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Mystery of the North American Draco Stonehenge

Draco Stonehenge rocks

The Draco Stonehenge has a face shape in the stone


Mystery of the Draco Stonehenge

Sacred rock formations like the Draco Stonehenge are turning heads like never before. Matching some of the characteristics of the famous site in England. But this group of stones discovered in North America has truly baffled experts. So in August 2017, an Adept Initiate field research team went to conduct tests and photograph the site. We have here the results combined with the history of the other ancient sites located nearby. You can determine yourself if the Draco Stonehenge is artificial or a natural phenomenon. And if it solves Atlantis, Nod, Aztlan and even King Solomon’s lost gold mine. 

Origin of the Mystery: Mont Chaudron

First, we look at how our Draco Stonehenge mystery began. Legends say Ojibwe shaman went to a holy Mont Chaudron to meditate and fast. A place of sacrifice is what its called. So an Adept Initiate field researcher decided it was a good spot to explore. Then came the discovery of an ancient offering table on the top of the mountain facing the setting sun.  And even the shape of the mountain is like a witches cauldron hence the French name Mont Chaudron.  This offering table sits elevated for collecting overflow liquids. In 1955 the body of a butchered headless man lay here in a sacrificial manner. And nobody ever solved the murder. This spot may be the missing link between the Anunnaki bags and the witches cauldron.

Watch the video link below to see Mont Chaudron

Matching the Canadian Offering Table

After uploading the offering table image we waited for help finding a clue. Then, Jj Ainsworth, an expert comparative researcher pointed out its shape. It matched that found in ancient Egypt. And many other libation tables around the world. Shockingly we were able to match the same design at Gobekli Tepe. And the Great Ziggurat of Ur from above. Our team found examples at the ROM in Toronto to help confirm this connection.

A tale of two Offering Tables and Ancient Diffusionism 

Maya Nikolova is an independent megalithic researcher in Bulgaria. So we showed her what we found in Canada. It resembles one near her at the ancient site of Perperikon. Its the same elevation, road patterns match and both face the setting sun. They are located near massive waterways to the ocean. Each table may have acted like a signpost or a gate. But most importantly hers has a Stonehenge nearby. A potential clue that could link the two sites beyond any doubt. 

Solomon's Secret Revealed


 Bulgarian Stone Circle called a Cromlech

Photo of an ancient Bulgarian Stone Circle by Maya Nikolova in May of 2016.


Especially relevant Maya had just visited the cromlech. Near the village of Dolni Glavanak, Haskovo District in May of 2016. She believes that it is older then Thracian creations. Thracians are an ancient European people who lived in Bulgaria. They left behind many intricate relics made of gold. Aryan ancestors of the Thracians left Iran for Bulgaria on more than one occasion. That is why the word Iran translates to the home of the Aryans. So could Pagan Aryans have built these mysterious sites in Bulgaria and Canada? The only problem some academics today say Aryans were just a myth. Or are they saying this for fear of ridicule?

At an Adept Initiates convention booth, we met Iranians who confirmed this first hand. Despite what some may think Iran’s population has many ethnic groups remaining. No place on Earth has seen more changes due to wars. Babylonians, Assyrians, Achaemenids, Egyptians, Thracians, Greeks, Armenians, Persians, Romans, Muslims, Mongols and more have taken over Iran. Likely this trend will alway’s continue because of its very rich mineral deposits.

Since this Bulgarian Stonehenge is located close to their offering table. We decided to look near the Canadian sacred mountain for another Stonehenge as well.

Professors Blog “Stonehenge Conundrum in Northeastern Ontario” 

Thanks to Backroads Bill Steer we did just that! His qualifications include professor at Canadore College and Nipissing University. He wrote a blog called “Stonehenge Conundrum in Northeastern Ontario”. It’s so close to the sacred mountain you can almost see one from the other. Proving it is not just the Bulgarian site that has an offering table and Stonehenge. But also its Canadian counterpart has both as well. When we contacted Bill he was still in the process of digitizing the original research done by Vernon Dufresne. So this North American Stonehenge is still in the early stages of an investigation. 

