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Here’s How You Can Join Adept Initiates First-Ever Community Adventure!

Dear Friends,

Here is YOUR CHANCE to join us in the field, and be part of a group of esoteric researchers and participate in an ongoing (intensive) study of the Mystery of the Maya.

If you have always wanted to see sacred sites in Mexico, but didn’t have the chance, or if you are up for joining an esoteric expedition that will expand your consciousness… then read on, this trip is for you.

Members of our community have been inquiring about joining our research trips, so we’ve initiated Adept Expeditions as way to not just like, share and comment on some of the most spell binding ancient mysteries and symbols – but actually experience them in the field…

Our first ever community study trip is finally here and we’ll be guiding you through the jungle on this journey to study symbolism, and some of the mysteries that resonate with us the most:

The Mysteries of the Maya

But we’re not just exploring the Yucatan’s most popular Mayan sites…

We’re Traveling Off The Beaten Path To Investigate Hidden Ruins For An Adept Expedition That You’ll Be A Pivotal Part Of!

You see, if you’ve been following us for some time, you’ll know we push the envelope when exploring the Ancient Mystery Traditions.

The high wisdom of the astronomical, geometrical, and metaphysical masters is transmitted through the grounds of these ancient sacred sites.

Ancient adepts left behind mysteries yet to be unraveled that still call for our attention today:

  • What did the Maya know about harnessing natural energy using frequencies, acoustics and magnetism?
  • Why is it that we find details in Mayan architecture symbolizing the harmonizing, uniting, reconciling and balancing of opposites?
  • And just how much of this high wisdom did the Maya inherit from the So-Called Olmecs before them?

We’re Not Just Exploring Above Ground –

But We’re Descending Deep Into The Mayan Underworld (Xibalba), 

and Exploring Beneath The Surface Inside A Cave System…

There are countless caves hidden in the jungle to explore and adventure beckons. Through penetrating the Mayan underworld, vestiges of religious rituals, human remains, ceramics, jewelry, and other archeological artifacts are discovered thus providing us with insights into the ancient way of life.

We’ll observe a so-called Olmec head, wall carvings and ancient paintings. The underworld was venerated by the ancients and they shared a mystic formula:

As Above, So Below

Presented by:

Karina Ceja Andreozzi

Administrative Director at Adept Initiates

Karina Ceja is a Rosicrucian, student of The Fourth Way teachings, Spiritual Life Coach and academically trained in Psychology. Fascinated by Mayan and Aztec achievement, she was called to explore the heritage of her ancestors at an early age. She serves as Administrative Director at Adept Initiates and Spanish to English translator for Adept Expeditions.


Founder of Adept Initiates

Anyextee (N-E-X-T) is a world traveling esoteric researcher, travel guide, artist, and filmmaker on a mission to help raise consciousness. In 2015 he founded Adept Initiates, and has spent the past few years fully immersed in writing and producing several documentary films and digital series including Ancient Egypt Mystery Schools and Sacred History of The Rosicrucians. He was married in Mexico and re-visits often to continue ongoing research. He is currently working on a forthcoming film series about Lost Ruins, Hidden Pyramids, and Ancient Caves of the Maya and writing a book on the so-called Olmecs.

You’re Not Traveling Alone! We’re Bringing Along A Renowned Field Investigator For This Adept Expedition That You’ll Be A Crucial Part Of…

 And you’ll have the trip’s official co-host and noted symbolist author, Richard Cassaro, right by your side!

Quick facts about Richard Cassaro:

  • Richard Cassaro is an author, researcher, and filmmaker from New York City.
  • He came to international recognition in 2011 with his bestselling book, Written in Stone: Decoding the Secret Masonic Religion Hidden in Gothic Cathedrals and World Architecture.
  • His 2016 book The Missing Link: Powerful Evidence of an Advanced Golden Age Culture in Prehistoric Antiquity, provides further evidence for his discoveries.
  • His travel and life experiences have provided him with rare insight into megaliths, mythology, magic, symbolism, comparative religion and occult archaeology and all of his research is meticulously referenced and cited to a high academic standard, a rarity among works of this genre.

You´ve already seen Richard´s famous “Triptych Temple” discovery across the Internet.

On this once-in-a-lifetime tour, he will walk you through several examples of “Triptych Temples” on site! In the very heart of the Yucatan!

You´ve probably also seen his famous “GodSelf Icon” discovery. Here´s your chance to hear him explain the presence of GodSelf Icons in Mexico, showing a connection to GodSelf Icons across the Old World!

Richard will also show us his unique discovery of Third Eye symbolism in Mexico—note the Third Eye “forehead dot” in the photos—showing a connection to ancient India´s chakra system and detailing the presence in Mexico of a lost “Third Eye science” that he believes was present across the ancient world!

As We Advance Through The Temples, Ruins & Cave, Several Questions Will Come To Mind:

  • Was there a basic “spiritual” or “metaphyiscal” message that the Maya (and their ancestors) sought to convey in their art, architecture and symbolism? If so, what was this message?
  • What repeating patterns do we see appearing over and over again in Mayan art and architecture? And what do these repeating patterns tell us about the “spiritual” or “metaphysical” beliefs of the Maya and their ancestors?
  • There are a number of parallels to the so-called “Old World” that we find prevalent in Mayan and Mesoamerican art in general, and especially to Egypt and India. What exactly are these parallels? What do they teach us? And what do they mean?

By The Time This Week-Long Journey Is Over…You’ll Develop A Deeper Understanding For The Mysteries Of The Maya.

To be a part of this epic adventure Click the flyer below to Reserve your spot TODAY

May those who are called to journey with us find their way

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