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The Blood Of Osiris,DMT, and The Acacia Tree


A Spiritual Journey

I may be somewhat daring to reveal a spiritual journey I experienced due to my alchemical preparation of the “Stone of Antiquity”. This is an ancient Egyptian process and is a technique older than the first Egyptian Dynasty. The Osirian Myth greatly reveals this secret as Acacia trees grew and flourished around the grave of Osiris. Thus the Spirit of Osiris being absorbed by the roots of the Acacia tree. The ancient Egyptians extracted the “Blood of Osiris” from certain species of this tree. Later in the Christian era the Elixir was also called “The Blood of Christ”. The Masonic Order further reveals the Acacia as the sacred bush marking the grave of the Master Builder Hiram Abif. This bush is known as the bush symbolising our immortality. Moses saw it aglow on mount Sinai which spoke to him as God. The ancient mystery schools of antiquity gave it to their initiates. Not so far as Cagliostro’s time, he introduced this “Blood of Osiris” into his Masonic Rite of Initiation. I took part in such an initiation by my own preparation of this Grand Elixir. I had prepared myself carefully and conferred this sacred initiation upon myself.
The Pineal gland naturally produces Melatonin, Serotonin and Dimethyltryptamine. Science today knows that without the Dimethyltryptamine we would not dream and we could not imagine.

“We do not possess imagination enough
to sense what we are missing.”

-Jean Toomer


Meditation and DMT

When we are meditating, the pineal gland is producing extra DMT and so we have our inner and spiritual experiences. Descartes believed the pineal was the “seat of the soul”. Western and Eastern mystical traditions both place our highest spiritual center within the Pineal gland. The Grand Elixir of Antiquity is a product from the Acacia tree that is rich with DMT. DMT is also found in Ayahuasca but is nowhere as royal and as true to the initiate as is found in the Acacia. The Sufi readily admit that the Ayahuasca does not always tell the truth while the Acacia cannot lie. Some may ask why I would make and take such a product if I am a practitioner of mystical and spiritual techniques. Why would I need such a product? My answer would be that I don’t need it, and in fact the experiences I gained from it are not unlikely the many I had received naturally. However the experiences were much more intense and truly initiatic. Also everyone knows me as an alchemist, with a worthy experience in laboratory practice. We as alchemists seek the quintessence in all things. Why would I not be seeking that which has been lost or is hidden from the lay man? That there existed ancient techniques, methods, rites and initiations conferred on initiates is without doubt. That I would be seeking these out and deciphering their secrets, no one could hold against me. There is a threefold phase to any alchemical work. First there is the study and discovery. Second we work for the attainment of the product. But none of this means anything much without the third phase, the very experiences encountered with and felt having used the product.

Any experience as such certainly is not something for the weak of mind, of weak heart and of a timid soul. I certainly am not recommending anyone to do this alone, even if I did. I know myself, my previous metaphysical experiences, and my unfolding in spiritual fortitude and ability to handle overwhelming experiences, especially those involving the secret fire. The Glorious body is no mystery to me and I have already experienced the alchemical separation many times. My daring was based on knowing myself and the ordeals of my previous experiences. The Master within is always there to guide us, especially when daily attunements are fervently, longingly and lovingly practiced with discipline.


Steve Kalec @All Rights Reserved The Blood of Christ-The Elixir of Life

My Experience

My Spiritual Journey and the Light of Acacia
The Event began at 11:00 pm on the 14th April 2016.
The experience ended at around 4:00 am the following day.

The visions are out of this world. Every new phase of the experience started with the visions of the most beautiful geometric shapes and scenes with colours experienced beyond the ordinary spectrum. When the elevation of perceptions started to kick in, I knew immediately that a most special experience was to be had. Looking at the walls I saw dimensions open up with extraordinary colour hues blending through many layers and depths. I knew I had better lay down as I wanted to be safe in whatever happens. Yet I soon realized I had full control. This was not a psychedelic uncontrolled event. I was able to at all time, within the actual experience, analyse all that transpired at every moment. In other words, I was able to fully experience in a full awakened consciousness. I was able to retain the memory of the experience most easily without difficulty. It is still clear as day.

