Out of Darkness

Welcome Adept Initiates – An Illumination towards the Occult

Out of DarknessAs our first post, it is crucial that we get something out of the way. The word “occult” unfortunately, now carries a negative connotation. By true definition, Occult does not have anything synonymous with evil. It literally means “hidden” or “secret”.

How often do we find valuable treasures lying around out in the open?

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled. So it is crucial to banish any notions that this blog exists for anything other than further expanding minds with more light to illuminate all of the worlds shadowy ancient mysteries, symbolism, sacred sites, secret societies, esoteric literature, and by and through these hidden masterpieces, enlightening one’s inner sanctum.
Sometimes we have to experience the darkness, in order to bring light.

We invite you to watch our original YouTube series “Ancient Egypt Mystery Schools” and be a part of our tribe of caretakers of Ancient Occult Knowledge as we Explore Ancient Mysteries and Symbolism on the Self-Initiatory path. Experience our growing global community here

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