the cycle which gives:

656+496 = 1152 = ADM = 144 x 8 and I. N. R. I = 1152 by the numbers. By this token we can demonstrate the mitigating influence of Aquarius as;

Aquarian form = M – L – K (Tz-D-K) King of Righteousness (Probity of Measures)

432 + 194=626/4=156.5=IEVE etc.

Leonic form= M – L – K (V-Th)

Here we can observe that the Hebrew and Hindu cycles codify the quantum values of light propagation in time by an extension of the radial axis of the sun in 432. Multiplicity therefore is 432 x 12 = 5184, or 432 x 48 = 20736, where 207 is a shortened form of this Aur, or light, the Hebrew word for gold. This little known secret reveals the entire basis of the Secret Cycle of time.

Take Gimel as 343 x π= 1080 to equal the lunar radius, then consider the elevation of Aleph = 111 x 6 = 666, and from this we can derive the following table of correspondences.

666* 666 666 666 666 666: 3996

414 414 414 414 414 414: 2485

1080 1080 1080 1080 1080 1080: 6480


666 666 666 666 666 666: 3996

486* 486 486 486 486 486: 2916

1152 1152 1152 1152 1152 1152: 6192

2232 2232 2232 2232 2232 2232

Total: 13,392 which equals:

Melek=432 x 31 (AL)
Malkuth=496 x 27
Adam=144 x 93

*666 = the Mark of the Beast, 414 = MIM and 486 is the Venus division, as well as the truncated height of the Great Pyramid in Giza.

Enough has been shown here to unravel the whole cycle if one were interested in such an endeavor. Each of the cycles is based upon the numerical form of the Dove and the Shanah, or 71 and 355 and in a roughshod Precession of 25,920 years both numbers are able to distinguish a special division:

25,920÷71 = 365
25,920÷355 = 73 and 355÷71 = 5 lunar sidereal/synodic time
73 X 5=365 etc. (73=Chokmah)

Here again we discover further confirmation that the Secret Cycle number is 2232. Let us recall that 2232÷7 = 318 and that this elevates 1/π x 1000, likewise remember that 6000 years is merely the elevation of 6 x 1000, and 6000 × 355 = 2,130,000 and this equates to 2,130,000÷5832 = 365.23, therefore a Sabbath would inculcate the addition of 1/7 of 2232 years over the course of an entire Precessional round of 26,784 years, which would subsequently correspond to the needed rectification, or the Hindu Pralaya.

5832 years is a countdown of Precessional time which begins in 3768 B.C.E and ends in 2064 A.D. with Sirius in 15° Cancer, or the Keystone of the Royal Arch degree, which Keystone is of this septenary division of the polestar in the position of Sirius with respect to the Sun and the Pleiades, the ruler of Leo etc. This time marker begins at the base of the Great Pyramid and extends to the truncated platform upon which the removable Holy of Holies sat.

It is of note that both the Hebrews and Freemasons begin their calendars countdown from the usage of the increments, or inches, considered as years leading us to the year 1775 – 1779 A.D, which is 565 x π. Their so-called “Year of the World” refers to this countdown of the “Lions paw” of the Sphinx and serves as the return of the ecliptic to its natural position, as well as returning the magnetic marker from 0° Greenwich to the Apex of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

This secret knowledge has never before been revealed but its significance can in no way be diminished simply because it has been concealed for so long. Its merit resides solely in its ability to answer all critics and provide a sound basis with which to further investigate and to establish its validity as a complete system of knowledge.

The septenary scale, or cycle, was double in that it divided two circles, one of which involutes and the other which evolutes. The evolutionary arc describes the mundane or physical while the involutionary arc signifies the spiritual. The turning inward is where the Back of the Head resides, or QVP=186=31 x 6, and Rosh=213=71 x 3 respectively, as the Front, that is 186 and 186×12 = 2232 etc.

The overwhelming complexity of the Secret Cycle is most pronounced here because of the general assumption that our solar system possesses only one star, but as i have hinted at in my paper ‘Anubis and Qvp-Ra’ QVP signifies the characteristics of Daath which is a conjunction, or invisible nodal point giving off unique forms of radiation in the spectrum. In Tarot this is represented by the Moon card which is unseen by the ordinary spectrum of light. Such a mystery as this is locked in and sealed by Amen-Ra.

With the beginning of the countdown in the year 3768 B.C.E we count forward 13,392 years and bring ourselves to the intersecting nodal points of the four Beasts of the Apocalypse, being the Lion, the Bull, the Man, and the Eagle, that is 13,392 years doubled = 26,784 which is a very close approximation to the 25,920 years of the generally accepted Precessional period. Here I will present the key to these time markers which can also be worked out upon the Tree of Life in connection with Cancer and Leo.

The difference between 25,920 years and 26,784 years is 864 years, which can be discovered to be a corrective value by utilizing an ellipse and a circle by combining these together with the harmonic mean. One will need to pay close attention to how this is demonstrated to fully grasp its significance.

First take 180×12 = 2160 then add 186×12 = 2232, now 180+186 = 366 which shows the numerical value of the keynote G# or the side of Mercy on the Tree of Life. Likewise the side of Severity will be simply based upon a 360° circle, while the Pillar of Equilibrium will demonstrate the harmonic division of 384 or 192×2.* Together the three comprise 384+366+360 = 1110* or Aleph multiplied by 10. Here we have the equator, the pole, and the ecliptic, red, blue, yellow or 3-4-5.

Now in 2232 years we find that it conceals 186×12 but also 1152+1080, therefore, 26,784 years would be an enlarged value by 6112 and 6400 by 6480×2 = 12,960 and 6912×2 = 13,824, giving 26,784 years which comprise the 12,860 years as half of 25,920, hence it inculcates the Equatorial electrical circuit and the polar Magnetic ellipse.

The circular value can then be converted into lunar time by taking 26,784 and dividing it by π giving 26,784÷π=8525.611992/24 = 355 which is 36×π 2. Each of our previous planetary measures whether they are derived Qabalistically, or from the Pyramids, evenly divide by this number.

*Kenneth Grant reveals in his book ‘The Magical Revival’ that, “Thelema, the Greek word for Will, adds up to 93, which is also the number of Agape (Love), its Qabalistic equivalent 93 is a key number of Crowley’s code, it is thrice 31, which is itself the number of the Book of the Law in which the magical formula of the Aeon of Horus (initiated by Aiwaz) are couched in literary and Qabalistic ciphers. Crowley himself did not succeed in interpreting all of them during his lifetime.” (The Magical Revival by Kenneth Grant)

4464×6 = 26,784, (see the square of Adam) therefore I suggest that 2232 is in fact the secret cycle number. Now AL x 6 x Adam= 31×6×144 = 26,784 and curiously we also find in this division a combination of MIM=414, which is a variable of 23, with 31. Again 138 = ALP or 23×6 and 138×192 = 26,496÷207 = 128 or by MIM = 414 = 64; and 26,496+26,784 = 53,280÷2 = 26,640÷2 = 13,320÷12 = 1110 which equals 525+585, and 13,320, as we discovered, is the circumference of Mars in miles. Each of these secret numbers also demonstrates a numerical division of the solar flare cycle by the 11 and 22 year divisions which unveil the secret of the Mayan Long count.

Now if we take our standard 1188 years then 1188÷11 = 108 or 36×33, which is one incremental increase of 36×32 = 1152. Here it should be noted that 33 signifies the axial rotation speed in miles of the sun at its magnetic poles. Taking 1188×12 = 14,256 and 1080×12 = 12,960, combining these two variations gives 27,216 and when we merge this with 26,784 we get 54,000 years as a variation of 1152 – 1188. Now 2130×6 = 12,780+2232×6 = 13,992 = 26,172 and if we double this to get 52,744 the difference between 54,000 ends up being, curiously enough, 1656 years. Here we have two unique enumerations derived from Qvp and Rosh. Rosh gives a value for each zodiac sign equal to 2130 x 12 = 25,560 and Qvp gives 2232×12 = 26,784, the difference between them being 1224, the very core radius of the Earth in kilometers.

At this point we are searching for an answer to the meaning behind the usage of 33 as a symbolic representation of the division of light, and why, for example, the Freemasons utilized 33 to be there Sublime degree, or for that matter why it is repeatedly emphasized throughout all occult literature. It seems rather apparent that 33 denotes an Apex or height considered as propping up the head by the corresponding usage it has with the 33 vertebrae of the human organism. If so it would certainly lend credibility to it being divided by a Night =Qvp and a Day =Rosh value, that is of the Moon and the Sun respectively.

The Sun                                                                                 The Moon
Front Rosh                                                                         Qvp Behind
Day 12,700 years                                                         13,392 years Night

“The Binary Stars”

Now if the Hebrews and Freemasons utilized 3768 – 3760 B.C.E as a turning point in the cycle it most certainly had a practical basis. It is important here that we consider the possibility that the so-called countdown, while unknown to the uninitiated, was one of the most crucial pieces of occult knowledge and one which, for those truly in the know, was followed with the utmost scrutiny and attention to detail. Of all the cycle numbers in use this one is by far the most significant seeing how it implicates a coming earth cataclysm.

Keep in mind the I-CH – V –(E) is the occult enumeration of 186.5 and that 186.5×12 = 2238. Between the years 3768 BC to 2238 A.D. are 6006 years which is approximately 546 magnetic flips of the sun, and 546÷2 = 273. What I’m suggesting here is that the ancients not only knew of the so-called solar flare cycle but that they measured them to an exact numerical pattern and were able to distinguish between the Dark star in our solar system and the Daystar, and that the difference between them somehow affected the earth as well and this is what motivated the initiates to begin their calendars in 3768, seeing how the Daystar had passed into a specific season or quaternary compartment in the two great circles of time.

The variation between the solar magnetic cycle and Rosh and the solar magnetic cycle and Qvp is 52,776-52,344 = 432, while the variation between both of these and 25,920 is 26,784-25,920 = 864 and 25,920-25560 = 360. Likewise the difference between two magnetic cycles of the sun is 27,216×2 = 54,432 and 26,784×2 = 53,568 or once again 864.

These two differentials then combined to give 864+360 = 1224 km which is approximately 764 miles or 1÷3.1415 times 2400, the side of the Great Pyramid, and the radius of the earth core.

The added importance attached to the 11 year division of time is attributed to the equatorial radius of the earth. The radius of 3960 miles signifies 360 of the solar flare cycles since 360×11 = 3960. Or conversely 2 radii of 720×11 = 7920 for a diameter. Here we have the elevation of the Man=Aish=113 and Eve=565, since 720×π÷4 = 565÷5 = 113÷π= 36, so that 360 signifies 2 Eves, or 360×π= 1130 = 565×2, which is a reduced form of the lunar radius of 2160÷360 = 6, etc.

From 3768 B.C.E. to 2238 A.D. there are a total of 6006 years which corresponds to exactly 546 solar flare cycles by the 11 year divisions or 273 by the 22. From 3113 B.C.E., coinciding with the beginning of the  Mayan calendar, to 2232 there are approximately 243 solar flare cycles and 5346 years. The difference in years between both calendar reckonings is 660 and the difference in cycles is 486-546 = 6011 year cycles or 3022 year cycles. The Hindu calculations really reflect one last half of the cycle or 3113-3102 = 11, made, it seems to coincide with the Venus transits and the Sirian calendars. The intent of each of these calendars reflects the passage of 6,000 years of time. Thus from 3768 BC to 2232 A.D. there are 6000 years of creation. The six extra years correspondingly is transitional.

