Magi Sky ritual
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Magi Sky Ritual

Magi Sky Ritual

Magi Sky ritual
Owls predators of the night, but honored by many ancient cultures and secret society’s alike. For those Initiates that seek the reasons for this they may have at long last found it here.

In Tibet and Mongolia there is a Sky Ritual where the body of the deceased is placed on a mountain top for birds of prey to devour. Zoroastrians provide one of the best examples of a Magi connection. They have Ancient Towers of Silence used for this that remain built of large circular stones. Some of them are even still standing in India today.

You may have heard that there were ancient glyphs of birds and the magic bags found at Göbekli Tepe dating back approximately 11 thousand BC. These birds could be more evidence this Magi Sky Ritual was being done by the first Magi in Turkey. No coincidence at the same time and only a few steps away from the spot where people think Noah landed the Ark.

Any Initiates doubting the spiritual implications should consider the practical reasons offered as well. They do not bury the dead because it will contaminate the land. For the same reason they do not do bury by sea because it will contaminate the water. They even refuse to burn the dead because it will contaminate the air with an impure smoke and fire. Leaving the only good way to do so, the way nature intended for the birds to carry each piece with them back to the heavens. Nothing is wasted and no harm is done other than to those who have eyes, but do not see the reasons.

Now initiate when you encounter an Owl will you see it as barbaric and occult? Or rather an ancient and incredible symbol for living and dying in harmony with nature.

written by Leland Judsyn for Adept Initiates

original artwork by Anna Felka

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