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The Hidden Sun of Amen-Ra: Anubis and Qvp-Ra


Theologically the Egyptians considered their jackal-headed God Anubis as Upuat, “the opener of the way”, who it is said guarded the Gate of the Underworld, or Duat…the Gate leading into the Night protected by Anubis.

Anubis was also regarded as the psycho-pomp or ‘he who guides the soul’ along its journey in the Underworld.

In The Pyramid texts (1304 – 15) we find reference to Upuat as ‘the face‘, (oriented toward the south and east), which precedes the Rising Sun who appears as King. Now Anubis, (the Jackal or wolf), corresponds to a  functional principle with regard to the zodiac which some believe has a direct reference to the Little Dipper (see Denderah zodiac). Anubis can therefore be regarded as the guide along the path of the ecliptic which defines the zodiacal conscious correspondence of the human soul.


*As the Denderah zodiac clearly reveals Orion and Sirius dominate the opening and closing of the cycle by their strategic locations on the planisphere. Today Orion and Sirius are situated in the southern sky during winter, but 13,000 years from now they will be in the Summer Sky, beneath the horizon and seemingly invisible to us.

The Self and Subconsciousness of Rosh and Qvp

The Two Great Luminaries

H-R                                                  “Eyes”                                       Q-P

The Sun                                                                                              The Moon      

The Front of the Head                                                                     The Back of the Head                                                            (Self Consciousness)                                                                         (Subconsciousness)

Genesis is the development of Consciousness, and the expansion of awareness by its constant reflection of itself upon its environment, is the result of the action and reaction of states of ever becoming. In Hebrew Qvp signifies the terminal stage of the Genesis which begins with the sun setting into the Duat, the preeminent submergence of the solar barque of Amun-Ra/Osiris (the hidden one) into the Western Waters.

Do we see in this a connection with the Hebrew letters Nvn and Qvp? Nvn is the primordial Abyss out of which the 9 stages of Genesis proceed and Qvp signifies an aspect of this Genesis which has a clear relation to the dung beetle which we will show here. Thus the formation of this cycle must include Qvp-Ra, or Amen-Ra, the Hidden One; the Dark Star in our Solar System .

The Duat begins in the west and signifies the cosmic night, the night of terrestrial life and the time of the souls so called transmigrations where Osiris is said to be fractioned into 14 parts (See the unfolded Cube of Space).

The Egyptian Book of the Dead characterizes this passage of the human soul with a hominy, a liturgical and biographical account of the sun’s Journey:

“Seth has seized Horus, who looked with the two eyes upon the building around Sekhet Hotep but I have released Horus (and taken him from) Seth, and Seth hath opened the path of the two eyes.” (Chapter CX)

Seth is the opposite characteristic form of Horus, and Seth-Typhon-Anubis, was a signifier of the parallel function of Day and Night, as ‘Waters below and Waters above’, the waters below being that which the Countenance, Self Consciousness=Rosh, shines upon, as Qvp= The Moon. As Lord of the Underworld he held the Gate of entrance of the Sun into the Duat and was considered also as Kaph-Ra (Kheperru) or the infamous dung beetle of the Egyptian iconography.

Kephra literally means “rollings” and has been translated by Budge to mean “evolutions”, according to Budge, “It may be said that this version of the cosmogony is incomplete because it does not account for the origin of any of the gods (the 9… Ennead) except Osiris and this objection is a valid one but in this place we are only concerned to show that Ra, the Sun-God, was evolved from the Primeval Abyss of Waters by the agency of Kephra”. (E. A. Wallis Budge)

Kephra was considered the sacred Egyptian scarab beetle who ‘rolled’ his egg filled dung ball into the waters under the titular guidance of one synodic lunation period, reemerging out of the waters as the Rising Sun, (the sacred Mound of Atum arising out of Nun), out of the Abyss. It’s symbology and its celestial motif is therefore fitting.

Budge goes on to relate:

“The fact that the scarab beetle flies during the hottest part of the day made the insect to be identified with the sun, and the ball of eggs to be compared to the Sun itself. The Unseen power of God, made manifest under the form of the god Kephra, caused the sun to roll across the sky, and the act of rolling gave to the scarab of its name Kephra, “he who rolls”. The sun contain the germs of all life and that the insect ball contained the germs of the young scarab, it was identified also with the Sun as a creature, which was about to begin a course of existence, and at a very early period he was considered to be the god of the Resurrection”. (ibid)

*Khephera, signifies the resurrection of the soul and the new life at the end of the mortal span.

