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Is helping others all the time depleting your life force?

To Help Or Not To Help

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “People who hurt others need the most healing” or something to that effect. When you hear it do your eyes tend to roll to the back of your head until you can see your brain? That is a valid phrase, right? Most of us have been in a situation(s) where we have tried to help someone but they kept on needing more and more each time. Where does the help stop? Is no longer wanting to help to the point of depletion un-saintly? Most of us of course are not saints…or are you? This would be a plot twist. The question needs to be asked when is enough, enough?


Depletion of Life Force Centers

To help or not to help that is the question. Isn’t helping others a responsibility as a karmic payback? We also have to think that to evolve we cannot expend all of our energy on others. How would we then work on evolving if we have no energy left for ourselves? This does not mean that you should not help but it simply means that don’t help until the point of center exhaustion. Giving of our spiritual, mental, physical, or emotional force until we are bankrupt simply does not serve a role in the evolutionary struggle. Think of a case or instance when you or someone you know helped and helped until their life force was depleted. Did you come up with a case instantly? Most of us sadly can. This is indeed an immutable law.

A Practical Point To Think About

Helping someone else can be taxing whether you are aiding them emotionally, financially, mentally or physically. Over extending yourself will cause prolonged stress on one or more of your centers . It has been proven that stress can cause psychological problems and disorders, burnout (which can be linked with the depletion of spiritual centers), disruption of cognitive functioning, and of course physical illness. Exhaustion or depletion of one of the centers can lead to the drawing of energy of another center which will then deplete itself and then energy will draw from another center so forth and so on. This is a cycle which leads to Bio-Psychological burnout and depletion of spiritual life force within a human being.

You Can Say No

So, yes, saying no is okay. We often think of altruism or selfishness as a means of relief or avoidance but there is a middle ground. It is okay to help but do not deplete yourself in doing so. if we are here to evolve the other person or person(s) will have to also “work”, for evolution (of soul) is not the work of others but of self. We don’t want to enable others or hinder their own growth and evolution. We have to distinguish when help is warranted and we are being used as well. This article is full of concepts to ponder upon, meditate on them and as always Peace Profound.

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