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Ophiucus and “The Hermit”: The Secret of Yvd and the 13th Zodiac Sign



The Hermit and OPH-IUCUS

Ophiuchus /ɒfiˈjuːkəs/ is a large constellation located around the celestial equator. Its name is from the Greek Ὀφιοῦχοςserpent-bearer”, and it is commonly represented as a man grasping the snake that is represented by the constellation Serpens. Ophiuchus was one of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd-century astronomer Ptolemy, and it remains one of the 88 modern constellations. It was formerly referred to as Serpentarius /sɜːrpənˈtɛəriəs/ and Anguitenens. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Ophiuchus is, “a harvester who raises his sickle over his sheath… When the virgin of the zodiac descends, Bootes bends over and seems to follow her, so he has been made her husband… This old man who progresses but slowly… makes us think of Saturn, the god of time, seen as the eternal continuation always on the move to conquer the unfolding frames of the past”. (Oswald worth)*
*In Hebrew O-ph denotes ‘to cover as in a bough’, or the branches of a Tree as a form of foilage and leaves, and is secretly related to the nostrils of a Serpent, representing discernment and sagacity. It also can be used to signify a serpent hole or fowl with its wings.
Yvd and the Golden Ratio                                                                                images
All numerations are differentiations springing from the self propagating division of unity. YVD as a symbol of this Unity, converses between an inherent causal function acting within Unity and its phenomenal results in manifestation AS A NUMERICAL SERIES OF NUMBERS. Although rationally we cannot suppose the indivisible Unity to contain its parts, however, a power of self propagation can act within this Unity to produce phenomenal results which would appear to be coexistent or even preexistent to the first emergence out of Unity.
Qabalistically, YVD equals 10 and can therefore be reduced to 1 and 0 or a Unity diameter line crossing a circle. A similar hieroglyphic concept is often utilized to represent the modern geometrical symbol for this unique idea – the Golden ratio (Ø).

The Golden ratio defines space and is a determinate number of an inherent causal function situated at the forefront of the division of Time, since time is merely a gestation of composite and incomposite numbers. Incomposite numbers are those numbers that are only divisible by themselves or by Unity, these being 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47 etc., While composite numbers are divisible not only by themselves but also by other numbers such as 9, 15, 21, 25, 27, 33, 39, 45, 51, 57 etc. The composite numbers 9 and 25 have Unity and 33 and 5 as divisors; in every case all numbers will be found to be reduced to 1 through 9. As a composite of these 9 numbers “YvD” combines together in itself a numerical abstraction providing a further defining form of the subsequent numerical irrationality and the power which provokes their coagulation. In this way 1 contains all its 9 parts; as a Unity.

A more simplified explanation of this thought is to consider that Unity contains within itself a numerical germ of self propagation. The creative act is thus demonstrated to be a division of this Unity without the Unity ever losing itself. Observationally, and in Time, this can only occur rationally by a gnomonic form of Self replication. Therefore the order of creation begins with a self replicating reflection, a turning back upon itself in order to conceive of itself… Self-consciously. This reflexive turning back is the byproduct of a spiraling vortex of polarized space engendered by the power of Ø.

The primal point of Unity provides a descriptive term of an idea of such a Unity acting within space as a centralized contraction but not the actual Unity itself, therefore the factionalized aspect ONE DISCERNS is merely the manifestation of the power behind phenomena, not the actual power itself. This power is ∅ and its manifestation, at least Qabalistically, is considered to be the Yvd. As space polarizes or manifests itself it reflects this Unity by separating into two measurable forces which produce a phenomenal volume. Both engender each other while remaining anchored to Unity and produce the ternary forces which are positive – neutral – negative and so forth.