All waves must crash at the shore and all objects must have their classification by comparison, for example, when the image reflected back at us on the still and calm waters becomes determined and fixed, then the impression given to our five informing senses becomes active. It is during this period when such an impression causes a ripple in time. However the feeling of objective reality cannot arise simply from cerebral intellection alone, the outside object must be crossed from the objective to the subjective plane by a neutral and indifferent state to allow the effect of reflection to cause the informing spirit, or Duality, to become internalized. To our logical consciousness of things we consider tangible and corporeal, the qualitative character of what is functionally and innate seems real, but this is merely an applied sense and not a true reality.

The Hebrew letter Qvp evinces the iconographic Moon and the pictographic emblem of the Back of the Head. It is the Second Great luminary mentioned in Genesis. If we observe the Tree of Life as it is intended to be conveyed we will notice that the two paths leading from Chokmah and Binah to Tiphareth spell out Q-P. It is in this location that the Abyss is situated as well as the mysterious invisible sephiroth Da’ath, or the Dark Star .

The passage of time, by which Qvp-Ra infers, is a revolt of matter, which, as it passes from one evolutionary form to another, pauses temporarily in arresting moments of its duration, proceeding in 9 stages and terminating in 13 chambers– the Unity from which all began. Humanity, having lost the vital sense of this Unity, ever seeks to fixate as in a picture frame, a hedged in sense of this true reality, moving further and further away from truth and Unity Consciousness.

The profanity of the present Piscean/Virgoan age seeks to separate humanity from this sense of Unity, and to arrest in itself a temporary form fixed on “things” and a false conviction of materialistic immunity. Knowledge of time, knowledge of a higher truth, knowledge, however discomfiting, is the only means by which to obtain freedom from such determinism and is the only way to divorce ourselves from such a flawed basis of erroneous convictions.

Anthropocosmos teaches us that the legacy of man, his Cosmic character and his grand position in the Universal scheme of things, must become known, thus every Master Mason is succored to go in search of the ‘Lost Word’ and to join together the Lost parts of Osiris which make up his true character. It is by such a Reclamation that the King is restored back to his throne and Osiris is raised up out of the Tomb and the Waters of the Duat.

Unity proceeds from a Primal Point, (1/3.1415=318), returning back again to it’s departure point through an inherent law that is expressed harmonically and defined geometrically, and this is what Qvp-Ra signifies; a return or a passage of time, encompassing a departure point and its subsequent return along the equinoctial arc. The Age of Pisces, which seems to be made comparable to Qvp and the Hebrew letter Nun, is the age of such passage and transition.

Vega and Ma’at: The Vulture Goddess of Truth

Now there is a definite connection between this transitionary sign and Ma’at, (Muth-Mother), the vulture goddess.

According to Frater Achad Ma’at was, “the Great Mother the Lady of Truth-prophesied Liber Legis ch.9 vs.34 and Liber A’ash (+creation). Equinox vol 1.6”. And according to one of his horoscopes where he remarked, “Mercury entering Cancer, is very remarkable and seems to indicate the Aeon of Ma’at”. (QBL)

Also, R. H. Allen, in his; “Star Names and their Meanings”, says, “Hewitt says that in Egypt Vega was Ma’at, the vulture star, when it marked the pole about 12,000 to 11,000 BC- and Lockyer says that it was the orientation point of some of the Temples at Denderah long antecedent to the time when Alpha Draconis and Alpha Ursa Major we’re so used -probably 7000 BC- for the oldest dates claimed by him in connection with Egyptian Temple Worship. In about 11,500 years hence it will be the Polaris and it’s by far the most brightest of the pole stars in succession…”

This sighting line of Polaris to Vega is highly significant and has a direct bearing on the Precessional cycle. It may peak our interest to know that at present the Sun appears to be moving at 20 km/s toward the Vega constellation located in the Harp or Lyra.

In this context parallels can be made between Anubis and Polaris with respect to the line of measure created by the Ma’at star-Vega, thus providing a projection of the polar axis upon the east to west equatorial plane. Now because of the Precession of the Equinoxes and the inclination of the axis the orientation changes, having for a season the North Pole inclined toward the Sun, and then after 13392 years the South Pole becomes more inclined toward the Sun.

