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John Anthony West Returns to Egypt and Talks Near Death Experience

John Anthony West Dead Saints

John Anthony West celebrates 84th Birthday in Egypt – photography by Anyextee

Today symbolist author and rogue egyptologist John Anthony West celebrates his 84th Birthday in Egypt where he is reunited with his long time colleague Boston University Geologist Dr. Robert Schoch as they continue to dance down the bridge of As-Sirāt.

During his special guest appearance on the debut episode of the Adept Initiates presented “Music Marketing Metaphysics” podcast radio show hosted by AnyexteeWest revealed that this is not one of the usual “Magical Egypt” tours that are made available for the general public but rather a private research trip that includes:

“research into some extremely interesting aspects of Egypt that have not really been documented before”

West also talks about N.D.E. (Near Death Experience) and establishes his role in the new book entitled “The Dead Saints Chronicles: A Zen Journey Through The Christian Afterlife” by David Solomon.

Listen to the debut edition of “Music Marketing Metaphysics” podcast radio show presented by Adept Initiates featuring special guest John Anthony West via youtube, sound cloud, and iTunes here on in our Podcast / Radio section.

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