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Magi Goddess

Magi Goddess

Saraswati a Hindu Goddess

Saraswati a Hindu Goddess

In the ancient Vedic text Initiates will find Saraswati the Goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and learning. Next we will examine the relationship between her and the ancient Magi to see if there is any reason to consider her a Magi Goddess as well.
So far the earliest widely accepted mention of Saraswati as a Goddess is in Rigveda one of the oldest texts in any Indo-European language. So many of the accounts in this book discuss origins of the universe, nature of God, and cosmology. All three are crucial elements of the Magi polymath study criteria.

She is often seen represented with two arms but four as well. This is said to have symbolic meanings from virtues to actual objects. These include a Book, a Mala, Water Pot and a Musical Instrument.
The Book is the Vedic Text and itself is closely related to the Magi.

A Mala can be crystals representing the power of meditation, inner reflection and spirituality. This is akin to the meditation ritual used by the Ancient Magi during star gazing.
Her Sacred Water Pot has an element of mystery just like the Magi Bag found across many ancient cultures. In this case it could have held a special recipe of Soma inside. When consumed it evokes a shamanic experience leading to the ultimate knowledge. Or maybe it was used to fill the sacred water pools used during rituals.

Alysha Brilla

Alysha Brilla – Singer, Songwriter and Yoga Instructor

The Vīṇa not only represents music but all the creative arts and sciences. This Goddess Saraswati is known as a great teacher to children across many nations. Every year near the 5th of February the day is spent teaching children the alphabet in her honor. So much like the Magi who were also known as the great wise men and taught the sciences. She is known to Love dance and rhythm that represents all emotions and feelings expressed in speech or music. Some say a part of her spirit lives on and resonates with new generations of female artists and teachers today.

Her numerology is often represented in sets of three like 3:33. She is part of a holy trinity of Ancient gods that help maintain balance in the universe. Saraswati yoga is given rise to by the three natural benefic planets, namely, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. Magi connection to this is the infamous 3 wise men.

Peacocks are a visually striking bird that’s feathers are adorned by the Magi as a symbol for ascension and the ultimate form of evolution the Light Body. Ancient Goddess Saraswati is seen with a Mayura the Sanskrit word for peacock. With her it represented the vibrant colors and dance and Alchemical Transmutation ability to eat poisonous snakes and transform them into vibrant feathers. In parts of Asia she is depicted sitting on the lotus wearing pure white as symbol for truth, knowledge and the light body.

Could the most impressive commonality to the Magi be the many regional manifestations of Saraswati? Tibet, India, Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, and Indonesia all have their own accounts of her including many temples still standing even today. Maybe the Adept Initiate should not overlook the possibility’s that Saraswati and other Women are a very integral part of the Magi legacy that knows no borders.

Written by : Leland Judsyn

Contributing Artist : Alysha Brilla –

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