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Zep Tepi and the Mystery School System of the Edfu Temple, Egypt

Zep Tepi (The First Time) and the Mystery School Teachings of the Edfu Temple (consecrated to Horus) –


Edfu, photograph by Anyextee

On the walls of the Edfu Temple, the story of ‘Zep Tepi’ – the ‘first time’ – displays the rule the Archons, who came to Egypt and proceeded to give the people of the Nile the benefits of civilization and agriculture.

The bringers of this high civilization incarnated in human form and often took on part of the shape of animals.

The Khemitians (Egyptians) called them ‘Neteru’ – usually incorrectly translated as ‘the gods’.

The Aeon (Neter) who had the greatest influence over ancient Khemit (Egypt) was the Aeon whom the Khemitians (Egyptians) called Horus, – in hieroglyphic form ḥr.w; meaning “falcon”.

Additional meanings include “the distant one” (a most suitable name for all the Aeons) or “one who is above”.

The Greeks called the Aeon Horus Ὧρος Hōros.

This Aeon, wishing to extend the influence of the servants of the ONE over the Sesh (Khemitian/Egyptian people), taught that new incarnations of Horus succeeded the deceased Pharaoh on earth in the form of new Pharaohs.

In reality the Aeon, during the period – that was termed by later historians the ‘Old Kingdom’ – guided the Pharaohs, who were permitted to ‘channel’ some of the wisdom of the great Aeon – and this accounts for the ‘Pyramid Texts’ , and the superior culture and civilization of the Old Kingdom, when compared to later periods of Egyptian history.

The three most significant channeled texts are:

  1. The Pyramid Texts
  2. The Book of Pylons (also known as the ‘Book of Gates’
  3. Book of the Dead (more correctly known as “Book of Coming Forth by Day”)


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