*We observe the secret cycle number on the Moon Tarot card given definition by the dividing yellow path of the ecliptic and the order of the Yvds on each side, by 9 and 9, in the order of succession as 2 – 2 – 3 – 2 etc. Both Qvp and Rosh (the Sun tarot card) reveal 31 Yvds for the emanation value;

2238÷318 = 7, (2238 is 186.5×12 2238/√5=1,000)

(318×π= 1000)

Now 6006 years -12 years gives 5994 years and Aleph = 111×54 = 5994 which corresponds to a more accurate approximation of 3762 BC +2232 A.D. or a subtraction of six years from 2238 and six years from 3768 etc. The division which yields 273 cycles is cubical as 273×8 = 2184, and 273 is merely one angle of the Cube of Space enclosing the earth geoid. Therefore it seems that the institution of the Sabbath, or the seventh node, begins in 2232 – 2238 A.D. This transition is essentially from I-EVE to I-CHVE or 156.5 to 186.5, which combined produces 343* or Gimel… 156.5 denotes the year 1878 A.D., a year of great importance in occult fraternities as well as to secret society members such as Thomas Henry and H.P. Blavatsky to name only a few.

*186.5+156.5 = 343

Now lest we somehow forget 3768-1528 = 2232 and 1528 = 764×2 or 1÷3.1415 x 4800 and 2232÷3.1415 = 710 and 1520÷3.1415 (Elohim) = 486 which is an occult key I have elaborated upon elsewhere. It was with this knowledge in mind that the ancient Temple builders of the Maya, Hindu and Egyptians constructed their edifices.

Now the inverted pentagrams denote the power of the Venus and Mars force in reverse, hence by a unique transposition, for example, by an electromagnetic polar shift, the ‘heel’ becomes the ‘head’. In occult symbolism Venus rules the heel while Mars rules the head but here they are reversed, therefore Pisces not only ends an Age but also marks a transition in the cycle of 7 which involves a minor Pralaya or obscuration. The observed climate oscillations and the subsequent rumblings in the earth are all indications of this geological shift in time. This shift can be given electromagnetic definition in the scale. It is such a shift which is producing the noticeable effects of climate change or global warming– it is not man-made. Blavatsky confirms this for, “ever since the time of the regular establishment of the zodiac constellations in Egypt, the poles have been thrice inverted.” (The Secret Doctrine, vol 2. pg. 356-58)

She goes on to relate:

⦁ “Africa as a continent, it is said, appeared before Europe did, nevertheless it appeared later than Lemuria and even the earliest Atlantis. But the whole region of what is now Egypt and the deserts was once upon a time covered with the sea, was known firstly by Herodotus, Strabo, Pliny, and all the Greeks, and secondly through geology. Abyssinia was once upon a time in island, and the Delta was the first country occupied with the pioneer emigrants who came with their gods from the Northeast. When was it? History is silent upon the subject. Fortunately we have the Denderah zodiac, the planisphere on the ceiling of one of the oldest Egyptian temples, which records the fact. The zodiac, with its mysterious Virgos between the lion and Libra, has found its OEDIPUS, who understands the riddle of the signs, and justify the truthfulness of these points who told Herodotus that:-(a) the poles of the earth and the ecliptic had formally: Seidel and (b) that ever since the first sabbatical records were Commenced, the polls have been three times within the plane of the ecliptic…”

⦁ “As assured by the Egyptian priests to Herodotus, who was informed that the terrestrial pole in the pole the ecliptic and formerly coincided, thus was it found and corroborated by Mackey, “the Mythological Astronomy of the Ancients Demonstrated”, for he states that the poles are represented on the zodiac in both positions, “And in that which shows the poles (polar axes) at right angles, there are marks which prove that it was not the last time they were in the position: but the first-after the zodiac had been traced’. “Capricorn, he adds, is represented at the North Pole and cancer is divided near its middle, at the South Pole, which is a confirmation that originally they had their winter when the sun was in Cancer, but the chief characteristic of it being a monument commemorating the first time that the pole had been in that position, are the Lion and the Virgin.”

The manner in which these geological shifts in time occur is generally held to be gradual, yet the overwhelming evidence seems to indicate that the onset of such a rift in the magnetic field can be quite sudden. Consider for a moment then that the electromagnetic balance of the earth is synchronized with the lithospheric displacements and oceanographic stability and that the toroidal motions of the dipole have a dramatic effect on climate change and we have an answer to our present paradox. Two periods are highlighted here once again, and are the BOUYS of celestial time–the winter solstice and summer solstice, that is the Serpent and the Messiah.

Qabalistically these two periods are known as the flood of Noah and the Day of Burning, or Day of Judgment, the Egyptian Ecpyrosis. When we consider the aforementioned information regarding Sirius we learn that Sirius regulates the equatorially plane delimited circuit, hence the path traced by Sirius in the cycle coordinates with the passage of the Moon, Mars, Venus, and the Mercurial cycles. It is at the consummation of such a Great Cycle, when the Cube of Space is completed, that such polar shifts occur giving way to a ‘New Heaven and a New Earth’.

Blavatsky highlights the symbology revealing that the term Earth is Qabalah. She says, “that which is generally meant by earths and worlds, relates (a) to the rebirths of our globe after each Manvantara and a long period of obscuration, and (b) to the periodical and entire changes of the earth surfaces, when continents disappear, to make room for ocean and oceans and seas are violently displaced and sent rolling to the poles, to cede their emplacement to new continents.”

And what is the driving mechanism of such changes?

Blavatsky answers: “a slight increase in the present obliquity of the ecliptic.”

With this we are able to reveal the secret of the cycle for 11 is a base figure of the division. Take Chiah equals 23×11 = 2233 (in years) then in order to complete a precession of 12 divisions, we must take 186×12 = 2232 so that 186.5×12 = 2238 is implied twice; for 26,784 as 2232×6 = 13,392 with a .5 which gives an additional 6 years.


1            2             3          4            5            6
2232 – 2232 – 2232 – 2232 – 2232 – (2238)

(2238) – 2232 – 2232 – 2232 – 2232 – 2232
12             11         10           9           8             7

Total: 26,796 years = 246×11*


Arnold Mackey believed that the alternation of the poles has resulted in a great change in the relative position of the equator and the zodiacal band. His contention is that originally the band was at right angles to the equator which would place Cancer opposite of the North Pole and Capricorn opposite the South. The same idea adorns Crowley’s Universe tarot card where he purposely positioned Cancer below and Capricorn above the elliptical circular band.

Our suspicions are heightened when we consider that the last great shift on earth coincided with the Noah flood narrative. All speculation aside there is abundant geological evidence which lends credibility to such a contention. For example, it is long been conceded that the foraminifera and the flora found in the digestive tracts of the thawed woolly mammoths did not originate in a frozen tundra but rather a tropical region. It was also during such an upheaval, in the later stages of the Paleolithic age 15,000 to 10,000 BC, that the ice caps in Europe began retreating and rainfall began to increase in the more parched areas such as northern Africa.

One of the modern proponents of such a contention who spent a considerable portion of his life involved in politics but also in studying ancient Atlantis, Ignatius Donnelly, concluded, “We have as yet, no clue to the source of this great and sudden change of climate. Various suggestions have been made-among others-that formerly the inclination of the Earth’s axis was greater, and that the submersion of the continents underwater produced a decided increase of cold.” (The Destruction of Atlantis)

Donnelly continues, “Why is there no drift deposits in the drift deposit region of the northwestern states of America? They admit that the poles have not always been as they are now, and that some terrible shock displaced them, changing at the same time the inclination of the axis of rotation of the earth… (And if) the glacial age meant ice on a stupendous scale, then it must have been preceded by heat on a stupendous scale. The primary cause of the glacial epoch may be the elevation of the temperature in the tropics.”

The ancient world was united in believing that the cycles of time came to a conclusion by some sudden catastrophe. In fact many of the mythological stories handed down throughout the world relate to two specific periods of time in association with the tropics…a destruction by water in a day of burning my fire were clouding thick smoke covered land and darkness overtook mankind.

Blavatsky, who is no doubt privy to the secrets, continues, hence arose the belief in a box of time in nature, elaborated by ancient philosophers, and the cycle of the stars, the great days of Brahmin, long periods of time rounding off by sweeping destructions, the cataclysms, Ecpyrosis of the Universe. Some thought in all these things perished, others a few survived… For instance Epictetus favors the opinion that at the Solstices of the Great Year not only all human beings, but even the gods are annihilated and speculates whether at such times Jove feels lonely. Macrobius, so far from agreeing with him, explains the great antiquity of the Egyptian civilization by the hypothesis that the country is so happily situated between the pole and the equator, so as to escape both the deluge and conflagration of the great cycle. (Ibid)

Blavatsky concludes her remarks in Isis Unveiled.

“Thus, be it remembered 1.that the universe is not a spontaneous creation, an evolution from preexistent matter; 2.that it is only one of an endless series of universes, 3.that eternity is put it off into grand cycles, in each of which 12 transformations of our world occur, following its partial destruction by fire and water, alternately. So that when a new minor period sets in, the earth is so changed, even geologically, as to be practically a new world.” (Pg.455)

Modern theories tend to downplay the significance of these earth changes and any evidence put forward by freethinking and independent investigators is met with the same scorn and ridicule by our modern scientific caste as was given to Galileo or Copernicus. The simple fact remains incontrovertible; the same mechanism which produces solar flares is the same mechanism which reverses the earth poles; and, “It is at the close of Great Cycles, in connection with racial development, that such events generally take place. We are at the very close of the cycle of 5,000 years of the present Aryan –Kali Yuga, and between this time… there will be a large rent made in the veil of Nature.”

Curiously, it is admitted, even in the Encyclopedia Britannica, that, “This (polar) reversal is very sudden on the geologic timescale, apparently taken about 5000 years… And the timescale for reversals is so rapid that it clearly cannot be caused by geologic processes alone. Furthermore, it is demonstrated that field reversals cannot be caused by simple decay and reappearance of pre-existing fields. The electrical conductivity of the core is too high to allow the field to decay on such a short timescale.”

Should we consider it then a minor coincidental conjecture that both the Mayan 5th Sun and the Hindu Kali Yuga correspond to a similar 5,000+ year period, or that the Hebrews and Masons began their calendars to count down a 5,000+ year period of time coinciding with the incremental inch to mile usage of the Great Pyramid? Are we to suggest also that the present rapidly waning magnetic dipole and erratic weather patterns we are observing today are simply par the course? I think it is highly unlikely that each of these cycles could concurrently run side-by-side if they were not all part of a Secret Cycle, one which is able to inculcate the arcane science of the ancients while simultaneously answering for the modern critics.

According to Blavatsky, “The true Sabean astrological doctrine secretly taught that within this double sign was hidden the explanation of the gradual transformation of the world from its spiritual and subjective into the “two-sexed” sublunary state. The 12 signs were therefore divided into two groups. The first six were called the ascending, or the line of the Macrocosm, (the great spiritual world), the last six were called the descending line, or the Microcosm, (the little or secondary world). The mere reflection of the former so to say. This division was called Ezekiel’s wheel and was completed in the following way: first came the ascending five signs (euphemized into patriarchs) Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and the group concluded with Virgo – Scorpio. Then came the turning point, Libra, after which the first half of the sign Virgo – Scorpio was duplicated and transferred to leave the lower, or descending group of the Microcosm which ran down to Pisces, or Noah (deluge). To make it clear, the sign Virgo – Scorpio, which appeared originally thus, became simply Virgo, and the duplication, , or Scorpio, was placed between Libra, the seventh sign which is Enoch or the Angel Metatron, as mediator between spirit and matter, as God and manN now became Scorpio, or Cain, which sign or patriarch led mankind to destruction according to exoteric theology, but according to the true doctrine of the wisdom – religion it indicated the degradation of the whole universe in its course of evolution downward from the subjective to the objective.” (Isis Unveiled pg. 456)

Geologically speaking the timescale for such magnetic polar shifts must of necessity coincide with this division of the Day and Night, or male and female, that Blavatsky is referring to. Likewise such occurrences must also reflect the position of Sirius in the solstice periods. The assertion is then correct, field reversals are not due to specific ‘geologic processes alone’ but are induced from above in specific planetary alignments and the position of the sun creates conditioning affects which in turn are passed on to the earth from the core.

