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Graham Hancock vs Erich vonDaniken Debate LIVE!


Of all the workshops, panels, seminars and impromptu interviews with the cutting edge minds at Contact in the Desert 2016, one event featuring both Graham Hancock and Erich von Daniken was fit for the history books.  Perhaps it was the discomfort of the heat that added kerosine to the candle of bold statements between some of the traditionally rival ideas regarding Ancient Astronaut theory.

Graham Hancock debates Erich von Daniken on Ancient Astoronaut theories.

George Noory hosted the high profile question and answer and rebuttal session as the summer heat of Joshua Tree, California melted plastic and egos alike.  Graham Hancock couldn’t help expelling his gripes with the entire Ancient Alien theory,

I’m sorry to say that all of you who read Zecharia Sitchin, do you follow his sources? Do you go into the sources that he sites?  I urge you to do so.

But the tables turned when both gentlemen were allowed the opportunity to share their uncensored opinions.  A consensus was reached regarding the evidence for ancient astronaut theory. In a masterful display of logical debate, both men laid the framework for a compelling point of view.  Among those present on the panel were Ancient Aliens alums Giorgio Toukalos and David Hatcher Childress as well as renowned author and lecturer Robert Bauval.

You can watch a majority of the conversation here.  It was recorded live at Contact in the Desert 2016.


THE BACKGROUND: Graham Hancock vs Ancient Aliens

Graham Hancock, most well known for his book “Fingerprints of the Gods” admitted his early inspiration came from van Daniken’s groundbreaking classic, “Chariot of the Gods.”  Hancock was quick to honor van Daniken’s contributions to the research and van Daniken even clarified his stance on the Ancient Astronaut theory before the panel had concluded.   The discussion was more than civil, and if anything, these opposing viewpoints were able to find common ground.

For decades, there have been two camps of thinkers in the fringe field of research. Many fans of the hit History Channel show lean into the ancient astronaut theory, and Graham was quick to remind the audience of the inconclusive nature of this quest.  Watch the full video and tell us what side of the fence you’re on.

Are you convinced that we were created by the Annunaki? Or do you have a different idea about the origins of our species?

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