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7 Ancient Hermetic Theories Concerning Disease

Besides the well known philosophy; Hermetics also has roots in pharmacology, chemistry, and therapeutics. The use of herbalism in the arts is based on the knowledge that each plant is under the jurisdiction of one of the planets. Paracelsus used hermetic sigils composed of metals that were chosen for a specific ailment which of course were directly aligned with planetary influences and the signs of the zodiac. They believed that planetary influence upon human beings was a large part of disease. Disease is unnatural, and when disease is present there of course is imbalance in our system. Health is only restored once balance is found. We can see that balance played a major role in many traditions besides Hermetics, for example the indigenous people of America had the medicine wheel and the ancient Maya had the Mayan “Cross”. The hermetic tradition has bestowed humankind with knowledge of the esoteric and exoteric realms. It has helped advance medicine that although seen as common superstition amongst academics, is still largely used today as viable methods of healing. We have to keep in mind that the “new discoveries” of modern science are often just rediscoveries of what our ancestors already knew. Below is a list of seven ancient Hermetic theories of disease and a list for the prevention of disease:


Medicine rests on four pillars-Philosophy, Astronomy, Alchemy, and ethics.


Hermetic Theories Concerning The Cause of Disease

1. Evil Spirits

2. Derangement of The Spiritual Nature and Material Nature

3. Unhealthy or Abnormal Mental Attitude

4. Karma

5. Motion and Aspects of The Heavenly bodies

6. Misuse of faculty, organ, or functions

7. Presence in the system of impurities, substances, or obstructions.

The Prevention of Disease

1. Invocations or Spells

2. Healing by Vibration

3.Talismans, Charms, and Amulets

4. Herbs and Simples

5. Prayer

6. Change in Diet and Daily Habits of Life

7. Practical Medicine



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