The pole itself moves by 1 degree of Arc in the opposite direction of the Earth’s daily rotation in about 72 years, but it’s complete circle is accomplished in about 26,000 years. Now in roughly 13,000 years our Pole-Star, the projection into the sky of the Earth’s north pole, will be this Ma’at Star Vega. Polaris to Vega is thus the proper measuring line of “Truth”.

The diurnal action of the Sun produces our seasons swinging above the equator in summer by 23.5 degrees and 23.5 degrees below it in winter. Thus twice a year it passes over the equator or the equinoctial points. Spring equinox corresponds to 6 a.m. and marks in the sky the position of the Equator which slices through the line of the ecliptic.

The Vernal Point moves one degree every seventy-two years and passes through these projections of the 12 divisions of the zodiac. AnthropoCosmic man, the microcosmic mirror, (in Malkuth on the Tree of Life), has these 12 stations representative of cranial nerves issuing out of the head.

“Muth, or Mouth, was the Egyptian cognomon of Venus (Eve, the mother of all living), or the moon. Plutarch (Is.374) hands it down that ‘Isis was sometimes called Muth, (Mut) which word means mother…or Maut, means nurse, mother. Perhaps Muth is to be derived from Man-tho, mater terra (Eve-Adam), which being the fact, muth differs in nothing from Isis, queen of the earth (Issa, A-SH-H, woman).’ ( Isis he says, is that part of nature which, as feminine, contains in herself, a (nutrix) nurse, all things to be born. ‘Certainly the moon’ speaking astronomically, ‘chiefly exercises this function in Taurus, (by reflecting Venus being the House in opposition to Mars, generator in Scorpio), being the sign is luna, hyposome. Since truly it may be taken from this passage of Plutarch, that Isis Meuther differs from Isis Muth, and that in the vocable Muth, the notion of bringing forth may be concealed, and since fructification must take place, so, being joined with Luna Libra, it is not improbable that Muth first indeed signifies Venus; hence Luna in Libra” (Beitrage Zur Kenntniss, par. 11,9, under Muth)

There is here a direct correspondence between Ma’at – (the Justice tarot card) – and Nun, the primordial Waters of the Chaos,  which at the origin, closely parallels the two divisions of the encephalitic human brain. These two hemispheric lobes of the brain are separated in such a way by the lamina so as to ensure Ma’at (the line of perfect measure or Truth) likewise the dorsa matter which encloses the encephalon, ossifies with age and in a manner similar to Nun (565), (as the amnion hardens due to fructification by the seed), combined with the Hebrew letter Yvd (164) produces the Stone. In this way the balance beams denote a unique division of Unity by, 1/ 3.1415=.318, or as Lamed- Qvp- Peh, triangulating the Waters of the Abyss on the Tree of Life surrounding Da’ath, as well as one specific aspect of the solar cycle for both the Day star and Evening star.

The twin pivots of this cycle signify the polar axis of Vega to Polaris situated in the ecliptic angle of Virgo to Pisces. Now since Precession affects the movements of the stars as we observe them on Earth, the 7 pole stars which define this Precession appear to shift relative to the celestial North and South axis poles as they trace their path around the polar ellipse in approximately 26784 years. In 12,000 BC Vega was the pole star and by 14,000 A.D Vega will once again be the pole star.

We are thus currently situated along this measuring line of truth which defines the diameter line of the magnetic oval, (the Hebrew letter, Samech=60 is its hexagonal division), beginning at 60 degrees north latitude .The pole is thus considered as the center of the Earth around which is situated the equatorial rim. It is here that the Great Year opens and closes. Because the terrestrial globe in its daily rotation is inclined 23.5 degrees toward the plane of its annual pilgrimage around the Sun, this axis line becomes the radius of this oval which seems to consume itself through these great epochs of time (See The Draco constellation and the seven pole stars in conjuncton with the Hebrew letter Samech).

Now it is widely known that the culminating point of the sun does not divide a circle into two equal parts, rather the solar cycle of Aten-Ra varies from sunrise to midday and from midday to sunset.

