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How Can We Liberate The Christ Within?

How Can We Liberate The Christ Within?

Spiritual Liberation:

The story of Jesus according to the Qabbalist can be interpreted from the Tree of Life. The greatest story ever told can be a fundamental myth of spiritual liberation. Many theologians took this story literally instead of understanding that its all symbolic. Explaining the story using the Tree can unlock many mysteries.


On the Tree of Life “Tiphareth” (The Sixth Sephirah), that is on the Middle Sphere of the Tree, represents the Christ Consciousness, it is where the “Ego” of man resides, seated in the “Hearts of Men”. It is the attainment of Christ consciousness which Jesus of Nazareth attained himself.

The Christ Child:

The story of his infancy is also symbolic, especially him fleeing to Egypt. It is a story or a journey we all take in life. The Theologians have a hard time believing the mythical story of Jesus is symbolic, they don’t believe nor care to understand that baby Jesus is a mythical tale of a “Christ in child”. The Three Wise Men or Magi knew the “Christ” (Redeemer) had been born in the material form of Jesus who was conceived in Bethlehem. The question is “Who were these Three Wise men?


Looking in the Tree of Life the second Sephirah “Chokmah” which means “Wisdom” are the Three Wise Men, the messengers of the Divine Father. Notice “Magus or Magi” is a grade obtained in the Mystery Schools, it is also said they came from the “East,” which tells us they were members of a Priestly Order. The term king or in Hebrew “Melek” is a reference sometimes to “Tiphareth”. When the Wise men saw the Star of the East, they are referring to the Sphere of “Chokmah,” according to the Qabbalist it is where the “Zodiac” and the Stars reside. This has been related to the Star of the East. Sephirah is truly the Divine father of “Tiphareth” the Christ Consciousness, the Son of the sun.


When the Wise Men came to Bethlehem (House of Bread), they saw Mary the Mother of Jesus with him. The term “Mary” means “Bitter” or “sea” in Latin “Maria” means “Sea”, Mary is associated with the Sephirah “Binah,” the Divine Mother which means “Understanding”.


Joseph the Father of Jesus is associated with the Sephirah “Yesod,” which is Foundation. This sphere is where the subconscious mind dreams, as well as, where the reproductive organs reside. In the story of Joseph, he has a dream and takes the family to Egypt, by fleeing to Egypt he is symbolically restricting the habit of mind.


Egypt means “Straitens or Confined,” and it is located in the Sephirath “MalKuth,” in the lower world of Yesod. Also, to the Gnostics of Egypt Jesus meant “Body of Ignorance”. Joseph (Yesod) the Father of Jesus receives a message from the Angels “Chokmah” (Wisdom) through the supersubsconscious Mind in “Yesod,” which is sometimes depicted as Feminine although, the story is about a male figure. Yesod also represents the generative functions. Joseph (Yesod) brings the Divine Mother “Binah” and the Christ Consciousness “Tipareth” into the physical manifested world Egypt (Malkuth), to escape from Herod.


When Jesus left Egypt, Herod already died, meaning Chokmah or the Divine Father of Tiphareth (The Christ within) calls his son out of Egypt “MalKuth” (The Physical Plane) The Mythical story of Herod esoterically is the negative side or the false ego of “Tiphareth,” the Negative personality or the false notion of will.

The Christ Journey:

We can learn from this story and the symbolism, as it represents the Christ journey within. The journey to Egypt represents our first conscious reaction, the key is to destroy the infant Christos within US. Remember the flight to Egypt is our Inner false ego (Herod), we must destroy it and listen to our superconsciousness, represented by the angels (Chokmah).

If we mediate on this story it can be very rewarding, Jesus (Tipareth) or Yesheshuah literally means “He who Liberates”.

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