The Denderah zodiac contained this veil of thought in its symbolic language and imagery. There the so-called ‘three virgins’ denoted three precessional rounds and also three inversions of the pole and if the secret teachings are to be accepted as true, Virgo, in her role as Astrea, is the last of the gods to forsake the earth.

“The student has to remember also, that when Ganymede’s, (Aquarius), is raised to heaven (above the horizon of the North Pole) Virgo or Astraea, who is Venus – Lucifer descends head downward, below the horizon of the South Pole, or the pit, which pit, or the pole, is also the Great Dragon or the flood.” (ibid)

Unmistakably this coincides with our own; however, the inversion of positions is here evident… Instead of Pisces – Aquarius being raised to heaven it is Virgo – Leo. This is clearly demonstrated upon the Cube of Space which places Virgo in the North – Above direction while Aquarius is in South – Below. According to Blavatsky the Great Dragon, or Draco, is in this context the issuer of the flood observed on the Empress Tarot card and spoken of in Revelation 12, which is another key to this hidden symbology.

Leo is said to be vanquished when he falls below the pit, signifying this flood of influence issued by the great Dragon, therefore the deluge is marked by the Virgin and Leo ascending while Aquarius during Noah was preceded by Pisces descending. It is at this point that the Ganymede’s Eurydice is carried off by Pluto, a form of Mars, into the pit or underworld of Hades.

It is the seven headed scarlet colored Dragon who breathes life upon the scarlet colored seven headed beast of the earth and while iconographically the image may evoke ridicule in the scientific community it is one that is largely based upon validated and highly scientific principles of physics. It is the radiation of particles flooding the earth which feeds its vitality by a perpetually descending magnetic flux entering the earth in “the door” of the North. The flood must therefore refer to an increase in these particles and an overcompensation or interference pattern which somehow affects the earth core. These interference patterns can be either constructive or destructive but in either case their influence on earth during these time periods become remarkably pronounced.

By marking key celestial points in the Precession of the equinoxes the ancient initiates ensured that posterity would remember. The extensive records left behind certainly reveal, to those who know how to read the celestial signs, that we are indeed approaching a critical stage in the cycle. Antiquity, if it had one thing in common with our day and age, it is the mythological character of the solar God being born and dying. In Egypt it was Osiris in the victory of Horus over the Seth – Typhoon serpent and it was the victory of the sun over the time, when “darkness fell upon the face of the world”.

Such a period would have left behind racial scars deeply embedded into the social consciousness and recollection of such events would have certainly  been passed down from one generation to the next. For those few elect who sought to maintain the vital records of such events they would seek to ensure that this knowledge would never be lost by encasing it in stone in one of the greatest relics of the bygone age…in one of the most comprehensive monuments to such a historical legacy-the Great Pyramid. Such would be written into the stone architecture of the living Temple embodying the principles of anthropocosmos discovered throughout the Earth and joining together the Maya, Hindu and Egyptian teachings of the New Age to come.

Jay. Ralston Skinner offers enlightening testimony of Temple symbolism revealing not only the astronomical features of the Hebrew Temple but a foundation of inquiry that will lead one to understand Anthropocosmic and geocentric comparisons. I quote him here in extension as taken from his: ‘The Key to the Hebrew – Egyptian Mystery in the Source of Measures’.

“The astronomical features about the Temple were plain. The entrance was toward the rising sun, or the vernal equinox. The holy of holies was in the west of the structure, toward the setting sun, the audible equinox. The great quadrangular was oriented and face to the four winds, or N, E, S, and W. The brazen sea had on its new ledges the ox, the cherub or man, and the lion. The lion was the sign of summer, the man of the winter, and the ox of the spring. The sign of autumn, or Dan, was left out – that worm all devouring, never dying, the scorpion. Nork relates that the Temple of Notre Dame, and Paris, was formerly a temple of the goddess Isis, or the sign Virgo. On this Temple was sculptured the zodiac with its signs, that a Virgo Isis was left out, because the whole temple was dedicated to her. So with the Temples. The whole religious culture of the Israelites was located in the sign Dan, or Scorpio, Fort was here that, ‘I have waited for thy salvation, oh Lord’. Under another form, Scorpio was the gate of the woman; Fort was the door of the evening or darkness. In Genesis, God says of the evening, or darkness, that it should be called Lilah. Prefix the letter D, or hieroglyph of the door, and the results D – Lilah, or door of darkness, or gate of the woman, or the place of the new conception – that Gates into which Samson, as the sun shorn of his beams, his seven golden locks, type of the seven sunny or prolific months, had to enter in the autumn of the year. It is said that anciently the signs Virgo and Libra were somehow held as one, then there would run the three months of July, August, and September, as embrace between the signs of cancer, the crab, and Scorpio – that is, Leo and Virgo, as the male – female, would be embrace between two similar creatures, the crab and Scorpio, or between the two cherub rooms, just as were the two cubes of the holy of holies. Water was a female element sacred to the womb, or producing power. ‘Born from the womb upon a flood’. Brass was a metal symbolizing the netherworld, or the winter sun, or the darkness of the year, which is that of the womb where life should be given to the New Year. This recurring year was symbolized by a serpent swallowing one or more units of its length the end of its tail, and this was a female emblem as reproducing itself. The word for serpent was in Hebrew, Nekash. But this is the same term for brass, and has, also, the singular meetings in this connection:’ properly the firm, hence the basis, ground support of the bottom of the kettle standing on the fire: figuratively, the female pudenda. The brazen sea was Typhonic then. (See the Devil card in Tarot and the Hebrew letter Samech.) The brass works belong to Dan, who held the gate to the depths of the darkness… Who was Hiram? The son of a widow, a woman of darker black weeds, of the tribe of Dan, who sign was the scorpion. He made the work pertaining to his portion of the zodiac – that is, the place of Typhon, the Baphomet of the Templars of winter, of darkness, of woman, of the womb, etc.… The year, personified by the sun, was as God, supposed to be thus married, but at Scorpio the worm was represented as separating the male and the female parts, whereby one and the female part of the deity, going down to her own place of the dark woman, into the waters, became, as brazen rays, or rays deprived of the golden fructifying power, widowed… equals the North, the evil side of nature… Typhon, the brother of Osiris, held sway beyond the gates of Sheol, and was also represented in the whirlwind… Typhon held the gates bordering on Libra.” (See The Cube of Space)

In the second volume of Sharpes History of Egypt, page 202, he states, “The Eleusinian mysteries, within the Temple of Ceres (bread) and Proserpine (gate of Scorpio autumn and wine) in the southeast corner of Alexandria… The priestesses had, for four centuries, walked in procession through the streets, carrying a sacred basket, and latterly, it had become known that this basket held alive serpent, supposed to be the author of sin and death.” This mystical basket of the sacred mysteries was thought to contain the figure of a serpent and this serpent was Typhon (Samech), representing the division of the male and female sexual reproductive organs.” Thus the scrotum is signified with the male – female combination, which was sin, and by a figure was birth under a form of death.” (ibid) In this sense the gate of Scorpio was a woman, or the fish’s mouth which was NVN, or the autumn equinox as Libra, hence the Yvd entered to complete the Cube of Space as 164+565 = 729 etc.

The ancient method of exhibiting the yearly cycle was the usage of this Typhoon serpent swallowing its tail and denoted the Hebrew Shanah of 355 lunar days. “Now in fact both Dan and the fish symbolize the same thing. The zodiac sign of the tribe of Dan was in Scorpio and to the tribe of Dan was geographically assigned to place Dan embracing the sources or springs of the river Dan, which, as coming up out of the netherworld, was the manifestation of the fabled rivers Styx. So indeed, as it signified the place of entering another condition by death, it also represented the allied condition of a new birth.” So we see here a play upon the usage of NVN and death together with Libra – Scorpio who was Cain.

The vacuum was the female mouth signifying the place of birth or the source of all things, and it is the arrow tip of Cain’s lance which pierces this veil of darkness, as Abel, a type of spiritual birth. The Serpent swallowing its own tail was also a symbol the reoccurring year which was ruled by the magnetic oval symbolized by the copper washbasin, the northern concavity, or depression, to the center of the earth. In Hebrew, both the Serpent and Copper signified the female reproductive organs. Such a symbolism was also concealed in the fire Phoenix motif.

The same intent was behind the ‘heel’ symbolism seeing that the yearly circle was typified by 365 days where one month was 28 days, seven months of 217 days and four months of 30 days. The seven months was a composite form of this feminine division by seven and by five – two, which both reduced to 7 and 7. The 28 day month is figurative of the month of the female or the shedding of blood i.e., the rainy month of February or Aquarius. The symbol of the month 7×4 = 28 was the menstrual cycle and the cycle was consummated by the deluge of Noah. In astronomical charge to symbolize the month of 28 days is the fish. In this symbol of the month of 28 days was two fishes going in opposite directions, or 565×2 = 1130. 1130 is a circumference with a diameter of 360 taken to represent a standard for the yearly circle, and the Garden of pleasure, or paradise, in a quaternary division.

Skinner relates, “It is a Hebrew compound of the verbal Parad, to divide, and the appended Samech, signifying the circle bounded by one side of the square. The letter Samech stands for 60, in the face of a square being 60, the full cube (to represent the full sphere) having six faces, would represent 60×6 = 360; so that the term Pardes, or paradise, would signify the division of the circle of 360. In fact, Qabalism takes the Samech as the divided circle, which the Hebrews represented in plane forms, as of the square for circle, and as of the cube for sphere.”

He goes on to say, “the balance signs were Aries, the Lamb, and the balancer, Libra, opposite out of Aries, the Lamb, the sun now having acquired its fructifying power, enters the sign of the Bull, presided over by Venus, the type of love and germination. The border of the sign of the Lamb, then, was that of Taurus. Opposite to this, the sun, descending from the lower edge of Libra, or the balance, entered into Scorpio, presided over by Mars, with his hasta as Libra was by Cain, or Pater Zadic, the just one, who, being a Mars form, and carrying the hasta, as the sun descends to the lower edge of the balance, pierces it with his spear, just as it is described as to Abel; for it is not the word to slay, or kill, but to pierce, but also as impregnating the place of Scorpio, or the gate of the woman, or Delilah, with the germ of a new life… The point of greatest anxiety, and of dread of expectancy, was of that in Scorpio, or of the death of the sun. The place of Scorpio was the pit, or the Hebrew word Shiac (=318), the place of death, the door of Hades, or of Sheol but true to the type, as the sinking sun was held to be a dead sun, on entering the door of the devouring worm, the night, or Lilah, or woman, prepared to give birth to the new one. So, by parallelism, the soul only passes the door as a preparation for resurrection or new birth. In the heathen representations of this place or condition, under the form of a woman, over the mouth of the womb, was drawn the picture of the skull with the crossbones. The symbol was that of the door of life, as but a note of change from the condition of death. As death was to be considered the greatest evil, the place was hateful, and considered bad, and full of sin; so that here all that was evil, dreadful, and sinful, was the very accompaniment of all that was to be hoped for, most delightful, and most enjoyable… To the tribe of Dan, geographically, was assigned a place in which were the headwaters of the Jordan, or the river Dan. The word in Hebrew bears this meaning and thus it becomes the river of judgment for Dan is judge, or judgment, or Dan, or of Sheol, or of Hades, or of Styx, where was located the place of judgment of the departed spirits. Therefore the river Jordan had its headwaters in the springs of Scorpio, or the gate of death, or the vagina of the woman… was the site of the ancient Dan, out of which very spot welled forth the great spring of the Jordan River… The localized type of the pit, emptiness, the gate of death, or of Sheol… Astronomically, it was the death of the sun, but a death which was the precursor of the new sun. The death planted life in the womb of darkness, of Lila, or of Egypt… ‘Dan was a serpent in the path, biting the horses heel’, that is of the zodiac circle consuming itself in increments, where the horse by virtue of his four legs symbolized the cardinal divisions which began in the sign of the centaur or the Sagittarius figure, causing the horse to fall backwards, that is the pole to reverse.

