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How Advanced Civilizations Spoke The Sacred Language of Cryptocurrency


 We live in exciting times. Today, we may know more about the universe than our ancestors did, and yet it seems they knew something more essential about it than we do. In our distance past the powerful people of Ancient Khemit (Egypt), the Olmec mother culture of Mexico, over five hundred distinct indigenous tribes of the Americas, and perhaps even the lost civilizations often dubbed Atlantis or Lumeria all had something in common with today’s proponents of cryptocurrency – they understood the sacred language of money.
When we become conscious of the cycles in our past, can we not predict our future?

“We learn from the past, we labor in the present, and we build for the future.” – Manly P. Hall

It doesn’t take the Olmec inspired Mayan calendar to consider that patterns, trends, and cycles are what may have served as the catalyst for leading the legendary prophecies foretold in stone by the crypto-seers of Ancient Mexico. By adhering to the so-called Hermetic principle of the the esoteric traditions – ‘As above, so below’ – the initiate will come to understand that we are but a reflection of the cosmos.


 Are you still with me, here?
If so, stick with me because we are about to embark on a journey down the rabbit hole but first you'll need a little context...
Now, In my experience I have found that that a lot of folks in esoteric circles and many of us on the alchemical path to expanding consciousness often spend their entire lives believing money is a tool used to oppress people, but I actually think that money was invented as a tool by our ancestors who needed to equalize things between each other.
It is important to note that I am not a formerly educated archaeologist nor a scholar so my perspetive is pure speculation but with the power of imagination and logic, we can astral project back into our past and walk through the process of why people first created money. If we were to use remote vision to see when and what happened when it was first created. I can't help but think in my minds eye that people all throughout history have created local or sub-currencies, even when government stepped in and created a staple currency.



I've caught a lot of heat and even lost some Facebook friends over my posts about cryptocurrency - as if talking about money is a taboo subject. 
Why is that?
All of the things that we want to see happen in terms of changing the world in a positive way, can be set into motion, constructed and materilized with this material language. We can use money to make this change happen!
For the most part people don't pay for things that do not serve them. So in order to have money in an uncorrupt, fair money system - you can only have money if you have done something that is of service to somebody else. Now, of course we live in a world where people have figured out all sort of number games to cheat and take value out of a system that they have NOT put value into. That is what we call a DISTORTION, and its based on human behavior. That is NOT MONEY'S FAULT!
That is a travesty, a misapplication, a corruption of money by corrupt people doing a corrupt thing with THE SACRED LANGUAGE, and many of us are suffering in this human experience because of the way they misuse THE SACRED LANGUAGE.
What If it was kept in a pure state?
Something that really resonated with me was a term that one of my best friends once used during a discussion we had. He had referred to that pure state as "CLEAN MONEY" - being money that YOU MADE by doing something of VALUE, and NOT HARMFUL to somebody else.
So if you are getting CLEAN MONEY there should be nothing wrong with that, because clean money is how we will CHANGE EVERYTHING!
What if money was invented as a tool by our ancient ancestors who needed to equalize things between each other?
When money first came into the picture it became a social equalizer, a language that removed the ability for our ancestors to oppress each other with resources. They would now have a sacred language they could use. They would have options. 
Of course it doesn't feel like this when you don't have money, because you feel like you have nothing, but when you actually do have money, CLEAN MONEY that are putting into CLEAN DIRECTIONS in terms of taking actions that are contributing to sustainability, toward healing or raising consciousness, and things that are contributing to decreasing suffering - then MONEY becomes powerful language you can use in the spirit of giving.