Stonehenge in England is a similar Offering Table Shape

To connect the Stonehenge site and the offering table further. We turned to the location in England. Surprisingly the original shape done by a computer simulation is nearly identical to the offering tables. This could be a vital clue to understanding what the famous Stonehenge in England was for.


Adept Expedition to the Draco Stonehenge

So next Maya traveled all the way from Bulgaria to Canada. She joined the first Adept Initiate team on site. To see the large stones aligned to the cardinal points. The professor wrote that the boulders are also aligned to the spring and fall Equinox. Hence more evidence it is man-made. Our team noted that all of them are leaning on balance stones. Even one shaped like a pyramid.  Features of a face on the rock smile back at you. Characteristics reported at many other megalithic stone sites.

Pyramid shaped balance stone placed under the boulder

This North American Stonehenge also has a large clearing of flat rock next to it. Scratches mark the surface from moving ice. So it had to of been built after the ice age was over. This open field of rock appears almost the shape of a runway. Geologists noted this spot is also peculiar to them. But Jj made a video showing the Viking “Stone Ship” design is the same. Norse people also had large clearings leading up to sacred stones they erected. 

Strange Test Result’s

Electronic compass tests showed an odd spinning. At certain locations in between the largest blocks. All local radio signals went dead. When just a few miles away many channels were clear. Even stranger the team camped near the rocks and it was eerily absent of any noise. They stayed up late to watch a meteor shower and the milky way. It remained extremely silent until they closed the tents. Then like clockwork, a symphony of birds and insects began. Almost as if all the surrounding nature was watching them,  and waiting.

Cell phones get a good signal all around this sacred spot. But on the clearing and next to the large stones, the reception goes weak. Almost seems like the ancient site captures forms of energy. 


Official Archaeological Research

One official theory suggests the stones were stacked on top of each other. Much in the same way as the popular Stonehenge. Or it used to be the shape of a medicine wheel. But until the Adept Initiate team arrived nobody could determine what it was.Archaeologist Dr. John Pollock discovered the adjacent beach had also been used. Dating for these sites goes back to at least 6000 BC. Maybe even older. Fourteen other significant sites have been identified near this North American Stonehenge.

Adept Initiates discovers the Draco layout of the Sacred Stones 

Maya suggested we measure and plot the large boulders at the site on paper. To get a better look at what the shape could be. So using a DJI Mavic Pro quadcopter Adept Initiates did just that. Shockingly in the process, it was discovered that this Stonehenge consisted of way more than four Sacred Stones. In fact, it appeared that 14 large boulders sitting on the balance rocks were just barely visible from the air. Hidden from plain sight at ground level by tree growth. And even more surprising its the shape of the Draco Constellation, that also has 14 major stars.


Why was it shaped like the Draco Constellation?

Maya kindly pointed out that it is not uncommon for ancient sites to be built in relation to the Draco Constellation. In fact, even the Great Pyramid of Egypt has a mystery shaft. Pointing to this same spot in the sky.

One idea proposed in the Universal Internet theory is ancients star gazed special stars. To connect like we do with fiber optic internet. That uses light as wires. Only ancient people used starlight and the human body in a shamanic state, acting as the computer. Even hallucinogenic mushrooms grow next to the offering table. So we can now theorize why the Great Pyramid shaft is pointing at Draco. It was their internet access point.

Maybe this is why the Draco Stonehenge is shaped in such a manner. It’s also theorized that the offering table next to it was designed for stargazing. And hence Draco is the right spot to look.  Draco never sets and is always visible at northern locations. Including this spot in North America.


How was the Draco Stonehenge created?

It’s not clear-cut and obvious as to how this Draco Stonehenge was created. Trees have grown between some of the largest rocks. As if the site had gone unused for long periods of time. It looks like it was built by a wanderer. Or maybe during the early stages of learning how to construct this type of megalithic formation. But the size of boulders would not have been easy to align.

