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The 7 Hermetic Principles of the Kybalion Discovered in the Dendera Temple of Egypt

The Dendera Temple maintains many secrets but is an ancient Egyptian knowledge of electricty really one of them? One researcher took a look through an esoteric lens what he found is as astonishing as it is enlightening. The 7 Hermetic Principles of the Kybalion can be found inside the Dendera Temple of Hathor.

Located inside one of the subterranean crypts at the Hathor Temple at Dendera in Egypt is an odd carving. The ‘Dendera Lightbulb’ is the name erroneously given to this relief.

In third and final video in a min-series exploring interpretations, Anyextee explains what NOBODY is saying about the Dendera lightbulb. The esoteric researcher provides us with the Egyptological point-of-view. Anyextee gives us a translation for the accompanying hieroglyphs, but also comments on the two previous videos in this series.

In video 1 of 3, the self-proclaimed Khemitology Stephen Mehler explains the text as a warning:

“A knowledge of technology that could be abused”

We are told this understanding comes from the teachings of Abd’el Hakim Awyan. Hakim alledgedly gets it from “the indigenous tradition of Egyp. According to the author its a tradition has been passed down through circles of iniates for thousands of years.

However, as Anyextee points out in video 3 we can not find any compelling evidence to support this notion. The notion appears to be a faint echo of Swiss author , Erich Von Däniken. In his book, The Eyes of the Sphinx, he documents how the scene depicts a a warning.

“A warning that a device could be dangerous if not used correctly”

Sound familiar?

Is it really the product of a long held indigenous oral tradition rooted in ancient Egypt? Or could it merely be a echo of Eric Von Daniken’s original work? We will leave that decision up to the reader.

But wouldnt it be nice to know what the accompanying heiroglyphs actually say?

What does the hieroglyphic inscriptions REALLY say?

Symbolist author and rogue Egyptologist, John Anthony West explains the relief as a stage of cosmology.

In the third and final video in this mini-series, Anyextee builds upon his mentor’s interpretation. However, Anyextee also offers his own unique esoteric insights. For example he includes an extraction of the 7 Hermetic Principles of the Kybalion all found encrypted within relief. Anyextee also provides us with the Egyptological point-of-view. We are also given a translation of the Ptolemaic texts and left with thought provoking takeaways in video 3 of 3.

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