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2020 Rare Halloween-Full Moon

Happy Hunting

As if 2020 wasn’t strange enough, this year there will be a full Moon on Halloween. You would think that a full moon on halloween is no big deal, right? But, a full moon on halloween only occurs roughly once every 19 years. This pattern is known as the Metonic Cycle.

Besides, this will be this month’s second full moon making it a blue moon. Whenever two full Moons appear in a single month, the second full moon is called a “Blue Moon”. This occurence is not typical so therefore this is where the phrase “once in a blue moon” is derived from.

Hunter Gatherer

The first full moon of October brought the energy of the harvest. The second full moon of the month on Halloween night, comes under the auspice of the hunt. The psychological and energetic vibrations of the hunter/gatherer intermingle this month.

Are you a hunter or a gatherer? Did you reap what you sowed? Or are you prepared to go out with a bow and hunt for what you want?

Diana The Huntress

Our hunt is abundant and fruitful under this moon. The crimson blood of leaves which are transitioning, start feeding the soil. Diana the huntress, light bearer, moon goddess, and protector of childbirth will be our guide under this moon.

During this new cycle deer start shedding their beautiful antlers and they begin breeding. Deer are a symbol of fertility, sacrifice, and hunting.

During the harvest the field is cleared. This leaves the fields open for hunting. As gatheres we cleared the path to allow for our hunting nature to be able to see with clear vision what lies ahead.

The questions we need to ask are ourselves are:

What sacrifices do we need to make to achieve what we want? Which soil will be the most fertile to plant our seeds in?

Triple Way

Diana is part of the symbolism of the triple goddess emblem which also includes Hekate and Selene. Keep in mind that these other names are just used to describe attributes of the same principle; Diana as huntress, Diana as the moon, Diana of the underworld.

She embodies threefold unity  or in Latin trivium, “triple way”. We will be hunting under the moonlight with the strength of the underworld on ourside.

Fertile Soil

The hunters moon is a time for regenaration and rebirth. As always, we have to work with intention. We need to be concious of what seeds we are tending to in anticipation for winter. Be prepared to do meticulous tilling of your physical and emotional soil.

So, start planting your seeds a week before the full moon. It has been shown scientifically to be an asupicious time for plant growth. Here we can aslo use the metaphor of planting seeds in the garden of the soul.

Full Moon Inspo

On Samhain or Halloween, the veil is pierced between the spirit world and the material world. Therefore, the energy of the full moon will only amplify these vibrations. This energy is creating a portal that will facilitate our contact with our spirit guides and ancestors. Our visions will become crisper and create a crystalline connection to divine foresight.


Psychic abilities and premonitions will be enhanced during the next coming months. But like a radio, we must be tuned in to the correct station. Get a signal boost by surrounding yourself with silence and reflection.


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