Maya demonstrates how massive the Draco Stonehenge boulders are.


Also the following day the First Nations people arrived for a ceremony at the site. Locals mentioned they have been using it since its creation. Tradition says this Stonehenge area sits on “Power Spot’s” used to capture spirits. And that was an important protection ritual. 

King Solomon’s mines found at the Draco Stonehenge

A recent theory suggests this Draco Stonehenge spot is so rich in gold. That it could be the location of King Solomon’s secret mine. The nearby Kirkland lake mine is ranked second best gold in the world. Even though its a very far north and a remote location.  It still sits on a lake system that connects to the Ottawa river. Making it a major old-world highway back to the St Lawrence, the Ocean and then Bulgaria.

Phoenician and Thracian trade networks could have easily moved gold down the rivers. Given the advanced ships they possessed. At its peak, the Phoenician empire was larger than the distance needed to cross the ocean. Strangely a giant coin found on the highway next to the Draco Stonehenge shows a Thracian image. It’s a replica of the first coin minted from the gold at this site. Could this Thracian coin be another coincidence? Or more evidence for this Canadian / Thrace trade theory. Hidden in plain sight.

Interview with Maya

We asked Maya about her overall conclusions after she visited the site. But before the Draco correlation was even discovered. Her insight appears to have been correct. 

“ The newly discovered ancient sites in Northeastern Ontario have a striking resemblance to other ancient sites found all over Europe. The offering table on mount Cheminis is similar to offering tables at rock sanctuaries in Bulgaria. The so called “Stonehenge site” near Larder lake is a perfect example of an energy spot with huge boulders orientated towards the main cardinal points. It is still used as an important ceremonial site by the First nations. Further research by archeo astronomers needs to be done in order to find out if the initial use of the site was connected with astronomical events.  “    Maya Nikolova 

Another interesting thing to note is that Maya is an avid Bear enthusiast. And the unmarked trail going to Draco Stonehenge is directly across from the Bear Lake rest area. Almost as if it had been her destiny all along. Loving bears was a key to finding the path to explore this mystery further.

UFO Sighting’s Near the Draco Stonehenge 

Shockingly UFO reports have also been made close to this Draco Stonehenge area. A cold war era military defense system was built on a nearby dormant super caldera. It reported sightings of an unidentified aircraft flying near the mines. Could the Anunnaki quest for gold continue like Zecharia Sitchin suggested? If the Anunnaki and the biblical God are one in the same. Would we not have evidence of people being sent to this site in the Bible? 

Is the Draco Stonehenge in the biblical Land of Nod? 

Yet another strange coincidence to this site is the age of the offering table. Thanks to a radio interview on 98.5 FM the question was asked. Could the ancestors of the Thracian’s and Phoenicians have been to this spot even earlier?  So we checked the oldest accounts of offering tables. It goes back to the feud between Cain and Abel. Cain killed his brother over an offering and was banished to a faraway land called Nod.

Could this cylinder seal depict Cain vs Abel? Hence clues lay hidden in the shape of our planet.


Could it be that the Stonehenge and offering table in North America is Nod? If that were true we would have to find evidence of a city named Enoch nearby. Because God gave Cain the curse to no longer be able to grow food. But instead, he gave him the ability to built great stone cities. So in turn, people from other nations would bring food to the city he built. The Old Testament says he named his first city after his son Enoch.

Cains first city Enoch is the Aztec city T-Enoch-Titlan solving Aztlan 

Lone behold,  Aztec creation history says a hero wandered from the north. And built the city of T-Enoch-Titlan. Therefore it seems like Cain and Abel also lived in the legendary Aztec homeland of Aztlan. Its the place of seven caves the cradle of civilization today we call Mesopotamia. Recent DNA studies on mummies show a very diverse South American population existed long ago. Hence even ancient white people… Researcher Jj Ainsworth was able to help with another offering table match used by the Aztec’s. Therefore these matching offering tables could expand the wandering south theory. It seems the Aztec hero Cain began his journey far up north near this Draco Stonehenge. 

