Potholes Mystery
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Ancient Potholes Mystery

Potholes Mystery

Adept Initiates writer Leland Judsyn exploring the Ancient Potholes Mystery

Ancient Potholes Mystery

Looking at the Ancient Potholes Mystery  we may have the greatest clue for cutting rock. Not just cutting it but solving how the ancients drilled holes into solid granite. Now Initiates get a behind the scenes look at the Potholes in Milton Ontario to see the evidence left behind. For these holes were cut not with diamonds or modern tools but by a mysterious power of nature.

Glacial Pothole


Each of these Potholes vary in size from small posts to size of very large tree trunks. They seem to have been given the name for their resemblance to road potholes. But what is different is these holes are not formed on the road made of pavement. But instead they are found deep in the woods on parts of the solid rock all along the Canadian shield. This is a large corridor of rock that is believed to have formed or been shaped during the last ice age approximately 10 thousand years ago. According to the official theory it was the ice age glacier that was responsible for cutting the large drill holes in the rock. A sign located near the entrance of the trail shows how ice trapped stones or even sand and used them to cut the near perfect cylinder shapes out. Officially at least part of the Potholes Mystery has been solved. 

Potholes Mystery

Secret to cutting rock found in nature

What remains a mystery is could this be a clue to how ancients also cut rock. Recently some researchers have suggested that copper slabbing saws we used in combination with dry sand to achieve the same cutting power. This consisted of using copper tools such as saws, wires and drills to push against the rock but adding high grade sand. Sand just like today sandpaper can be just as good as diamond tipped power tools. Each of the smaller surfaces on grains of sand act like many blades in combination giving strength in numbers. Back then improved results would come from using different types of sand.

Some experiments were carried out that added water to the cutting process. But this did not improve the cutting results only hindered them. So if the glacier really was what made the potholes in the Canadian escarpment then the ice may be the difference.


Shamanic Magi connection to the Potholes

One must ask did the ancients in Egypt manage to solve the Pothole Mystery ? Did they too see how nature solved the problem then emulate it ? Or could it be the ancient shamanic Magi communicated with entity’s in the other realm for unlocking these key’s ? That would explain how all the cultures around the globe were able to cut the rock in similar fashion. Even without direct contact with each other. Not every area would have examples like the Canadian Shield as a observable clue. Cutting the rock goes hand in hand with having an understanding of how to work with nature not against it. Maybe this is why we don’t have many advanced ancient tools being found. This shamanic technology was millions of years old and no longer required nuts and bolts. Maybe they harnessed and worked with nature directly to cut holes out of solid rock like in the Milton Mystery.


Potholes Mystery

Giant drill like holes cut into solid rock called the Potholes Mystery

Now when a Adept Initiate is asked how the ancient could have really cut rock. We can’t rule out ancient aliens coming down in UFO’s teaching primitive man. But we may also consider the powers of the Shamanic Magi who communicated with Thoth type beings in the other realm.  Because when it comes to the Potholes Mystery it shows many ways are possible. 


Photo site  : Hilton Falls Conservation Area 


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