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The Three Initiation Stages of The Adept

I understand the passage below as the Initiation of man allegorized through the events of the life of Jesus. As we enter the path and have received grace, we begin to share and teach others to enter the initiatic path. It is here that we feed the multitude. This is the reason behind the Sermon on the Mount stage.

” During the period of the public ministry of Jesus, He passed through four ancient, traditional stages of initiation as outlined centuries before by Pythagoras, which were: The first degree or preparation, culminating in the sermon on the Mount; the second degree or purification, represented by the miraculous healings and the demonstrations of Christian mystical therapeutics; the third degree or illumination, manifested by the raising of Lazarus; and the fourth degree or spiritual vision, manifested by the transfiguration.”
Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, F. R. C. , (1883 – 1939) – The Mystical Life of Jesus

Initiation Stage 1

Next we evolve to the ability to use the Cosmic Laws and the positive, creative, constructive forces and energies of the awakened soul and spirit to heal ourselves and others which can be even in the use of the right words at the right time to heal psychologically and relieve distress and suffering on all levels of being. This being the Miraculous Healing’s stage.

Initiation Stage 2

Next we pass through the breaking open of the dungeon of Saturnus, the crypt wherein are chained up our spirit, and so break the bonds that our physical self has on our spiritual selves. This is the resurrection into Light, and is the white stage of the alchemical process. It is a true illumination from the darkness of the crypt into the Light of the spirit. This being the Raising of Lazarus stage.

Initiation Stage 3

We next pass through the ability to fully express ourselves on the metaphysical levels, and be able to function in a body of light. This is truly the Immortal Body, and the Glorious Body through which we will have conquered death. Greater Teachings are now received from Cosmic Planes and we become as Cosmic Masters. This last stage is the transfiguration stage.

I have always seen the life of Jesus as being relative and pertaining to my own Mystical Voyage and Spirituality. We should all reflect on those biblical events as teachings that also allegorize our own initiatic path through life. Perhaps this speaks to you also, and so I share with you my understanding.

Written by Steve Kalec

Forthcoming Work; Beautiful Alchemy

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