CPAK 2019 Conference on Ancient Knowledge and Precession Anyextee
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Anyextee to debut at CPAK 2019 – Conference on Ancient Knowledge and Precession

CPAK2019 Conference on Ancient Knowledge and Precession Anyextee

We are excited to learn that esoteric researcher, author and founder of Ancient Egypt Mystery Schools, Anyextee will be making his debut at the 11th Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge (CPAK). This is a public event where you can learn more about the latest ancient civilization discoveries and the evidence for a long long higher age.

This is an event you do not want to miss!


Anyextee will be speaking on The Esoteric Wisdom & Sacred Science of the Ancient Maya Mystery Schools.

We’ve been informed that Anyextee’s presentation will include previously unreleased material from his forthcoming book, Water Wizards: The Lost Music of the Maya, Cymatics and the Kukulkan Degree of Consciousness available summer of 2020, available summer of 2020 at This all comes with good timing as Anyextee will also be featured on Travel Channel later this year exploring ancient civilizations through an esoteric lense.

Here’s your chance to meet the author:

CPAK 2019 – Rediscover the Wisdom of the Ancients

Register here

CPAK 2019 takes place from October 4-6th at Newport Beach Marriott hotel and Spa, in Newport Beach, CA. It’s a beautiful venue close to the ocean.

CPAK2019 Conference of Precession and Ancient Knowledge Featured Speakers include:

Alan Green, Robert Edward Grant, Dr. Robert Schoch, Alistair Coombs, Chris Dunn, Walter Cruttenden, Dr. Carmen Boulter, Joseph Selbie, Anyextee, David Warner Mathisen and more!

A conference ticket includes:

  • Access to all speaker presentations over the course of the conference
  • Cocktail reception Friday evening
  • Continental breakfast Saturday and Sunday,
  • Lunch with speakers and attendees on Saturday afternoon.

Please note the conference ticket does not include travel or lodging. There is a special hotel rate at the event venture, the Newport Beach Marriot, If you mention you are there for CPAK.

You can use the special discount code, “Anyextee” to get $50 off a conference ticket!

Watch the video below to learn more about the CPAK 2019 – 11th Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge

You can get more details about CPAK at by Clicking here

We invite you to take a break from our future-focused world today, and join us at CPAK as we rediscover the wisdom of the ancients!

Register for the conference here

CPAK 2019 Conference on Ancient Knowledge and Precession Anyextee
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