Meister Eckart mystically gave further definition to this thought:

“It indicates a reflexive turning back of his existence into itself and upon itself and its dwelling while remaining fixed within itself. It further indicates a boiling over or giving birth to itself – glowing in itself, and melting and boiling in and unto itself, like the totality of forces its whole being enlightens into light and is everywhere turned back and reflected upon itself, according to that saying of the sage, “therefore the monad gives birth to the monad”, and reflected love reflects ardent desire back upon itself. Therefore, John 1 says, “In him was life”. Life expresses a type of pushing out by which something swells up within itself and first breaks out totally in itself each part into each part, and supports itself forth and boils over on the outside. This is why the emanations… Of the Godhead is the prior ground of creation”.

The Primal Point and Yvd

The duality acting within unities movement constitutes the mystical ternary by the expression of 1, 1/∅, 1/∅² which is a division of a single line plane from the original contracted and phenomenal point which is a point in space itself. This indicates self replication by the initial activity which in turn produces an inversion (evoluting and involuting arcs) as a lines extension reaches a critical terminus against the turning back in on itself represented by each of the engendered angles.

Quantitatively this division of Unity, as the Yvd, appears irrational because it is derived from an irrational source of numbers which seem to emerge from nowhere or No–thing. The subsequent definition of numbers emerging from Unity, that is 2, 3, and 9, and each of the Hebrew letters associated with them, merely denote aspects of the original irrational quality inherent within this Unity. All such quantities are expressions as whole numbers, except those Prime numbers which are considered as self-contained surfaces. The whole numbers themselves are made up of the multiplication of themselves with another number; thus the division can only be properly conveyed by the numbers of whole multipliers they contain. In order for numbers to describe “life” they must be able to define a harmonic volume and Qabalistically Yvd is the contracting power determining a specific volume of space; from the initial 1 to its terminus in 9, or 10, that is, its turning back.

The reciprocating activity of turning back is an electromagnetic effect engendered by the crossing of an electrical current with the magnetic field. Tracing this movement in the arc of manifestation is the arc of return as the measure of ∅ in a dual division of Day (manifested light) and Night (unmanifest light) with respect to consciousness. One arcing evoluting-outword in cosmic expansion and simultaneously one arc involuting-inward working to bring forth cosmic reduction. In such a process of tracing the path of the spatial volume representing the Celestial Sphere, we discover the numerical basis for describing the containing life seed, or Yvd.

Now Philolaus made it clear that in order for the present human mind to comprehend these things we must entertain these numbers. He said, “Number resides within all that is known. Without it, it would be impossible to reason or to know”.

Yvd consolidates the spirit of the zodiacal essence into one unique form absorbing and at the same time crystallizing a self-consciousness of Time.

Yvd and Time

The phenomenal nature of time calculations are derived from the abstract measures of the Arc as it is displayed to our senses. Because Prime numbers do not measure a surface or volume, being that they are not the result of a multiplication, they cannot represent a mathematical point either, therefore they can only signify a certain sequence of numbers (or measuring) that is a divided line. However, we can transform a Prime number into a surface or square by changing the characteristic relationship one is seeking to be expressed. In this manner of speaking Prime numbers serve as pathways of expression.

Analogically we can approach this apparent irrationality by consideration of finding a proper mathematical concourse for squaring the circle (considered as the Celestial Sphere). It is such that, as we are determined to find such a mathematical method of ‘Squaring the Circle’ we must move from ordinary cerebral consciousness to Cosmic consciousness and in the process of doing so we must be able to move from our surface to our volume.

Qabalistic teaching deals primarily with spatial volumes and only uses the superficies as a means of conveying a volumetric understanding. For example, a circle is not a volume but it can be made to represent a sphere, likewise a equilateral triangle is not a pyramid but it can be made to represent one. By their very nature surface measures implore us to fix volumetric abstractions into a superimposition of subjective limitations in the very act of considering the surface as a final truth. This spatially diseased dogma of deterministic theology loosens the sublimity of the symbol by considering it is as the ultimate truth when in fact it is but the cloak; the outer garment accepted as reality for all that it is. The symbol is only that which evokes this inherent spatial volume which is subsequently given definition numerically in the numbers 1 through 9, and should not be considered in any other light.

