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How You Can Use Your Masculine/Feminine Energies to Ascend

androgynyWhat is Gender? Gender refers to male and female differences that are learned while sex designates biological differences. Gender in our society is the state of being female or male. Gender stereotypes are shared beliefs of how a man or woman should behave, think, or feel. Think about what you believe are feminine or masculine traits, write a list. How do you feel about what you wrote down? How does this list match up with who you are?

Sure, we can compare what is and what is not. Or, we can ponder on what could be. What could be is the balance between feminine and masculine. The reality is that our personalities are man made principles, so how can these principles relate to the balancing of our spiritual nature? De-socilalization in this matter would be key. Remember Alchemy is a process and we must go through every stage before we reach the Great Arcanum. Become out of being and not out of force.

The goal of balancing the feminine and masculine energies is one aspect of perfecting the philosophers stone(soul).
With inner evolution Ascension is possible.
Let’s meditate on the Squaring of the Circle;squaring the circle

The square represents masculine consciousness while the circle represents feminine consciousness. The triangle is the agent of transformation. The triangle fuses both the feminine and masculine energy into the Quintessence of consciousness. The greater circle depicts the Union of human consciousness with the One consciousness.

We must work to mentally fuse these energies; since there is no division within soul. The only division that exists is within the mind. This requires that the lines of what WE in this reality/society created, dissolve. Only then will there be a union of the two energies. If you feel a certain emotion embrace it wether it be masculine or feminine in this regard the state of mind becomes androgynous (without any gender distinction). This  brings to mind the Hermaphodite which in Alchemy represents the union of polarities (androgyny).

Further review and study on this subject will be in my book.

Forthcoming work, The Sacred Science of Psychology


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