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The Alchemical Meaning of Easter

” Oh man , know thyself and you will know the gods and the universe”. Experience of Death is in dying, experience of Rebirth is in the Philosophical Resurrection. To know immortality is to first know mortality and in the alchemical process the resurrecting white will never appear without first the putrefying black. In the alchemical process, death always must be initiated first before immortality can be realized. To dare to die and give up one’s life (worldly ego) is to gain one’s life (spiritual self). It is from the SEPULCHER that we CARRY WITH US that the stone must be rolled away from in order for the spirit to break its chains and escape its Saturnal Dungeon to ascend to Heaven. This is in our power to achieve as mortals and then we will realize, as the Corpus Hermeticum states, that “a man is a mortal god, and a Celestial god is an immortal man”.

Happy Easter to All, Steve Kalec

Forthcoming work; Beautiful Alchemy.

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