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February 2021: Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter

Copper and Tin Make Bronze

The planets Venus and Jupiter will conjoin closely in the sky on February 11th, just before Valentine’s Day.

Could this conjunction produce the holy fusion needed to restore what may feel lost of our “unity through diversity” and our faith in ourselves and each other vis a vis the spirit of the Brazen Healing Serpent of the Mysteries?

Tangled Energy

This is an extremely difficult and delicate time for humanity, with a relentless barrage of endings, beginnings, oppositions and conjunctions. Many feel forced to mitigate and navigate through both very dense earth-like energies and extremely vacuous air-like energies. The current range of emotional states the human collective is experiencing is unsteady, shifty and unpredictable. It can be seen manifesting like the chaotic alchemical dance imagined between both the coldness of the primordial waters and the incredible heat of the cosmic flames. Everything somehow feels sublime and precipitous at the same time now. The fog grows thick and creatures appear strange and misleading. Can we cultivate the intelligence of the heart and turn on the light of clairvoyance? I sure hope so.

The Yugas

According to some interpretations of the Hindu Yuga method of ordering and classifying the astrological ages, humanity is at a point where the next age is already beginning to influence the current one. Much the same way many feel the world is shifting from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, the world is also, according to various interpretations of the Yugas, experiencing an ascendant shift in the density and punctuation of time. At this moment in our existence the cycles of space-time and the ebb and flow of the grand etheric architecture are converging upon a protracted Great Reset Event of multidimensional proportions.

Kali Yuga

The following excerpts are from an online article featured on the American Institute of Vedic Studies’ web page:

“According to the more common view of Hindu astrology, humanity is in a Kali Yuga, a dark or Iron Age of 432,000 years, said to have begun around 3102 BCE. We should note, however, that this view is a speculation of medieval thinkers and has several problems, not to mention how pessimistic it appears! Even from the standpoint of Vedic historical records, its accuracy is questionable.”

“From the standpoint of such a greater cycle, we may indeed be in a Kali Yuga, perhaps one of 432,000 years (though I am not certain of the duration or point of beginning). Within that greater cycle of Kali Yuga, however, we do appear to be in a lesser cycle Bronze Age phase of 2400 years or so.”

The “Information” Age

“Technology, particularly in its gross contemporary form with all its pollution, must be a rare and transient phase of human culture. It cannot exist very long, at most a century or two, without destroying the planet. If it existed in previous humanities, as it may well have done, it would have been passed through quickly and the damage it caused would have been cleaned up (which is why we find no traces of it). We must develop a cleaner and more natural form of technology, like solar energy, in order to survive in the long run as a species.”

Many who consider such things generally assert that the Kali Yuga, or an Iron Age associated with very dense iron-like elemental energetics, is currently predominant. And the Dwapara Yuga, associated with the elemental energetics of a less dense copper-tin alloy, indicating the effects of the unfolding Bronze Age, is sensible. The goddess Kali, like Iron, is the Martial element and we must learn to master its essence within our very own flesh and blood. Kali can and will purify the Saturnian Lead, transmuting it like the toxic bile which nearly poisoned her beloved Shiva. But, the force of Kali possesses so much power and potential divine rage that it has the capacity to destroy everything in its path, even the serpent that heals. We would do well to remember and honor her power, which truly seeks only to engulf corruption and impurities, because it flows through our blood too, and it can be spilled to create life or to create death.

In an article by the popular astrologer known as Astrolada, she writes,

“Dwapara age: Age of Aquarius:(2100-4200) Aquarius rules brotherhood, freedom, equality, humanism, social and scientific advance. Have we not already started that in the last 100-200 years-the overlapping of the ages I talked about. We are still making baby steps in that direction but we sure are on the ascending path of consciousness and into the Dwapara yoga or Energy age as they call it.”

Venus: The Morning Star

Optically, Venus and Jupiter rank as the third-brightest and fourth-brightest celestial bodies in the evening sky, respectively, after the sun and moon, but their rendezvous might be difficult to detect in the morning twilight from mid and far northern latitudes.

If you can see only one bright starlike object, it’s most likely Venus, which outshines Jupiter by about 6 times. Do you have a telescope or pair of binoculars? If so… aim them at Venus to gaze at Jupiter snuggling up beside Her. At their conjunction, they are only going to be 0.4 degrees apart.