Here we have a direct relation between NVN and Samech in connection with Libra and Scorpio, which is Death and the Devil. Aries was the sheep symbol demonstrating the growing strength of the sun, while the Ass-Typhon-Devil was the symbol of the sun in its decline, the Lord of the descendent. The descendent into the pit or concavity, the Ouroboros, begins first with the conditional change of the sun at the autumn equinox in the West where the sun dies in Libra.

Interestingly there is a parallel one observes when considering the Death Tarot card in connection with the Nile. Egypt was considered as a place of darkness, or of the womb, and was by virtue of this fact opposed to Mount Zion, as female and male figures. As the river Nile is one of the four rivers issuing out of the garden, Egypt was considered the type of woman, a personification of which brought forth or bore the child, or the place of the birth of time.

*”The Phoenix was also an ancient constellation in which Sothis, or Sirius, was the chief star, and probably corresponded to the complex of stars now known as Cygnus and Aquila. The Phoenix or Ben new bird was the hawk, heroin, ibis, rook, nycti-corax, of the Egyptians. The peacock of the Hindus and the Eagle of the Romans are cognate symbols. According to Pliny the life of the Phoenix had a direct connection with the great year of cyclic renovation, in which the stars and seasons return to their original positions. The duration of the cycle is given variously by different authorities. One authority ascribes to the cycle a period of 666 years, each may have been another reason why Crowley chose the Phoenix as his secret name in the O. T. O. Other authorities ascribe to it the much longer period of 1461 years, which is the length of the Sirius cycle, and according to Herodotus, the Phoenix reappears every 500 years.* The constellation once known by that name was an image of the Sothic or Siriadic year, because it arrived at the Meridian at the time of the rising of that star.

*see Noah’s life before the Flood

The Egyptologist, Lepsius, proved that the priests of Egypt were acquainted with the phenomenon known as the Precession of the Equinoxes. The worshipers of Set were the most erudite astronomers of Egypt as well as being the builders of the Great Pyramid. They were acquainted with the true length of the cycle of precession and calculated it as a period of 52 Phoenix periods of 500 years each.* This makes a grand total of 26,000 years – the great year of the Egyptians.

The Phoenix, or eagle, was also a name of the Nile. Diodorus noted that when the waters of the Nile were sweeping down in full spate was known in this phase as “the eagle”, because of its exceeding swiftness and impetuosity. In terms of magical symbolism, the Nile represented the Mother Goddess whose annual inundation literally created the land of Egypt by depositing the rich alluvial mud that caked about her banks. The most ancient form of “physical geography” was founded on the female form; the woman below, being the earth; the woman aloft (i.e. the celestial Nuit) being heaven, and whether as the woman below, with feet pointing towards the Great Bear constellation – the Goddess of the seven stars – or as the Great Bear itself, inner Africa was the womb of the world, Egypt being the vulva or outlet to the north, the Nile itself forming the vulva of the woman “below”.

The word “aeon” has a twofold connotation, for besides signifying a cycle of time, it is also a name of the solar-phallic God of the Gnostics and illuminati. Hargrave Jennings, (The Rosicrucian’s, their Rites and Mysteries), describes a Gnostic gem representing Harpocrates seated upon a lotus which springs from a double lamp formed of twin phalli united at their base. This is symbolic of the Lord of the Wand of Double Power. Above his head is his title – Abraxas – and over this is his name IAO. Abraxas, was a lion headed deity whom the Gnostics sometimes called Aeon. Abraxas is the Logos, Aion, and Harpocrates, in other words, the Word is the lion – serpent that is preceded by the formulation of the Babe (Harpocrates). From Abraxas is derived the word abracadabra, which resumes all these ideas in its 11 fold vibration. The numerical value of abracadabra’s 418, which is that of the Hebrew letter Cheth spelled in full (i.e. Hebrew). Chaith is the number Eight, which is the seal of Hermes – Thoth – Mercury, the God of Magick. The figure 8 is, by shape, the caduceus of Mercury in the emblem of infinity. In the Book of the Law, Hadit (or Set) declares “I am eight, and one and eight”. The identification is with Sothis the manifestator of the Seven Stars of Polaris (the Great Bear constellation which symbolizes the Dragon-Nuit). She is the mother of the Primal Gods, and her formula of Change, or Magick, is manifested in One, her Son, i.e. Sothis or Sirius, who, in his occult character symbolizes the Son behind the Sun.

Magick is spelled with a “k” because Chaith, its Hebrew equivalent, is the number of the Great Work, and the letter of Hermes, or Hermetic science.

Cheth (8,418), “k”, being the number of the Great Work, the formula used by occultists, as well as alchemists, to denote the consummation of the marriage of the individual and cosmic consciousness. The key to this Magick is to be found in Cheth’s astrological attribution – Cancer, the House of the Moon…

*(Set represents the absorption of the projected energy of Horus.)

In the Eastern tradition the process is called Opening the Eye of Shiva, which is also the Eye of Set, because it sucks into itself all the light that Horus has projected. It is in this sense that Satan came to represent the opposer (of the Light). More precisely, Set is the Destroyer through Identity, for Satan – as the name implies – is the combination and balance of North (Nuit) and South (Hadith), or consciousness, and its projection is the objective universe. This explains the equivalence of Set, the God of the South, and Nuit, the Goddess of the North. (It is largely believed that the Sun turns Northward upon entering Capricorn)

In ancient Egypt, tomb and womb were interchangeable terms. The woman brought the birth into the material world, the tomb into the spiritual world. The ideas of resurrection and re-erection were also interchangeable. The phallus correct, or rising, symbolize the resurrection to the new life in the spiritual world, but also signify the ability to live and to cause to live again; it was said to “die” in the act of transmitting the vital principle, it’s Word, it’s Truth.

(See Franz Hartmanns, Life of Paracelsus)

Orion represented the risen Horus of the glorified deceased at least 6,000 years ago, when the Star (astral body) rose up from the dark Death in the West, the underworld of Amenti.

(Ayin=The Tower=Shiva the Destroyer=No-Thing, absorption, reabsorbed into primal Selfhood entails the Destruction of the Ego, the limited complex of human personality.

When the current is reversed, consciousness assumes its own form, which is in reality No–form, for it is Void, i.e. beyond form. The void is that Atman of Hinduism which is equated with the true moral principle, the real self. In the void state, pure bliss is experience, as in deep dreamless sleep. There is no know were there, no object to be known, no man or woman, no subject or object. Consequently, consciousness assumes its own nature, to self-effulgence. When the state is entered knowingly one cannot say consciously, for there is never a time when consciousness is not then deep sleep becomes not forgetfulness but instant self-awareness which is pure knowledge the nature of which is bliss. By this means the Tantric seeks release from the thrall to him of matter, from the duality of the phenomenal and not your mental universe. It is an orgasm of consciousness, a flowering of consciousness beyond all duality. “The light of the body is the eye, and therefore if the eye be single; the whole body shall be full of light…”

The Eye is the symbol of the seer, it is the consciousness that illumines objects and makes vision possible. It is also a symbol of the Yoni, the source of images.”

(The Magical Revival, by Kenneth Grant)

The magical weapon of the Magician was the wand, or phallus, symbolized as the erect phallus and represented in Egypt as the god Mentu, or Mm, as the ithyphallic form of Horus and from Mm is derived the word Man. This eventually developed into Mendes, sacred to the goat and the Nome which was partitioned to signify its influence.

The earliest calculations of time centered around the revolution of the serpent Draco, or Nuit, around the Dog Star (Hadith). The seven rayed star of Babylon is a glyph of the spirit of Sothis/Sirius and is the Star Isis. The Beast, or Dragon of Revelations, is seven-headed in that the number seven has a direct connection with Venus and her planetary revolutions. It is necessary for the inquiring student at this point to draw together these many disparate symbolisms in order to assimilate the hidden teaching.

In the Northern pole the Devil rules, grabbing the Cube of Space, as “hooks of the pillars” with the claws of an Eagle, where the hook signifies the binding together of the male and female, the opening of the Cistrum which is sacred to Isis, or ISA, which is the type of virgin woman of Time first observed the wellspring of life in the Star Tarot card and Peh, (Capricorn), the Winter Solstice symbolized as the point of departure and the point of consummation being in Death. The Star represents astral consciousness and our units of time, described in the secret Indian Tantras, act as specific vaginal vibrations. (See the pool of water)

Close examination of key seven of Tarot – the Chariot – reveals its relation to the stomach and the carapace shell which encloses and protects the vital human organs. The charioteer “within” is an expression of the inner self and the sphinxes are considered the senses. Here they are dull and have no reins by which to be driven which infers that the human mind is an invisible master. The chariot is the embodiment of this inner principle active in all human endeavors, the real self which guides our personalities.

The conversant idea of victory, the summit of the of the Royal Arch, the Meridian Height, all reflect the sun in its elevated self-conscious form as a divine expression of will put forth by the virgin goddess of ‘the Star’ tarot card. The Chariot protects the Self, clothes it in robes of state, subconscious activities which wrap up the solar influence within, and separate the two principles, conquest of illusion in the battlefield of the mind and the subsequent victory over the visions which lead it into a quagmire of fixation of thought… indeed are all highlighted in the Chariot.

The starry canopy above the charioteer is the Star Tarot card and is the clothing invested to govern the division of the Night with a real child is to be born is discovered here. The Star represents Capricorn and the Chariot signifies Cancer and it is the crab which grabs the soul – giving it an embodiment in flesh. The Star represents all these forces which are at work when the soul seeks to descend into matter, it is the same force which surrounds you and which seems to be above us, the influence of distant stars and planets of the zodiac. The charioteer is the composite of these influences organized into a body by the integration of spiritual energies of concrete or terrestrial form. The expression high noon applies to him while all the counterpart expressions of low noon to the Star.

The secret of the Chariot is to be discovered in the Tropic of Cancer. As an example of this consider Sirius A and its companion Sirius B which will revolves about Sirius A every 50 years as the Hebrew Jubilee, or the Hebrew letter NVN=50=Binah. The Sothic cycle is therefore a key to unlocking the greatest mystery portending, not only to our solar system, but to our planet as well. The ‘keystone’ is – “the Stone” of the Royal Arch and is that which produces the heptagram and its unique geometrical division.

The placement of Sirius at the Meridian height (12pm)* consummates a Great Cycle of Time which has its parallels in Noah and his Ark in each of the two solstice periods. It is in these two periods that the earth changes are most pronounced and in which the solar system as a whole aligns itself in a specific conjunction as it revolves around the Sirian nucleus.

*”Satan is considered the God of the South; however, his votaries face north when invoking him. Dion Fortune observes, “Crowley gives the North as the holy point towards which the operator turns to invoke, instead of the east, whence light arises, as is the classical practice. Now the North is called the ‘place of the greatest symbolic darkness’, and is only the holy point of one sect, the Yezidees, or devil worshipers.”

*According to Crowley, “Our Sun was thrown off from another Sun, around which it revolves, taking 25,827 years to performance cycle of one year.”

*The history of Pharaonic Egypt begins in roughly 4300 BC with Manes (Mentu=Magnetic bone)* equals foundation and is related to the left thigh and right shoulder which is governed by Sagittarius/Gemini. According to Schaller de Lubicz the beginning of the Egyptian Dynasty coincided with the precessional age of Gemini in roughly 6696 BC. The premonumental times of Egypt begin before Menes reign which, according to one authority, began in 5,776 B.C.E., this is considered the Time where reckoning was made of the circumpolar Stars such as Ursa Major, or Typhon. She was the goddess of the North and was identical to Nuit and Isis. Crowley refers to this in his Book of the Law where Nuit proclaims, “I am Space and the Infinite Stars thereof”, she is the Primal God of the Seven Stars which were perceived as her spirits or children. These seven were manifested by Set in the Southern constellation of Sirius. It is here that concentration of the Eight, the Height of Heaven in the South, was conceived. Nuit therefore reigns toward the North. The Mother has her brood of seven which culminates in Seth which is a manifestation of her Light and in Egypt was considered the Opener of the Year by announcing the inundation of the Nile which began to occur in the Summer Solstice, when the Sun entered the sign of the Lion.