Again, I am not an academicly trained archaeologist but I sure would like to see a profesional  archaeologist show us ANY CULTURE that we have a record of that did NOT create a currency system of some sort, at least to interact with other tribes at a distance.
Don't get me wrong. They may not have needed it in their small family or group tribe, but every tribe that interacted with other tribes at a distance would have had a currency system of some kind in place that they could use to exchange goods for value, and not have to use a purely barter based system, because above a number in any tribe solely using the barter system breaks down fairly quick.
Just about anyone who studied ancient history and economics together, using their disciplines would be able to agree that it just doesn't work over a certain number of people because of the complexity of managing and allocating resources ultimately becomes too unmanageable.
Imagine if you will, a traveling Olmec who wants to trade some bowls with water from a reservoir located on the land his tribe inhabits, with Mayan man who needs it for crops he's growing in the Yucatan, but maybe the Olmec doesn't need the corn of the Maya, because the Olmecs already grow plenty of maize on their land back home.
So now what do we do about? 

Olmec bowl

In short, the manamgent of resources, personal and people hours that need to be invested in order to run a complex society - you just can't really barter that way.



There are people who are speculating that we can bring aspects of the barter system back into our lives to bring the spirit of a gift economy. Charles Eisenstein, author of the best selling book, "Sacred Economics" has done a wealth of service to influence some of the major proponents of this movement.
An entire movement of people who reject our current monetary system and are quick to shout "Gift Economy, bro!"
And I GET IT, but I've conducted a little of my own research beyond whats currently trending. I believe it is important we use discernment and really look at this philosophy that they are talking about. Who made it? Where did it really come from?
I can relate it to the history of Ancient Egypt and the mystery of the Sphinx.  If you really want to know about the Sphinx you have to go to the sources like John Anthony West, Robert Schoch, and R.A. Scwaller de Lubicz.  

John Anthony West and Anyextee, Sphinx enclosure - Egypt

So when you get to the sources of the "Gift Economy" movement you will discover the work of Eisenstein and Lewis Hyde, author of the book "The Gift" , another one of the main books that was instrumental in kicking it off. Hyde talks writes about how gifts and services were exchanged in GIFT SYSTEMS but they had really strict laws to them.  As the people reached certain strides they would reach currency but the spirit of the gift would still have to be involved, along with the rules. For example, a gift has to keep moving - it can't stop with you or else you destroy THE SPIRIT OF THE GIFT.
One you reach a point of a language that becomes a symbol system to represent the value of goods and services, then the spirit of the gift can still remain. In fact the spirit of the GIFT has to remain in a money system otherwise the money system won't. Cash has to see moving or it loses value. If people pile it up and create these embolisms of cash within the vein system of the cash system - then the body gets unhealthy and doesn't work right.
Money has to stay in the system or it creates inflation. That is the basis of Sacred economics
These ancient laws about gift giving are still inherit in our money system today. It is those who harbor and hoard wealth, while the rest of us are suffering, that manifest the clogged artery in the body thus clotting the viens. As a result the blood isn't pumping properly to all the organs and the organs, like the less fortunate are begging for help. The way you mistreat your body resulting in blot clots is really no different from the what happens when you hoard money. 
Keep in mind that our Body is a our temple. Our body, like a chariot or vimana, is borrowed, for it is a vessel to the soul...
Money lives by the laws of the gift system. There is a place for monetary exchange in the gift giving economy. The gift is a SPIRITUAL THING where one is giving out of love for another's well being and the protection of another and this done in the spirit that the receiver understands this law, and will keep moving in that way.
For me, there is no reason why money can't be a SACRED LANGUAGE used for GIFT GIVING. I see real see people already doing it around me all the time.
When I hear people saying Money has to go and a pure gift economy or barter alone will replace it, I think its unnecessary because you can speak the money language with the spirit of the gift.
A lot of these ideas about money stand true for neophytes and initiates on the path of seeking esoteric knowledge...
Some people are getting their information down the line of sources which a lot of the times these sources have been really corrupted to intentionally make sure the receiver is ignorant about how the money system actually works because its the language of power, and what is Power but energy?
Money is an energy language, even more so than words. We can talk about all sorts of stuff that has nothing to do with energy, but money is energy moving from people to people. It's energy in motion. 
Money is a socially is a liberating tool.
Think about it. If in a small population situation where one person or small group of elitists are able to hoard and restrict access to other important resources like food, clothing, shelter, medicine and energy then they can manipulate everyone else into slavery...
After all, Is this not where slavery comes from? Doesn't it stem from not being able to organize against someone who is restricting access to necessary goods and resources? EVERY INSTANCE OF SLAVEY throughout history someone has controlled the vital resources and access to them. As a result they made the enslaved victim do whatever the master wanted them to do in order to be able to access the resource. We all have to eat. 
So in my estimation money was a voluntary thing that actually helped to bring slavery down. Again, I'm not an educated acharolgosiuts or scholar but from my observation it would appear that historicaly people have always exchanged their knowledge of what money is for goods and services - which are gifts.
In our scenario, the Mayan man now tells the Olmec
"I grew this corn for you, you made this rubber ball for me, and we now talk money. Everything remains balanced and safe, and I'm protected from you getting over on me and not letting me get the rubber ball which would prevent my people from experiencing our sacred Pok-o-tok ceremonial ritual, because I can always bring my corn to another Olmec who can offer me rubber"
That is what happens when a power structure grows. When that power structure of how to operate the tribe, and manage the population is in harmony with the whole system that a large group of people becomes, eventually the algorithms need to change or the system will break down.
So if we reach that point where algorithms have to change and we don't create a way to translate goods and services into an exchangeable binary code to trade with each other in a way that represents values in an equation, then someone can keep the rubber ball or corn on lock down.
But if something you do can create a prospeterity language, that you can speak to other people you'll then get to loosen yourself from the oppressor of whoever is trying to restrict your access to the resources you need.
I would think this is precisely how time and time again people would invest currency to exchange amongst themselves. Now of course Governments would try to create a staple currency that would make people still be a slave to their system despite the fact there was a currency to be exchanged.... but people throughout history have always created alternative cryptocurrencies - ALWAYS
And right now what is happening is  cryptocurrensy - a system that isn't regulated by the people who corrupt how the money system works.