By Yvd implying Unity, yet simultaneously the coagulating power of the dualizing surface, presupposes the mannerism in which the function gives rise to the gestational consequence, for example, in Yvd this idea is shown forth in its numerical plenitude, where I=10 – V=6 – D=4,  that is 10, or 6×4 = 24, or by 2×10 = 20 which can be reduced to 2, expressing a hieroglyphic sense of the numerical seed; a power imploring duality to contract centripetally toward a Cosmic CENTER. This is the creative activity of the Word, the movement of 1 to 2, with a homogenous movement internally converting its own nature by dividing itself into two heterogenous exterior types. This proliferation is terminated in Time, beginning with a noumenal seed and ending with a phenomenal fruit which contains within itself another seed.

The definition of time by a circular division infers a cosmic birthing whereby the Unity, or Primal point, produces a generic series of numbers denoting various vital moments that are quantifiable in each gestational flux through the circular power of the Elohim. Now any original dividing moment of this circle must be considered sexagesimal because the radius is an extension of a straight line which can be placed 6 times in the circumference of the circle when it is divided by two interlaced and bisecting equilateral triangles that form a hexagon. By defining the unit of measure as 1/6 of the circumference we obtain a measure of the cubit since we are merely elevating our original form, thus 1/6 × 3.1415= (ALHIM)= 0.53598776 ×39.366 =20.611 989, so that each division of the hexagon corresponds to 6.561 inches respectively.

Geometry renders a temporary form of a quantitative definition into a stabilized energetic state and each of the temporary states are qualified by utilizing numbers that symbolize each of the 22 Hebrew letters. The form then becomes “the Word” (IEVE) and conceives in itself these temporal definitions that are time-based limitations of the initial or originating primacy in such a Unity. Each letter then calls attention to a specific aspect of this Time in the Secret Cycle which is given a limited basis by its definition.

The “Word” itself remains a Unity so long as the letters which formulated it remain intact, or so long as the preexistent mental pattern within the causal mind which formed its genetic base maintains itself in the original pattern of thought, and this is true whether we are speaking of a mineral, plant, animal, or earthly man. Thus it is that the formulating activity of the Yvd generates sequences of time as a form of cosmic spermatozoa embedding itself into 9 fetal stages of cyclical conditions. For the more developed being, such as the human, there are 9 cosmic phases which can be temporarily fixed upon the 12 zoological zones. Each numerical characterization denotes a fetal phase of gestation being a volumetric form articulated by a specific sequence of each one of the 12 ZODIACAL Hebrew letters.

Each of these forms are a naturally ordered numerical sequence that can be clearly demonstrated in the nine members of the Pythagorean Tetracyte, or Delta, which surround the Unity, or in the so-called Egyptian ENNEAD which arises out of the primordial space of NVN. The same idea is conveyed on the Qabalistic Tree of Life with its nine Sephiroth arising out of Kether. Each of these nine enumerations define an active principle which includes the Pentaktys surrounding the mystical ternary.

Here we find that truth is self evident because…”Truth is the proper innate character of number”. (Strobeus)

Qabalistic cosmology conceives of the Unity line as the father who contains within himself both the mother and the son. In a similar hyperbolic fashion Adam contained within himself his 9 future children, personifying a cosmic birthing and denoting a gestation of 9 intervals that subsequently terminate with Noah (the 10th) as a  coagulation of the harmonic arc elevated above the plane of ordinary numerical sequences. This coagulating power, symbolized by Noah and his eight entering into the ark, was a genuine key that was used to unlock great Qabalistic secrets.

The coagulating power of the Golden ratio acting within this arc succeeds in tracing three lines of differentiated force. Each line in turn produces movements away from the father “as children” and then back again in a returning cycle, as gnomonic seed, hence only the Ogdoad can complete the Cube of Space. The Golden ratio (symbolized as the Hebrew Yvd) reduces space, contracts it, and in the process builds a measurable volume form to contain itself BY ITSELF. The forces which we use to express this activity are predominately the centripetal force (contracting) the centrifugal force (expansion), and both perfectly describe the effects of magnetism and electricity, or the male and female numbers.

