How Does Your Personality Affect Your Spiritual Path?

We are Each Our Own Spiritual Path

As we embark upon any path of spirituality, sooner or later we will pass through the trials set up by our own duality. We are all dual in nature, and there is a continuous strife between the two natures of heaven and earth within us. Balance is the key. Neither is good or bad. Each side must get its due. ” Give unto God what is God’s, and give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.” We all sometimes get indigestion from our studies and practices, and we all get dissatisfaction at times. What is important is for us to follow the calling, the inner feelings and to listen to the inner urges. We all have, at times, drifted from our practice, this is normal. However if the original intent of embarking on a path was pure and noble, we will always be guided back.

“He leadeth me in the path of righteousness, for His name sake” Psalm 23.

We are all different. We are all unique personalities. Our dispositions, natures, characters, temperaments and outlooks on life are all different. Our sympathetic nervous systems are not all on the same level of sensitivity. Our desires, longings and passions vary in degrees of intensity as do the manifestations of the sacred fire in each and every one of us. Some are quite happy on a path of harmonizing and balancing body and mind. Some tend to the sacred fire daily as they purify the very metaphysical forces that will lead them to enlightenment and spiritual elevation. Others are on a true quest, a search for that fountain of life, which will quench their immense and passionate thirst for that spiritual union which will wed them with their beloved, their God.

Written by Steve Kalec

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