*The Underworld was that region of Hell and, according to the Egyptians, was named Amenti, or the place of the Hidden Sun. Amen literally means “the concealed one” in the land. It is thus considered the abode of the spirits of the deceased. (The fractioned parts of Osiris, or the sub consciousness)

The Lunar blood refers to 13 cycles which characterize the ancient lunar cult of this Underworld. It is related to the North and the Night (the Moon and the Star) which is founded upon the female element of menstruation.

Seth is the great initiator and Opener of man’s consciousness to the Rays of the undying God a representation of Sirius i.e., the Sun in the South, which cycle is of roughly 1460 years. Albert Churchward explains: “The first celestial hero was not the Sun, but the conqueror of the sun and solar heat. He was represented by the Dog Star not only as the fire God, but it got over fire; the season when the sun was in the sign of the lion and the heat in Africa was intolerable, then Seth, as (a form of) the Dog Star, or Suti-Hor (Orion) arose, and as the sun had been attained at supreme height began to descend, the Dog Star, Orion, was hailed as the conqueror of his cause of torments. The lion, as is apparent from its place in the zodiac, was the type of the furious summer heat… Out of the slain lion comes the honey.”

*And when the six millennium arrives, which is the secret of Vau, namely Yesod, spelled with the Vau, which is Zeir Anpin, then the Vau shall elevate the He, which is the Nukaba, at the time of “six multiplied by 10”, as the Vau (=6) rises up to the Yvd (=10) of Yvd He Vau He, which is Chokmah. And then the Vau descends to the He, and brings to it abundance. And when the Vau, which is the secret of Zeir Anpin, reaches the completion by reaching 60 (by multiplying 6×10), the Nukaba is raised from the dust. So every 60 years during the six millennium the he is strengthened and rises up through its own grades to become fire. And in the 600th year of the six millennium, the gates of wisdom of above and the fountains of wisdom below shall be open. The world shall be prepared to enter the seventh millennium, as a person prepares himself on the sixth day, as the sun sets, to enter the Sabbath. And as a mnemonic for this, we take the verse: “in the 600th year of Noah’s life… All the fountains of the great deep were broken open.”

(The Zohar, volume 3, pg. 430 vs. 444 -445)

“And the Holy One, blessed be He, shall be with her in exile, during the sixth millennium, according to the count of Vau: Vau = 6 x Yvd = 10 = 60, and 10×60 = 600, namely, the year 600 of the sixth millennium. And then he shall rise and visit the world, which is the Nukaba, to execute judgment. (vs.450)

“The children of Israel shall be redeemed from exile by the Vau = 6 which represents the sixth millennium.” (vs.476)

3760 BCE to 2238 A.D.

June: 2238 A.D.
Aquarius – Leo

(22 solar flare cycles between 2001 – 2243 A.D. = 242 years) “The number 11 appears moreover as of capital importance in initiation, especially in its multiples 22, 33, 77.” (Oswald Wirth)

The Planetary Pyramids of Giza and the Qabalah

In the vast literature extant upon the Giza pyramids most of the measures are based upon arbitrary and highly antiquated surveys which do not allow any substantial basis for further inquiry.Here is a summary of my planetary pyramid hypothesis which sets out to convince the reader that the three main pyramids in Giza were accurate measures of the seven planets and cyclical time focused and centered around the earth core and the moon. Also, I have included references, which suggest these pyramids in effect measure the precise value of light speed.

Two predominant measures are utilized in the pyramids which flow one into another based upon the Golden ratio, that is the metrical system, or base 10, and the British/American, IS, or the base 6.

For example, one British/American inch = 2.54 cm = 0.0254 m.

1 foot = 12 inches = 30.48 cm = 0.3048 m.

1 cm = 0.39366 inches = 0.0328 feet.

1 m = 100 cm = 1000 m = 39.36 6 inches = 3.28 feet.*

*3.28×2 = 6.56 etc.

Each of these measures can be shown to be a specific reconfiguration of the earth and moon electromagnetic diameters and circumference values.

The Royal, or Cycle cubit, has been verified to correspond to 20.612 inches and serves as the convertible measure between the Metric and IS. Although there are various cubit measures that have been discovered to be in use each of these were indirectly taken from the measure of the earth geoid at various locations longitudinally and latitudinally with respect to the geomagnetic properties of the earth and moon based upon the division of a 360° circle. In some instances, this cubit has been found to be lesser or greater than 20.612 inches, however, 20.612 is the primary measure.

An example of this is simply expressed by the sexagesimal division of earthly time where 60 Minutes is equivalent to 1° and where 60 seconds are equal to one minute of arc, therefore there are 60×60 = 3600 seconds of 1° of arc in a circle.

*Regarding the pyramid dividing this arc it is found that 51° 53′ converts to 51.84° etc.

Extensive research on the pyramids has taken place over the course of the last 300 years, beginning in more modern times, with Napoleon’s expedition in 1799, and concluding with the Cole survey in 1925. The accumulating evidence is overwhelmingly verifiable toward a unique scientific technical know-how by whoever constructed these edifices. Today no recent surveys have taken place for various political reasons, and no others have utilized the proper measures to show the practical purpose behind pyramid construction.

Unless otherwise stated no other cubit value will be utilized in our discussion of the Giza pyramids, other than the usage of seven palms of four digits for a total of 28 digits, equal to a rod of 20.612 inches. The so-called short cubit of six palms, as well as the Remen cubit and the long cubit will not be treated here so as to avoid confusion out of practical necessity, seeing how the pyramids were not built to convey such a usage.

The length of the Royal cubit has been shown to measure 0.5236 m, or as approximated by Stecchini in 1971, “in the neighborhood of 52.3 cm”. Petrie gave the value of 20.626 as the original value in 1887 and Kingsland also adopted in 1932 20.612 inches, as well as Isaac Newton, Professor Gustav Seyffarth, and numerous other investigators and researchers which are too many to mention.

Taking Stechinis value of 52.3 cm we can determine that the perimeter base of the pyramid equated to approximately 444 cubits or 231 m. It is my contention that the pyramid perimeter was meant to convey 1÷π elevated to a value based upon a sexagesimal division derived from Ø. Thus 444 cubits per side corresponded to a height of roughly 282.3 cubits, or 148 m.

It has been suggested that the original pyramid was composed of 210 courses of masonry meant to convey the multiplication of the first four prime numbers, since 2×3×5×7 = 210, but this of course is assuming that the Giza pyramid ended in a point. Some researchers have concluded that this indeed was the case and that this point capped off and was surmounted by a six cubit superstructure or pyramidion, however, some researchers disagree. Pochan, among others, has suggested, in agreement with Diodorus Siculus, that the pyramid ended in an elevated oblong platform of about six cubits, or 3 m in height. If this is indeed the case then we would need to reconsider the fact that this platform is not square but rectangular and what this would essentially imply architecturally. (A pyramidion, as we understand it to have a square base, would certainly not fit into a rectangle). Tradition avers that whatever the device in place over the rectangular truncated platform was…it was removable, hence was manufactured for a very specific purpose that would have certainly taken this fact into consideration.

The pyramid angles for each of the four hypotenuses have been variously estimated by numerous authors but to date none of them have taken into consideration the intent of the original construction – which most certainly was intended to accurately measure the earth core and the various axis angles of the earth’s shifting electromagnetic properties. Most of the conclusions regarding the pyramids practical function are obtuse and do not consider this premise from the outset. The angle typically accepted is 51.57′ for 51.84° of arc as these may vary for the four electromagnetic cardinal directions. According to Herz-Fischler the angle of inclination of the hypotenuse is 51.844°.

Herz-Fischler also gives these measures:

Length of side – 230.4 m (232) Height, to a point, 146.6 m (148)

Interior diagonal of the pyramid base – 325.8 m (325-326)

Hypotenuse – 186.5 m (Cheva)

As for the so-called displacement factor, or concavity of the four triangular faces, see Davidson and Elder Smith, 1924, where Davidson postulated the displacement revealed the exact length of the year, the precessional cycle, and the dimensions and shape of the earth, pg. 124 – 137. In fact it was Davidson who proclaimed, “The Great Pyramid’s displacement factor, 286, is the key number to understanding the Great Pyramid’s prophecy.” This displacement is in respect the polar wandering and the shifting magnetic field.

The Cole survey has also suggested a divergence of the pyramids position relative to true North, and consider true nor to be the 0° point. This positions the Great Pyramids orientation slightly west of the direction of true North at an average of 3′ 6”, which is validated by the fact that the same deviation has been discovered in Khefres pyramid.

Petrie confirmed this, he said, “The orientation of the Great Pyramid is about 4′ West of North; a difference very perceptible, and so much larger than the errors of setting out the form, that such a divergence might be wondered at. When, however, it is seen that the passage, which was probably set out by a different observation, nearly agrees in this divergence, it seems unlikely to be a mere mistake. And when, further, second pyramid sides, and also as passages, all diverge similarly to the west of North, the presumption of change in the position of the North point itself, seem strongly indicated.”

The Cole survey orientations

North 89° 57′ 32”

South 89° 58′ 03”

East 359° 54′ 30” True Azimuth

West 359° 57′ 30”

N.E – S.W 44° 56′ 45”

N.W – S.E 314° 57′ 03”

*359 to equal 360°

(89 to equal 90°)

(44 to equal 45)°

Such discrepancies reveal an apparent change in the axis of rotation for the earth which can be shown by the present geomagnetic orientation of the pyramids themselves. The deviation is uniform and seems to suggest that the magnetic axis of the poles is a fundamental feature of the earth’s electromagnetic progression in the core. Such an understanding would need further validation, however, if Prof. Hapgood’s conclusions regarding crustal displacement are accurate, then one would also need to include the toroidal motions of these polar movements as they are transferred to the tenuous lithospheric and asthenosphere sheath covering such a core.

It is my contention that the primary or original geodetic point for the earth’s geoid, which divided longitude and latitude with respect to the magnetic north and true North was positioned to coincide with the apex of the Great Pyramid at 0° longitude East and approximately 1° latitude North. The variation between the present two is 31° east to approximately 29.9° North in connection with present day Greenwich Meridian. This just so happens to be positioned one zodiac sign away from Egypt and seems to imply a working knowledge of secular variation or of the westward drift of the magnetic dipole. Thus as each Precessional Age expires another 30° segment can be traced out until reaching back once again at the Primal Point in Heliopolis. (See Bauvals “The Egypt Code”) Could this potentially be what Genesis 49:10 is relating to and what Revelation 7 and 14 are hinting at?

Beginning in Genesis 49:8-12 we read, “Judah, thou art he whom thy brethren shall praise: thy hand shall be on the neck of thine enemies, thy fathers children shall bow down before thee. Judah is a Lions whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone he stooped down, he couched as a line, and as an old-line, who shall arouse him up? The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be. Binding his foal onto the vine and his asses’ colt onto the choice vine, he washed his garments in wine, and his clothes in the blood of grapes. His eyes shall be red with wine, and his teeth white with milk.”

Now lest we lose sight of the astounding Qabalah here, Judah signifies Leo, the “stooping and couching lion” is both a force and a position with respect to the great Sphinx in Egypt. The scepter is the line of the ecliptic, and the rulership passing through Regulus is the couching lion in the constellation of Leo. The vine is the growth and development of the magnetic fields, in the creation of the electrical currents, “the outer garments” which are these fields.

In the development of the new Cube of the Aeon referred to in Revelation, we find in Revelation 7 and 14 the leadership role that Leo or Judah takes with respect to this selfsame idea. The premise resides in the Quaternary division and the messages arising from the eastern quarter where the Lamb, Aries, “stands upon the Mount Zion” as an elevation of Adam = 144, then in the third septenary in chapter 21, there is the consummation by the erection of the New Cube, with “a great and high mountain that was like unto a Stone most precious with 12 gates, and at the 12 gates 12 messengers”, divided into a Quaternary square by the four directions as 4:3. The length, breadth, and height were Adam, 144, elevated by 12×12,000 in respect to 1/π×12 = 38.2 or 19.1×2, with the wall being 144 cubits, “according to the measure of man”, that is Adam, or Aish, 144 – 113=31. This could be elaborated in great depth but let the student take all previously related information and apply it to the narrative and the Qabalah becomes evident.

