light of diana
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The Light of Diana

The Light of Diana

light of dianaIn the practice, at times when successful, it is beheld, with my inner vision, the appearance of a myriad of most beautiful iridescent colors just prior to the emergence of an engulfing white luminosity. This of course is an inner event. The alchemical “peacock’s tail” is always accompanied with an elevated emotional sense of pure love. This is followed by the unification of these colors into the coagulating pure white crystalline light. This light is often called the lunar light of Diana. The soul loves to bathe in this pure white light. An inner voice descends proclaiming this to be a rejuvenating magnetism. My whole inner space is illuminated through an infinite depth. That is why it is called illumination. A most beautiful experience! The alchemists have often referred to this event as “beholding the most beautiful body of Diana, striped of all her terrestrially”, meaning a pure spiritual ecstatic vision. The alchemical process truly is the whitening stage of the astral principle in man. In its Saturnal state, it is gray and even dark. It must be purified, quickened, elevated and exalted into an illuminated state through the alchemical process. Such is the work of the alchemist. He or she is a forever a tender of the secret fire, and a keeper of the holy flame and always awake even in his sleep guarding the sacred vigil.

by Steve Kalec

Forthcoming work, Beautiful Alchemy

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