Strangely even though Aztlan means “place of whiteness”. Almost no people consider they may have come from Mesopotamia. Maybe because it is not popular to acknowledge Sumerians as Aryans. Even with the abundant blue-eyed statues they left. Consequently, this explains the Mesopotamian relics in the Father Crespi collection in South America. And the cuneiform bowl found in Bolivia. Many large underground caverns have been found in Turkey and Malta. Big enough to hold entire city populations. Do you think Mesopotamia including the Mediterranean region was Aztlan?

Today people still debate the Aztec name. Some say it got used as an umbrella term for many different groups of people. Many who did not claim to originate from Aztlan.


Biblical Cain was an Aztec Red-haired Giant

Tracing Cains path down from the Draco Stonehenge to Tenochtitlan takes you between the Great Lakes. Near this area, you find the Serpent Mound located in Ohio. Researchers like Scott Wolter from America Unearthed have covered this idea. An Aztec settlement once stood along the southern shores of the Great Lakes. Plus many other mysterious stone anomalies cover the route taken down south. All along the eastern US. Such as megalithic chambers, carvings, and Dolmens. Many believe they were built by red-haired giants.

Since Cain and his people were on average seven feet tall and had red hair. It correlates with the oral history of the Si-Te-Cah.  According to the Paiutes, the Si-Te-Cah were a red-haired group of cannibalistic giants. Who consumed the brains of babies to prolong their life indefinitely. This was the reason that the Indigenous people had to wipe them out. And the Mesopotamian name Babylon ( Baby-lon) derives from the same horrible baby sacrifice tradition.

A town on this route is called Magog after the Abenaki word “Memphremagog”. Meaning large expanse of water. Hinting that the Magog people came from across the ocean.Magog was also a grandson of Noah who had red hair. And he stood around 7 feet tall. Plus he had an extremely long lifespan. Legends in Europe remain of these Magog cannibals. Coining the term that those with red hair are devilish like the fallen angels. This town Magog has the worlds largest outdoor meeting spot for master Freemasons. With a massive stone owl that the Bohemian Grove version was modeled after. Also to get there you must take route 33 off the highway.

This means the red-haired elongated skulls found in South America likely came from Mesopotamia as well.

Cains Aztec city of “T – Enoch – Titlan” was Atlantis 

Today most researchers theorize that survivors of Atlantis had built the pyramids in South America. But few remember the research of occultist’s like Helena Blavatsky. She and the Nazis suggested that the Aztec pyramids were Atlantis. Legend says the first Aztec population of Tenochtitlan was wiped out during a great flood. After falling out of favor with the gods. And it was a circularly shaped city on a man-made inland island.Its even located directly across the ocean from Gibraltar. Just like all that was said about Atlantis. It remains hidden under today’s Mexico City. Even the white-skinned god Viracocha found in South America held the serpent ropes of knowledge. Found in all the Mesopotamian and Pagan traditions. Do you think this proves Cain was an Aryan and he built Atlantis? 


The Long Man in England a match for Viracocha.


Draco Stonehenge and the Sacred Tree

To clarify this theory does not imply Aryans were racially superior. Or that any peoples were not smart enough to build ancient sites. Rather it suggests the early Mesopotamian Aryans were supernaturally good at it temporarily. Due to the 2nd curse of Cain, they inherited. But as Aryans had offspring with other nations it wore off. Explaining why the most advanced stonework has less complexity built on top. No doubt this is why the Cain bloodline is so important to original Freemasonry.

The First Nations medicine wheel also covers the idea that the creator made different colors of people naturally good at different things. Not to divide us. But to make us work together. The Aztec sacred tree is a match for the popular Pagan symbol. It’s found in Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and India. A prophecy says it will return to aid humanity one day. Could that time be now?