With respect to the geomagnetic properties of the earth one discovers that the only opening into the Great Pyramid is on the north face of the structure, which is according to Petrie, “between the 18th and 20th courses”, generally attributed to the 19th course. (Actually the platform of the entrance begins at the 16th course). The opening then leads into the descending passage which is geodetically oriented to true North, in fact deviating from true North by only 3′ 44” or 3′ 43”, suggesting to other investigators that this angle of descent actually marked the original orientation for the entire pyramid. But why would the pyramid builders be so concerned with such astronomical details of the earth geoid?

Pochan asserted that, “The pyramids entire interior layout was linked to the impeccable placement of the descending passage on a plane strictly parallel to the pyramids Meridian plane.” The Cole survey placed the accuracy to true North even closer. The angle of the dissent was according to Petrie 26° 31′ 23”*, others have also is given closely parallel measures for this angle. It is of note that these angles demonstrate sophisticated astronomical knowledge and it seems that this specific angle when doubled gave 53° and was used in the ascension and ascension as a description of the passage of I + E + V + E = 26 in relation to the great dragon who was personified in Egypt as a pregnant hippopotamus, the gestating Mut, or Mother – represented in Tarot as the Empress*.

*Keep in mind that 52.3 cm is equivalent to about 1.8 cm digits, so that 14 digits have a metrical value of √2 = 14.1421, thus 1.86×14.14 = 26 cm, approximately, and its double the cubit.

*This is spoken of in Revelation 19 as “the marriage of the Lamb”, the ecliptic, with the North, or the Emperor and the Empress of Tarot.

Both Petrie and Cole utilized Polaris at a specific period of elongation to determine the angles of the ascending and descending passages. Now the angle of the ascending passage is closely parallel to that of the descending passage that being between 26° 2′ 30” to 26° 18′ 9”, Kingsland verifies this, which again validates the angular approximation which he aligned in a true North to South sighting just as the sides of the Great Pyramid indicated, in fact Petrie suggested, “that it may be assumed parallel to that +- 3′ ” for the pyramid side”. The Grand Gallery also discloses a similar angle of ascent.

Other passages in the chambers have been purposely omitted here as they tend to only complicate the matter. Without a proper knowledge of the pyramids true purpose these do not lend to any credible analysis. Enough will be presented here to satisfy the curiosity and lend to further investigations. The architectural spirit of the pyramid was summarized by Richard Proctor in 1883, when he said, “We have seen that the great pyramid is so accurately oriented as to show that astronomical observations of great accuracy were made by its architects. No astronomer can doubt this, for the simple reason that every astronomer knows the exceeding difficulty of the task which the architect solved so satisfactorily, and that nothing short of the most careful observations would’ve been able to builders to secure anything like the accuracy which, as a matter of fact, they did secure. Many not acquainted with the nature of the problem, imagine that all the builders had to do was to use some of these methods of taking shadows, as for instance, at solar noon, which has to be first determined the notice, or before and after noon, noting when shadows are equal, which is not an exact method, and requires considerable care even to give what it can give – imperfect orientations, and so forth. But to give the accuracy which the builders obtained, not only in the orientation, but in getting the pyramid very close to latitude 30°*, which was evidently what they wanted, only very exact observations would serve… In the first place, many seem quite unaware of the difficulty of orienting a building like the great pyramid with a degree of accuracy with which that building actually has been oriented. One gravely asks whether a plumb line, so hung as to be brought into line with the polestar, would not have served as well as the great descending passage. Observe how all the real difficulties are overlooked in the solution. We want to get along line – a line at least 200 yards long – in a North and South position. We must fit its two ends, and as the polestar is not available as a point along the line. We set our plumb line at the northern end of the line, and our observing to or whole, or whatever it may be, only it is not a telescope, for we are Egyptians of the time of Cheops, and have nine, at the other. The polestar being an altitude of 26 1/2°, the plumb line should be nearly 100 yards long to be seen, near the top, coincident with the polestar, from a station 20 yards away…then its upper part, thus to be seen without telescopic eight at night, would be 200 yards away. The observer’s eyesight would have to be tolerably keen.”

*30° would appear to be relative to 0° Greenwich, and does not consider the possibility they sought a true 0°.

If one pays close attention to what Mr. Proctor is asserting it is clearly evident that the astronomical aspects of the pyramid required sophistication and a technological know-how that the Egyptians certainly did not possess. It is well-known that Petrie in 1883 and in 1885, as well as Cole in 1925, cited the polestar by using modern instrumentation and were thereby able to work out true North and at the same time reveal the geodetic accuracy of the Great Pyramid’s original orientation.

Richard Proctor also suggested in 1883 that the Eastern displacement served as an observatory before the final completion of the pyramid. His reasoning applied proper logic to the original intent in the design of the edifice – as a machine – and taking into account to earth physics. He stated, “An observer should occupy the very center of the square top of the as yet incomplete pyramid so that the middle point of each side would mark a cardinal point, while the angles of the square would mark the mid-cardinal points. Also the central point but not only to command direction – lines to the angles and by sections of the sides, but to be commanded, without observation, by direction – lines from these points. Thus the upper and of the great ascending gallery should not be exactly at the center, but somewhat either to the west or to the east of the center of the Great Sq., Summit of the incomplete pyramid.” Such an idea suggests knowledge of polar wandering and the so-called westward drift closely associated with it.

Stechinis argument was that, “The basic idea of GP was that it should be a representation of the northern hemisphere, a hemisphere projected on flat surfaces, as is done in mapmaking… The GP was a projection on four triangular surfaces. The apex represented the pole and the perimeter represented the equator. This is the reason why the perimeter is in relation to 2:3.1415 with the height. The GP represents the northern hemisphere in a scale of (1:43,200); this scale was chosen because there are 86,400 seconds and 24 hours. But then the builders became concerned with the problem of indicating the ratio of polar flattening of the earth and the length of degrees of latitude which depend on the ratio of this flattening. Next they incorporated into the pyramid the factor 1.618 as the key to the structure of the cosmos.”

Historically we define our evolution by stages of gestational flux, the ebbing and flowing cycles of time as a demonstration of certain developmental characteristics that to our minds seem implausible. Through the mist of these past ages certain vague images certainly stand out starkly contrasted from their surroundings as iconic figures of these bygone eras, and no image is more evocative than the Great Pyramid, yet at the same time no image is more enigmatic.

True science is based upon an application of such an inquiry and by applying knowledge to the usage of these accumulated facts we gain benefit from its truth in that it fortifies the mind against the intrusive nature of error and lies safeguarding us from those who would perpetuate these lies for their own benefit. Truth is practical and if the pyramids are anything they are practical and are an application of this true science put into operation for a utilitarian purpose

The facts I present here clearly demonstrate that the pyramids were not tombs nor were they as, Bauval erroneously conjectured, a representation of Orion’s belt, although the geographical outline of Egypt certainly was intended to represent this quarter arc of Leo to Taurus. The simple truth is the pyramid served a practical function and for some unknown reason inculcated the measures of the terrestrial planets into their architectural design.

The Great Pyramid displays numerous correspondences which unite it with natural earth core physics and planetary scales of time.

Thus far we have treated the two numerical values associated with the angle of the hypotenuse which conveys the usage of a Golden triangle where 51° 53′ is equivalent to 51.84° (Herz-Fischler gives 51° 50’40”, 51° 52’and 51.84° or 51.86° respectively as a mean)* this provides us with the standard angular value which connects it directly with 5153 – 5184 and the cubit. The conversions of metrical and the IS are also evident as 1 m = 39.366 for a corrected value.

The general assumptions put forward about the pyramid measures state that the Great Pyramid was intended to convey 440 cubits for a side as is demonstrated as a divisible value of the earth equatorially, however, it is my contention that the side of the pyramid was intended to display the magnetic/polar diameter which shows not 440 but 444 cubits. In order to validate this we use simple geometrical procedures and our standard cubit of 20.612 inches making direct comparisons with the passage of the moon around the earth. The assumption, and that is all that is, that the side of the pyramid was 440 cubits, more than likely began with Petrie; as well as considerations regarding the standard height value of 280 cubits which dates back to Perring.

*According to Schwaller de Lubicz there exists a cubit of 51.85 cm, consolidated as 5.18 m, throughout the Temple of Luxor. See the Temple of Man, vol.1 pg.291

Our rational basis for the cubit is not determined by the length from the forefinger to the elbow rather from an occult understanding of lunar sidereal and synodic time, hence we derive 2612 from the Messiah 656 which is but one day/month/year of the moon in hours. According to Stechini 20.612 inches was the value utilized in the pyramid architecture which is another way of saying π÷6 = 0.523598776 m. The Cole survey of 1925 is the most recent survey of the pyramid and he gives the following measures for the square base platform. This platform was elevated 20.612 inches above the ground.

Figure 125

Pyramid base

North – 230.523 m

South – 230.454 m

East – 230.391 m

West – 230.357 m

North East to Southwest axis = 325 m

Northwest to Southeast axis = 325 m*

*325 m gives 2132 feet approximately

*Intended to convey 232 m

The Day of 243 Earth days is 5832 hours of Venus

Venus day of 243 earth days is 5832 hours, the pyramid height in inches, now in this height we imply eight cubes of 729, or I – V – D + E – V – E, since 729×8 = 5832, which also implies 164×8 = 1312, giving two lunar cycles, as Messiahs, in 656×2 = 1312. Curiously we can take 164×8 = 1312 and adding it to 565×8 = 4520 gives 5832, therefore, in the general height of the Great Pyramid, as well as in the two sides of the Great Pyramid, equal to the earth core, are made to coincide. 243 thus gives a division of the Venus transit cycle by 105.5+8+121.5+8, that we have treated elsewhere, dividing 243 x 2 gives 121.5 and dividing the cube of seven 29 x 2 gives 364.5-243 = 121.5. Do we see the co-relation then? When we utilize this Qabalistic understanding we can discern 972 for the perimeter of the pyramid by 3056÷3.1415 and we convert this it inches we obtain 1164 inches or 565 cubits. Likewise we divide this cubit perimeter by four we obtain another interesting result five is divided by 4 = 141 or the square root of 2×1,000.

In 40 years Venus has 8 conjunctions with the Sun drawing her pentagrams in the Earth sky, hence the biblical symbology of this usage ’40 days and 40 nights’ discloses an important aspect concerning the Venus transit period. Many features of occult knowledge result from a further investigation of these transits. One Venus transit equals 243 Earth years and if we take this Earth year to be 365.2263374 days, multiplying it by 243, we will obtain 88,750 Earth Days. Eight transits will thus yield 710,000 Earth days. 88,750 Earth days is equivalent to 3000 synodic Lunar months or 3250 sidereal Lunar months. Likewise eight more transits will give 24,000 synodic months and 26,000 sidereal months revealing a synchronous relationship between 300:325 equal to 24:26. We will recall here the usage of 71 and the Shanah of 355 (Jonah/John=71 and 71×5=355), as well as that of 88.75 days which is one year of Mercury , 355×2= 710 being 12 days of Mercury, or 2 Shanah’s of 355 lunar days.

*This means that 88,750 days is equal to 1000 years of Mercury.

*A very interesting co-relation exists the multiplying these two numbers, 764×243 = 186,000 very close to 432²= C².