The axis of Ma’at conforms to this inequality by dividing the brain into two parts while at the same time dividing the two phases of the Sun and Moon.  (Here by Moon we infer not the literal Moon but the hidden one–Amen-Ra). However this inequality is demonstrated not by a 360 degree circle but by the ellipse of 366 degrees where the Night comprises 186 degrees and the Day 180 degrees.


Keper-Khepheru-Ra denotes, “transformation of the sun’s transformations”, and is a particular iconograph of the sacred dung beetle or scarab. Interestingly the outline of the sutures on the upper surface of a human skull reflect the dorsal surface of this scarab or dung beetle.

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Figure 97.

The Egyptian term Kepheru, which is translated to mean, ‘to become or to transform’, is the name given to the sun in its rising or setting that is 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. hence represents the ternary of creation and an axis of time for the path of the sun. In this respect it is more than likely a pictographic resemblance that is being conveyed when we make comparisons between the dung beetle and the dorsal surface of the human skull. The scarabs actions, above all its mode of reproduction, typified by its manner of living and its way of feeding, also highlight an esoteric sense of this solar cycle and lend credibility to its comparison with the human skull.

The first stages of the scarabs ritual begins with his fashioning of a perfect ball of dung taken only from the sheeps dung. After it has fashioned this ball it can use it either as food tucked away in the dark Earth or be used to give birth to its eggs. The transformations beginning in this Darkness take place during the course of several lunation periods at which point then the beetle digs up the ball and rolls it to the nearest body of water to where it is then thrown into it. At this point the baby beetle is born and emerges from the water.

What exactly is Qvp-Ra ? Is it not found in the Waters of Nvn? This theme relates to the Aquatic aspect of the creation of the nine deities out of the waters. We quote here Horapollo in his Hieroglyphica, 1.10;

“Wishing to signify what is born alone, or the becoming…The Egyptians depicted a scarab. It is born alone because this animal proliferate itself without being carried by a female, because it is only one who is created in the following way. When the male wants to procreate his young, he takes cattle dung and fabricates of all of it with a form similar to that of the world. He rolls this with his hind legs from dawn to dusk facing toward the Rising Sun to reproduce the image of the world. Indeed, this ball is carried from the east toward the west as the course of the stars is directed from the west toward the east then, having hollowed out a whole, He buries himself in his ball for 28 days, that is, the number of days it takes the moon to go through the 12 signs of the zodiac.

“During the time that they live under the Earth, the young are the scarabs take on a living form. The scarab uncovers the ball on the 29th day and throws it in the waters because it is believed this is the day of the conjunction of the Moon and the Sun as well as the birth of the world. When the ball opens in the water… The scarabs leave it.”(ibid)

The gestational phase of this cycle actually corresponds to around four lunar months, that is to 109.2 days, which coincides to one Egyptian season, or ‘Shemu’. In the first month the egg hatches, in the second month the worm grows and feeds on the dung and in the third the pupa prepares for its transformation. It is in the fourth and final lunation period where the Scarab takes on its completed form. The cycle commencing in the beginning of May (Taurus) and reaches its full maturity sometime in August to September, or Virgo, which is the appearance of the new scarabs during the high-water rising of the Nile and the Autumn rains.

Each morning after the sun (Ra) traverses the underworld he leaves the primordial Waters of Nun and reemerges on the dry lands as the ‘countenance’ of Ra, or Hor, “the Sun”. The caricature of the face symbolizes self consciousness and its reflection, the Moon’s face, or sub-consciousness. In Egypt ‘Hor’ signified “face” and “mountain”, and this united with Qvp-Ra, allude to the specific divisions of the cerebral substance.

The scarab rolls the ball of dung out of the mountain , symbol of the Rising Sun, and is like, “Osiris… who awakens in health, he who is at the head of the west residing in the Duat, this sacred Earth, this mound of Khephri”,(Piankoff, Les Deux Papyrus “mythologiques” de Her-Ouben, pg.10), which is the mound of “transformations” or the cycle of ever becoming. The chrysalis of the sun’s birthing is the mountain from which the Scarab is said to hatch. This terminates genesis in the Duat and causes the beginning of the visible solar cycle.