Nick Kollerstrom, on The Alchemy Web Site on Levity, writes:

“To trace the connection of copper with Venus we have to go back to a distant mythological era: back, in fact, to a Mediterranean isle, once ruled by a love-goddess – the island of Cyprus. This island was regarded as the domain of Venus-Aphrodite. Aphrodite was referred to as the ‘Cyprian goddess’. In Botticelli’s picture, The Birth of Venus, she is depicted as being born from the sea on to the shores of Cyprus.”

The word copper comes from the Latin word cuprum and this is derived from the Greek work Kyprus. In antiquity, it was the principal source of copper, and so the metal was named after it.

The Sea of Origin

Venus was credited with a sea origin, and the element copper reminds us often of this connection with the water element. All copper salts are sea-colored, blue or green. All the ores and all the salts of copper are water containing, and over all, fairly similar in coloring. Indigo dye comes from plants containing copper compounds and has become indelibly synonymous with Blue Jeans. Even the iridescent hues of the peacock’s tail are visible due to the green-blue copper compounds present.

Modern uses of copper range from computer microchips to solar power cells, and it remains a key material for telecommunications devices and electrical wires, even though optical fibres and wireless technologies are now increasingly common. According to Kollerstrom, “A mobile phone has several grams of copper in it.”

Jupiter: I Plead the Fifth

The metal associated with Jupiter is tin, which has long been synonymous with the preserving of foodstuffs and other perishable items. This is fitting because traditionally Jupiter can be thought of as The Preserver of Youth. A common alloy of tin and lead is known as pewter. Pewter was introduced into Britain by the Romans in the 3rd century AD, being made from Cornish tin and Welsh lead. Pewter tableware was once commonplace, but gave way in time to porcelain and other materials. Theaters used to simulate the sound of thunder by shaking a sheet of tin, which produces a sound like distant thunder. Jupiter, known also as Zeus, was the God of Thunder, and astrologers associate Jupiter with aspects involving thunderstorms and lightning.

Tin may seem to give us a poor expression of its Jovial Nature, whereas the metal is quite well-expressed by the planet in the sky. Jupiter’s rich, ‘psychedelic’ coloring is the result of continuous lightning flashes interacting with its atmosphere. Jupiter continuously flexes and fluxes, throwing enormous electromagnetic storms, and effects the entire solar system. Kollerstrom suggests that “we should be content with that, and maybe in the future other relevant tin-properties will emerge.”

“On average, women have about 20% higher copper serum than men and for iron it is the other way round, with men having a one-third higher iron level than women in their blood. The deep significance of this fact is entirely ignored by modern medicine. Iron and copper levels are sex-linked in exactly the way expected from the gender symbolism of their planets. The level of copper in human blood is critical, being around one part per million by weight, and normally it remains fairly steady around this value.”

The Alchemy Web Site

The Alchemy of Bronze

As you may have gathered, with the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter comes also the energies involved in the creation of the well-known alloy of Copper and Tin… Bronze. Since this is usually considered an earth element, most of the coloring of bronze can be associated with Natural and Earthy qualities such as humility and being well-grounded. Bronze also has the capacity to project wealth and symbolize strength, experience, and growth.

From a pleasing point of view, the visual tones bronze creates inspire with a sense of love felt towards surrounding objects and other individuals. It creates a warm atmosphere that welcomes us to have the best disposition towards whatever we want to accomplish while transmitting an air of integrity and innocence. In addition, bronze can be representative of everything that has to do with one’s capacity and sacred duty to tolerate judgment and repentance, sickness and health, and life-and-death.


Bronze displays admirable characteristic personality traits, such as solid dependability, like the tendency to lend a hand to others and be supportive of one’s community, as well as being an active agent against injustice.

From a displeasing point of view, bronze possesses certain qualities relating to the unsavory reputation of the color brown, which can manifest as ambition, ego, irritability and even cheekiness. Bronze can be easily manipulated and become an agent of deceit, envy, hypocrisy, cynicism and other less-than-desirable qualities.

The Jupiter in the Bronze, is the major benefic, bringing to man health, wealth and affluence. This gain can seem to come without effort, or simply as the result of favor inspired by good deeds. It is typically far removed from all that is sordid and harsh, indicating instead good cheer, warmth and generosity.