Venus transits the Sun every 243 years with precise regularity giving intervals of 8–121.5–8–105.5 years to coincide with an inter-locution of the Earth core, seeing how 764 /π= 243. This means that 88,750 Earth days is equivalent to 1000 years of Mercury. Two Venus transits would therefore be the same as saying 486 years; or utilizing the Earth core diameter as a circumference value, 486 years would be 177,500 days and this gives EVE, that is 565 x π x 1000, which equates to approximately 500 Shanah’s. (Recall that Noah lived 500 Shanah’s before the flood occurred in his 600th Shanah)…

Another interesting tidbit of information allows us to reconcile the Sirian cycle of 1460 years with these cyclical numbers. If we take 486 Earth years, or two Venus transits to get our 177,500 days, we can divide this by the Sothic cycle and come up with 1460×121.5 = 177,500, since our Sirian cycle of 1458 divisions is a specific harmonic division of the Cube of Space. It is also curious to note that 17.75×1460 = 25,920; a Precessional division of the 360° circuit; 5832 must therefore have a practical basis in cyclical time and I believe it is meant to convey the 5832 years per the inch for the height of The Great Pyramid, which is equal to 24 Venus transits, or one full Venusian cycle. It will also be recalled here how both the Hebrews and Masons utilized this measure for their calendar reckoning. For example, both begin their calendars from the base of the pyramid, considering 5,832 inch/year to be an epoch of some great value which they call, the “Year of the World” beginning in 3768 to 3760 BC. Tracing Venus 24 transits and the Syrian cycle together we are able to unravel this mystery for the calendars are set to end with Sirius position in 15° Cancer, between the years 2061 to 2073, bringing the Sirian Sun within the geocentric Meridian Height; the greatest strength of the Sirian Sun in the Summer Solstice, or the 33rd° Royal Arch Degree of the Masonic Fraternity.

This value of 243 was highlighted by C.W.King in his, ‘Gnostics and their Remains’, there he stated: “The relations of the Sephiroth, or Aeon’s, to one another the Qabalists represented by a number of circles intersecting in a mysterious manner, ad infinitum, or else by the figure of a man, or a tree, formed out of such circles. This figure of a man, the Zeir Anpin, (Adam Kadmon) consists of 243 numbers, the numerical value of the letters in the name Abram, signifying the different orders in the celestial hierarchy. The original idea was apparently taken from the Hindu figure of Brahma, and the various castes typified several parts of his body, in fact, the name Abram and Brahma are equivalent numerical value”.

This implication associates Abram with the Father, the Bull of Heaven, and the sidereal motions of Aleph. The motion is implemented by the cubical form of π and its division by 1/π =318 as it would be applied to a spherical volume. According to the biblical narrative Abram travels with 318 trained men to Dan; where Dan is traditionally considered to be Scorpio, the ruler of the Northern Gate of darkness, or the All-Consuming Worm.

Qabalistically Abram equates to 243, however with the passage of time, Elohim (3.1415) changes his Name to Abraham to include the appellation ‘He’ denoting an increase of 243+5 = 248, which is to say π³ x 8 or 31×8. In this variant of the reading 318 is Aleph and is considered the Height of the Great Pyramid, while at the same time implying the half base side in 764 /π =243. Also, the name Abram (the father Osiris), or Ab-Ra, (Father Ra) written out in reverse is 41221, a form of the 10 DIBRIM, or ten Words. The addition of He=5 shows a proper relation between the 5 and 5 as implied by the ten circles; 5 of which are Light and 5 of which are Dark, which is a division of the ecliptic by the “Law” of this balance, which is to say the Decad of the Torah, hence 248+248=496

Another interesting parallel can be shown between this height and the angle of the Pyramid hypotenuse which occultly signifies 51.84° as a reduction of 5,184,000”’ in one 24 hour period. Curiously both 5832 and 5184 are intimately related. If we take 5184÷2 = 2592 x π = 8143÷8 = 1018 then 8143÷2 = 4072. Now 113×72 = 8143, and if we begin our Mayan long count in 3113 B.C.E (using 3113 as a departure point instead of 3768), then 5184 years will coincide with the same period of time utilized by the Jews and Masons bringing both of their calendars to an end between the years 2061-2071 A.D.

Now there are approximately 3.55 Sothic cycles in 5184 years, so that if we take, 5184÷1460 = 3 .55 /π =1.13, then 4 Sothic cycles will equal 5832 years, thereby creating a 4:3 ratio with respect to the Hebrew and Mayan calendars, thus the ratio 5832:5184 is the ratio of 4:3.55. Recall also that 20,400 years before Krishna was said to flee the earth, the Kali Yuga was said to have begun, so that when we add 20,400 years together with 5,184 years it gives 25,584 years, and curiously enough, 25,584 /π =8143÷8 = 1018. This thought is even further strengthened by considering that 2400 /π x 4/3 =1018, which is the very angular and rotational velocity of the earth core. Thus there is a line of reasoning here worthy of our further investigations.

Sirius and the Venusian Transits

It can be shown that Sirius, the Venus transit, and the Solar flare cycle of 11-22 years, correspond to one unified system of knowledge that encompasses a proper understanding of the Dove and the Shanah, which is 71 and 355 with respect to the Mayan calender. Consider this…

The heliacal rising of Sirius with our Sun is one of the most important events in the course of Earthly time. Every 1460 days the earthly calendar is reconciled with Sirius by four solar year intervals (365×4=1460). The Egyptians utilized this Sothic calendar to create their 12 months of 30 days and their Great Year of Sirius was equivalent to 120 Sothic years, or 30÷0.25 =120. Each month of the solar calendar thus represented 1/4 of the Sirian Great year cycle, therefore, 120 years corresponded to one month of the Sothic cycle of 1460 years allowing a direct alignment with all of the terrestrial planets, more importantly with Venus by 1458 years /6 =243; hence in every Great year of Sirius there are 6 Venus transits and in 24 Venus transits, or 5832 years, there are 4 Sothic years, therefore one great Precessional round of a 360° division 0f 25,920÷1458 – 1460 =17.77 -17.75, which produces the reduced form of the perimeter base of the Great Pyramid in cubits.

Now 207 is “Light”, (AVR) in Hebrew, signifying the Adamic light and revealing the hidden science behind the Great Pyramid to be none other than Earth core physics. Take 360 x 22 =3960 and you will get the equatorial diameter of the Earth; then the square of Adam, as 144, equals 20736 and 3960/20.736 = 190.9722, the half-base side of the Great Pyramid, which corresponds to 1/4th 0f the Earth core radius. In this manner we can align the Sothic cycle with Venus and the Moon thereby rectifying the discrepancies in the orbit by 7/19 enlarged to include the Precessional period as 70/191 etc.

The Egyptians however, following their ancient tradition, did not add an extra day every four years to rectify their calendars instead they waited for a full accumulation of Sothic days and marked when Sirius was observed rising over the horizon as (Hor-Zion) the so-called elevation of the Mount in the East with the Sun. In 1458 years Sirius would trace its circular path through each zodiacal house. From this strategic location Sirius and the Sun would rise together. The Height of Sirian influence was in the Tropic of Cancer and was considered to be the Ecpyrosis…the Day of Burning.

Let’s consider for the moment that the 5832 inch height of the Great Pyramid does indeed represent a 5832 year period and some sort of countdown that marks a highly important event for the Earth. If this is indeed the case we can find a measure of justification for such a veil of secrecy to be cast over this knowledge by the Freemasons and the Hebrews. Both the Hebrews and Masons begin their calendars in Taurus which we now know is somehow associated with Aleph= the Ox and Lamed= the Ox goad, Vau=Taurus. The year 3768 B.C.E to 2232 A.D gives approximately 6000 years. If we count from the Year of Creation we are presently in year 5777 of “The Year of the World” which will culminate in approximately 2064 A.D with Sirius in 15° Cancer.

Consider the Zohar in this context:
“In every six of the sixth Thousandth year the sun increases in strength until it recovers its former degrees, and then in the 600th year of the 6000th the gates of Supreme Wisdom will be open, and so shall the fountain of the lower wisdom (i.e., Malkuth), and the world will be suitably fitted to enter into the seventh thousandth, like a man who prepares himself on the sixth day at sunset, to enter into the Sabbath”. (The Zohar 1, 1169,117 and also 111, 2521)

“What does “in its time (Hebrew- itah)” mean? It means at the time, et, when Hei, which is the Neqabah, shall rise up from her dust – then “I will hasten it”. In other words, by my power, not by her own strength, she shall rise from the dust of exile. Rabbi –Yosi said that in spite of all this, the Congregation of Israel lies only for one day in the dust of exile, and no more. This refers to the one day of the Holy One, blessed be He, which lasts a thousand years, as it is written: “For 1000 years in your eyes are but as yesterday…” Psalms 90:4. And this alludes to the fifth millennium, as is further explained, because the destruction of the Temple occurred in year 3828.” (Ibid)

“At the time of evening” (Genesis 24:11), what time is referred to? He replied: it is seven Eve, namely Yesod, the error of the sixth millennium. For the six days of creation are the secrets of 6000 years and the six day, Sabbath Eve, corresponds to the sixth millennium, on which day resurrection will occur. In the phrase, “At the time of evening”, why say “Time”? It should of said, “At evening”. He answers: it conveys the meaning of, “And to his labor until the evening” Psalms 104:23, and “for the shadows of evening are lengthened” Jeremiah 6: 4…”At the time of evening”, also alludes to the secret of Yesod.” (Ibid)

According to Isaac Myer,” the remarks upon the letter V=6, in connection with the time of the redemption of Israel, are to be considered only as complete at the close of the 6000 of the years fixed,” as is demonstrated in the Talmud, treatise ‘Sanhedrin 970’, which says, “the world is to exist 6000 years, 2000 years of which are to be desolate.” And also the treatise ‘Abodah Zarah ya’, “the world which is destined to stand 6000 years according to the number of the days of the week”.

Four Venus transits equate to 355,000 Earth days and in 24 of such transits, or 5832 years, there are 2,130,000 Earth days which are both factors of Venus= Dove = 71 (John/Jonah) based upon our 3–5–8 Fibonacci numbers (the Messiah) Ø which division is represented as 71×3 = 213, 71×5= 355, 71×8=568 or Cheva, etc. The Dove descends upon the Head of Jesus as he emerges out of the waters, and as we discovered 71 is the predominant factor in lunar calculations by 36 x π= 113 x π= 355, so that 355 x π= 1116 and 1116 x 2 =2232 for each so-called Precessional Age.
The Sothic cycle, the Venus transits, as well as the lunation periods, and the revolutions of Mercury, Mars, as well as the earths revolution about the sun, are all discovered in the Giza pyramid measures. Each can be made to communicate their secrets to one trained in the use of the Quantum Qabalah. Let’s consider another pertinent example.

11664 earth years corresponds to 4,260,000 earth days or two great ‘Heads’ as 213×2 = 426. Correspondingly every four earth years we have one Sothic cycle of 1460 days, therefore, 48 Venus transits, 11664 years, would therefore correspond to two circles of time describing these 11,664 years. Doubling 11,664 years would then give 96 transits equal to 23,328 years. Likewise in 11,664 earth years there are 8 great Sothic cycles of years, or 4,260,000÷1460 = 2916, by the days, therefore in 96 Venus transits we would have 23,328 years and 5832 Sothic cycles.

*Now consider that 11664÷4:3 = 8748 for the cube.

We can easily trace Sirius celestial position back to a little over 2000 years and show that during this time period Sirius had just reached the middle point in Gemini*. (Sirius would have entered Gemini around 1200 BC?) As far back as the alignment of the pole stars Vega to Polaris Sirius would have occupied 15° of Capricorn corresponding approximately to the years, 11772 BCE to 11664 BCE.

With little or no attention to this point it would be easy to overlook the connection Sirius has with the Hebrew/Masonic countdown which began in 3768 BCE leading to Messiah and 0 AD and its direct relation with the precessional shift into Virgo/Pisces. Yet to do so fails to answer for the logic behind such a countdown, for what could possibly have moved so many men and women over a period of thousands of years to such great secrecy and why would they be so concerned with maintaining this secrecy to this day?
What is it that these initiates are trying to conceal?