The past, esteemed as the sitting wolf on the Moon tarot card, comprises the activity of what will become the dog. As a symbol of the wild side of human nature the wolf or Jackal  is considered to be the patron of the past, while the dog, a hybridized form of the wolf, is made tame by man’s intervention to indicate the future, for while the past cannot be augmented the future remains forever tenable by human modifications and subsequently subject to the influence of Will and Self consciousness.

*The wolf sits in a fixed position, while the dog is upright and volatile, communicating to us that the past is incapable of further modification. In contrast to this, the present is subject to modification by right action.

The path twists and undulates six times to reach its culmination, steady to it’s goal, yet unsure in it’s perambulations. The Twin Towers represent the brain matter of the dual encephalon, the blending or crossing of opposites between the poles of the High Priestess, who sits within the living sanctuary of the pineal body in the Holy of Holies. Of particular note is the fact that the base of the Towers show no evidence of construction and no division of bricks which would be considered as a building enterprise accomplished by the wise direction of man. Yet surprisingly the Towers do display particular evidence of human intervention but one which signifies the fading into obscurity of a past long forgotten and now presently Hidden; for at present we see only a hazy background of our true history and legacy upon this planet.

The Piscean age is the touchstone of division, a cycle of librations*between two great periods, or two ways, as can be observed in the Moon Tarot card. Thus by tracing the undulations of the yellow ecliptic path one follows the dung beetle crawling out of these Waters having already laid its eggs within. From the waters, the mineral rock and dirt at the shoreline, to the vegetative stage, and the animal consciousness, evolution unfolds between the Day and the Night, between a dog and a jackal, and between the Twin Towers of gray matter from which originate brain sensory Consciousness, all of which leads to the rolling Violet Hills of final attainment in the Hermit, an alchemical evolutionary consummation.

Pisces signifies a dissolving influence and the transitory sign of ‘iron mixed with clay‘ in the feet of Nebuchadnezzar’s immense image; a condition of the human blood.

One is unable to “see” for the Moon does not allow us to distinguish colors, for everything her rays strike upon she tinges with a silvery gray or a vague bluish tint. Her soil always appears a dull grey, lifeless, yet she is the seed, the node of electrical sensitivity replenishing the waters of the magnetic fields on the Earth in the librations which give rise to all Cycles. She is indeed our Mother and the Stone.

The Hidden Sanctuary

The head of the Adamic man is the hidden sanctuary of the body from which the 12 cranial nerves issue forth to provide neuronal guidance. The two brain centers are separated by the falx cerebri and divide the cortical part of the brain where the reasoning part of the brain is separated into two halves as demonstrated on the Sun tarot card. This part of the brain corresponds directly to psychological Consciousness and therefore to cerebral intelligence.

Only 12% of light striking the lunar surface is ever reflected back to the Earth. On the Moon card the idea of reflection is evident as there are no waves or interstidial lines to denote a positive emanation. Emanation precedes from the countenance or Rosh at the point of intersection above the two eyes and at the center of the human frontal lobe. However the face of the Moon denotes an aspect of subconsciousness; a consciousness which only receives and reduces. There is no coagulation of solar light and the falling Yvds are yellow with a tinge of red not yet perfectly blended so as to produce Orange.

The Abyss is the chasm or rift between the Mercurial Sun and Da’ath and denotes the division and intersection of the Superior and Inferior brains.

That which replenishes the vital organism originates in the liquid substance coursing through the body in 32 mysterious paths and 248 appendages. Certainly this vital fluid must be energized so that it not only compensates for water but also for the water/fire alternation exists in the same manner as the neutron of the atom controlling and regulating the structure of equilibrium from its positive state to its negative, Yellow to Violet. The cerebellum is that region of the brain associated specifically with the coordination of stimuli originating in the cerebrum more importantly with the regulation of all movements required for standing.

Equilibrium in all cases, is an axis of vertical stability passing through the ear to the cerebellum finally being projected upon the sagittal section, and specifying the center of coordination. Each of these sensors control the movements necessary for balancing and indicate the direction of movement in space, in all cases the center of balance. The unconscious motor center directs all movements that are necessary for balance by reflection; it is in this sense a causative function of the actions and reactions of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems through which the conduction of nervous fluid receives impulses of the human will.