” I see a time of Seven Generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again ”  

– Crazy Horse 

Ojibwe cosmology & Mesopotamian


Curse of Cain explains the sudden rise of civilization by Sumerians

It appears Cain an Aryan Mesopotamian had the curse that made him build large stone cities. Hence explaining the sudden rise of civilization by the Sumerians. Many times people discuss how the Bible matches cuneiform stories so closely. But few publicly state the idea that Adam and Eve were Aryans and the first Sumerians. This idea used to be considered part of European Pagan history. Recorded in the LGE ( Lebor Gabála Érenn) books of Ireland. Until their history and culture were nearly wiped out by anti-Pagan beliefs. Similar to what happened to the culture of the Indigenous people of America. 

Forbidden History of the Swastika at the Draco Stonehenge

Upon returning from the Stonehenge up north our team visited the ROM in Toronto for more clues. They noticed a gold mining town called Swastika is next to the Draco Stonehenge. The Swastika gold mine was staked in 1908 and prior to the world wars. Some say its name comes from the Native American word for “good luck “.  Others commonly agree the swastika is a Sanskrit for the same thing. World War 2 was when the swastika changed and became the symbol of Nazis. 

But in the museum, we found ancient European pottery also had this same symbol. In front of our very eyes, we had confirmation that the Aryan ancestors of the Thracians migrated out of Mesopotamia. And they carried with them the Swastika. That’s why Hitler obsessed over the symbol. And why he was looking for Atlantis clues in Iran. But who could have known the Canadian mine Swastika next to the Draco Stonehenge got its name from Aryans in Mesopotamia?

Freemasons in the community did, but they kept it a secret. In addition, this town with a small population still has masonic lodges. But exactly how did these Masons learn the forbidden Aryan history? 

Pottery found in the ROM collection with Aryan symbols

Freemason Secrets at the site

Albert Pike a highly regarded Freemason wrote extensively on Aryans. In his book called Morals and Dogma. He added that Ahura Mazda the winged disk God of the Aryans is the secret meaning of Freemasonry. He lived from 1809-1891 prior to the Swastika mine naming. So that is how they knew.

His body is entombed at the Masonic Capitol in Washington DC. In a building modeled after the mausoleum.This mausoleum design is a great wonder of the ancient world. Created during the Achaemenid Empire when the same Aryan winged disk worship was the state religion.

The Masonic artwork called “From Darkness to Light ” closely matches a short road. Located between the Draco Stonehenge and the ancient offering table. It has a shooting star landing right where the offering table is. And a biblical style ship next to the Ottawa river highway going to the ocean. In addition, the shape of each mountain shows a dip on the right. Also, a cave on the left with a divider in the middle. Officially this art does depict a clue to King Solomon. And maybe his lost gold mine. Since this spot hidden in the far north is the richest in just that.



Clues found in the geography of the Draco Stonehenge site

Most noteworthy next to the Draco Stonehenge is Larder Lake. As seen from above its shore takes the form of a Shaman holding up a Cauldron. As strange as this may seem. Even our moon has this type of symbolism built into it. Both Asian and Aztec legends speak of a rabbit who sacrificed himself into a fire. To save the life of a starving hero. So, as a result, the gods engraved his image next to the cauldron. Into the very surface of the moon to be visible to all mankind. Hence just like we see in Larder Lake next to the Draco Stonehenge.


 Contact between Aryan Pagans and Indigenous people in Canada

In middle Persian and Ojibwe language, they have nearly the same word for spirit. And even the written characters look similar. Could this also be evidence that early Aryan Mesopotamian’s arrived in America? Nazis believed that Aryans had ancient trade interactions with the Indigenous people. We spoke with Algonquins who acknowledge they have many Norse like traditions. Dating back so far it would have to come from the Aryan ancestors of the Norse. Maybe they both shared the Draco Stonehenge in Canada. Possibly a time long ago existed, where the four colors of people on the medicine wheel did work together. In harmony, just like the creator intended. We hope recovering this lost chapter in history could help bring harmony again. 