The Venus in the Bronze, is the minor benefic, furnishing man with compassion, affection, refinement, and a love of the artistic and beautiful. Venus lends a pleasing aspect to the metal in human life, bringing amiability and conjugality. It is especially useful in strengthening the union between other metals or between their parts. This is known as Brazing. Similarly, Venus exerts itself in society in various ways to draw people into harmonious companionship, even through adverse trial and tribulation. The Copper in the Bronze, maintains the presence of love, and when uncorrupted, the bright and cheery aspect of good will.

Dual Nature

The alchemical qualities of Bronze can best be taken advantage of when worn as an amulet or bracelet, having the potential to improve confidence, raise vitality, warm the blood in a cold heart, and motivate forward progress. Bronze has long been useful for helping clean out undesirable energies within. However, it can also help prevent intrusions from the crushing external pressure resulting from the currents of societal and psychological stress. In short, it’s kind of like a Lucky Charm.

Bronze excels at being able to gently heal the mind that has been victimized and consumed by maliciousness, and it is believed to restore the goodness associated with the innocence of youth. Bronze is a great metal for nurturing and deepening our connection with our original divine source and for inspiring us with the confidence of the “Top Brass.”

Bronze can and has been also used to manufacture weapons to kill, and this may extend into the spiritual planes. According to Aeric at the Aeclectic Tarot website;

“A piece of old folklore relates how ‘cold iron’ is a magically damaging metal to fairies and spirits, since it represents forging, therefore technology and progress, drawing a person away from resonance with natural substances … The Hebrew altar in the Old Testament was made of wood overlaid with bronze, for sacrificial offerings, in contrast to the ‘loftier’ altar of incense that was overlaid with gold. No utensils of bronze were used inside the tabernacle, only outside it, suggesting that bronze represented spiritual judgement upon earthly sin.”

All the same, Bronze possesses a unique down-to-earth beauty that has been recognized by many cultures. Bronze was used in some of the earliest needles, but fell out of favor when metallurgy improved. Bronze is still used in some singing bowls and is capable of producing complex and sublime harmonics when correctly forged. Bronze, and copper as well, were the earliest metals used for forging mirrors. And a mirror is definitely the prevalent symbol of self-reflection and self-transcendence in the world.

Celestial Union

The most versatile and beautiful quality that can and just may result from the upcoming celestial union of Venus and Jupiter is very much like that of the metaphysical nature of a Bronze Age: uncommitted, but ready and waiting to be forged into divinely tuned holy resonance, and “weaponized” if required, for “killer” good “369” vibes.”

The freedom and humanitarianism of the ascending mind needs the balance of the reverence and spirituality of the descending mind. As we go forward in our cycle of development we will be able to see back further and achieve such an integration. This is one of the great challenges of the world today, and one that can only be met with great effort.

Spiral of Growth

“Yet within all these cycles exists an ongoing human evolution, a spiral of growth. Even if it falls back for a time, it will arise again with new force. Though we have declined spiritually from ancient cultures, we may have gained something materially and intellectually that can enhance our ascent back to those heights.”

—American Institute of Vedic Studies

Suddenly I’m reminded of Dolores from the television series Westworld when she says:

“Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world. The disarray. I choose to see the beauty. To believe there is an order to our days, a purpose.”


There’s something mysterious, but significant about all of this to do with February too. The month of February is also associated with the pagan celebration of Lupercalia. Part of the rituals held during the festivities were called the Februa, Februatio or Februare, which literally means “Purification.” Februa is a purification ritual performed in Roman times to drive away evil spirits inhabiting the entire city or community and to ensure fertility for the spring or planting season.

Jean-François de Troy

Even though Lupercalia was outlawed long ago, the holiday would eventually become very much associated with love. Thanks to being popularized in the literary stylings of Chaucer and Shakespeare, it was believed in Middle Age France and England that mid-February was the mating time for birds. In those days “Valentine” became a word synonymous with “beloved.” These popularizations both stressed and boosted widely the idea that February 14th should be a day of love.

Venus and Jupiter Conjunct

We have about three weeks until the conjunction, but the union of Venus and Jupiter approaches, like the sacred marriage of the “Red Queen” and the “White King” and will be upon us before you know it. Let’s hope the Reception goes well.

Venus and Jupiter Conjunction

“The heaven which is over your head shall be bronze, and the earth which is under you, iron.”

Lighten Up & Viddy Well Y’all!


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