Today marks an important day because Bitcoin (BTC) reached and all time high at $5,700.00
In 2008 an anonymous entity by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto came out with the whitepaper for Bitcoin describing how a decentralized money system could work. There had been many failed attempts in the past to create a digital currency. The governments would come and shut them down. This was because there was no proper mechanism that had been developed that would allow for a completely decentralized digital currency...until the whitepaper came out. In 2009, Satoshi wrote the code for the first ever Bitcoin client software.
Slowly but surely people started downloading his client and mining Bitcoins which were essentially worthless at the time.
It wasnt until 2010 that a market was established for users to trade fiat currencies with Bitcoin. In 2011 Bitcoin began to hit mainstream popularity.
In 2013 news of bad economic situations in Greece and new interest from China fueled the rise of one Bitcoin to $1,200.
In January 2015 Vitalik Buterin annouced his Ethereum project which had a similar underlying system as Bitcoin, but with the added benefit of a programming language so anyone could build any kind of decentralized system to their specifications without having to make their own blockchains. Ethereum's smart contracts open up a whole new world for building things such as voting systems, identity, decentralized asset exchanges, and much more.



Our current financial systems depend on Fiat currencies which mean they are backed only by the government which issues them. This has inherent flaws such as the ability for the central bank to print as much currency as they want in turn inflating the supply of currency which of course devalues our money.
With cryptocurrencies, the supply is not controlled by any entity, but programmed into the code itself. Everyone knows exactly what the supply is and what it will be in the future.



Around 40% of the adult world population has no bank account. Yet the majority of the world population has some access to internet. Cryptocurrencies allow users to store money and send it anywhere in the world without a third party necessary. This will allow those 40% to have access to the global economy.
Also, there are are even more people who lack proper identification documents around the world. With identity projects built on Ethereum, these people will be able to build their own reputations on a decentralized platform that can not be cheated or taken away.



There are many cryptocurrency exchanges out there including more advanced trading platforms like Gdax, Kraken, Bittrex, Gemini, Poloniex, but you may want to start out with Coinbase, which is very easy for first-timers.
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Prices are projected to continue rising for many years. Decentralized Blockchains are a disruptive technology. The utility they provide is unlike anything else. It gives the power of financial freedom back to the individuals where it belongs. No more middle men.




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