A Medicine Wheel Stonehenge on Canada’s West Coast

We researched another ancient Stonehenge on Canada’s west coast located in Alberta. It sheds light on what all this could mean. The First Nations Medicine wheel is its shape. That same symbol that is important for the future of humanity. In artwork, it consists of the four colors red, black, yellow and white. To symbolize the people the creator put on Earth. Its supposed to remind us that we all have different tasks. Like caring for the Land, Water, Air, and Spirit.So that we work together in harmony. Losing one color means the whole ecosystem could fail. Could this be why humanity is facing trouble like never before? Maybe forgetting these roles and not balancing our population has brought the suffering upon us. These ancient megalithic sites like the Draco Stonehenge seem like a clue. To steer us all back in on the path set by the creator.

Field researcher Leland Judsyn’s summary

Adept Initiates field researcher Leland Judsyn resembles the image on the Thrace coin in Canada.

Summary of the Draco Stonehenge

This Canadian Stonehenge site maybe man-made. And dates back to just after the last ice age. Who created them and how remains a mystery. The most especially relevant theory is that the Indigenous people had done so on their own. Yet given the gold, Nazis, UFO’s’, offering table history and matching Thracian site. There seems like more to this story. 

 Afterall this Draco Stonehenge is a match for the Viking stone ship design.  Since even the Norse trace their origin back to the Aryans this evidence proves the occultists were right. Cain the red-haired giant Aryan was in America long ago. He migrated down south from the Draco Stonehenge and built Atlantis. Or what we call today Tenochtitlan.Hence Aztlan the place of whiteness was Mesopotamia. But is the world ready to consider this theory? Or will the secrets of the Mesopotamian Aryans remain exclusive to the followers of original Freemasonry forever? 

This explains how Freemasons used to keep secrets. They did not need to threaten members to keep quiet. Just mentioning Aryan research associated yourself with the evil done by Nazis. Hence, risking your reputation, job and more. In Canada towns and streets named Swastika are still a hot topic today.

Final Conclusion


So, if we did connect the ancient sites in Canada in Bulgaria. Then Maya would be the first person to stand at both in over 1000 years. A truly incredible feat for any modern explorer. We at Adept Initiates thank her for her insight into this mystery!  She did not agree with all these conclusions but encouraged us to prove it. We wish her continued success with megalithic lectures at Sofia University. And all her other future endeavors. 

Do you think the Draco Stonehenge solved Atlantis and other mysteries? Could ignoring Aryan history have been responsible for so many unsolved puzzles today? If this does prove correct then we would owe thanks to the clues found in the Sacred Tree of Life. Just like the 7th generation prophecy of Crazy Horse had predicted…


Disclaimer: Those listed below do not endorse these controversial theories.

Special Thanks to independent researcher Maya Nikolova !
Maya was born in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. She has masters degree in cultural tourism at Sofia University 

 Blog on the Canadian Stonehenge – Backroads Bill Steer A professor at Canadore College and Nipissing University

Jj Ainsworth Writer & Ancient symbol and artifact comparison researcher 
Viking Stone Ship video by Jj



ROM – Royal Ontario Museum

Neo -Assyrian  – Carnelian cylinder seal of Mushezib-Ninurta 900 BC

Ojibwe Cosmology picture

Stonehenge in England

Long Man of Wilmington

Moon Rabbit

Assyrian cylinder seal

Eastern Alchemy – The Alchemy of India

Three Regalia of Japan 

Painting, set of three hanging scrolls. The three sacred regalia, sword, crystal, and mirror. Ink and colours on silk.

Djed back of the Coffin of Ameneminet. Third Intermediate Period. E5534 Louvre Museum

Aztec Sacred Tree / Mexico coat of arms

Thracian Sanctuary×750/sanctuary-4065d2.jpg …


Viracocha –
Public Domain image –

Aztlán – Atlantis

Mummies found in South America

Lebor Gabála Érenn – LGE the history of Ireland. From the creation of the world to the Middle Ages.

Medicine Wheel


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