The first shift in consciousness was felt with very high positive emotions. Everything began to look brighter in color and shadows blended most harmoniously. As I gazed ahead of me in wonderment of the extraordinary scene of colors and geometric shapes, I saw beings, people gathered all around me. I was getting annoyed as they were crowding me, blocking my view. I felt like I was in a crowded elevator. I naturally interacted with them. I asked them who they were and what did they want? They just looked ahead and ignored me. I saw no faces I recognized. In my experience a realization came upon me. I realized that each and every one of them was a certain aspect of myself as being my cares, responsibilities, commitments, problems, worries, and all that restricts me in life. It is as though such had personified themselves. With this realization, I told them that I knew who they were and that they can now leave. They dispersed giving me my space.

I got up out of bed and decided to walk around the house. I saw my house as never before. I saw my windows all stained glassed. Guards watching over me were at their posts in every room, reminding me that I am never alone. They were like angels. If I looked at them directly, they vanished. When I looked away they were there as I saw them in the corner of my eyes.Huge and beautiful tigers were looking into the house through some of the windows. The tigers were a realization of my strengths and powers that wanted entry into my house, my consciousness. As I looked at the floor tiles in my kitchen, characters rose above them and sceneries developed. I was being entertained with much beauty and wonderment. This was the end of my first phase as a realization into a higher enhanced consciousness in the form of light opening to me.

I next entered into the black stage of the alchemical process and decided to go and lay down in bed again. I know that I fell asleep for a while. Then I woke up suddenly as I felt the presence of a very dark figure. I sat up on the side of my bed and instantly put the night light on. I saw a shadow figure behind me gazing down at me. I grabbed him and threw him on the ground. With my foot I pinned him down. Having full control of the experience. I had no fear whatsoever but had a sort of disgust as to why such a figure would present itself to me. Then again a realization was had. I pointed straight at him and told him I knew who he was. That he was all my vices, my dark side, my weaknesses, and all my fears and vices. As he realized that I had recognized him, he just dissolved under my feet. I had conquered him! I laid back down and put the light out to rest. I was hoping I would fall asleep as this was a very intense experience. My heart was beating and I felt a battle won.

I may have fallen asleep again but I am not sure. Suddenly I was in full consciousness of the presence of many beings about me again. This time they were all dressed in white robes. Men and women of noble countenance were sitting on chairs along the walls of both sides of my room. They were looking at me as if they knew me and had a gaze as though they understood what I was undergoing. Some were smiling with reassurance towards me and others had sympathetic looks. Again, having full control with the power of analysis within the experience itself, a sense came onto me that I had met with all that which is belonging to the divine light within me.Having had met previously with my worldly responsibilities and cares, after which with my shadow, these events ended the ‘Black Stage’. With the meeting of the purity of the beings in white, I have entered the purification of the ‘White Stage’ of the alchemical process. I have met my virtues and all that which are the positive, constructive and creative aspects of my being. I was now prepared for my next stage of the alchemical process.

My experience ended with arriving at the vision of the ‘Peacock’s Tail’ stage of the alchemical process. A most beautiful vision of colourful streamers hanging from infinite space above through an infinite area extending endlessly to depths in front and all around me. I saw space as never before. A most beautiful Christmas tree appeared with all its beautiful decorations and colours. Seeing it, I was filled with ecstasy and an immense emotion of love and of beauty. It was absolutely wonderful that I was able to almost instantly recognize this elevated emotion. The vision of this Christmas tree transported me back to my childhood emotions where I had the same ecstatic feeling as when I was two years old, having seen my first Christmas tree. It was a memory recall with all its intense childhood emotional feeling. I experienced a sort of a rebirth in feeling and having the consciousness of the child I once was, with all the wonderments that child had. It was a reawakening into a new state of spirituality encompassing all the positive energetic healing vibrations that such a rejoicing youthful experience brings along with it.

This entire spiritual voyage lasted about seven hours. Sometimes I just got up and walked around my house as everything in it was extra ordinarily beautiful. The visions lasted a good 4 hours before they subsided, after which the experience was followed by 2 hours of peaceful, silent contemplation. I was enjoying my new found energies. I just sat in silence, feeling my inner energies ebb and flow. It was truly spiritually most solemn. I had entered a metaphysical and mystical silence of such an intensity that I was totally engulfed in an absolute peace of self. It was truly an elevating experience as an exaltation of the Self. Even today colors are more vivid, feelings are heightened and my dreams are more intense. Meditations are enhanced and metaphysical energies are so much more easily generated. Recently I read that a doctor is healing severe alcoholic and drug addicts with such DMT journeys. I am not surprised. There is a most beautiful light in us all, it just needs to be awakened from our dormant consciousness of it.

Written by Steve Kalec

Forthcoming work, Beautiful Alchemy

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