Golden Man
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The Golden Man

The Golden Man

Golden ManMuch has been said about the golden ratio and golden mean of man. Many famous authors like 33rd degree Freemason Manly Hall remark on such circumstances and people relating to such loftier matters, as a continually ongoing process to consistently and constantly make the effort to perform/exhibit these higher virtuosities. Included in this arena of thought would be honoring values such as integrity, compassion, wisdom, love, drive, persistence, brotherhood, unity and togetherness. However, this process is not easy, that is turning a base metal with high density like lead and taking this infantile stage of evolution to one where man shines onward like gold.

Salvaging the lower virtuosities of hate, betrayal, judgment, bigotry and other divisive measures comes from enduring the hardship of polishing away these cantankerous emotions and actions. It is no simple process and causes undue physical pain when past the point of discernible insanity. Indeed, lead is rough, jagged and nearly puerile by its naturally flawed design and has at best a minimal amount of applications at least with regard to ethics and metaphysically intangible objects. A man must have the instinctual drive to constantly hammer away at these lower vices that surrender the golden light of man, subduing these virtues that make a man just that, a man. Its a constant battle between man, circumstance and the ongoing moments he is caught in to test his character and likewise his reachable mettle.

Like Ra, the Egyptian Sun deity also known as Amen-Ra in Khemetic religious thought, we must brilliantly shine without hesitation and embrace the evolution of man breaking the ties that hold him to his base metal roots. Unlike lead, gold is a superconductor and surely enough tops as an apex metal when needing to be malleable for transformative, scientific and pragmatic use. So I say unto you dear readers, shine onward. Be the gold you were always meant to be. Test your character and be that which you were destined to be: a light body, made of light (biophotons) with the capacity to emit the golden rays of justice, truth and love.

With light, love, and justice we see that this transformative processes takes the transmogrified lead and molds into one of gold, of beauty of light that cannot be silenced by the commoner’s motion for invoking stillness. It is a powerful gem, a powerful byproduct of an excruciating process that takes the incomprehensive and unexceptional and evolves it auspiciously enough, into a radiating, captivating and soulful residual energy that permeates throughout the body and likewise actions of man. It is an ethical cleansing process that requires intense deliberation on the perceived remarks of those lower vices. With help from the Higher Self/superconsciousness/idea man we can find a beam of glimmering hope for a better tomorrow because man has transcended his vices and became that sun that burns profusely and without the consent of the stars, planets and other cosmic matter.

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