The separation of the waters from the waters referred to in Genesis is the separation of a substance without form that is at the origin without specification. The spirit of the chaos brooding over waters in turn modifies the substance and provides a unique characterization of the subsequent division of Heaven and Earth. In a larger sense the separation of the waters Above has a direct correspondence to the three primary fluids utilized in the human body; the blood, lymph and the cerebral spinal fluid. Each of these fluid circulate throughout the human body affecting each region in a manner specific to its type. All the articulations within the human body allow for a coordination of each fluid, it’s chemistry, and its purpose not withstanding.

The arterial branches which irrigate the cortex all proceed from The Circle of Willis from which the 12 nerves issue forth in the human brain and are made up of the two vertebral and two internal carotid arteries. The left carotid artery receives the blood flow in the same direction as the aortic current of the heart’s pumping action. Now this left and right inflow and outflow is contained in what in medical terminology is called, the neurovascular bundle of the neck, which conceals the carotid artery, the jugular vein, and the pneumo-gastric nerve all united into a single sack.

Anthropocosmically there is a vital kinship between the heart and the Abyss. The heart not only contains the vital fluid it also sends it back . The heart modifies the particulate matter in the blood, lymph, and cerebrospinal fluid and is the intersecting nodal point of this reflexive action, where water and fire meet and are tempered; where the two forces which acts simultaneously by the articulated electrical impulse.The Abyss therefore denotes the chasm or Rift between the two hemispheres which regulate this activity in the human body, all of which occurs between the ‘waters above and the waters below’. The paths which surround the Abyss reveal the manner in which the electromagnetic causal conditions are transferred via the superior brain to the bifurcated inferior brain from Kether to Malkuth. The node of intersection is Da’ath as Jupiter – Ammon, the Hidden Sun (the Dark Star).

*For Dion Fortune’s account of the Abyss and Da’ath see her Mystical Qabalah. In it she relates that Da’ath refers to “Perfection of Justice” and the point of unity in which all Knowledge is contained. Being a Unity Da’ath is the synthesis of Law, Justice and Equilibrium which unites both Chokmah and Binah. “Da’ath embraces is the sphere of Justice at the supreme level, absolute balancing point”. Justice is considered a part of realization, not in the smaller ordinary matters pertaining to human destiny specifically, but in its largest sense as Universal law. This fact is highlighted by the Tarot key -Justice, or Karma, which locks in Da’ath, in the waters of the Abyss.

Crowley states, “for herein all the symbols are interchangeable, for each one containeth in itself its own opposite”, and Fortune concludes; “that there’s a strange Red of supernal Justice” green, brown and white and a shade of blue, silver, violet, gray and yellow. The color associated with Qvp is supposed to be a violet red, a combination of the Saturn and Mars influence, whose opposite is yellow and green, or Mercury and Venus.

In ancient Egypt Amun arises phenomenally out of Nun and this concerns an activity of coagulation between ‘the fire and the water- (Shin-Mim). In this respect both the male and female compliments are united in a common centre which arise in nine stages out of this chaotic motley. The first volume is therefore a sphere having a radial measure to distinguish this volume (565 and 60) which is superimposed 12 times. The contraction is thus the limited sense of the secret central fire of Nun, the Primordial Ocean containing the all… the AMN-(N) sac, the placenta, the amniotic fluid and the functional Spirit of the Hermetic Chyle.

Space is the nourishing amniotic substance which is ‘hooked’ to each vertice by the combination figure of A-M-N=91 (See The Great Pyramid and Jesus). The indefinite volume becomes form through a generalized contraction of the three Interior Planes and the four directions of the equatorially distinguished cross. This Celestial configuration answers to the order of the Hebrew letters and numbers and these letters are a key to Gnosis.

Just as nourishing space flows toward the center in a spiralling current (toward an immaterial sphere), the combination of the two equatorial axis and the central polar axis, become the determination of a finalized and fixed form which unite and are symbolized as the 22 Hebrew letters.

In conclusion,”There is above the celestial lights an incorruptible flame always sparkling, the spring of Life, the formation of all things. This flame produces all things and nothing perishes but what it consumeth. It maketh itself known by itself. Therefore it cannot be contained in any place, for it is without body and without matter. It encompasses the heavens.”(Porphyry) This light must shine by reflection out of the Abyss which is governed by Anubis and given its vitality through the unseen solar rays of the Hidden One known by many names and appellations throughout time.

Ravi-Akiba Ben-David L.V.X

(Frater Akiba)

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