There are three years of significance with which we can divide 3768 BCE; one of them seems to coincide to Moses splitting the Red Sea and its destruction of the sacred Golden Ox, which must have served as a time marker referring to his ascent up the Mount and down the Mount by a division that corresponds to the earth core diameter.

3768 = Venus radius, 2232 = 186×12, and 1528 = the Earth core diameter and two sides of the Great Pyramid. Qabalistically this implies that the division of 2232 years corresponds to a combination involving two perspectives; first Moses by Gematria=345 nd here he ascends the Moon mountain and receiving the Two Stone tablets of the Decad, or 5 and 5 division by the Hebrew letter Heh, (written in plentitude as E-E or 5-5), which Law signifies the proper measuring line of the ecliptic. It is here that he receives the Name, ‘I Am that I Am’, or 543 by Gematria, thus giving 345+543 = 888, or two sides of the Pyramid in cubits. Now 764+764 = 1528, and this gives, “the Stone”, or NVN, where in the Primordial Creation, Atum or Adam, as the Mount, arises first out of NVN. Moses is then told he can only see ‘the Back of the Head’, that is Qvp, yet when he descends the Mount his Face is shining so brightly that a veil must be placed over it. This designates our two principal numerations of Rosh and Qvp, where 71×3 = 213 (Rosh) and 31×6 = 186 (Qvp).

Venus number is the Dove equals 71 and we can use 71 to obtain her circumference by 333×71 = 23,643 miles which provides us with a radius of roughly 3763 miles. Now 71×53 also gives 3763, thus implying a radial line of 53 conjoining to another radial line of 53 which is to say (565) N+V+N=50+6+50=106, the angle of two conjoined hypotenuses. (3763×2 = 7526 miles the diameter of Venus). Now the Venusian circumference is terrestrially divided by this number and conceals its electromagnetic secrets. For example, if we take 23,643/213 = Rosh=111=Aleph, we discover part of the mystery.

By utilizing Qvp=186 we can extend our Head = Rosh, for the use of a 360° to 366° ellipse, which gives us the division of Light and AL (31) with a division of the ecliptic in the 12 houses. If we then consider the “Back of the Head” to denote those signs of the involuting arc than Moses symbolizes the transition period between Rosh and Qvp as being between two Suns in our solar system at the middle point of 15° Aries. (In Tarot, Rosh=the Sun and Qvp= the Moon). This collaboration highlights a sound basis for connecting Venus and Mars alongside of that of the Moon and Sirius. The Venusian day and transit periods are both 243 and in 972 Earth years there are approximately 1458 Venusian days, therefore in 5832 years, we have 1458 Sirian days which is precisely 24 Venus transits.

Four Venus transits equate to 355,000 Earth days and in 24 such transits, or 5832 years, there are 2,130,000 Earth days, which are both factors in Venus = Dove = 71, based upon our 3–5–8 Fibonacci sequence.

The Dove descends upon the Head of Jesus* as he emerges out of the waters, and as we discovered, 71 is the predominant factor in the secret calculations by 36 x π= 113 x π= 355 so that 355 x π= 1116 and 1116×2 = 2232 or 186×6 etc. It has been demonstrated repeatedly that 36 x π x 5 = 565×12 = 6780, the exact amount of miles of the Lunar circumference.

*’Dove upon the Head’ – Jesus a form of the Sun, arising in the East in the transition, applies to Venus transit period of 40 days and 40 nights of fasting in the wilderness. Inauguration of Virgo – Pisces, (Joshua the son of Nvn), (Matthew 3) – 71 upon 213=3.

8748÷24 = 364.5
8748×4/3 = 11664
8748-2187 = 6561
8748-6780 = 1968 = 164×12

Now the secret of AL, or 31, is the cube of π as a cubical form representing the axial rotation of the Sun. This cubical form takes into account the volumetrical aspects of its daily rotation in relation to its own ecliptic angle around Sirius. And because this angle is associated with the harmonic distribution of energy it is able to evenly divide light speed as it pertains to the earth.

The Back of the Head Moses observed upon Mount Sinai was determined by π 3 x 6, therefore if we count from the year 3768 BC to the Messiah in O A.D., and then from his appearance in 2064 A.D, it would be 5832 years, thus the height of the Great Pyramid denotes the path of the ecliptic as it is aligned with Sirius. In this sense the hypotenuse signifies Sirius; the base side Orion, and the height the Pleiades, or our division of the Tree of Life by the pillar of Severity, the pillar of Mercy, and the pillar of Equilibrium.

The end of the 5832 years denotes the Father and the Son becoming one, where the electrical circuit of Sirius unites in a specific conjunction with the Pleiades, being the end of the Kali Yuga. By Hindu reckoning Kali began in 3102 BC giving 3768-3102 = 666 years. The Mayan and Hindu calendars both served the same purpose and were meant to demonstrate the 11 and 22 year solar flare cycle, where 3113/11 was 283 and 3102/11 = 282 etc. (283+282=565) The cycle then closes out in “the confusion of the lip”, from Pisces to Virgo, therefore the lag between the alignments is between the years 2232-2064 = 168 years, and places Sirius at its Meridian height with the Vernal Sun in the “Paw of Leo”. This secret was concealed in Genesis where it states, “the scepter will not depart from Judah, neither the commander’s staff from between his feet” (Genesis 49:10). If you combine this lag period of 168 years to 5832 years, it gives you 6000 years of the so-called Creation epic. Now 2232 – 2238 A.D is the new Aeon, the Aeon of Horus, the Sun, as king in Judah, or Leo the lion – the new Lord of the ecliptic.

*According to Blavatsky, “The year of the Kali Yuga is said to have begun between the 17th and 18th of February in the year 3102 BC. The Hindus claim that in the year 20,400 before Kali Yuga, the origin of the zodiac coincided with spring equinox – there being at the time a conjunction of the sun and moon. The lunar eclipse arriving just a fortnight after the beginning of the black age – it took place in a point situated between the wheat ear of Virgo and the Theta star of the same constellation. One of their more esoteric cycles is based upon certain conjunctions and repetitive positions of Virgo and the Pleiades (Krittika).” If we take 20,400+3102 = 23502+2238 = 25,740. This is an even division by 11 and 22 in 2340 and 1170.
This selfsame idea can also be shown by a closer examination of the hypotenuse value of the Great Pyramid. If we take 618 feet to represent the hypotenuse and multiply it by four to represent the whole pyramid, we obtain the following:

SH-I-N= 300+10+50= 360°, the hidden form of the hypotenuse.
360°/3= 120°, the triple division of the Flame.

The hypotenuse=618 feet or 360 cubits.

Now one cubit value of 20.612 inches multiplied by 120 gives 2473.44/4 = 618.36 and is an approximation of this value; hence 618.30 6/12 = 51.53 and 51.53 is not only the angle of this hypotenuse but is the Quaternary division of the cubit since 51.53×4 = 206.12 which is also the height of the Kings chamber in the Great Pyramid. We will also recall that each of the three sides of the pyramid were erections of numbers based upon 1, √ (∅) and ∅. It is interesting to note here how the numbers that develop from this usage run into one another. Take for example the half base side of 381.97 feet; 381.97/300 = 1 .273 then √ (∅) = 1.272, as well as 618.36/486 = 1.272, and finally 4 / π= 1.27. (Of note is 2840/2232 = 1.272 which is the ratio between the Earth mantle and the Outer core).

The hypotenuse in its doubled form reveals the base side of the Great Pyramid to be 618×2=1236/∅=763.906059 showing that there is a unique relationship between the Earth core and this hypotenuse value. Such an understanding is conveyed in the very angles of the Pythagorean Theorem.
The Great pyramid possesses four angles of 37° which connect the pyramid base with the four hypotenuses as 37×4 = 148, or ‘Netzach’, the seventh Sephirah. Curiously 148 also equals one Mercury day and one Mercury year in days as 59.166666667 and 88.75, or 5 synodic months of the Moon (29.58 x 5=148). Now when we combine the four base angles with our four hypotenuse angles, 53×4 = 212, we obtain our 360° circle and by adding 148+212 we obtain 360. Likewise, when we include our 4-90° angles of the Base to the Height, we obtain another 360° circle, which is to say H-ADM-H, the fruitful Earth, and “the Law” in 5 and 5, therefore we imply two circles of time, Day and Night, male and female, light and dark, and electric and magnetic…ultimately this refers back to our secret Adamic cycle of 2232+2232=4464.

Because the perimeter of the Great Pyramid is shown to conceal a diameter of 243 to a circumference of 764 for each side, we are able to obtain 972 feet for a perimeter, and in 972 feet there are approximately 11,664 inches. Also, because the base of the Pyramid infers magnetic properties of the Earth core, we must look for an explanation regarding this numeration in connection with Adam and Mim, as a form of Isis. Now taking 1 / π x 2400×12 = 9167.3 / 4 = 2291 and this gives an elevation of our two circles by 2292 x π= 7200, therefore when we subtract this from 11,664 we will obtain 4464.

In all likelihood the Great Pyramid was not built to replicate the Northern hemisphere nor to simply demonstrate a working knowledge of sidereal time but to embody this knowledge into a highly practical application of technological sophistication*. Too many contemporary authors have flooded the market with their ridiculous theories whose unfounded speculations continue to support proponents of the disinformation campaign aimed at impugning any serious investigation into the more practical and scientific components of the Pyramids. In fact only a handful of these authors have considered the problem from an objective viewpoint. Because of this the perceptions of many are largely constrained by popular opinion and tradition rather than by any actual scientific inquiry, however, even with a cursory examination of the pyramid measures, and some of the measuring feats of engineering displayed in its interior rooms, we are able to consider other plausible possibilities.

*There have been suggestions (Yushiki Sve (1999) that the pyramid was some sort of instrument intended for measuring vibrations and the Earth’s rotation.

With all that has so far been said of the precise mechanics of the secret cycle, and of the fact that the Maya and Aztecs both held ceremonies to mark the completion of the ‘Sheaf’, one could be forgiven for thinking that 2.6 days prior to the end of every 52 calendar year period (18977.4 days), a most accurate conjunction would be in evidence between Venus and the Earth; for indeed, is not the purpose of the Mayan Calendar as with any calendar, to track and harmonise real astronomical cycles?

Well, apparently, according to historical records, the Aztecs and Maya, rather than set the end of each sheaf to coincide with an actual Earth-Venus conjunction, set it to coincide with an altogether completely different celestial event: a conjunction of the Earth and the Pleiades.

In conclusion we read in John Major Jenkins book Tzolkin: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies, where he writes, “I endeavored to reconstruct and reinaugurate the 104-haab Venus Calendar that is clearly layed out in the Maya Dresden Codex. The approach ended up being twofold. First, I showed how the Classic-Period Venus Calendar evolved into a more accurate and comprehensive one among the post-Classic Ixil and Quiché Maya of Highland Guatemala. The proposed new Venus Calendar, developed around 1250 A.D., brought the beginning point of the 52-haab Calendar Round into alignment with the beginning point of the 104-haab Venus Round. The synchronization of these cycles eventually is lost, due to the Venus cycle being 583.92 days rather than the 584-day approximation used, and adjustment mechanisms are necessary to make any system accurate in the long-term. Secondly, one solution to the difficulties in reconstructing the adjustment mechanisms of the Maya Venus Calendar, is to simply identify the next time that a morningstar appearance of Venus corresponds with the traditional tzolkin date One Ahau, which was known as the Sacred Day of Venus. One Ahau traditionally began the 104-haab Venus Round period, predicting when Venus would rise heliacally as morningstar. Toward this end, I identified April 3, 2001 A.D. as the next Sacred Day of Venus. This date is 4 days after inferior conjunction of Venus (meaning that Venus will be technically in its first morningstar appearance) and is also the tzolkin date One Ahau in the traditional Maya calendar. This last point required deciding how the tzolkin calendar corresponds to the Gregorian calendar, which necessitated sorting out a great deal of academic and pop-culture misinformation on the subject.”

Ravi-Akiba Ben-David

Frater Akiba


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