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Exclusive Look Inside The Secret Tomb of Djehuty

With unprecendeted access granted to him, esoteric author and researcher Anyextee has captured groundbreaking never-before-seen footage inside the Tomb of Djehuty (TT 11), a site closed off to the public since 1909.

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The Tomb of Djehuty TT 11, which dates back to around 1460 BC, is a remarkable archaeological site that has fascinated historians and archaeologists alike for centuries. The tomb is located in the Dra Abul Naga Necropolis, in the city of Luxor, Egypt.

It was closed by the antiquity service in December 1909 and has remained off-limits to the public ever since. However, we are excited to share Anyextee’s exclusive footage from inside the tomb that has never been seen before.

Djehuty, the tomb’s owner, was a prominent figure in ancient Egypt. He served as the Overseer of the Treasury and of Works (metals and semi-precious stones) under Queen Hatshepsut. He was also the Overseer of the Cattle of Amun.

His tomb is a typical T-shaped tomb, but it stands out due to its impressive façade. The façade is fronted by a large courtyard with 3-meter-high side walls. At the top of the façade, there are funerary cones inserted, which were meant to help guide Djehuty’s spirit into the afterlife.

As you enter the tomb, you are immediately struck by the intricate and detailed carvings on the walls. The hieroglyphics tell the story of Djehuty’s life, his achievements, and his journey into the afterlife. The focal point of the tomb is a statue of Djehuty and his parents, which is located at the back of the tomb. The statue is well-preserved and provides a unique insight into the artistic style and techniques used during the 15th century BC.

The tomb was closed by the antiquity service in 1909 to prevent further deterioration due to humidity, heat, and carbon dioxide from visitors. However, it has recently been restored by the Spanish mission of Egyptology and reopened for exclusive access by a small group of archaeologists and researchers such as Anyextee who shares never-before-seen footage from inside the tomb with the world.

The Tomb of Djehuty TT 11 is an incredible archaeological site that offers a glimpse into the life and beliefs of ancient Egyptians. We hope that Anyextee’s exclusive footage will inspire a new generation of archaeologists, historians, and esoteric researchers to explore and learn more about this fascinating period in human history. The tomb is scheduled to open Feburary 2023.

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