Papus conclusion regarding this subsequent idea was revolutionary, he said, “this evolution called Gilgul, consists of the regular transpositions of the different letters of a single word, such as the holy name, IEVE. The 12 mysterious changes which can be affected using these four letters represent the continual play of the primal power, which causes variety to spring from unity.” (The Kabbalah) Yvd is the first letter of this Celestial chariot and as such signifies this Unity.

Representing our previous number line, and taking it to extend our central idea, Yvd must become a radial line of 10 crossing a circle of space and such a crossing will produce its results. Now, when we consider the line to be equal to 10, dividing Yvd into 2 will give 5 and 5 (The Hebrew letter ‘He”=5). Here the power of 5 can be demonstrated by both multiplication and division, where, for example 10÷5 = 5, implying 2,  or as unity as 1/.5=2, and 10×.5=5 etc. In this manner of speaking the Primal power causes variety to spring from Unity. This hidden power of 5, or.5, is the Hebrew letter ‘He’ and is written in plentitude as E–E or 5–5. This power of 5 can also be discovered in its irrational root, √5, hidden between two points of our radially extended line as Yvd=10, as the formulative basis of producing the octave in the ratio of 1:2.

Dividing Yvd into implies our first ratio of 1:2 which is equivalent to 5, or Heh/Yvd, (5:10), and  therefore, conceals ‘Heh’ in this nascent of the first octave. The Hebrew letter Heh is the component of sacrifice and signifies a diagonal or hypotenuse, which, according to Dr. Paul Foster Case, represented, “the Lamb who sits upon the throne in the midst of the New Jerusalem, ruling all things from that central position and illuminating all from that sacred center.” (The True and invisible Rosicrucian Order, italics ours)

The 13th Month

According to Oswald worth in his book ‘Tarot of The Magicians’, “The inauspicious meaning of…the constellation which precipitates the fall of the Sun towards the southern regions…plays the part of the treacherous poisoner. This poisonous animal is no less the support of Ophiucus, the Serpent Bearer, the Handler of the healing fluid since he is lifting the Serpent of Asclepius who refuses to crawl in the Earthly mud. This is an allusion to the great magic agent, that is to say, the vital fluid which is sublimated by his detachment from the selfish grasp of the living”.

The 13th month is a Unity, it is the rectification of spatial CELESTIAL harmonics. The imbalance is caused by a fluctuation in the orbital eccentricity or a Libration in the measured angle of the ecliptic between the Moon and the Earth, and between the Earth and the Sun. We speak here of rectification as if in the act of adding numbers together we somehow are able to balance this pushing and pulling between the Earth and Moon. Of course such an occurrence can not come about by merely mental means however mathematically we can describe how this pushing and pulling infers the Messiah, or Redeemer, and the Serpent, or Initiator, by this unique correspondence between the values of light, spatial geometry, and the Golden ratio.

The 13th month consolidates this imbalance by the inclusion of the diesis, or leimma, into the scheme of mathematical divisions of these two rotating bodies. The 13th month is the seed; it is itself the gnomon having reached its potential by controlling the angle of libration between the Earth and Moon. The Hermits Staff suggests this seeing how it is angled from the base at 6.5 ° and the plane of the Earth’s ecliptic around the Sun. And since his Staff is a radial line considered as a Unity, or leimma, and a hexagonal container of the hexagram of light, it secretly conceals the 6 to 10 relationship, or the sexagesimal 60, as a value of the Serpent or Messiah force, that is AVR, or the axis of 6 between 1 and 2, creating a precise mathematical relationship of Time. Yvd is therefore the ruler of the Celestial Sphere which gives 6 ×10 =60 to make Scorpio, and is essentially the Pythagorean comma in the secret cycle of Time.

The cycle is divided by 12 men, however it is Wisdom – the hidden light of the Yvd, who composes the cycle by his Staff symbolizing the Serpent. Each of these 12 divisions must correspond to the logarithm derived from the Golden ratio, so if we consider each division of the 12 as a Unity, then Ø+1=ز and finally the cubit will correspond to Ø+1, with a radial value of 5. By extending this to 12/(the diameter of Yvd=10)=Pi, we convey √5 + 1/ 2 =Ø and have the mathematical and geometrical means of developing our Cube of Space which contains the Celestial Sphere.*

*This circle is of 355 Lunar days so that 355 ×19.02 =678.0 for a lunar circumference, that is 565 ×12, or EVE. (For further information on this cycle see: The Great Pyramid and Jesus).

The magnetic pole Staff is the organizer of the Root substance which perpetuates all life. The rod or staff itself is a symbol of measuring, and as can be discerned on the Hermit card, the Ancient of Days has his pineal and pituitary centers aligned with his feet (Pisces). For it is stated, that “the path of attainment”, which begins in the Moon Tarot card, finds its fulfillment at the summit of this height, where subsequently the waters become crystallized. The Moon begins by disintegrating the forms as, ‘lord of the underworld’, but these forms find their integration in the Hermit, for that which is fluid must become fixed.

The North is a symbol of the physical fixation or crystallization of the afterlife because of its relation to ice or crystallized water, and to the body, a form of crystallized spirit. This region of space is a place of darkness and concealment, the location where solar light is said to die and the place where the Sun never shines in the northern angle of the heavens as it approaches the Winter Solstice and Ophiucus. In man his light shines towards the north but never from it for this is the place of the emptiness or void – the all-devouring worm. In Jerusalem the northern portion of the Temple wall was black and in Israel the tribe of Dan was given the northern allotment which was the only unfortified position in the whole territory.

Specification is the result of duration, the successive moments of this life which measure each passage by such-and-such an event. The staff is as the staff of wotan, or Odin, whereby the Divine Self is given its support. ( Mystically it is said that Odin hung from the sacred Tree, or Yggdrasil, for 9 days in order to receive the letters), in each phase of this cycles activity.


Yvd is the radius of a circle that has yet to become visible, the Alum, or alchemical circle, chief of all salts, the immaterial substratum of all materiality, the nothingness from which all that is perceived as a passive substance originates in its nature. Known as the radial line of the Serpent, who from time immemorial has been regarded as the fire phoenix, the standard measure for the Motions of the heavenly bodies and the cycle of time in the mysteries of the Mysteries. This Phoenix is the symbol of the ever becoming circle of infinity which periodically burns Itself by Itself and replenishes Itself by Itself. It is the Ouroboros, the Serpent devouring its own tail, the AUR-boros, or Northern Lights, that has its Center at the Pole star and its Circle divided by a radial line from this Pole star to its circumference. (See Samech=60)

The mythos of “weaving”, in order to constitute a coagulating form from Horus, as the Eye of Horus, concerns the aspect of vision (or sight) and discernment. The Sun of our reflected consciousness , “the Eye of Ra”, emanates the vital fluid which was referred to previously by Oswald Wirth. This seemingly invisible light is the nourisher, or healer, of the World Soul by redeeming the Lost sacred volume as Yvd=1/64, in the lunar asterism of Ophiucus, or the 13th sign. Such a symbolism is hidden on the Sun Tarot card which reveals 13 Yvds falling from the Sun descending in a 3-2-1 order. Interestingly 164=IVD multiplied by 13* gives 2132, or Rosh, the Hebrew letter traditionally associated with The Sun Tarot card.

*Thirteen Yvds demonstrate a full cycle of Unity for a 360° circle as Rosh=213 or the Head. (See the Great Pyramid and Jesus)

Yvd is the symbol of Ophiucus and is the 13th sign which consolidates the assimilative and nutritive aspects of the occult food in the seed. As the Hermit it represents the radius of Unity by which the proper numerical division occurs in the Northern region, as an umbilicus receiving the spiritual food of the Astral Light in Samech=60.

The Hermit drips like water and has a Blue Yvd upon his head. In his right hand he holds the secret of the hexagonal form of light in A-V-R, written in plenitude as 1.62 or Ø.

Ravi-Akiba Ben-David, L.V.X




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